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    • deathknight

      7 years ago

      Hey guys,

      We are really trying to kick start our new forum. It is 100% Aust (unlike this one) and is much easier to make groups/ clans and meetings with a calendar and everything (including a RvB clan).

      So I would love it if you could join up and visit our site while you are there: And hopefully we will get the forums kicking!

      Cheers. It would help us out a bunch as we are a great site with excellent news and reviews but need more AUST members!!

    • Zac

      7 years ago

      Cheers for volunteering while my computer was being fixed, Idk if everyone else appreciates it, I'm sure they do, but thanks man


    • BladeHero

      7 years ago

      Yeah a spot would be nice but not atm since i want to get all the halo 3 achievements.

    • sandwolfmk3

      7 years ago

      Hey I noticed on RvBAUS forums that your interested in Grifball? If you don't have a team and your interested in playing im sure I can find you a spot on the PGGA.

    • BladeHero

      8 years ago

      Ah sorry I've been sick for like a month and a half I'll try to organize all this, and ....... You saw Bernie, that's so cool, what was he like?

    • Linh Fade Out

      8 years ago

      dude you need to organise that RvB group page more like get people to write up their own journal with a link to that page so that more people can not only join the group but help organise the event too maybe.

      hit me up if you have any question i saw Burnie when he came down to Melbourne and am excited and want the other staff memebers to come down too

      the more people you get coming up with ideas the better

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