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    • Bella

      wow update time

      7 years ago

      Wellll its been a while and i thought while im waiting for Josh (homebrew) to come pick me up and go shopping i shall update you all on my life.

      Well the last i posted we had just gotten back from our New Year holiday.

      We got back to Jarreds house and it was empty.. yes thats right, all that was left was his bed,draws and tv.. His housemates had moved out while we were away and didnt tell him.

      So we packed him up and he came to live with us..

      It wasnt too bad at all because i was moving into a house mid january anywya, with my best mate, who decided to pull out at the last minute.. so it all worked out perfect.

      The weekend we were due to move into our new house, we also got some big news.

      Im Pregnant.

      So that changed alot i guess..
      Jarreds mum was the first to know, then mine.. and they both eventually came round and are now getting used to the idea.

      While we were away on new years, Jarred asked me to stay with him right as it hit 12 o clock
      Before we even knew

      So we have been living together for about 5 months and im 4 and a half months pregnant

      the unit we live in is tiny, but we have a nice house to move into in about 5 months

      I had a car crash about a month ago, and now have a new car

      its a sexy wagon

      aandd i think that would be about it for me.. haha

    • Bella

      New years

      7 years ago

      Well.. did i get spoilt? yes yes i did

      On new years eve i got picked up at 6pm and got driven to apollo bay...

      My boy, Jarred and his best mate Ryan and Ryans girlfriend Abbey all set off on an awesome road trip.

      The view driving

      We arrived at our camp site just in time for new yr
      Our new year photo..we were on the beach

      we got really drunk and had sex on the beach then passed out...

      when we woke in the morning this is the view we had.. it was awesome

      my baby cooked me some breakfast.. and then we all went to the 12 apostles and did tourist things


      it was the most romantic and awesome thing anyone has ever done for me..

      he is the best

      Ryan (with the jimmy) me and my baby boy

    • Bella


      7 years ago

      why am i always the one to get fucked around?

      im so fucking sick of it

      friends should mean more than some ugly girl.

      fuck the lot of you

    • Bella

      what to dooo

      7 years ago


      She makes me smile, she makes me feel smart. she gives the best snuggles. she always makes me laugh when im feeling poo..

      i just dont know what to do

    • Bella

      gayish..the new community

      7 years ago

      why cant you be a girl?

      id love you then

    • Bella

      Its my birthday tomorrow

      7 years ago

      the 20th..

      i am 20..

      Give me happy birthday signs... hot ones..

      with hot bodies...haha

      happy birthday to meeee

      do it.. you know you wanna...

    • Bella

      I met silverchair and powderfinger!

      8 years ago


      Across the great devide has being going round australia for awhile now.

      and sat night was BENDIGO!(where i liiveee)

      So Somthing with Numbers, Silverchair and Powderfiger played.

      It was fucking awesome! soooo soo good!


      thats not the best part


      We went to one of the cafe's in bendigo.. AND


      me and will took up a seat near the window.. and about 2 seconds later Daniel walked in and sat down.. about 1 metre away from meeee

      We finished and went over and said great show lastnite. we were both there, can we get a photo

      *creamed my pants*


      i didnt want to sit on his lap in fear that i would break him

      Im going to have his babies.

      I Heart Daniel Johns

    • Bella

      make it last.....

      8 years ago

      If you leave, don't leave now
      Please don't take my heart away
      Promise me just one more night
      Then we'll go our separate ways
      We always had time on our sides
      Now it's fading fast
      Every second every moment
      We've gotta make it last

      I touch you once, I touch you twice
      I won't let go at any price
      I need you now like I needed you then
      You always said we'd still be friends someday

      If you leave, I won't cry
      I won't waste a single day
      But if you leave, don't look back
      I'll be running the other way
      Seven years went under the bridge
      Like time was standing still
      Heaven knows what happens now
      You've gotta say you will

      I touch you once, I touch you twice
      I won't let go at any price
      I need you now like I needed you then
      You always said we'd meet again someday

      day, day, day

      I touch you once I touch you twice
      I won't let go at any price
      I need you now like I needed you then
      You always said we'd meet again someday

      If you leave
      if you leave
      Don't look back
      Don't look back

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    Im MIllie.... Im studying Arts/psychology at LaTrobe Bendigo..

    I love you soo much PAPALoving
    I love life, love my friends, love Australia.
    im random, and cute, easy to get along with. get drunk too often..
    love hanson..get over it
    always laugh when you can..its the cheaper than medicine
    ..oops am i breathing stupid instead of oxyge

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    • Batpez


      6 years ago

      happy mother's day

    • Screwy_Lewy


      7 years ago

      I bet u look gorgeous all glowing and stuff, lots of peeps i know that have had kid say that as soon as they see there kids the pain goes away

    • Dane_SFC


      7 years ago


    • Screwy_Lewy


      7 years ago

      ON THE BUB!!! What dats he due!?

    • Screwy_Lewy


      7 years ago

      Thats cool, i expect to see lots of baby pics

      Yeah im ok, i may end up bashing the crap out of my GFs parents as they are completely retarded and old

      Did i mention retarded and old

    • Screwy_Lewy


      7 years ago

      Ok so update on the bub millsy?

    • Screwy_Lewy


      7 years ago

      Imma doing otay, busy wit work and looking for nu work at the same time

    • Screwy_Lewy


      7 years ago

      Hows the BUB?

    • Monolith_Gui


      7 years ago

      Hey, it's you!

      Remember me?

      How have you ben?
      Comment back so we can catch up please ^_^

    • SteveOIOI


      7 years ago

      long time no talk