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      5 years ago


      Hey guys back again! This winter has been brutal on all my electronics! After getting out a mildly successful You Tube video with the hopes of falling in to a once a month or two a month video schedule (not counting smaller ones). Then, early January the computer dies a slow yet fast death. Though I'm happy to say it should be back this wedness day! Then not too long after my iPod decided to stop playing out the right audio channel. I put off getting that fixed till last week and now I'm typing this on it (it's good as new!). Then on Valentines Day (my anniversary with xbox live) my xbox stopped reading disks! Then I had to survive without my source of entertainment and sanity for almost a month! Luckily me and my friend used that new found free time to make an entire man pad in his basement. It was turned from cold cement and wooden studs to walls of cardboard, covered with black paper (it looks super snazzy!) with carpets and a plethora of strange decorations we made ourselves. Now, an the start of April, all my electronics are finally done killing themselves and getting repaired. I'm getting back on the video production train, with a platter of entertainment and strange antics from me and my friends prepared for our You Tube channels! I think it's safe to say there is a double rainbow on the horizon!

    • Is There A Pattern

      6 years ago


      Ok, so last year there was a full on dry spell for the first half of the year. I mean there were occasional games that were note worthy like Red Dead, Mass Effect 2, and Bad Company 2 (which were my favorite games of the year) but that is just 3 good games in 7 months! Near the end of last year I was looking at what games I had to look forward to this year and felt like the dry season would finally be non-existent. Now that the year is getting going I'm thinking otherwise, Gears of War was delayed and I haven't heard anything about RAGE for months! Then just like last year a torrent of games will flood the shelves during the end of Q3 and Q4. Who else is ready for having a nice plump wallet one day, then watching it all disappear over about a week?

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