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    • Gus Blocked Me On Twitter!

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      Hahah.. I'm not upset about it or anything, really. I don't even fault the guy as, yeah, it was probably annoying getting all those tweets from one guy talking about trying to work for Rooster Teeth. I get it, it's no skin off the nose, ya know?

      I just found it rather funny and, I dunno, thought I'd share a bit of a laugh at my expense just for the fun of it.

      So that's my little news story for the day. ..... Slow news day. What's yours? ^_^

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    • AH Crew - The Minecraft Games

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      That's right, Blitz is back and he's pitching even more ideas for video content for Achievement Hunter.

      I do hope you all enjoy it and recognize a few new iterations of classic games from the AH Crew as well as the original works I've built in this world.

      And should those at Rooster Teeth manage to see this, I've sent plenty of resume's to the company and will continue to do so. Hopefully this will just add to that resume' with more evidence of what I can bring to the table.

      I understand this may not be the best place to plug myself as a future employee of the Rooster Teeth family but I'm doing anything and everything I can to get a foot in the door. It's the job, the career, that I want and I'm doing whatever it takes to get that first chance. I hope you understand.

      The Minecraft Games

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    • AH Crew - I Want to Play a Game

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      I know, right? Super-original title and all. You must be thinking, "Wow! This guy's legit legend." Am I right or am I right? Right. I said that word a lot just now. Or, typed it.

      So, onto the matter at hand. Achievement Hunter! I have submitted things to you in the past. More specifically, they were Game Fails. But now I come to you bearing the offer of something new. Exciting. And probably frustrating as all-hell should you guys actually decide to give it a go.

      Below is a video. The video is but a brief overview of the map I created in Minecraft called "The Challenge of Pimps." Catchy, right? There I go again with that word. Nevertheless, the game is pretty much unlike anything you guys have played before. It is a game that cannot be played solo and pretty much requires actual teamwork. And we all know how much the fans love watching you guys work together. However, I certainly didn't leave out the blood-lust. Nay, nay. Only the first half of the game is about cooperation whereas the latter can only have one winner.

      There are twists and turns. Puzzles to solve. Scavenging. And, without a doubt, lots of throwing controllers across the room. All in the name of collecting four, little, tiny, adorable, some-other-adjective blocks of gold to erect (huh huh) atop a block of obsidian. Are you up to the task? Can the six of you work together only to tear each other apart? Perhaps we will see.

      So now for the for-real reals. I'm offering up a map to play that would guarantee content. What do I mean? I mean this would take up a minimum of two parts. Depending on how all you would want to go about recording it, that is. Could just as easily be three. I understand the want, if not need, for any group that has to supply weekly video content to have the occasional ones that take up a few parts to complete. This is easily to that effect.

      I have purposefully left out quite a bit of information and have not shown interiors of anything aside from what can partially be seen through the glass. The reason is because there is explaining on how the game works in a few areas. I'll be upfront and tell you that I would like to help with the recording of this, should you decide to give it a go. Only as host and to be there for information as well as allowing all six of you to play. There aren't a whole lot of Minecraft videos where all six of you are competing. So there's that added bonus for the fans.

      Hope to hear back from you at some point. I apologize if this has gone into the wrong section or if something like this isn't permitted. I didn't see anything about this sort of thing in the rules before I introduced myself; in the right thread, I might add. Hopefully this is okay and the fans have enough of an interest to maybe see these guys suffer... Err, umm, have fun playing Minecraft together. Yeah, that's what I meant.

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