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      I remember a friend of mine in middle school showing me Red vs Blue; I watched a few episodes but wouldn't get back to Rooster Teeth until I was in high school. I'd say the biggest reason that I'm a Rooster Teeth fan is that I really admire and respect greatly how dedicated every single person is to being creative and creating something new. I think it's an innate human quality to want to create something, to give form and motion to something that was only a shadow of the mind, to alter the world around us. To have a company who is dedicated to doing just that is inspiring. Not every job allows one to utilize their creativity to such an extent and I hope that once I get out of college I'll be able to find employment that allows me to do just that.

      Secondly I love the sense of community and love there is between Rooster Teeth and the fans. Watching and listening to everyone whether it's Achievement Hunter, podcasts, or RvB... you guys have become a part of my life, people that I haven't met but have seen me through both good times and bad. Something to look forward to every week. And sometimes that can be incredibly important to someone, just a little something to keep them going when their sky is breaking and the ground is shattering beneath their feet.

      So keep doing what you're doing because to a lot of people, myself included, it means the world.


    • 26 Hour Improv Marathon

      3 years ago


      Yesterday I took the train out to Bristol to attend this Improv Marathon that was raising and collecting money for Comic Relief. I didn't see all 26 Hours. I got there at about 8:30 in the morning (only getting lost once on the way) All in all I saw over 13 hours nearly half of the marathon.

      It was incredible. There over 20 people performing for 26 hours straight. Some of the rotating in, some of them occasionally catching a nap when they weren't in one of the two hour episode segments. Heck, one guy left at nine to go to work until four and come back after that. The premise of the show was that there was a televised archaeology team trying to uncover King Arthur's tomb in a small town in England. Each person had a character that they would remain throughout the entire show. The stage was full of props, costumes, bits of cloth and there was musical accompaniment on a keyboard. One of the performers would be announcing each of the scenes in order to give the show the suggestion of structure.

      I can't remember the last time I had such a good time or a laughed so much over such a long period of time. Just to give you a small idea of what happened...

      An evil magical amulet possessed a number of people
      A murder was solved
      A woman sacrificed her soul to save her fiance
      A former sex pet became a bowling alley manger, turned druid, turned Head Druid, and eventually King Arthur
      A man realized he was bisexual
      A woman trying to complete her PhD became pregnant over the phone and had triplets
      A magic fight over a magic wand
      Lots of singing and musical numbers
      Relationships began, blossomed, fell apart and grew.
      And it ended with the marriage of the police officer and the librarian, the last words of the show being, "The library is open tomorrow morning but tonight we're fucking in it!"

      It was just an awesome experience to be a part of and the audience would fluctuate throughout the day. For the final two hours the seats were packed and it was so cool to see them bring back jokes that were made nearly 12 hours ago. You think a stupid running joke/gag is funny? Try doing it when you've been performing and sleep deprived for 26 hours. They are met with cheering, laughing, and applause. It's a real testament to the human spirit. I definitely want to do something like this. I want to do it so badly. I've always loved improv and making people laugh and I really loved the sense of camaraderie you could see with everyone in that room. And I will admit that I got really emotionally invested with the characters and what was happening. If you watch a character for 13 hours you're going to get attached. And that's the thing about improv. It's all about genuine human connection and interaction, the laughter and funniness are all secondary and that comes with practice with timing, intuition, presence, context. What it all comes down to is being fully open to those around you, being accepting to change, and not afraid of trying something new and perhaps failing.

      I'm actually currently in my college's improv troupe and they're some of my best friends. Most of live together in this theme house just off of campus that's dedicated to comedy and humor. I'm actually going to be the leader of it next year and I'm really excited and honored to so. I've really missed them these last few months of being abroad. Some of them are graduating in the spring and I don't know when I'll be able to see them again. But the thing I've realized is that while people may come in and out of your life and that no relationship can ever last forever, (death and all that) there is so much out there to live and experience and you'll find people to share it with. I definitely want to continue doing improv some aspect after I graduate and here was a group of people, all adults with actual jobs who decided to get together one weekend and put on one hell of a show. And well... that gives me hope for my future. Hope that there will be plenty of laughter and people to share it with.

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    • Tom0

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      Welcome to the RT community :)

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        Thanks! I've been following Rooster Teeth for nearly 6 years now and I figured that it was about time that I joined.

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