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      REDEAMER 07
      Chapter 07: whispers in the dark

      Seige and Cynder made their way to a training ring. "To five points?" Cynder asked "your on" Seige replied. Decius and Gyro were watching from above. The round began and they charged forward, Seige threw the first punch "duck!". Before Cynder knew what happened or what she was doing she found herself leaning back and Seige's arm passed over her. Cynder veered around Seige. She kicked Seige in the back knocking her forward. "What the hell are you doing!?" Thought Cynder, Sether laughed "I was helping, what els is a demented, homicidaly insane, noise marine of a worgen suppose to do with his spare time?" He sneered. Seige kicked, as did Cynder. They hit and jumped back. "Their evenly matched" Gyro said, Decius jumped "excuse me sir?" He asked. Gyro turned and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it. "Their evenly matched, neither one is currently better than the other" he said, smoke blew through his nose and they turned back to watch the fight again. Cynder and Seige hammered at each other until Cynder began to tire, her reflexes became slower. Seige caught Cynder's arm and twisted it back then punched her in the throat and kicked her in the chest sending her flying back. Cynder lay there dazed and Seige stood over her. Suddenly regaining strength Cynder kicked out hitting Seige in the back of her knee, as Seige fell Cynder gave her a shot to the lower spine causing Seige's back to tense. They both lauded there, bruised and panting. "Good match" Cynder coughed "agreed" panted Seige. Seige's back burned as she got up, her leg throbbed as well. Cynder felt short of breath and her chest ached. Sether laughed wickedly in Cynder's mind "your not helping" she growled.

      After they felt they could walk comfortably Seige and Cynder went to the firing rang to practice their aim. "To the right! This bolters aim is off" Cynder heard Sether explain "I know that now sawed off" she replied. "You should lighten up a bit sis, we're not out to kill each other at the moment so why not just visit?" Sether persisted "because I flatly refuse to have anything to do with you" Cynder answered. Cynder aimed and deliberately missed "what the hell was that!?" Sether shrieked, Cynder laughed.

      Sether wondered aimlessly down the hall of the Malevolence.

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      REDEAMER 06
      Chapter: 06: Rematch

      The storm raven landed on the fourth docking bay and the squad disembarked. Cynder wondered to her quarters. She entered her quarter, ripped off her helmet and threw it at the wall and growled in anger and frustration. "Damn it!" She yelled. And suddenly, the hatred and anger she felt left her as quickly as it had come. Cynder picked up her helmet and set it on her desk, she drew her chain sword and placed it on the weapon wrack across from her bed, same for her bolter. She looked at her little armoury and smiled. On it was her plasma cannon, bolter, plasma gun and chain sword. She kept her plasma pistol and kept her combat knife with her at all times. She left her quarter and went for the training room.

      Omega sat in the observation deck cleaning his sword and watched when Cynder entered. Omega's ears perked when he herd the door open and reached for his pistol. "No need for that Omega I'm here to watch Cynder" Malefor said. Omega went back to cleaning his blade which was rested across his knee. "So how was she?" Omega asked and looked up to see Cynder tear a holo target apart then proceeded to work on her reflexes by attacking the circular holo targets that appeared. "She's been quiet since we got back, I don't know what happened down there. I want you to keep an eye on her during this next deployment" Omega cut him off "yes sir, I understand" Omega replied shortly. They watched Cynder leave, she seemed to be muttering some thing under her breath.

      Cynder headed to the medical deck and found Invictus who was standing with his right side facing her. Aljerasto walked over "he's fine, just getting used to his, new arm" he said grimly. Cynder pushed passed him and ran to Invictus "Invictus!" She said cheerfully and hugged him. He hugged her back and stroked her hair. Cynder felt metal instead of his hand against the back of her head. She looked at his left arm, Aljerasto had completely replaced it. Over his arm was a sort of skin, designed to make the arm look flesh again but Cynder knew it was mechanical. Invictus flexed his new hand watched it move then Cynder hugged him again. "Cynder I'm fine" he whispered in her ear.

      Seige entered a briefing chamber and found Gyro reading the files they had taken from Warfang hold. "What have you got?" she asked. Seige saw the stalker class bolter hanging from his belt. "It looks like they have an outpost on the seventh moon of Rhyn's world" he said. "You should tell Omega, he's want to know about this" Seige said. "The librarian?" He asked. "Yes sir" Seige answered "I'll let him know" Gyro said.

      Feraloth made his way to the armoury and found Callan being refitted into his armour with the help of a summoned familiar. "Tyranyus wants to see you pup, don't keep him waiting". Feraloth said. When Callan entered the bridge he found his master staring out the window. "You want to see me my lord?" Callan asked. Tyranyus turned from the window. "Yes Bones, I did, you are going down with Sether and Anubis to act as support to either, and this will be a good opportunity to strengthen your ability's as psycher" he continued "when do I leave my lord?" Callan asked. "You leave now" Tyranyus said. Callan found Sether and Anubis waiting at a drop pod along with several chaos havocs marines. "Alright let's be off" Sether chimed and entered the drop pod, Callan got into the acceleration across from Sether. "So your Bones huh?" Sether asked. "Yes sir, your Sether correct?" Callan asked. The pod launched from the Malevolence and hurled towards the seventh moon of Rhyn's world. The pods landed and all units moved into position. Anubis gazed out over the facility. "A storms coming" he said as Sether and Callan followed by to havocs came up behind him, he pointed at the far mountains. "So there is, well be well ready before the storm or the Death watch gets here" he said and turned to Callan "your with me Bones, lets go" he instructed and walked away. "All units are in position sir, orders?" Said one of the havocs. "Now, we wait" Anubis answered, still watching the clouds gather. Sether, the havoc and Callan made their way underground to an armoury. The havoc took a plasma cannon in place of his plasma gun.
      Callan took the plasma gun and set his melta gun down "wait a minute they call you the Harrowing, don't they?" Callan asked in cold realization. Sether nodded and headed for the door "now we wait for our guest to arrive" he said and the headed for the command centre.

      Cynder found Deyvon waiting on the pod deck. "We're going to need a sniper" Cynder said looking at the las cannon Deyvon was holding. The pod at the far end the deck unlocked and opened. "That's our ride" Deyvon said and they headed towards the pod. As they boarded Omega walked up to the pod "good day ladies" he said and got into the pod through the back. Cynder and Deyvon boarded the front two racks and waited. When Inferno, Invictus and Seige arrived they were ready to get under way. "Pod launch in five. Four, three, two, one" said the voice of the ship A.I and the pod launched. "So what's the plan!?" Seige yelled over the roar of the pod. "Find out we're the command centre is and hit it hard" Omega shouted back. The pod shook violently and the ramps lowered. The squad baled and made their way for the cargo bridge. "We'll sneak in through the cargo bridge under one of the platforms" Omega said. The squad began to move but Omega held Seige back. "Yes sir?" She asked, Omega handed her a small chip that fitted into her helmet. "It projects a holo copy of allowing you to look like there's two of you" he said and Seige fitted the card into an empty slot in her helmet "now lets go we've fallen behind" he hissed and they left. Deyvon had split off to move to higher ground while the rest of the squad stopped near the bridge.

      Deyvon moved along the rocky face of the mountain the facility was built into. "Deyvon what can you see?" Omega's voice came through her helmet radio. Deyvon looked through the scope of her las cannon. "I c

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      REDEAMER 05
      Chapter 5: Unrest

      Cynder, Seige and Inferno moved along the catwalks of the upper fortress keeping out of sight. Seige put her hand on Cynder's shoulder "Invictus will be alright I'm sure" she said. "By Aursura's name I hope so" Cynder whispered. Cynder looked over the catwalk and saw Sether wondering the hall below them. "There he is" she told the others. "So what's the plan?" Inferno asked "I hit him from behind and keep him busy while you two retrieve the objective" Cynder growled with seething hatred towards Sether. "done" they said and split up.

      Cynder stayed on the catwalks while Seige and Inferno had crawled into the ventilation system "I'll have your head for what you did to Invictus" she thought, she was directly above Sether now, a perfect chance to take him by surprise, she jumped.

      Sether was ready for her, he swung the blast master upward hitting her in the leg knocking her off course. As she became vertical with the ground Sether swung sideways punching her in the side of the throat. Cynder gaged and coughed as Sether picked her up by the backpack powering her armour and threw her into the wall. "Hello sister" he laughed as Cynder struggled to get up "I, am not your sister you bastard!" Cynder snarled and drew her plasma pistol. "Have it your way" Sether said and raised the blast master and changed the frequency on it, he pulled the trigger and a solid beam of sound almost like a las cannon shot past Cynder. Cynder had no time shoot back only run. She dove behind a stone pillar as Sether changed the frequency of the blast master back to explosive shots trying to flush Cynder out of hiding. "It's pointless pup! You can't hide from me!" He shouted. Cynder knew he was right, she couldn't hide forever. A stun grenade landed beside her "oh crap!" She barked. The grenade detonated before she had a chance to run, it blinded her. She ripped her helmet off seeing double. Sether gripped her by the neck and pulled her to her feet, he kissed her. "If only we were on the same side, we could have run wild together" Sether suddenly dropped her, fell to his knee and realized she had stabbed him in the side. Before Sether could react Cynder kicked him in stomach and pulled her knife out of Sether's hip. "That was for Invictus" she said and turned away.

      Seige and Inferno exited the vent system into the command centre. "Go secure the entrance while I find the files we need. Seige said as Inferno headed towards the entrance. Once Inferno was in the hall Seige turned to the small radio "Sether are you there?" Seige whispered."oh., damn it, she stabbed me!" Sether's voice hissed through the radio. Look keep them busy a little longer I" she was cut off when she heard foot steps and realized Sether was behind her. "Here" he said and handed her a small chip. "The files you were sent to steel, do you actually think they'll fall for it?" He said "if you play the part right they will, but my current partners is coming. I'll see you around" Seige replied "just don't screw this up, Alasaur is waiting for you guys at the main gates and is aware you set the place to blow, good luck" He said and left almost quickly as he had entered. Seige herd the his of a heavy flame thrower and saw that Inferno had company. Seige slung the melta gun to her belt and drew both power swords and moved into the hall to aid her battle brother. When she got to the door the hall way was pilling with the body's of charred chaos space marines. "Glad you could join the party!" Inferno roared over the heavy flamer. "I can't let you have all the fun, I have what we came for and the place is set to blow, were to meet up with Cynder at the main gates!" She yelled. "All right I'll follow your lead" Inferno told her as Seige proceeded to hacked and carved her way through the enemy lines followed by the flame storm behind her.

      When they got to the main entrance a lone chaos space marine stood in the centre of the room. A spiked black arch was mounted on top of his backpack and demonic insignias decorated his armour. A massive hooded black cloak obscured his face but they knew he meant trouble.

      Alasaur threw his hood back and let the cloak slide from his armour lightning like energy danced around the tainted staff in his left hand and around the head of the mace in his right hand "welcome" his voice echoed. Seige noticed Cynder clinging to the stone ceiling trying to stay hidden in the shadows. Sether entered the room from a passage no one saw and stopped by Alasaur's side. Cynder noticed the Sether's hip seemed undamaged even after she stabbed him in the hip. "Damn you!" Cynder thought. "Leave us!" Ordered Alasaur and any assembled chaos marines dispersed. "Now we settle this" He hissed. Seige lunged and Cynder let go of the rock aiming for Alasaur. As the two came closer to Alasaur he raised his staff and slammed it into the ground sending both of them flying back wards.

      Cynder landed hard on Seige winding them both. Inferno raised the heavy flamer aiming at Sether. "Handle you sister Sether, leave these two to me" Alasaur instructed and reattached the mace to his belt and gripped his staff with both hands and batted Seige away as she charged him again. Inferno let loose a burning torrent which Alasaur redirected around him. "That's not fair!" Bellowed Inferno. "That's the whole point my friend" sneered Alasaur.
      Sether swung at Cynder who caught his arm and twisted it back then reached for the blast master while holding him in an arm lock she managed to turn Sether at enough of an angle to let off a single shot on Alasaur, she hit him squar in the back. Alasaur roared. Cynder kneed Sether in the stomach and moved back unclipping a krak grenade from her belt, pulled the pin and threw it at Sether. The grenade exploded upon making contact with Sether's chest sending him through the wall. She turned to face Alasaur who was busy fending off Seige and Inferno. Pulled another krak grandee from her belt and threw it at Alasaur. Alasaur turned and caught the grenade but it was to l

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      REDEAMER 04
      Chapter 4: The rookie

      "warp jump in five minutes forty two seconds" Announced the hollow voice of the ship A.I as the inquisition ship, The Redemtion, drifted through space preparing to enter the realm of chaos, The warp. "I'd keep my weapon handy if I were you Seige, the warp can become, hostile at times" Arceus told her. Arceus and Seige entered an armory were Seige found and picked up two power swords sheathed them then picked up a melta gun and rejoined Arceus at the doors. "All units please stand by, warp jump in Three, Two, One" The ship began to rumble as Seige looked out the armor glass window to see a jagged maw of howling darkness open before the ship and dragged it inward. The ship eventually stopped shaking and things settled down but every one was still on high alert as demons in the past have been able to bored and destroy entire fleets traveling through the warp. Arceus handed a small las pistol to Decius and Eilann "don't lose them" Arceus said as they headed towards the drop pod chambers leavening Decius and Eilann with Castelan Crowe. "were are we headed?" asked Seige. "we're heading to the planet spireraun" said Arceus while he loaded the storm bolter mounted on his left wrist. "should we meet with our squad?" Seige asked "no" Arceus replied flatly. "what do you mean no!?" she blurted " now Seige we are to re-enforce our squad by deploying after the others have landed!" he snapped. They proceeded to drop pod deck long after the main squads deployed and boarded one of the pods in the far side of the pod deck. It looked like a massive metal seed designed to transport squads down to the planet side as Seige studied the pod a worgen clad in white armour came up to them. "Planing on departing soon Arceus?" He asked and Arceus looked up "Aljerasto I thought you weren't joining us, Seige this is medical officer Aljerasto he'll be assisting our squad in the battle" Arceus explained "a pleasure to meet you sir" Seige said "Pleasure to meet you as well Seige" he said. Aljerasto had a natural growl to his voice and carried a combi melta bolter and a chain double edged chain sword. Seige, Arceus and Aljerasto stepped into the pod and acceleration racks closed around Seiges chest, same for Arceus and Aljerasto "launch in three, two, one," A metallic voice said from the speaker inside of the drop pod. The drop jerked with a metallic thud, then there was silence. Seige held her breath unsure of what to expect. The drop pod began to shake, Seige suddenly felt intense pressure on her chest and around her waist as the pod roared down to the planet. Seige looked at Arceus who hadn't moved once since they boarded. There was a loud crash and Seige felt the acceleration rack dig into her armor keeping her in place as the pod hit the ground. The acceleration racks opened and the three stood side by side waiting for the pods ramps to open and let them loose. Seige griped the melta gun tightly. The drop pod ramps lowered and they departed towards Warfang city. Were the battle had already begun.

      "My lord, the Death Watch have arived" Ferolth said. "of coarse they have" Tyranyus said, the idea of death watches presence seemed to amuse him. "Let Sether handle them, He knows how they think, how to break their spirit".

      Sether lurked through the war torn streets of Warfang city searching for his prey. He slung the sonic weapon known as the blast master across his back and drew a chain ax as he caught sight of two imperial marines moving through the alleys. "There you are" he said as he opened profiles on his heads up display in the visor of his helmet. "Let the games begin" He said as he jumped down from the roof top of a large building on to an apartment and started stalking them by jumping from roof to roof keeping out of sight. "I've got their scent, Lord Anubis" Sether said to his radio. "Good, Now break their spirit, give them no peace" Anubis's slow grinding voice crackled through the radio.

      "How exactly are we supposed to get into Warfang hold if the Chaos psykers made it into a floating fortress?" Cynder asked as Invictus checked his map of the streets in his visor. "We climb, it isn't exactly a single piece of stone floating up there" he replied. They looked up to see several boulders and other large masses of stone floating beneath the fortress. "We're to vulnerable out here, we need to cut through the buildings" Invictus said slinging his heavy bolter and drawing his bolt pistol and slowly pushed on the door of a business building and they entered. "kind of dusty in here, Good thing I took a bolter over my plasma canon" Cynder said as Invictus pushes his way through a pile of rubble in the hall way. "if we get onto the roof we can cover more distance a little faster" Invictus panted as he finished clearing the rubble. They made their way to the roof of the building. Invictus exited onto the roof first followed by Cynder.

      Sether watched them from a distance as they bounded from roof to roof and followed in the shadows. "Their heading towards Warfang hold, they intend to climb under it" Sether whispered to his radio. "We'll be waiting, the havocs are ready, but do feel free to introduce your self Sether, before, they arrive" Anubis answered. Sether jumped down from the business building landing on an apartment with Cynder and Invictus directly beneath him. Sether climbed down using damaged sections of the wall as foot holds. Their backs were turned when Sether reached the ground. He drew the chain ax and approached the pair ready to pounce on his prey. Sether lunged aiming for the back of Cynder's head. "Cynder look out!" Barked Invictus as Sether charged towards her. Invictus dove at Cynder knocking her to the ground but in Cynder's place Invictus became his new prey. Sether swung, the teeth of the ax howling as the bore into Invictus's upper left shoulder as shards of saronite went flying and blood spattered from the wound as Invictus went down howling and Sether's howling laughter echoing even louder. "Invictus!" Cynder got to her fe

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      REDEAMER 03
      Chapter 3: Reborn

      Eileen tried to stand. She leaned on her staff for support. She was still dazed from how hard Arceus had hit her "he could have killed Decius and I" she thought she slowly moved across the briefing chamber, Decius at her side "I must look like a wreck" she said to her self as she picked pieces of rubble out of her fur. Suddenly Eilann herd a dull metal scape and then felt the sharp edge of a combat knife being held against her throat "what business have you here?" said a voice that echoed through the chamber as a lifeless whisper that made Eilann's flesh crawl "Sir Arceus told us to stay here until he returned" Eilann stammered there was silence then Arceus and Siege entered the chamber and Cynder wondered off. "Gyro stop scaring our new recruits" warned Arceus. Gyro lowered the knife from Eilann's neck and stepped backward, then ordered the space marine holding Decius to release him. "I must brief my men for our next drop sir" Gyro hissed as his squad grouped around the dented holo map table and Gyro began his mission briefing. "what are my orders sir?" Siege asked spiritedly "I want you to stay with me for now as I am your mentor" Arceus said with his mood slightly improving.

      Gyro's squad drop pods hit the surface of the planet with extreme impact. The ramps lowered and his purifiers set off towards Markarth city. Dark clouds swirled above the city as Gyro's squad came closer. "that does not inspire confidence" said brother Invictus as he crouched behind Gyro. Like Decius, Invictus was also a jacklide and resembled more of a jackal than a wolf like the worgen. Invictus was the squads heavy support wielding the blocky form of the heavy bolter. The squad moved like shadows through the city, the air almost solid with tension.

      Anubis and Callan walked down the streets of Markarth the rain dripping off of the tusks of Anubis's armor and helmet. Callan admired Anubis, he was a Jacklide chaos lord in terminator armor and one of the members of a shadowed group in the black legion called the Sundering howl. "when the Inquisition arrives I expect you know what to do" said Anubis "yes ancient one, I am to draw their attention while you retrieve the book of the blood fang" Callan said. "yes, I will alert you when my task is finished now be off, we're about to have company" Anubis finished then using the electrified claws that made his hand armor clawed his way into the cathedral. Callan made his way to the roof tops, the streets were to narrow for his liking and it was much faster to jump from building to building. Callan came to an area that the Inquisition would have to pass through to enter the cathedral unnoticed and it would be here that Callan would stop them. Callan set melta bombs in and around the surrounding buildings and hid himself in the shadows with a plasma cannon at the ready.

      Gyro and his men stopped outside the back entrance of the cathedral "when we get in there only kill the tainted, I want a victory worth drinking to tonight" Gyro said to the squad. "and victory we will have!" said Invictus standing at Gyro's side. Before they could break down the door a ball of energy like a miniature sun slammed into brother cerio and the sun exploded on impact. Cerio collapsed and Gyro snarled in surprise and rage. Another mini sun came from nowhere claiming another worgen of Gyro's squad. "get into the buildings we'er to easy out here!" shouted Gyro as they took cover in the closest building. "perfect" Callan whispered to himself.

      Anubis heard the sounds of the melta bombs detonating outside. Callan had placed them in the buildings in an attempt to bring the buildings down on Gyro's squad. Anubis smiled at the sound of the fighting outside. "I had best hurry if I don't want any more trouble" he said aloud as he ripped the tome of the blood fang pack from the altar. "oh yes, one last thing" he said and turned around and examined the body of the dying worgen priest who had tried to stop Anubis from desecrating the holy altar of the emperium. Anubis kneeled and yanked a strange pendant from the priests neck then activated his helmet radio "time for us to leave pup,I have what we came for" he alerted Callan over the radio and made for the back entrance.

      Invictus came out of his cover and the fire power of his weapon ripped apart the stone balcony that the attacker was hiding in. Callan pulled back as he saw Anubis emerge from the the cathedral and claw apart most of the survivors of Callan's ambush, two of them escaped but Anubis did not give chase and ordered Callan not to either "well done, Bones" Anubis said "excuse me sir?" asked Callan confused. "you are not imperial anymore and your squad thinks you to be dead, they have abandoned you and left you to die, but now you are, reborn and such deserve's a new title" he sighed and they vanished.

      Invictus kicked down the ruined door and Gyro entered first followed by Invictus. "are we the only survivors?" Invictus growled "yes" Gyro said grimly. Invictus started down the main hall then stumbled over something large he looked down and saw a worgen priest laying in front of the ruined altar with deep claw marks in his chest. The priest reached towards Invictus's boot, Invictus kneeled beside the priest. "promise me you'll recover the tome" he whispered and put his hand over Invictus's heart. Invictus placed his hand over the priest's "we will my friend, you have my word" he said "emperor bless you jacklide" the priest whimpered with a small smile despite his pain, his breathing slowed and his hand fell from Invictus's chest. Invictus closed the priest's eyes and stood up. He turned to Gyro who was already inspecting the altar. "find anything sir?" Invictus asked "no, nothing" snarled Gyro, he threw a piece of rubble from the altar to the ground and walked down the hall. Invictus stepped up to the altar to investigate it himself, the eye of chaos had been engraved into the polished marble and it seemed to shine with the taint of corruption. Invictus growled at the dese

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      REDEAMER 02
      Chapter 2: odd findings

      When Arceus entered the briefing chamber he saw the chaplain talking to a female worgen devastator Bering the symbol of the death watch on her left shoulder, Malefor turned at the sound of the doors opening and nodded to Arceus as he came in. "how was your mission Arceus?" Malefor asked "it was successful sir but I wasn't alone the chaos decided to bomb gilneas city" Arceus said. "I see... There up to something larger than normal... Arceus this is seige our new recruit and a werewolf like you" malefor said distractedly. Arceus set Eilann down and looked at siege "were called worgen sir and hello" he said "nice to meet you sir" siege said as she studied the aegis terminator armor Arceus wore. "I want you to show her our ways for now Arceus she is here to replace Callan that new lord of Choas Tyranyus draged him away and we can only assume the worst... Arceus I'm sorry I know this must be hard" malefor said with ice in his voice. "No... he can't be..." Arceus turned away with pain and loss burning in his mind. "I must deal with these two first sir!" blurted Arceus "then take her with you to do so that's an order!" malefor snarled "now I must speak with Seige's squad about their next mission" and with that he left the chamber leavening Arceus with Seige "unexeptible! How dare he think he can just replace a brother of my pack like a simple hound!" roared Arceus pounding his fist on the o
      holomap table leavening a large dent in the tables smooth surface. He looked up at siege "so I'm supposed to show you around eh?" Arceus said as he tried to keep his temper in check. Seige stood beside him "I'm sorry about your friends death and I know I won't ever fully replace him but all I ask is you give me a chance" she said lightly. Arceus turned away "I had better wake this one up so I don't have to keep hauling her body like some sack" Arceus flicked Eilann in the forehead until she stired " were... were am I?" she asked dazed. "your safe now and under my protection" Arceus told her. "the chaos legions are at large again and so I am to train you two into ready warriors" he addressed both of them "but for now you are to remain here... I must show Seige around I will return later, come Seige" he said sternly and they left. "so are you the leader of my squad?" Seige asked "no, but I do accompany your unit when its deployedrt" Arceus said. "may I ask why you became a demon hunter?" she went on. "lord Omega trained me as a phsyker, but I'd rather not discuss how I came to be a demon hunter" Arceus said with a warning in his voice. "forgive me sir, I meant no offense" Seige blurted out. "you have not offended me, not yet" he told her. Seige looked down and sighed and as she looked up and walked right into another worgen devastator. "ah Cynder" Arceus turned to Seige "this is Cynder one of your squad mates" Arceus introduced them to each other. "Callan's replacement?" Cynder asked. "yes Cynder, this is your new recruit, now do behave your self" Arceus said and started down the hall again and Cynder joined them.

      "my lord he is awakened" Feraloth said as he entered the command center of the Tyranyus's flagship the Malevolence were he found Tyranyus standing at the armor glass window watching as his fleet finished off an imperium liberation fleet, he turned to welcome Feraloth "how is he?" Tyranyus asked "he tried to kill Alasuar as soon as he found his feat so I'd say he is well" Feraloth replied "good... send him in... it's time he meets his master" Tyranyus said malevolently "enter!" barked Feraloth and a cloaked worgen entered the room. "your name?" Tyranyus said as he paced around the worgen "Callan stormhowl sir" he answered. The only thing that allowed Callan to see his master who stood by the window was the gold trim of his armor and glowing red eyes the rest of his armor was onyx black and blended into the view of the void. "please follow my councillor here and try not to kill him again" ordered Tyranyus as his personal councillor Alasaur came up behind Callan "it's time we got you a proper suit of armor runt" Alasaur growled and they left.

      They entered an armory were Alasuar fitted Callan into a suite of power armor, a strange energy danced across it "you are to accompany lord Anubis on his next deployment be ready because he doesn't like waiting on rookies!" Alasuar said, his voice deep with authority. Alasaut handed Callan a wicked looking blade and dark electrical arcs danced across the blade "to sunder and defile the imperium and show them the errors in there ways" Callan looked around the armory for another weapon and saw tainted melta gun, callan sheeted the demon blade Iago gave him and picked it up then turned to Alasaur.
      "I might make a apostle out of you yet runt" he said and they left for the hanger were jacklide lord Anubis was waiting. end chapter two.

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      REDEAMER 01
      Chapter one: growing threat

      Tyranyus stared out the window watching the planet side turn gently below. "but my lord! This could kill him!" protested Feraloth, Tyranyus's advisor. "are you questioning me Feraloth?" asked Tyranyus hotly "no my lord... Just concerned". Leavening the window Tyranyus walked over and took the needle Feraloth was holding and stood beside the table were an unconscious worgen lay. "have faith Feraloth... This will work... Rest well brother... this will be the last sound sleep you will have in a long time... You may return to your duties now" said tyranyus's as he stuck the needle into the worgens neck. "as you wish my lord" said Feraloth. "oh and Feraloth?" said tyranyus. "yes my lord?" he asked "I want you to make sure she is ready this evening... we mustn't allow the inquisition to become aware of our plans" the worgen bucked as the fluids in the needle spread through his blood stream. "I will see that she is ready my lord" answered Feraloth. "good... now get going" tyranyus barked. Tyranyus put his hand on the worgens shoulder "just relax, don't struggle and you'll be fine" he said as he watched the worgens fur color darken.

      "move it tramp !" roared Arceus as he shoved Decius forward. Decius tripped and Arceus grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him nearly throwing him towards the thunder hawk gun ship waiting on the edge of the city with out slowing down. Inquisition purifiers poured out of the gun ships front to cover Arceus as he ran with Eilann over his shoulder and Decius in his grip. Arceus who was fast for a demon hunter in terminator armor sprinted into the gun ship were his commander was waiting. Arceus dropped Eilann in an acceleration rack and tossed Decius into another rack and flexed his shoulders.
      "sir I recovered the objective" said Arceus. "what took you so long Arceus!? i told you to find him and leave!" shouted Arceus's commander, lord Castelin Crowe. "I ran into some... complications while I was down there... such as our oh so stubborn friend here had to bring his mate with us" retorted Arceus" were just friends!" squeaked the young jacklide sitting in the acceleration rack. "it would have been faster escaping if you hadn't hit her hard enough to knock her out!" he said as Arceus wiped blood from his eye after taking a shot to the helmet from the enemy on the planet. "what kind, of complications did you encounter?" growled Crowe. "the black legion sir... and the Iron worriers" answered Arceus grimly. "they destroyed most of gilneas city" he went on. "I see... I'm placing you in charge of these two Arceus... do I make myself clear?" huffed Crowe "yes sir... I will keep an eye on both of them" grumbled Arceus and through the window saw their ship The pheonix. "we'll be landing soon, be ready" Crowe towered over the jacklide "what's your name runt?" he asked. "my name is Decius moonhowl" he replied "and her's?" pressed Crowe "Eilann icefang" Decius said. "you resemble a jackal more than a werewolf like Arceus" Crowe went on "that's because I am a jacklide and not a worgen like him or Eilann" Decius shifted uncomfortably in the acceleration rack as the thunder hawk drop ship slowed and landed in the hangar with a loud rumble as Arceus picked up Eilann and guided Decius towards a briefing chamber. "Arceus report to terminator chaplain Malafor he'll want to debrief you and get acquainted with our new arrivals" barked Crowe as he stepped into the hanger bay and left. The briefing chambers doors slid open as Arceus approached it and entered room were the chaplain was waiting. End chapter one

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