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      2 years ago


      So their are more then a couple people on here who have read at least some of my writing. I want to know how bad it is? What do I do wrong? What do I do right? Should I honestly keep writing? I want to know.

      Please don't be to brutal. x(

    • RvB on TV

      3 years ago


      So RvB is going to be airing on TV, and that just seems weird. Why do it? Does anyone else think that idea sounds weird?

    • Eclipse: It's bad writing

      3 years ago


      Yes this is in reference to the Blake x Sun ship from RWBY. Their are other sites I could share this on, but it’s all been said there and I’ve never actually talked about my own thoughts on it besides” I don’t like it”, spoiler by the way I don’t like this ship. Now it’s not just because it screws with my own thoughts on shipping, but just from a writing stand point it bothers me. And that’s what I want to talk about here. I will be spoiling stuff from each season so if you haven’t seen it yet, though I don’t know why you’d read this otherwise, you’ve been warned.

      Think about the first two times these characters interact. Blake and RWY see Sun running from police officers after he stowed away on a boat, Sun runs past the group and winks at Blake as he goes by. That’s fine, nothing wrong there. The next time is were the problems come in.

      After that, Blake reveals her ties to the White Fang terrorist group to her friends and runs away. Stopping to take off the bow that conceals her cat ears and cry (or at least that’s how it looked). Then you hear Sun talk to her off screen and the scene transitions. So…he followed her all day? Yes, yes he did.

      This guy followed a girl he didn’t even know, stalked her to school and then apparently waited outside for her to come out so he could talk to her, coming up to her while she was having a private, sad moment. So far we have a criminal, yes it’s played for a joke but he is still a criminal, following a girl he doesn’t know for the rest of the day only to come up to her in the middle of the night, presumable, and try to talk to her. Blake has no reason to trust this guy, and that plays to the next bit.

      Blake and Sun are sitting at a restaurant drinking what I assume is tea, and Blake starts talking to Sun; Sun saying she hasn’t said a word to him for the two days they’d been together. Which leads me to believe that she tried to get away from the guy, only to have him following her the whole time. You might say that’s a stretch, but if girl I didn’t know didn’t talk to me for two days I’d get the idea she probably wants me to fuck right off.

      Fast forward to next season to were they end up becoming friends, and Blake is tired, sleep deprived, and reasonable grumpy for a good majority of the season. So what does Sun do? Try to flirt a couple times and ask her out. Yeah that goes as well as you’d expect, Sun get’s shot down and looks sad.

      If the guys dumb enough to ask out a person who looks like she wants to tear off the head of the next person who looks at her funny, going on a date seems like a bad idea. And one thing that has always bugged me is that earlier in the season, Sun refers to her attitude as acting “Blakey”. Fucking really? If Blake acting like herself, as that term would imply, is such a problem why the hell would this relationship be considered a good thing?

      And lastly theirs the fact the Yang had to convince Blake to go with Sun in the first place. Blake shot down Sun when he asked her out, Blake wanting to focus on catching the bad guys and stopping her former terrorist buddies. Yang comes in and tries to convince her to take a break and go to the dance with Sun. Blake says no a few times before relenting. She goes with Sun, and now we have this season were she is apparently crushing on the guy now.

      So to summarize: it’s relationship were a small time criminal stalked a girl, followed her for two days, hit on her presumably more then once, was shot down, and then the girl had to be convinced by her friend to actually give the guy a shot despite the other girls objections.

      And that apparently translates to new potential relationship.

      That’s just bad writing to me, and I don’t get why it’s happening.

    • Do people still use their profiles on here?

      3 years ago


      Whenever I come on this site I hardly ever touch my profile. Doesn't seem like their much point in using it. I usually got on it to see what my friends were posting and now it's just the shit I put up. Why would I want to look at that? I know what I typed, I freaking typed it.

      Plus the threads I watch don't update much and I honestly have no idea how to go look at different ones. So if I can't just click and see my friends post with out hunting down each one individually, and I can't find new threads to go read then whats the point of using the profile?

      Though Sponsor content is nice. -shrug-

    • name Changing

      3 years ago


      So i found that the new site let's me change my username I would like to, but I'm wondering if it won't let me if the name is taken already. I want to change it to my actually name, which shockingly isn't "Bio00".

      Anyone know how it works now? I just don't want to waste my time for something taht won't actually work.

    • The site change actually does leave me with one question

      3 years ago


      Why the change? Like their wasn't really anything wrong with the old one. Not mad, just curious

    • So the site updated

      3 years ago


      It's not awful really, just need to get used to it I guess; since complaining won't change a thing. Also for some reason it signed me out when I clicked on my notifications, that happen to anyone else?


      3 years ago


      And you should go watch!!
      There are let's plays for Dishonored, Spider-man, and others and you might enjoy it! So give it a look and tell me what you think. :D

      For some reason the link didn't work!

      try this one:

    • Goodbye Monty

      3 years ago


      Monty Oum has passed away.

      To be honest I didn't think it would happen. When I heard he had been hospitalized the idea of him actually dying didn't even occur to me. And now that he's To be completely honest it hit me harder then I expected.

      I've been apart of this community for around eight years, and on this site for three. I've listened to so many of these guys shows and heard so many thing from them, one of them dying feels like losing a friend I never got the chance to really meet.

      Typing this makes me feel a bit better, just getting things out of my head so it's not so crowded. And right now, one thing that sticks out in my mind is a quote from a movie I didn't really like. The movie was Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and the quote goes like this (I apologize if I get it wrong):

      "...I know it's only natural to be sad, but not because of the words "He dies." but because of the life we saw prior to the words...I am not asking you to be happy that I must go. I'm only asking that you turn the page, continue reading... and let the next story begin..."

      It's important to keep going in spite of the sad things in life. Let the things Monty left behind inspire you to be great.

      To the family and friends of Monty Oum, you are in my prayers and have my condolences. He will be missed.

    • Let's Plays

      3 years ago


      So I finally was able to get back into doing Let's Plays.

      here's a link to my newest, were I play Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

      and here's one to my first let's play for Dishonored if you want to watch that.

      Hope anyone who watches them, enjoys what they see. (I'm sorry if it's bad.)

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