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      9 months ago

      BenjaminLucky MrBenShow

      Hi guys! It's nice for you all to read this, for those of you all that do. My name is Ben and I'm a 22 year old Digital Cinematography student through Full Sail online and I have lived in the Memphis area for a little over a year now. I need help! Moving from Connecticut do to my parents being in the military, it's only gotten harder to make and find friends over the years. Now that i'm out of high school and live basically in the middle of no where, it's felt like a chore over the last year to find like minded people that just want to create things. Now I'm reaching out here because I don't know where to turn.

      Before I moved here I lived in a two bedroom apartment with four of my best friends, where to pass the time all we did was make Let's Plays. Before then I was making stupid and ridiculous rant videos to get out my teenage angst. But now I have a passion just to make all types of content from Let's Plays, to Podcasts, to live action sketches, to anything else that you can name. I just have a itch that hasn't been scratched in quite some time. I've tried making some videos here, by myself, but it's just not the same as being around a creative and funny group of people that I could call my friends

      Whether it's your own existing project that you need help with or you want to make something new, or you just have an idea for some cool shit! Please reach out to me. You can find me on Instagram or Twitter as: @ThisIsBenLucky or you can just message me here/ comment below. Hope to here from you soon!!


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      1 year ago

      BenjaminLucky MrBenShow

      i do youtube stuff on MrBenShow sometimes

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      1 year ago

      BenjaminLucky MrBenShow

      Holy shit, this is amazing!! idk why i didnt startthis sooner

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