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    • I have this Nosecone for trouble

      6 hours ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to day four of Technobot week, where it's all techno this week.

      Today we'll be looking at, what is my opinion, the weakest figure of this set, and that's mainly due to the mold this figure uses. So let's get this over with, and without further ado, may I present to you the Technobot driller, Nosecone!


      Nosecone is a straight repaint of the Combiner Wars Combaticon Brawl, and if you remember when I did that journal, you know I wasn't a fan of that mold for a number of reasons. Sadly, those same issues plague Nosecone as well. Really, I wonder if Hasbro and Takara had to make a deal, since the Takara version will be using a Rook remold for Nosecone.


      That being said, the color and paint work are all there, giving Nosecone his distinct look. Which is basically a drill tank, only he's the Brawl tank backwards.


      I wonder if it was always the plan to use the Brawl mode for Nosecone or if it happened later in the decision. I honestly would have preferred the Rook mold unless that's somehow worse, which shouldn't be the case as the Rook mold is fantastic.

      Anyway, you may have noticed that empty space on the rear of Nosecone. Being a Brawl repain, you can actually move the drill there, to go the other way.


      Both are fine, but go with whatever you want, since it's your toy. And it's also the only accessory for Nosecone.

      Moving on to the comparisons.


      Of course we're going to compare Nosecone with Predacon Ramhorn, since they're basically the same mold.


      Next is Nosecone with Combaticon Brawl, showing the other mold here.


      And finally, here we have Nosecone with G1 Nosecone and Maketoys Sonic Drill.

      Now for the transformation. Again, if you have Brawl, you know how to transform him, so you have Nosecone the drill tank turn into...


      Nosecone the robot, all with the same issues this mold has. Which includes the weird waist, weak limbs and generally poor design. If taken out of combined mode, Nosecone is going to stay in alt-mode.


      Getting up close you can see that it's basically Brawl, only with different colors and an Autobot symbol instead. The color is there for Nosecone, though, so that's a plus.


      Nosecone also has the same posing as Brawl, though I think I lucked out a bit with this pose and got him to hold it. Nosecone action pose, go!


      Speaking of action poses, Nosecone can hold his drill, similiar to some other Nosecone figures. Now for the comparisons here.


      Here is Nosecone with General Ramhorn.


      Next is Nosecone with Brawl.


      And lastly, here is Nosecone with G1 Nosecone and Maketoys Sonic Drill.

      I know I sped through this rather fast, but if I were to be honest, I'd be spending most of the journal entry trashing the figure, which would in tern take away from some other great figures in this set. Despite Nosecone's limitations, Afterbreaker and Strafe more than make up for this.

      Tomorrow we'll be going a bit smaller as we take a look at the littlest Technobot. We may have need to Scrounge around for him, but I think we'll find him. Until then.

    • This Steed is going at Lightspeed

      1 day ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to day three in our Technobot week, where hopefully you decided to supply your own techno music because I'm certainly not doing it for you again.

      Today we'll be looking at the next member of the Technobots who got an unusual name change, and said name change makes just as much sense as Afterbreaker. So, without further ado, may I present to you the Combiner Wars Speedester, Lightsteed!


      Lightsteed, or Lightspeed, as he's known as, is a straight reptaint of the Combiner Wars Protectobot Streetwise, who was a remold of the Combiner Wars Stunticon Dead End, who was then remolded and repainted into Wildrider, Prowl, Smokescreen and Dustup. So, yeah, this is a popular mold within the Combiner Wars line.


      While I'm glad they used this mold, honestly, the Breakdown mold would have fit the aesthetic better, looking more like the G1 Lightspeed in that case. That said, the Dead End mold is a better mold. Though if you want accuracy, you can see if you can get the Takara set, which uses the Wheeljack mold for Lightspeed.

      One thing I want to comment on is the pain used, mainly for the windows. Honestly, I'm half tempted to paint them myself, but as we'll see later, this is actually an accurate take on the G1 toy.


      Other than that, there's not much to add. The pain itself is different but there's nothing new here. It's pretty much Streetwise, straight down to the accessory.


      It's the same Triple Barrel gun that this mold has, though in Lightsteed's case, it's cast in red plastic and painted black. Good pain work, too.

      Now for the fun part, the comparisons.


      To start, here is Lightsteed with Protectobot Streetwise, showing that they are essentially the same mold.

      Geez, this mold is used almost as badly as the Alpha Bravo mold, and I honestly think it's used less than this mold. I mean, look, just from this mold alone I have at least three total figures, not counting Lightsteed.

      And there's almost no difference. Look, here is Lightsteed with Prowl below.


      It's using almost the same light bar, just with different shades of red! You'd think with some figures they would have done something about it, but no! It seems like anybody using this mold has to have that light bar!

      Here's another of the mold, Bluestreak.


      Do you see how it's... wait, you guys aren't suppose to see this yet. Forget it from your minds and quickly move on!


      To finish up the alt-mod comparisons, here is Lightsteed with G1 Lightspeed and Maketoys Celeritas. And you can see why I'd probably not paint the windows. Or at least add another silver/white coat, as Lightsteed is trying to mimic the coloring.

      Again, the Breakdown mold would work better, but at the same time I'm glad they went with the better mold.

      Now for the transformation. As you probably already own this mold, you already know how to transform Lightsteed. So we go from his alt-mode...


      To Lightsteed's robot mode. You can see there's a lot more white here to break up the red, but honestly, I think the limbs could have used a little more red. Don't get me wrong, it's a good balance, but that's just personal taste talking.


      Getting up close to the headsculpt you can see that it's a repainted Streetwise head for Lightsteed, but with a nice silver finish on the face.


      He's got the same kind of posing as everybody else in this mold, too, though I think Lightsteed as better balance for some reason.


      And, of course, he's got his accessory. Lightsteed! Stop trying to show off. You'll never the impress the ladies that way.

      Now for more fun with more comparisons!


      Of course we have Lightsteed with Streetwise, and look, they're the exact same! Hell, while I'm add it...


      Oh my lord the paintwork on Bluestreet... No, Cabs! Stay focused!

      Anyway, look at that. If I had Smokescreen, I'd have him standing there because, you guessed it, it's the exact same mold. Actually, you know what? Hey, Smokescreen! Get in here.


      ...Look, you'll just have to pretend Smokescreen is a Combiner Wars figure to get it.


      And, of course, here is Lightsteed with G1 Lightspeed and Maketoys Celeritas.

      Aside from the accessory, it's a rather week figure as it's a straight repaint of Streetwise. But he isn't the worst of this set. Tomorrow we'll have our Nose to the Cone when we look at the next figure. Until then.

    • There are times where you have to Strafe. This is not one of those times.

      2 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to Day Two of Technobot Week. I promise, no more techno music.

      Anyway, today we take a look at the next figure in the Technobot gift set, taking on a new look for him while keeping his classic look.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Figure, Strafe!


      You may be surprised to learn this, but Strafe is a heavy remold of the Combiner Wars Aerialbot Air Raid. This will become more apparent in robot mode. But yeah, here is Strafe in his futureistic jet fighter mode.


      Unlike with Afterbreaker, with Strafe they did all the ycould to get a lot of things right, like the curved wings at the back.


      But there were some things they missed, due to the limitation of the mold. For example, Strafe doesn't have his smaller wings on his shoulders. They're attacked to his back. Would have been nice to introduce the Blast Off mold this way, but still, it's a massive remolding. There are very few parts shared between Air Raid and Strafe.


      Here's an overhead shot. I'm delaying because, unlike the rest of figures in this set, Strafe himself has no additional accessories like guns. Those orange guns are molded in and cannot be removed, even if you could do it on any other version of Strafe.

      Still, the coloring here is pretty good, and the kind of paint showing up on the gift sets show they're worth the price. Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Strafe with mold mate Air Raid. Of course, unless I said something, you would have never guessed.


      Because I could, here is Strafe with Maketoys Shatterglass Ripper.


      And, as required by tradition, here is Strafe with his G1 counterpart and Maketoys Blindfire. Three distinct looking alt-mols with only a few things shared.

      Now for robot mode. Despite the extensive remolding, if you have Air Raid, you know how to transform Strafe. It's basically the same transformation. And when that's done...


      You get Strafe in his robot mode. And it's pretty clear that Hasbro took some extra care when bringing the Technobots together. They're not so much in the IDW comics as a combiner, but at least they were in that web video... for about ten minutes.


      Getting up close shows a really impressive head sculpt. I love the visor and the coloring used for the upper body.


      Despite the backpack, Strafe himself is pretty well balanced. That said, he loses some posing due to his wings. They are much longer than any Aerialbot wings, so if you want to get him in a kneeling position, you'll have to get creative.


      As mentioned before, Strafe has no accessories and the orange guns are molded on, so when in robot mode, you'll either need to give him an extra weapon or just pretend he's firing from his back. Because why not!

      Back to the comparisons.


      Here is Strafe with Air Raid and here's where you can see the similarities. While the alt-modes are radically different, the robot modes, outside of the heads and coloring, are pretty much the same. They probably blew the budget just on the extensive remoldings on Strafe's alt-mode.


      Next, here is Strafe next to Maketoys Ripper. Those Maketoys guys sure are short,, aren't they?


      And lastly, here is Strafe with his G1 counterpart and Maketoys Blind Fire, just to show that I wasn't kidding about the short part.

      Overall, a nice, extensive remolding of a mold that hasn't really gotten a lot of love. I know it's due for one more repaint for another combiner down the line, so I'm glad we didn't get another Firefly/Sky Dive remold.

      Though I can't really say that about tomorrow's figure, which has been remolded and recolored so many times that you probably have at least two of them. But hopefully our Lightsteed will guide us through that mess. Until next time.

    • Hit the Afterburners!

      3 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome back to the Combiner Wars, where for this week we will be taking a look at a newly released gift set of a classic Combiner team. This is the second gift set Hasbro has released, but it's the first for this group in a long, long time.

      That's right, it's Technobot week, and we'll be taking a look at the newly released Technobot team. Oh, and remember how I promised I wouldn't include any techno?

      I lied.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Combiner Wars combining team known as the Technobots!


      Here you can see the gift set box they come with, showing off the combined mode, Computron, who will take a look at later in the week. It's a nice artwork of the updated team, showing the imposing combiner. You'll also see that this is actually a six man team instead of the typical five man band, but we'll get into that much later.


      On the back of the box you can see the combined mode of Computron in his classic configuration, as well as the individual members on the right. Of course we have Scattershot, then Afterbreaker, then Strafe, then Lightsteed, then Nosecone and finally the legends member, Scrounge. But nobody really cares about the box, let's look at the figures.

      As before, we'll be looking at each one individually and in whatever order I please, so for this case, we'll actually take a look at a semi-new mold for this set. May I present to you, Afterbreaker.


      Well, technically, it's Afterburner, but for trademark reasons the updated version has to change because, well, trademark reasons. Afterbreaker is a repaint and slight remold of the Deluxe class figure Groove, who didn't get a release in the US until a few months back. So, yeah, it was pretty obvious what mold AFterburner was going to use.


      Afterbreaker carries on the G1 tradition with it's colors, though sporting a green windshield in this iteration of the classic figure, but you can tell that they were certainly invoking the G1 toy colors here.


      Now, Afterbreaker rolls really well and is rather good, balance wise. He does have a kickstand in his arm to help with balance, but put him on an angled floor and he'll start moving on his own. Fun times.


      In regards to accessories, Afterbreaker comes with these two guns that are either cast in green translucent plastic painted grey, or cast in grey plastic with a green handle. It's confusing.

      The weapons can be stored on alt-mode, but the connection is tight so you'll need to work at it, but they fit in rather well, in my opinion.


      Anyway, time for comparisons. Afterbreaker's original mode was this futuristic looking motorcycle. Like that vehicle in Master Blaster. Man, I feel old making that reference. Anyway, here is Afterbreaker with Titans Return Hardhead, showing the scale is totally out of whack.


      For fun, here is Afterbreaker with MP Hot Rod.


      And as per tradition, here is Afterbreaker with G1 Afterburner and Maketoys Over Heat. I don't have Warbotron's version of Afterburner with me, hence why he isn't included here. Here you can see how Afterbreaker tries to emulate the G1 colors, but has more red and less white on him.

      Okay, time to transform him. If you happen to have Deluxe Groove, you know how to transform him. Even if you don't the transformation is simple, but those shoulder joints are tight! Not as tight as some other figures I've gotten recently, but still, quite tight.


      But once you've completed the transformation, you get Afterbreaker in his robot mode. Despite having his front wheel hanging off his back, he's very well balanced, much to my own surprise. The color breakup here is pretty good, to, with the black helping to break up the orange and red on the figure. It works for him.


      Getting up close to the Headsculpt you can see that it's a rather Afterburner like head, much to my own surprise. This is likely due to early shots of Afterbreaker having Groove's head, so it's a nice surprise to see the change here.


      In regards to posting, he's got a waist swivel that is rather low on this figure, but aside from that, the sky's the limit. Here is Afterbreaker trying to go all sexy for you ladies out there.

      It's annoying so I told him to never do that again.


      Of course, Afterbreaker has his guns, and here you can see him trying to use some Gun Kata, again, to impress the ladies. Again, I've told him to stop doing that, because it is really annoying. Still, the fact that I was able to get this kind of pose was a surprise. Hence why I said the sky's the limit.

      Now for some more comparisons.


      Because they are motorcycle buddies, here is Afterbreaker with Transformers Prime Arcee. She brought her gun to keep Afterbreaker in line.


      For a more traditional comparison, here is Afterbreaker with Combiner Wars Off-Road.


      And, of course, here we have Afterbreaker with G1 Afterburner and Maketoys Over Heat. Talk about going nuts with your designs.

      All in all, I say this is a good start to the week, but we have a few more figures left to look at. Tomorrow we'll take a look at an not used often Combiner Wars mold, only repurposed for the use of this gift set. We made need to Strafe our way through the path, but I'm sure we'll get there. Until then.

    • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Part 36

      4 days ago


      Episode 36: The Post Hot Springs Episode

      Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting episode of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, the game about a boy and a girl adopting another younger girl into the family after hearing how she’s all alone and doesn’t have any siblings because her parents are out helping other underdeveloped countries.

      In our last episode it was all story based as Estelle, Joshua and Tita head to Elmo village to fix their pump issue. While there we end up rescuing an old friend, Dorothy, who’s there on assignment to get the best darn picture possible. And then we had a night at the springs as Tita and Estelle spend some time bonding, with Tita being sweetly adorable. Then hijinks ensue as Tita asks if Estelle and Joshua are married, leading to a case where Estelle runs into Joshua in the open air bath. After that is when they learn how lonely Tita is feeling and decide to be her surrogate siblings, d’aww.

      And with that, we’re to return to Zeiss. What wacky adventures await our heroes? Let’s find out.

      Just a quick update as to where we are in the story. Before we leave the village, Dorothy calls out to the kids. Estelle welcomes her back to the land of the living, but our photographer is upset that they would leave her behind. Joshua points out that she said she was sticking around to get more shots for a story, which Dorothy suddenly remembers saying. However, she has another reason for catching up to them.

      That’s what I’d like to know. Dorothy claims she wanted to give Tita a nickname, but wonders if she doesn’t like it?

      Besides, it’s not like Tita wants to hurt Dorothy’s feelings. Estelle relents and allows Dorothy to join them back to Zeiss. With that, they attempt to leave the village, this time without any fuss.

      It’s as they approach the northern exit that we get another cut scene. A man appears from there, who is called Eastern Man, and asks the ladies if he could...

      At this point, I’d just run with it. Eastern Man Bear claims that he isn’t somebody to worry about, he just wants directions. Mainly, if they could kindly point him to the direction of the Elmo’s hot springs. Joshua tells him that it’s just down the road, south from here. He thanks them, but then takes a long, hard look at Estelle.

      Eastern Man Bear starts wondering if maybe it’s possible... he trails off, leaving Joshua to ask what’s going on. Eastern Man Bear decides that it’s nothing important and wishes the kids a good day before leaving.

      Estelle comments that he’s a man of few words, but notes that his clothes look Eastern, which means he must be a foreigner. Joshua states that Zeiss is right on the border with the Calvard Republic, so Eastern Man Bear may have come from there. Tita agrees, citing that Mrs. Mao told her about people who live way off in the east. Estelle also remembers that Kilika is from the east, too. As for Eastern Man Bear...

      What, because he’s big and wears Eastern clothes means that he must know kung fu? What kind of person are you, Estelle? Tita asks how she can tell, and Estelle’s response is quite smug.

      What, now I have to call him Eastern Man Bear Trunk Leg? That’s too long! Joshua agrees about him being am aster, though, and agrees with Estelle’s read on the guy. Anyway, we’re back in control, so we return to Zeiss where we get another cutscene. One that seems very quiet.

      Estelle notices something off, leading Tita to asks what’s wrong. Estelle claims she’s heard something, but she might be going insane. Joshua disagrees, mainly because he heard something, too. It appears to be coming from the factory. This draws concern from Tita and Dorothy, so they decide they’ll go check it out.

      But not before I report the Elmo Pump Repair job.

      Not bad. Kilika thanks them and asks them to come back if there are any more contracts completed. Because I have the money I equip the kids with the best stuff before heading for the factory.

      At the next screen, a cutscene plays. We pan over to the Factory to see a mass evacuation happening and smoke coming from it. Murdock and several other employees are outside, with Murdock doing a head count. All of the full-timers are out, at least. But what about the part-timers? And what of the interns?

      Estelle and company run to Murdock and would like to know why the Central Factory appears to be on fire? Murdock explains there was some kind of gas leak inside of the building, with everything from the fifth floor down full of fumes. Joshua is concerned there was a fire but Murdock says the extinguishers haven’t been set off, so it shouldn’t be that. That still doesn’t mean they know what’s happening, though.

      Tita, however, doesn’t see Russell and asks about him. Murdock turns to Miss Hazel and asks if everybody is accounted for. She hesitates, but says that they were fully staffed, but the Professor isn’t among those evacuated. Murdock is upset with this, as it means Russell is still inside. Estelle, being a bracer, offers to take on the rescue mission, which he accepts. Tita wants to go with, arguing that she knows a lot about the Central Factory and can assist the kids in getting around inside.

      While it’s clear she doesn’t want to, Estelle relents, but tells Tita to stay close to them. However, Joshua makes her promise that if things get too dangerous, she’ll return to the entrance. Dorothy asks to come but is immediately overruled.

      Still, Dorothy tells them to be careful. Murdock suggestions that Russel is on the third floor, as he was there last. Before heading in I talk to some random NPCs and meet up with Elwyn from the general goods store. He offers to give the kids one of the items for free. One of the items is a free Quartz called Petrify. Don’t mind if I do. Okay, let’s get in there and see what we have going.

      A cutscene plays, with Estelle commenting on the smoke, though not bad enough you can’t breathe. Joshua suggests that the haze is a smokescreen for something else, suggesting that there is a smoke canister nearby. You mean it’s corporate sabotage? Tita asks why would something like that be the case, but Joshua can’t speculate, but if they can put out the canister, the smoke should clear up quickly enough. With that, we have a new mission. Find and take out the smoke canisters. With that, they quickly go over where Russell should be, on the third floor. Tita says that sometimes he gets wrapped up in his research and kind of forgets the rest of the world.

      And with that, we’re back in control. I check on the elevator, which starts a cutscene. it won’t open, of course. Joshua wonders if it’s lost power but Tita says it is operational. Somebody may be using the elevator. Estelle wonders if it’s Russell using it, but Joshua notes that the elevator isn’t moving, so he’s hoping that isn’t the case. Looks like the only way up is the stairs.

      While exploring more of the floor, I find smoke coming from the ground. That seems unusual. Investigating it activates another cutscene, with Joshua commenting that it’s the same one the Sky Bandits used before. You know, that group of pirates where Josette, Joshua’s one love, is a member of. I wonder how they’re doing?

      Anyway, we fade out as the narrator tells us that Joshua dismantles it. Fading back in, Estelle sees that the smoke has cleared up. Joshua says that there are probably more canisters around and suggests taking them apart when they are found.

      With that, we’re back in control. We’ll take care of this smoke canisters first, if we can. Hitting the basement floor we find one near the conveyer belt, which is also dealt with. The next one is on the second floor, by the elevator. The third floor has one in the design room. The fourth floor as the next one in the lab.

      And I think I got them all as the staircase itself is cleared up. So now let’s hit the workshop and check on Russell. Of course, there’s loud noises being made in there. Tita starts speaking but the camera pans up to show that Russell is gone, as well as the Black Orbment, TM. Tita turns it off because that is a rather annoying noise. There’s concern about the two missing when a familiar voice appears.

      Yup, Agate, the guy we all hate, is here. When he’s questioned why he’s here, he throws it back at the kids. And he isn’t happy, either.

      You know, Agate, that attitude is terrible to take as a Senior Bracer. You’re going to find yourself kicked out if you keep that up. Also, you’re a dick.

      Even Estelle agrees with me on this.

      Tita asks if they know Agate, with Joshua providing the introductions. Of course, he’s upset to see another kid here, and he ends up glaring at her.

      As if we needed any more reasons to dislike Agate. Estelle isn’t going to let him bully her surrogate little sister and steps in.

      Agate does hold off as he does have a lot to say, then turns to Estelle and demands answers. They explain the situation, and after being told that, Agate is ready to take on the mission. Surprisingly enough, he doesn’t throw the kids off the case, which really wouldn’t have surprised me if he did.

      So... uh, where to now? Well, might as well go to random places and see what happens. First the roof, but nothing. Then onto the fifth floor. That’s when a cutscene plays. They note a door is open and hear a man’s voice. Then another. It appears they’ve completed whatever they were doing. Joshua seems to recognize one of the voices with Agate stating that it’s coming from the elevator.

      They all rush to find three men in black holding Russell with them. Agate recognizes them, and the Men in Black get worried because it means he found them somehow. They quickly get into the elevator and shut the door on the group. Tita is worried for her grandfather as Joshua suggests taking the stairs back down.

      We hit the first floor and find the elevator doors open. This suggests that they took the main entrance, but this does make Joshua wonder how they plan to escape unseen? Agate is basically “less thinking now, more chasing.”

      The group runs outside and activates a cutscene. Dorothy and Murdock are happy to see them. He was concerned because soldiers showed up and... wait, soldiers? Not guys dressed in black? Murdock doesn’t seem to understand as they were dressed in blue and white military uniforms, but he did suspect they didn’t come from the Air-Letten checkpoint. Dorothy comments that they seemed like Royal Guardsmen to her, to the point where she snapped a photo.

      Wait, Royal Guardsmen? Like the ones who took away Mayor Dalmore? Joshua wonders why they would be here, with Tita wondering if they were with her grandfather. Murdock says no but did notice a big bag with them. Estelle believes this to be their culprits, with Agate cursing himself for falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book. Murdock is confused and would like answers, but Joshua says they’ll have to explain ti all later. Now, which way did they go? To town, says the Factory Chief. And with that, Agate is off with the kids close behind.

      We fade out as the narrator explains that the group split up to search the streets of Zeiss, but unfortunately, they could not find any trace of the kidnappers or of Russell. A report was made to the Royal Army, who sent a unit to Zeiss from the stronghold at the lake to aid in the investigation.

      When we fade back in, we’re in the Chief’s office, where we have Captain Amalthea. Wonder why she’s here? Anyway, she understands the situation and believes this to be terrorism. Such a naughty word these days. Though it seems the thieves made off with more than just Russell and the Black Orbment, TM, but also the orbal calculator, which contains some cutting edge stuff. Justice will have it’s day!

      Tita is quiet as Agate asks what the military plans to do next. Amalthea states that they already have Air-Letten, Wolf Fort, Soldat Army Road and Sanktheim Gate performing random inspections, with her being confident that the culprits will not escape the Zeiss region. Estelle comments on how serious they’re treating it, with Amalthea responding that it’s the Intel’s job to mobilize as quickly and efficiently as possible in times of emergency.

      Joshua then asks the question hanging on everybody’s minds. Why would the terrorist masquerade as Royal Guardsmen? Amalthea agrees that it’s unsettling, then turns to Dorothy, asking for the shots she took. Mainly, the photo-quartz, so it can be processed as evidence. Dorothy refuses because it’s her big scoop, but Amalthea pleads with her that the Royal Guardsmen are the pride of Librel’s military, and a photo of their involvement would damage them. She also requests that Dorothy not post any news about this until they know more, in order to protect the honor of Her Majesty the Queen. And while it isn’t a formal request, it’d still be nice, you know?

      Dorothy relents, but will want the quartz back when the investigation is over. She then starts to ask if the bracers would cease their investigation, but Agate immediately cuts her off, saying nope, not happening. Mainly because he’s been on this case longer than anybody else, and even if asked to protect the military’s honor, he wouldn’t stop, because he couldn’t give a damn about that. Hey, look, the one time your jerkish attitude actually helped!

      Amalthea relents, but only on the condition that Agate reports his findings to Intelligence at Fort Leiston. He agrees, but only if the Intel group reports their findings to the Zeiss branch. She agrees, and with that, they leave. Estelle sums up the situation quite well.

      Like you get along with anybody anyway, Agate. Based on the meeting, the culprits are still in Zeiss, so the sooner they report to the guild, the sooner they can start searching outside of town. Estelle agrees, but notices that Agate hasn’t kicked them off the investigation yet. The reason?

      Agate isn’t a popular character, is he? Because he isn’t winning me over at all. With that, Agate takes charge and begins the investigation to bring back the Professor. Before we head to the guild, we should go ahead and unlock Agate’s last two slots.

      Anyway, here’s the setup for Agate. Any advice would be appreciated.

      Leaving the factory starts a cutscene, where Dorothy needs to go buy more photo-quartz. Before leaving, she tells Little T to try and cheer up, showing confidence that Estelle and Joshua will crack the case and bring back Russell. And with that, she enters the factory once more.

      Estelle tries to support Tita, with Joshua adding that nobody would hurt him, given his genius. Tita chooses to believe that. Agate, however, is silent. Estelle questions the look he’s giving, but he says it’s nothing. They need to head back to the guild.

      Inside a cutscene plays. Kilika tells the group that they have impeccable timing, and they come to recognize the person at the counter.

      This has just be nothing but crazy coincidences, hasn’t it? Professor Abla is surprised to see the kids and asks how they’re doing. Estelle asks why the professor is in Zeiss, but wanting to make sure he got an escort this time. Kilika, however, isn’t in the mood for chit chat. They found the whereabouts of the criminals. And Alba is the eyewitness.

      Alba is glad to have come after the reaction he’s got from the group. He explains that he was doing field research on the tower up until a short time ago. He’s talking about the Tetracyclic Towers, in case you’ve forgotten. More specifically, it’s the Carnelia tower. We’ve been there before, raiding it’s chests. Alba explains that he saw several soldiers enter the structure. He thought them to be members of the Royal Army but were apparently sticking to the shadows. The professor also heard them mention something about kidnapping and an escape route. Hence why Alba showed up, to report what he saw.

      Joshua asks for more details, probably to confirm, but Alba says they were wearing blue and white uniforms. This confirms it and Agate is itching to get there. Everybody else agrees except for Tita. Mainly, she wants to come and help with the rescue efforts. Agate decides to have some words for her.

      He’s not wrong, but he’s still an ass about it. Estelle gets pissed off as a result.

      Even so, you don’t have to be a jackass. Estelle turns to Joshua for help, but unfortunately, he has to side with Agate. His concern is that they’ll be bringing Tita into danger and he doesn’t want to risk her getting hurt. As a result, Estelle must relent and leave Tita behind, no matter how much she wants to bring her along. Tita can only respond to this in one way.

      And off she goes. Estelle goes to follow but Joshua stops her, saying they have to rescue Russell first. Agate starts getting impatient, then turns to Kilika to have her contact the army and let them know what they found. Alba wishes them luck, and after a fade, we’re back in control, sans Tita.

      Okay, before hitting the tower let’s rest up and get everybody up to full health. It doesn’t take long to get to the Tower, but once there a cutscene activates. Estelle wonders if the kidnappers really are holding Russell here. agate seems to think so, given the footprints involved, nad if you need a hiding place, this is the best place to be.

      Then, suddenly, monsters! They attack our group and battle is joined. Hey, it’s the same monsters that attacked Dorothy! The battle is long but only because everybody kept missing, but soon, victory!

      After battle, Estelle wonders what those monsters were doing at the tower, but then, we have a choice?

      At this point, it seems rather obvious that they’re tied to the men in black. Agate agrees, thinking that they’ve been trained for combat by the kidnappers. He notes that, ever since his investigation started, he’s been attacked by these monsters constantly, and there is no way it’s a coincidence. From this logic...

      As much as I would like to believe so, even I have to consider that stretching for nothing. Agate won’t deny it, but says it was Cassius who assigned this job to him.

      However, he isn’t pleased with the assignment.

      Seriously, what is wrong with you, Agate? Moving on, Joshua remembers something Jean mentioned to Agate and asked for details. Agate explains that stuff came up that couldn’t wait, calling it an “easy” job. Well, if you’re Lord God King Cassius, everything is easy.

      Estelle knows her father well. At this point, Agate has gone through too much to let anybody else catch them, and he wants them himself. Especially one in particular. When pressed for more information, he declines to say anything else. Now that they have no way of escaping, it’s time for revenge!

      Since we’ve been here before, we’ll skip the treasure hunting. Assuming I remember how to travel the paths up. During the way up, Estelle and Joshua level up. Joshua also learns a new S-Craft called Black Fang. Now, what does it do?

      That sounds useful. Why not test it out on a bunch of mooks? Of course, I forgot that Joshua has that accessory that turns his attacks to Earth attacks and the monsters in the tower are strong to Earth attacks. I really need to replace it.

      Anyway, we make it to the roof and find the kidnappers along with Russell. The bracers rush the group, much to their surprise. Estelle remarks that using the disguises was pretty good, but their endgame was weak. They demand Russel be let free while Agate places them under arrest, though he is upset they couldn’t find the guy in the stupid mask. Still, he thinks these three can entertain him in that person’s place.

      The men in black won’t stand for this insult and will go down swinging. Well, if that’s what you want.

      One gets an attack first and he packs a bit of a punch.

      Anyway, we have three enemies to deal with. Two that use the same set of skills and one that uses a different set.

      I think he’s meant to be support. Due to the type of punishment they’re bringing to our heroes, I keep Estelle on healing duty while Joshua and Agate focus on attacking. But I make sure she uses her S-Craft to beat up on one of the enemies. Hell, she takes out two enemies in one shot while Joshua deals with the last enemy via White Gehanna, AKA, overkill.

      But with that, victory! They have the men in black down, but they remember that they have Russell with them. They get closer to him while Estelle calls them out on not knowing when they’re beaten. So inconvenient, right? Joshua suspects that they want Russell for his genius and suspect that they’re threat to harm him is a bluff. They still with it, though, but Agate doesn’t care for this back and forth all that much.

      Agate mentions that the Royal Armed Forces have mobilized and there is no place for them to hide. But then they laugh. Why?

      Almost time for what? Gah, bullets are attacking!

      One of the Men in black mentions that they had no intention of getting the bracers involved and say that they’ll escape with their lives if they hold their tongues. Estelle doesn’t believe in taking orders but Joshua suggests to do what they say. Agate agrees, saying to wait until they start making their move, then rush them.

      As the Men in Black begin boarding the airship, the bracers rush in. However, a girl screams and the airship is attacked, stopping the charge.

      It’s Tita. And she’s out for blood.

      And none shall escape her adorable wrath. Sorry, I’ll keep this serious. She attacks again, forcing one of the Men in Black to draw his weapon on her. Quickly moving, Agate takes the shot meant for her.

      One of the MiB calls out the other for shooting at a little kid. Especially with that test model. His concern was for the ship. Apparently these guys aren’t as heartless as they made themselves out to be. With that, the remaining MiB takes Russell onto the ship and escape, leaving the bracers and Tita behind.

      After a fade, we’re still on the rooftop of the tower, Tita crying for losing her family.

      Estelle doesn’t know what to do, so Joshua suggests returning to Zeiss and regrouping. They’ll need to report that the kidnappers had an airship and escaped. Estelle then attempts to comfort the young girl, who tries to understand why they would kidnap her Grandfather.

      Agate, much to our great relief, gives some words of encouragement. And by that, I mean slap her across the face.

      Sadly, I can’t call him wrong, but I will call Agate out on being a fucking prick! He continues, telling Tita that her stunt put herself in danger, and that there’s nothing more that gets on his nerves than kids who can’t resist poking around where they have no business. Yeah, heaven forbid she actually has some concern here with regards to her only family!

      Tita can’t even get the words out before crying again. Estelle, reaching her own boiling point, calls Agate out on his attitude, but apparently that was his point. He asks Tita if she’s fine with the way things are? Is she going to accept that she can’t help her grandfather and give up? Tita cries, but shakes her head. Accepting that answer, he tells her to shape up and gather her courage. She can cry and scream all she wants, but she has to learn to stand on her own and take care of herself before trying to rescue others. And if she can’t do that, she can’t get in their way ever again. Though he does suggest that she can just crawl under the covers and cry, as it’d be best for them.

      After a moment, Tita stands up, which Agate approves of. She apologizes again for the screw up, but Estelle says she doesn’t have to apologize for anything. They’re just glad she’s alright. Tita thanks them, but then turns to Agate, who just blows her off. Though she was looking to thank him, you stupid jerk! Oh, and for cheering her up in his own way.

      Because Tita is adorable and you are a monster for slapping her like that! You monster! Though Estelle does help sum it up a bit.

      I think that’s true, actually. Though Joshua suggests that Agate is just shy. Estelle seems to agree with that.

      Yay! They’re putting Agate in his place!

      Back to more serious matters, Agate suggests returning back to the Guild and reporting what happened. Apparently there’s more going on here, and while he doesn’t like it, he thinks they’ll need military help. And we’re back in control, still on the rooftop.

      But I think we’re going to leave it there for now. That seems like a good stopping place, since our kidnappers escaped justice this day.

      And really, I feel for Tita. Despite her own best efforts her Grandfather was still taken away, though the pep talk form Agate probably helped. Still, was the slap honestly necessary, or did he just get upset from all the crying?

      Seriously, though, while Agate had good points, I still don’t like him. That said, I’ve heard that apparently people ship Agate with Tita. Unless it’s something that comes up later, I can only scratch my head and ask “What?” That sort of pairing just doesn’t make sense to me.

      Anyway, thank you all for joining me on this episode. I hope you enjoyed my work and continue to read this insanity that I started so long ago. And with that, until next time, remember, when attempting to run away from the authorities, it’s always a good idea to go into a monster infested tower. The risk of getting eating by the monsters is better than facing jail time.

    • This Windblade can speak to Titans

      5 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our final look at an exclusive set that you could only purchase when at SDCC... or the Hasbro Toy Shop... or any online retailer that had it... or eBay, but ti's expensive there.

      Anyway, we conclude this week with a look at this third figure, a release for a fan built Transformer, but belonging to a different line. So, without further ado, may I present to you the SDCC Warrior Class figure, Windblade!


      Note that I said Warrior class instead of Deluxe class. That's because Windblade here is actually from the Robots in Disguise line of figures instead of being a recolor of her Generations counterpart. She's also a redeco, going more for the Fort Max colors instead of her usual, to go with her City Speaker thing.


      Getting up close to the head sculpt you can see that it looks like Windblade, only with different colors. The red is a little more defined here. And those are some sharp blue eyes she has.


      From the way RID Windblade is built, it was clear that they put a little more attention into her, giving her better balance, better leg support and better posing. Some joints are a bit stiff, but overall, a much better product than we got a few years back.

      Now, RID Windblade does come with one accessory, which is, of course, her sword.


      This is what I mean by being a better product. She can actually draw out her sword like this, but you do have to do some rather unusual posing to get it done.


      So, yeah, a blade. As well as her sheath, which she can hold in both hands, giving us poses like this. She can also put the sheath on her hip, if she wanted to.


      Though, like with Generations Windblade, it's on there rather loosely. Not going to be on there like Katana's, I'm afraid.

      Now for the comparisons. We'll be keeping it to just the Windblades I own.


      To start things off, here is Generations Windblade with RID Windblade. You can see the differences, not just from the colors used by how they're built. RID has a shorter wingspan and can't get the angle that Generations Windblade can, while Generations Windblade has a bigger head and not as many sharp curves as RID Windblade. That came out dirty for some reason.


      Next is Iron Factory's Windsaber, they're take on a Legends class Windblade. So very tiny. Like the little sister of the three.


      And just for fun, because she is a City Speaker, here is RID Windblade with Maketoys Utopia. I bet she can see her house from there.

      Now to check out the alt-mode.


      The transformation itself is rather simple, and there are more locking points than Generations Windblade, but they do share some similarities.

      Like before, Windblade transforms into a VTOL jet, and it's a much sleeker design than Generations Windblade. Also, the head is entirely covered so you won't be able to see it in alt-mode. Still has visible arm syndrome, though.


      To be honest, the color palette works pretty well for Windblade, here. It's the way they mesh together that makes the alt-mode look good.


      Overall, a good alt-mode, in my opinion. Certainly much better than the Generations mold.

      Speaking of, one similarities that the two molds have is how they place their weapon.


      And unlike Generations Windblade, RID Windblade can balance on it quite well.

      Anyway, let's wrap things up.


      Here is RID Windblade with Generations Windblade, showing how different the alt-modes are.


      And lastly, here is RID Windblade with Windsaber.

      A decent figure, but one I would have never gotten at all if it wasn't included in the SDCC pack.

      Next week we return to the Combiner Wars as we take a look at a gift set that I've long since waited for. But I promise that there will be no Techno music. Until then.

    • Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos Episode 4

      5 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting episode of Nyarko-San: Another Crawling Chaos. The show about a guy living with two great old ones who are on Earth for police reasons, but in actuality he's stuck in a love triangle comedy and currently wishes to be rid of them.

      In our last episode, it was a fan service episode! Basically, the first half dealt with Kuko coming to Earth and joining class, announcing herself as Nyarko's wife, much to her chagrin, and then swim class, because we need to fit in a fan service episode in somehow. During this time, however, a new foe appears, looking to take revenge on Nyarko for reasons that only make sense to these beings.

      To sum it up, his name was Nyaro, he's Nyarko's older brother and he wants to kill her because she was good at everything he wasn't, and then some. So, your typical sibling rivalry, then. The second half kind of dealt with that, as well as addressing the new threat, which was Nyaro killing a bunch of Dreamland gods because he wanted to kill Nyarko. Of course, nobody really noticed him as he ended up being the butt monkey of the episode, being dealt with without so much as a concern.

      With that threat taken care of, Kuko goes back on her deal with Mahiro to take Nyarko away, forcing him to be stuck with the two for the foreseeable future. What could possibly make this worse? A phone call from Mahiro's mother... and she's right outside the door. What will our hero do now? Let's find out.

      And for your reference, the Episode 4 reference guide.

      -Our episode begins with Mahiro getting the call from his mother and that she'll be home in under a minute. Nyarko and Kuko see that he's concerned and asks what's up, but he's currently in panic mode. Not because his Mom is coming home, he actually doesn't mind that. The problem is that she's coming home while he's keeping two unwanted houseguests at home. Oh, and the giant mess they left. Can't forget about that. He debates telling the truth, looking at Kuko, who takes it as a sign of him being interested in her, so she nips any possible romantic interest by saying she isn't into him. This pisses him off, probably because of her tone while he's panicking. What ungrateful old Gods. Bunch of jerks.

      -Looking at Nyarko, Mahiro narrates that he doesn't want to be viewed as the type of boy who brings girls home when his parents are out. Of course, Nyarko gets the wrong signal, thinking that he's trying to impregnate her with his stare. This becomes the last straw as we cut to the outside, where he throws the two girls out. Nyarko demands answers while Kuko doesn't appreciate this treatment. Mahiro gives them no answers except to be quiet and get out, you noisy, ungrateful aliens! He then slams the door on them. That'll show them!

      -Back inside, Mahiro quickly starts cleaning up, working so fast that the Flash would be jealous. Of course, this includes getting rid of the extra food. Don't want to leave evidence of extra people living in the household. After taking care of that problem, he walks back into the living room to find another problem. Nyarko tells him he did a good job, indicating that she and Kuko found a way back in. Mahiro is blue in the face with rage, which cannot be good for his blood pressure, as we quickly cut outside to see I assume to be Mahiro's mom, walking down the street, suitcase in hand. She's all smiles, of course, probably thinking about how lonely her son is and how happy he'll be to see her. Part of this is true... in some way or another.

      -At the house, we get a slow pan on the outside as Mahiro is, I think, working on getting rid of the two aliens. Nyarko sees this as him wanting to cross certain boundaries, but forgot he left the lights on. Kuko doesn't like him assaulting her Nyarko. Of course, because this is a comedy, that's when Mahiro's mother returns home. She announces her arrival just in time to see Mahiro in a rather compromising position.

      I think I'll let this image speak for itself. May be considered NSFW, even though it's not really showing anything.

      -We get a moment of Mom looking at the situation, with Mahiro realizing that he's screwed. Probably in more ways than one. Cue opening!

      -After that, we're back at the Mahiro household. After finding a way to get out of that tangled mess of limbs, Mahiro, joined in the living room by his Mom, Nyarko and Kuko, says that Mom shouldn't get the wrong idea and it's totally not what it looks like. I know it's a bit of a cliche, but saying that will always make the person think that it looks exactly like they think it does. Mahiro's mom looks thoughtful about what she's told as Nyarko introduces herself with her catchphrase, that she is the chaos that crawls up to her son with a smile. Of course, Mom lingers on the Nyarlathotep. She mentions that she's come from the future in order to bear Mahiro's child, but then corrects herself that she actually came from a distant planet. She asks Mom to think of her as her son's wife and to call her Nyarko. Mahiro objects to this with a pillow to the face, telling her that she isn't anyone's wife. At least it isn't a fork, Nyarko.

      -Kuko introduces herself as Nyarko's wife, Cthugha, but Nyarko objects to this with a pillow to the head. It's probably the same pillow that was used on her, too. Kuko thinks that maybe Nyarko wants her to be the husband, then adds that she doesn't mind having her children or making Nyarko have her children. Nyarko's response is to grab Kuko by the head and shake it, asking if she has a Hanabatake farm in her head. I had to look this one up but apparently it's based on a real farm that makes caramel. According to the reference guide, the other translation indicates that Kuko has her head in the clouds. Mahiro, who has his head in his hands for so many reasons, sits up and yells at Nyarko for saying that, when it can easily apply to her, as well.

      -Mom, meanwhile, is lingering on the terms "Crawling Chaos" and "Cthugha." She then quickly comes to a realization, does an action pose with speed lines and brings out... forks. Five of them. No wonder Mahiro uses them as weapons. Everybody is confused, including Mahiro, who wonders if that stupid backstory Nyarko came up with earlier was actually true in some way. Nyarko apparently thought the same thing, telling him that she wasn't expecting this, either.

      -Anyway, Mom here is going to bring the murder and tells Mahiro to get away from the aliens. She can't believe she would have to encounter them in her own home, but Nyarko tries to explain that she's here to save Mahiro, not harm him. Kuko wordlessly agrees. I'm honestly surprised by that, but I imagine she's practical in this situation. When Mom turns to Mahiro for confirmation, he says, out loud, if that's really the case. Nyarko asks him why he would say such a thing. Well, he was looking for a way to get rid of you guys, and even if that means spending the next week cleaning up your blood, he could probably live with that.

      -Then, suddenly, Shanta-Kun appears... cawing at Mom? Cawing? Making noises? Something like that. Anyway, he's getting her attention. Mahiro is worried the murdering will come to the tiny little creature, but it appears that Mom has been won over by how cute it is. She picks him up and starts petting him, stating that he looks harmless just from his eyes. Yeah, I guess I would call him cute, but any way to defuse the situation, right?

      -Nyarko, missing the entire point of what happened, accuses Shanta-Kun of preferring mother-in-law instead of her, the master. You do realize he just saved your hide, right? When Mom hears this, she asks for confirmation that Nyarko is the owner of Shanta-Kun. Taking this opportunity and running with it, Nyarko confirms that as well as mentioning that she has cute eyes, is harmless, but has been protecting Mahiro all this time. The first part is subjective, the second part is untrue, but the third part could be considered true. So... one out of three?

      -Mom, apparently hearing this for the first time, demands to know more detail about this whole protection racket Nyarko has going on. I hope she doesn't think it's some sort of money making scheme the Mafia has perfected. Before continuing I just want to say that I'm actually a bit surprised by how young looking Mahiro's mom is. Granted, that could be due to the art style, but I wasn't expecting "Mom that could pass for Mahiro's older sister". I guess I was expecting a bit of a different joke.

      -While the explanation of a lifetime is happening, we cut to a room that is lit with green light as the camera slowly pans down to a woman behind a desk. She's been told something and understands it's time for all out war. The camera then gets in closer to our green-haired lady, showing ample amount of chest while also pulling off that Gendo pose quite well. Though unlike Gendo, she breaks the pose and fixes her glasses, all with a sinister smile.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Mothers Attack! Sounds like something from a video game. We cut back to the Mahiro household where Mom has been updated on the entire situation. Though she's all smiles and gives a wink to the two girls. I wonder what part she's winking about? Nyarko, however, has an important question for Mother. Why are you holding Mahiro so close? We cut to Mom to show that she's got her son in a bit of a death grip there. The excuse she gives is that she's replenishing her sononium. That's adorable, Mom really adores her son. And hopefully it won't go any further than that.

      -Speaking of, Mahiro would like Mom to explain her sudden return and attempts at murdering the houseguests. Okay, the truth is... she's a deity hunter. You can easily tell that Mahiro is going "What the hell kind of stupid shounen show did I get myself stuck in?" Though he does have an imagine spot of his Mom hunting monsters in something that looks like a cross between Samurai gear and ninja gear. And with the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.

      -Mom then takes out a book and explains that her college seminar professor wrote it. It's called "Deity Hunter Frontier". What, is there a secret society of you hunters out there? She explains that, occasionally, her professor invites her to help him hunt deities. I imagine the joke here is that she isn't exactly hunting deities so much as researching them. Mahiro asks if Dad knows, but of course he does, dear. Married couples don't keep secrets from each other. It's how they keep a healthy relationship. Though she blushes on how her husband allows her to work a part-time job. One could say that this is a sexist comment, but if she's actually hunting deities, I would be surprised that her husband allows her to go on these dangerous jobs. But hey, that's why she fell in love with him.

      -Apparently Mom's affections over her husband being to affect the aliens, with Kuko noting how lovey dovey the parents are. Nyarko would like to be that way with Mahiro, but he stops her by grabbing her face, shaking it and saying that there's probably a "craft" hiding after the "love". Ha, puns. Kuko, getting somewhat jealous, wants to be kissy kissy lovey dovey with Nyarko, wanting to pass on all sorts of weapons and defensive gear to the child they make. So many references there. And then she begins to rub her head on Nyarko's backside. Nyarko objects, saying she'd rather be dead. They would probably make a child with poor stat growth, anyway.

      -Speaking of Dad, Mahiro asks where he is. Why didn't they come back together? Well, apparently he worked hard to get extra days off, so he's probably stuck at he office, making up for all the work he missed. While the two Great Old Ones continue to fight in the background, Mom explains that while she has the title of Deity Hunter, it's not very dangerous work. Only dangerous work. And it's a part-time job, so he shouldn't have to worry about it. Of course he's worried about it, because of it's occupation of hunting deities.

      -Speaking of, Mom apologizes to Nyarko about the whole murdering thing, indicating that she jumped to conclusions. Oh, and it appears that Nyarko has beaten Kuko unconscious. The "harmless" Nyarko says that it's not a problem at all. Apparently Mom appears to approve of Nyarko, calling her a good girl. Right, she's a good girl who beats up on lovestruck stalkers, who herself is a lovestruck stalker.

      -Meanwhile, Green-Haired Gendo has gotten herself into a skintight spy suit, is armored up and is ready to secure the target, annoying in her headset that the hegemony of Earth is in their hands, doing the creepy shiny glasses thing. Yes, we get it, you're evil. Hot, but evil. Maybe.

      -Back at the household, Nyarko explains that those filthy cheaters may return, so they must continue to defend him. I assume she's talking about the whole pirates trying to kidnap Mahiro and force him into a dominatrix BL show where he's the one being dominated. I bet that was a fun conversation to have. Well, since Mom is home, Mahiro tells the two that their job is over, but Nyarko explains that they still have an important responsibility of protecting Earth's Dreamlands. Oh, right, the gods getting massacred there by Nyarko's older brother. I bet that was a fun conversation she had with her superiors.

      -In any case, Nyarko hopes they will allow them to continue using the house as their base of operations. Mahiro is against it, of course, and turns to Mom for support. Apparently she has no problems with them staying. He's shocked to hear this, asking if that's what she really wants to say? Of course he had to live with the horror of the two for some time. But Mom seems to think that they're protecting Earth, so why not help them in that case?

      -Nyarko is happy to hear this and assumes that she's been accepted as the daughter-in-law. Of course, that wasn't the case, but it's become clear to Mom that Nyarko really likes Mahiro, especially when Nyarko goes on about how much she likes him. Mom, however, doesn't see how she can accept the alien as her daughter-in-law. Nyarko is confused by this statement, with her hair giving a question mark pose. Mom explains that she wants her son to live a more normal life. More specifically, she would like the two of them to consider their relationship more seriously before committing to each other. Hearing this news, Nyarko loses her color after hearing this news. Mom, why must you be so mean? Though she will welcome them into her home and hopes they will be friends with Mahiro forever. Did Mom just friendzone Nyarko for Mahiro?

      -Kuko notes that Nyarko's SAN points are dropping quickly. Poor Nyarko. Mom knows how to fix this. It's gift giving time! We cut to a shot of boxes, with one of them being a Bioneeer Laser Disc Player. That seems like a poor investment, it seems. Though apparently this is something Mom does as Mahiro comments that she brought another old video game console. She counters that she's buying her memories and fondest recollections. This is showing with panning shots of the many, many gaming consoles the family owns. A lady after my own heart.

      -Kuko, who we've shown to be a bit of a gamer with her PSP, wants to play, too. Mom approves of this and asks if she would like to play now. Suddenly, Shanta-Kun grabs hold of Mahiro's leg, getting his attention for reasons. Mahiro thinks he's hungry, but Mom is, too. Nyarko and Kuko follow suit, with all three ladies wanting Mahiro to cook for them. He looks at the puppy dog eyes of Shanta-kun and agrees, but only for the little bat dragon. As he walks away, Mom calls out to make sure he adds lots of sononium. Nyarko adds that he should throw in lots of vegetables, oil and garlic. Got to keep those vampires away, after all.

      -Meanwhile, we cut to a green DeLorean parking on top of a hill as Green-Haired Gendo steps out, looking down at the city below her. She laughs because... uh, because she's evil and looking to take over the world? Maybe? I'm sure this is all a set up for a joke that's coming later.

      -Back home, Mahiro hits the fridge and sees what to cook, but without missing a beat turns towards Nyarko and demands to know what she's doing here. She's dressed up in an apron and has her hair tied up. She wants to help, stating an old saying that a miracle occurs when you find your ultimate partner. Or she wants to win Mom over with her impressive cooking skills. Mahiro, however, wants her out. In the kitchen, he is Gordon Ramsey.

      -More specifically, Mahiro isn't certain what Nyarko will try to use. I guess he's talking about her weird cooking habits. Nyarko argues that people learn, with a shot of the words for people and deity showing up on screen. I think I'm missing the joke, but the reference is back to a Lovecraft story about how Elder Things were also men. I don't know, but I think this one falls a bit flat.

      -Anyway, if it's the case that People (Deities) learn, then what is in Nyarko's hand? She explains that it's a brand of meat is famous, even in space. It's called the Shub-Niggurath brand of meat, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. REJECTED! Mahiro rips it out of her hands, wondering how she got that back in the house after throwing it out and drops it to a trash can off screen. This gets Nyarko to start tearing up, saying that she just wanted to make something delicious for him and her mother. Didn't you just ask him to make something just a scene earlier?

      -Be that as it may, Mahiro relents, not wanting to see Nyarko cry. He agrees to let her cook, but you can only use Earth ingredients. She's filled with pride after that, thank him and she will not let him regret this, followed by saying "Happy birthday anniversary!" Yeah, apparently Nyarko is just butchering the language here. While we're on the subject of aliens, Mahiro asks where Kuko is. We cut to the living room where we see her and Mom playing games. Nyarko explains that they're discussing games. Yes, in the time honored tradition and language of gaming. With beeps and clicks.

      -While playing, Mom is told that they even have game consoles in space. Kuko explains that the X-oth and the HS3 are the two favorites at the moment. What, no love for the Bii? Yeah, I'm stretching for that one. Kuko adds that the Earth's game systems are far more popular, showing that Earthlings know how to game. Mom accepts that, then says she's going to use a sonic bomb. After a moment, we get our explosion, followed by an eye catch.

      -Our first eye catch is Nyarko, dressed in her apron, serving a meal, all smiles. The second has the blonde kid from the opening appearing with a yellow-green tentacle monster in his lap. Because, of course, tentacle monsters.

      -The next day, where nothing else of importance happened, we see said blonde kid looking at a piece of paper. He appears to be lost as all the signs have crazy writing on them. How do people get around in these confusing streets anyway? The wind sharply blows, causing the kid to hang onto his paper tightly. We get a look at his face, which was hidden for reasons, but he breaths a sigh of relieve because he kept his paper. Yay!

      -Back home, we here Mahiro asking what "this" is, with Nyarko happy to know that he was a discerning man. Apparently, she gave him a "yes/no cushion." She acts very shy as a result. We see the pillow with Nyarko in a rather skimpy night dress with text on it saying "Bring it on, Mahiro-san." On the other side, it's pretty much the same image, only she's holding a crowbar and the text says "Some people say hate when they really mean love." Mahiro comments that it's yes either way. On the pillow, that is, but Nyarko explains that she's already prepared to accept him. Lady be crazy in love.

      -Speaking of crazy in love, suddenly, the pillow in Mahiro's hands vanishes. What could have happened to it? Why, Kuko did. She stole the pillow and is currently rubbing her face all over it. Talk about obsessive. Nyarko, displeased with her gift being stolen, goes in to reclaim it as Mahiro tries to keep the peace. Mom appears, still half-asleep, then goes in for her morning sononium refilling. And instantly, she's awake. She must burn through that rather quickly. She sees the two girls fighting over the gift and says that they shouldn't be fighting, but Nyarko is about a step away from turning this into a full out brawl and threatens to hit Kuko. Kuko response is to not hit people unless you get to be a better boxer. I don't get it. Save me, reference guide!

      -So, apparently this has a couple of references. The first is a different take of the line "Don't shoot it at people, unless you get to be a better shot." This is a reference to a story called The Big Sleep. The second reference is "Only those prepared to get hit are allowed to hit others," which is how the first line was translated to Japanese, which has been used to inspire other shows, like a certain show about a boy with the power to command people with his evil eye while people fight in giant mechs.

      -Back to the story. Nyarko is ready to throw down, but Mom is tired of the fighting, brings out the fork and reminds them of what she just said. The two deities stop and turn blue as Mom emphasizes the comment by sticking the fork in her mouth and revealing an evil grin. Kuko immediately hides behind Nyarko while she tries to calm down her would be mother-in-law. They don't take long before they bolt out of the house, heading for school. Mahiro can only look on in... well, he just doesn't really seem to care, but will probably use more of his mom's tactics in the future.

      -Meanwhile, blonde kid is running along the streets. Mahiro is also walking said streets, apparently upset that things have gotten crazier since Mom came home. That's when the collusion happens between him and the kid, who loses his star shaped bag. Mahiro apologizes and asks if he can stand or if he's hurt. He explains he's fine. After helping him up, Mahiro walks over to the bag, brushes it off and hands it back to the kid. The kid then asks Mahiro if he's hurt, but Mahiro says he's fine and not to worry about him. The kid is happy to hear that and apologizes, saying he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, but Mahiro says it's fine, as he wasn't paying attention, either. But then the kid begins to say it was his fault. They both get a laugh out of this, because one is trying to take the blame over the other.

      -Mahiro suggests to call it even, which the kids agrees to. He's happy that Mahiro is a nice guy, then leaves, but without saying bye a few more times. Mahiro wonders about that. Can he really be considered a nice guy when he stabs a girl repeatedly with a fork? It does get him to smile, though. Hopefully when he goes to school nothing will be exploding or burning down at all.

      -We then cut to Kuko, all fired up, telling somebody that they should repent. That person, Nyarko, says this is the path she chose herself and that she has no reservations. Is this a Fist of the North Star reference? Is somebody going to be already dead? Are the walls going to be painted with blood again? Of course, the rest of the classmates see this and go "Is it Thursday already?" Mahiro walks by and tells them to stop acting like idiots in public. It's embarrassing enough as it is without random explosions.

      -In the class Mahiro tells his friend who's name I forgot that he's tired. The friend expresses surprise that Mahiro has two relatives his own age, but he plays it off as being unaware, as well. This does get glasses friend to ask if maybe Mahiro has other relatives he doesn't know about. This seems like a suspiciously specific question, but Mahiro replies by saying "Hopefully not." Like he needs more insanity in his life.

      -On the other side of the classroom, Reporter girl, who's name I also forgot, is asking Nyarko how the home life has been with her and Mahiro. With a smile and a laugh, she explains... they've made no progress at all. She wonders when the shy Mahiro will force her down and make a baby with her. Kuko then asks Reporter girl if she has any ideas to drive Nyarko crazy all night long? She gets a hit to the head for her troubles, but Nyarko would like to know, as well. Looks like Reporter girl has an idea.

      -First, Nyarko needs to emphasize her chest more. Our silver-haired alien does this, which impresses Reporter Girl. Checking in on Mahiro real quick, he's suddenly got the chills, for he feels that danger is approaching and will strike soon.

      -We check in on blonde kid, and yup, he's still lost. He goes into a nearby park and takes a breather. Poor kid. Back at school, Nyarko offers Mahiro a hot dog. It looks normal, so he demands to know the proper name of the food item. It's an Tindalos dog! Mahiro's response is to tell Nyarko to hit her head on a clock, though the original line apparently translates into "Go hit your head on the angles of time." How does one hit their head on the angles of time, anyway?

      -And then a clock appears from nowhere and hits Nyarko on the head, causing a "Eroba" to come from her. Okay, I'm not even going to question where the clock came from. Kuko decides to join in on the conversation and says she makes good sandwiches, but Mahiro, being suspicious, asks what they are. Well, they are Dunwich. Mahiro's response is to tell her not to force herself to make jokes. And now she's sad.

      -Anyway, Nyarko has a question that has been bothering her since yesterday. She asks Mahiro what is up with his mom and this whole sononium thing she keeps mentioning. Her concern is that it's not listed on Earth's periodic table of elements, and that thing was made with those undiscovered elements in mind. Well, you wouldn't find it there because Mahiro's mom made it up. According to the explanation he's received, when Mom runs out of sononium, her sadness maxes out. Or she just wants to get all the love she can from her son. That could be possible.

      -Steering the topic away from embarrassing stuff, Mahiro asks Kuko what she's reading. She says it's this month's Shounen Blood. Nyarko wants to get in on that, but Mahiro is confused, stating that the series was discontinued after issue seven. Apparently a space publisher picked it up and it started printing again. Nyarko says that it happens all the time on Earth. I wonder how many manga writers and artists wish that was true.

      -Nyarko then adds that games that would have sold outside of Japan or consoles ahead of their time would have this happen to them. So those Space Companies are the reason why we didn't get some of those early Tales of games. Those monsters! Anyway, Nyarko explains that this magazine would have sold outside of Earth, but it seems like Mahiro is more confused than before. I don't blame you, kid.

      -After a fade, the school day has ended. Nyarko is looking for Mahiro, but apparently he bailed as soon as possible, without her. She's not happy, but don't worry, Kuko waited for her, but apparently Nyarko didn't appreciate that. We cut to Mahiro walking the streets of the city, alone, but then we cut to Blonde Kid getting randomly attacked by this really tiny dog. As he runs, we see that Mahiro is nearby and happens to be at the place where he falls. Poor kid. Mahiro recognizes him and goes to check on him. Apparently Blonde Kid didn't expect to see Mahiro again, but he's glad he did, all with a blush on his face. Cute kid, but you might be too young for his tastes.

      -Mahiro asks if the kid is lost. He says no, but actually... we cut to a fast food place where Mahiro gets the story. To summarize, the kid is looking for someone, but he can't find them. The kid takes a bite out of his hamburger and is blown away by how good it is. Man, those Japanese must have better fast food places then us. He explains he's never been in a store like this before and was sort of scared. He apologizes to Mahiro for making him come here, but it's fine. He was hungry anyway and wanted normal food.

      --As things appear to be normal, the show remembers that it's comedy, so it makes sure that Nyarko and Kuko appear. Nyarko explains that they're bound by the red string of fate to meet in a place like this, though I think she meant to say "red tentacle of fate." Mahiro wonders if the two followed him, but apparently Nyarko felt insulted by that. She lifts up a key chain and explains that the center of ultimate chaos told her to buy more.

      -That's when the Blonde Kid recognizes Nyarko and Kuko. Nyarko recognizes him, as well, calling him Hasuta and asking what he's doing here. Yup, looks like the kid is an alien, too. And, of course, he recognizes that this kid is actually Hastur, the great deity of the wind, the yellow king, he who shall not be named... crap, I'm going to have a bad time, aren't I?

      -Turns out, Mahiro thought Hastur was a girl, but Nyarko confirms that he is, in fact, a boy. Kuko explains that they've known each other than space kindergarten, and that in space elementary school, he was the student council president. Mahiro states that Kuko can't just add "space" to everything, but at least she didn't say "space student council president." Though apparently he's just running with the idea that Hastur is around the same age as Nyarko and Kuko.

      -After settling in and getting the story, Hastur comments on the two girls being civil servants and that the job security must be nice. Kuko's response is a deadpan "I am a winner." Though Nyarko responds that Kuko only used her connections to get in. The jerk. Meanwhile, what is Hastur doing on Earth? Apparently he's become a librarian at the Celaeno Library. Apparently, Hastur's dad has asked him to help with his work, so he quit his job at the library. That seems rather extreme, but Kuko asks what his father does. Apparently he doesn't exactly know. Must be secret spy stuff.

      -That's when Mahiro mentions that Hastur was looking for somebody earlier and asks if that's what he was asked to help with. Hastur confirms, stating that they live somewhere around here, but apparently, he's terrible with directions. It's all this weird scribbles that throws him off. Nyarko asks for the address, but apparently, he only has a name. Well, that explains why you're lost! Your dad only gave a name instead of actually providing more details on what to do.

      -So Hastur takes out his book and says that he's looking for someone called Yasaka. Huh, that name sounds familiar for some reason. Mahiro asks for the full name of the person he's looking for. It's Yoriko Yasaka. Hey, it's Green-Haired Gendo... and she's dressed as a nun for some reason. I'm surprised she doesn't stand out more. Oh, and apparently Yoriko is Mahiro's mother. Cue credits!

      -Here's my prediction. It's going to turn out that Hastur and Mahiro's father are the same, making them half-brothers. The reason that Hastur is looking for Yoriko is because he needs to be introduced to her and be brought into the family proper. Which would explain why Dad is stuck in the office for longer days, because he's actually an alien.

      -Anyway, in our next episode credits we see Mahiro, Nyarko and Hastur in a small car as Nyarko explains they're counting down to the wedding. Mahiro objects to this because he never agreed to that. As Nyarko shows how she's a terrible driver, she also begins to explain how cute she is, like her lips and her legs. Mahiro explains that she's terrible at first impressions, what with their first meeting basically her murdering a monster in front of him. We see Hastur hugging somebody as green-haired Gendo confronts Yoriko and our heroes. All this and more in our next episode, Let's Go Great Conspiracy X! Don't miss it!

      So we have two new characters here. Yoriko, Mahiro's hot mom, and Hastur, the cute kid who's looking for Yoriko. But why? Is it because she's a Deity Hunter? Or is it so that Hastur can join the family properly? And what is Green-Haired Gendo up to? Is it experimentation with the aliens to stop Third Impact? We'll have to wait until next week to get our answers.

      So much for this being a more slice of alien life comedy.

      Until next time, remember, when you're told that your parents are coming back home in a couple of minutes, always throw out your pretty freeloaders. And make sure you lock the door to keep them out!

    • We've sure been having a lot of Brainstorms lately

      6 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review, where today we take a look at the second figure in the SDCC Titan Force boxed set. Yesterday, we took a look at the exclusive SDCC Sentinel Prime, so today we take a look at the real reason I purchased this figure.

      You see, Hasbro did something a bit weird with the first wave of Titans Return figures. One specific figure was exclusive to one chain. Which isn't all that unusual, and besides, you have online vendors that get around that usually, but the chain they ran the exclusive with here isn't the chain you would normally associate with Transformers or toys in general. You see, the figure we're looking at is a Walgreens exclusive.

      Weird, I know. It also means that he's difficult to find unless you go online, and even then, they were in limited quantities. So unless you got lucky at a Walgreens, you were out of luck... unless you got this SDCC box set, which is available at the Hasbro Toy Shop.

      So, with that said and without further ado, may I present to you the SDCC Ttians Return figure, Brainstorm!


      This is Brainstorm's second modern figure in as many years, where he got a Generations release about a year or so ago. So, yeah, they basically used Brainstorm to gauge interest in the Headmasters. And we know how popular that figure was.

      Anyway, the regular release of Brainstorm is more based on his G1 toy, meaning his got a darker green color. The SDCC version is more in line with his IDW colors, but he also comes with a sticker sheet with Autobot and Deception symbols, meaning you could turn Brainstorm into the traitor that he is in the IDW Comics... but I'm G1 for life, so that won't happen here.

      You'll probably also notice that he shares some similarities with the Titans Return mold of Blurr. That's because Brainstorm is a retool of that figure, but we'll get into more details later.


      Getting up close to the head sculpt you can see that he's got the classic Brainstorm look with those glowing, orange eyes and orange face mask. I impinge the Takara version is going to be sans faceplate because that's how he was in the Headmasters cartoon, but for the US release, it's face plate only.

      Now, the wings on the front are molded in, so they can't move at all, but the wings on the shoulders can move, so you can have him with the wings back or on the side, whichever you prefer.


      For the line, the Blurr/Brainstorm mold is quickly becoming my favorite mold because it does everything so well. Granted, the Chromedome and Mindwipe molds are looking fantastic as well, so it's actually a good time to be a collector.

      For this mold, I would say you're only really limited by your imagination. He's got a lot of flexibility in his poses and good articulation all around. Here is he trying to do the badass arm fold, but it's a bit limited because his chest piece is that big.

      Now, in regards to accessories, Brainstorm has two.


      First is the rifle that came with Blurr, only unpainted, unlike that figure.


      The second is his nosecone/shield/bigger gun. The two guns in the front are molded in, so unlike pretty much every other Brainstorm figure, you can remove the guns there.

      Now it's time for comparisons.


      Here is Brainstorm with his mold mate, Blurr, and from here you can see the differences between the two. It's not an extensive remolding like Ultra Magnus to PM Optimus or Metroplex to Fort Max, but you can see enough differences to see how they're different. There's a bit more, but we'll get into that in their alt-modes.


      The next comparison, of course, is with Generations Brainstorm. And side from the size you can obviously see the different between the two figures, mainly because they're in two different molds. I imagine if we had the Voyager Brainstorm in this line we'd see more molds of that set.


      And lastly, just for fun, here is Brainstorm with Fansproject Smart Robin, which is meant to evoke the G1 toy more. This is probably as close as I'll get to getting the G1 figure itself.

      Now for the alt-mode. If you have Blurr then you already know how to transform Brainstorm. There's pretty much no difference between the two. So then you go from Brainstorm from above, into Brainstorm...


      The Space Speeder Bike. No, seriously, this looks more like a speeder bike from Star Wars than a space jet. And this is one of the issues I have with using the Blurr mold for Brainstorm. His alt-mode just doesn't look right.

      Don't get me wrong, still a nice mold, but there are some things it can't really be used for.


      Here's a side shot of Brainstorm. The coloring actually does work pretty well, though, so I will grant it that.


      And a rear shot, showing off some of the different molding used. Now, like Blurr, you can place the gun in the nosecone, but you can also turn the nosecone into a sled where a Titanmaster can sit in. Here, we'll use Blurr's Titanmaster, Hyperfire, to show what I mean.


      And just like Blurr, it looks just as stupid and something I will never use. Speaking of Titanmasters, let's take a look at Brainstorm's companion.


      This is Titanmaster Teslor, who I sometimes call Hadrian. And if you get that reference, I will be very happy for you. I don't know why they didn't go with Arcana this time around, but they probably went with Teslor because it sounds science-y.


      Teslor is about the same height as the other Titanmasters, which is shown here with fellow Titanmaster Hyperfire.


      Though unlike the case here with Generations Arcana, who is much bigger compared to the Titanmasters of this line.


      And like all other Titanmasters, Teslor can ride inside of Brainstorm's alt-mode.

      Now for the next set of comparisons.


      Here we have Brainstorm with Blurr and you can see the major differences in the alt-modes. For one, the nosecone on Brainstorm is longer and rides lower than with Blurr. Then there's the vents on Brainstorm's arms compared to Blurr, as well as the tails being different. I imagine if I didn't say so earlier, you would think these were two separate toys.


      Here's an overhead shot to show off the differences between the two alt-modes.


      And here is Brainstorm with his Generations Counterpart.

      Overall, it's a good figure. But is this set worth it for just him alone? Well, I'm happy Sentinel Prime turned out better than I expected, but it could have just as easily gone the other way. But we're not done yet! We have one more figure to look at, and we'll be checking them out tomorrow. And hopefully we won't need a Windblade to check them out. Until then.

    • This Sentinel is Prime for a Promotion.

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review, where today and for the next couple of day’s well be returning to the mainline figures and check out an exclusive set.

      This exclusive set was available in SDCC, which was later made available on the Hasbro Toy Shop.I purchased this set because there was one figure I really wanted but couldn’t get because of exclusivity reasons, so I got this set, which means three figures to look at.

      So today we’ll be looking at one of those figures.And without further ado, may I present to you the exclusive SDCC Titans Force Box set.


      On this exclusive set you have this rather nice artwork of the three figures in this line, Titans Return Sentinel Prime, Brainstorm and Robots in Disguise Windblade. It’s a nice piece of artwork showing Brainstorm and Windblade attacking… saving Sentinel Prime? Maybe.

      I don’t know. Most Primes outside of Optimus tend to be worse than Megatron at times.

      On the back of the box is this symbol showing off the various planets in the Transformers universe, including Earth.


      But this is actually a slip cover. No flap toopen, which means we can see…


      You can see the three figures here.


      On the back of the box you get quick bios of the individual figures, including the Titanmasters for the Titan Returns figures. I don’t plan to keep the box because it got beat up really badly, and even then, I wouldn’t sell mainline Transformers unless they’re Masterpiece.

      But that’s enough about the box. Let’s go ahead and get this set started by taking a look at a brand new character for this line.


      Sentinel Prime, former leader of the Autobots. Sentinel here is sporting an SDCC exclusive deco, showing off more red than his mainline release as well as including a lot of translucent plastic on the arms, chest and feet.


      Getting up close on the headsculpt you can see that it looks a lot like an Optimus Prime sculpt if he was meaning and always looked like he wanted a fight.


      In terms of posing, he’s a bit limited due to his size, backpack and lack of a waist swivel. That doesn’t mean you can’t get him into any decent poses, it’s just that there are limits to what can be done.

      Now, Sentinel comes with two accessories. One is his gun.


      And he’s asking if you’re feeling lucky, punk!


      The other accessory is the Titans Return gun used in any of this line, so they can fit a Titanmaster.


      As an example, here is Furos, sitting in the gun. Okay, let’s get the comparisons out of the way.


      Here is Sentinel with Titans Return Blurr, showing that Sentinel is in the Voyager class of figures.


      Next here is Generations Springer, showing that Sentinel is actually about a head taller than most Voyager figures.


      And finally here is Sentinel with Powermaster Optimus Prime, showing that he’s quite small compared to his Leader class successor.

      Now, the Voyagers in this line have a bit of a unique trait to them.They’re all Triple Changers. Of course, given how Sentinel looks it’s pretty obvious that he is one.So we’ll be looking at his alt-modes, starting with…


      His space ship mode, which looks more like a battleship in space, too me. It’s nice looking as a mold but the red is really, really off putting.I think I would have preferred more breaking of the color. This is a problem I have with the figure as a whole, the color scheme. The translucent plastic helps but I think some additional colors or more yellow would have helped.


      Here’s a side shot of Sentinel.He has visible arms but they don’t really lock in as well. They lock into the wings but the wings have no other locking point, so they just use friction to stay there.


      And here’s a rear shot of Sentinel.

      Now, Sentinel’s two gun accessories can fit on any of his alt-modes. And you have quite a few options, too.


      Here’s one possible set up. You do it like this if you want to use the Titans Return gun to sit a Titanmaster on the outside of the ship.


      Like with Furos here. Must be cold. Speaking of Titanmasters, why don’t we go ahead and take a look at Sentinel’s partner.


      Here is Infintus, Sentinel’s Titanmaster partner, sporting the same orange translucent plastic as his partner, and honestly, I think it works better than I initially thought, which is nice since we’re basically working with a brand new character who isn’t mean to be a previous Headmaster or Titanmaster.


      For a quick comparison, here is Infintus with Furos, showing him to be the same size as the rest of the Titanmasters in this line. And yes, he can sit inside of Sentinel.


      He’s doing his best fighter jock impersonation. Okay, time to check out the comparisons here.


      Here is Sentinel with Hardhead, showing that Sentinel is the bigger figure, but out of scale for obvious reasons.


      Next here is Sentinel with Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime. Again, Sentinel is longer here.

      Of course, this isn’t his longest mode. That’s reserved for his second alt-mode.


      A space train! And yes, I am not showing the proper transformation because I’m an idiot who can’t read instructions.Just ignore that part and focus on the actual figure itself.


      In this mode Sentinel shows off more of the translucent plastic, which helps break things up a bit more than in his ship mode. The arms also provide a better locking point, with the wings and cockpit locking everything up pretty good.


      That said, you can’t really flip the cockpit around in this mode due to how the mold is built.It will fit one way and only one way, which means the train has a rear shot.


      Speaking of the cockpit, there’s Infintus, hanging out.You don’t have to remove him from this during transformation as none of the modes effect this location.

      With regards to his accessories, like before, you have options on where to place them.


      Which means you can have another Titanmaster sit outside, stuck in the cold. Furos refuses to take part of the shot because of that very reason.Now it’s time for more comparisons.


      Here is Sentinel with Skullsmasher, showing just how long Sentinel is in his space train mode.


      And lastly, here is Sentinel with Combiner Wars Optimus Prime, showing the fast size differences between the two.

      Overall, I’m more impressed with Sentinel Prime than I expected. I had no plans to get him originally as I didn’t like the color mold, didn’t know much of the character, and honestly, I was going to wait for the Astrotrain mold. That said, I think the SDCC did a lot to win me over.Granted, there’s more red involved, but I think the translucent plastic helps give Sentinel some more personality. But in terms of getting this set, he isn’t the real reason I got it.

      No, the real reason I got this set we’ll be looking at tomorrow.But we’ll need to go through a major Brainstorm to figure out how to present him. Until then.

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        Yes. I posted up an image that I had done as a commission. Take a look at it and give it a good look over.

        Also, I never got notification of a comment here.

    • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      10 months ago

      so, for days now my "users I follow" feed has been empty, and I assumed it was just because of another stupid update that they'd fix sooner or later.

      what f**king idiot thought automatically having us unfollow everyone was a good idea?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      deleted the picture that freaked you out. Sorry, didn't think it would hit you so hard

    • IronBridge

      1 year ago

      I upload new and interesting facts everyday in my series:

      "Fact of The Day"

      Hope to see you there!

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      Hey Ca, do you get a notification when I make a comment post?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      I was watching Fate Stay night unlimited blade works (Tv show). Why the fuck wouldn't archer just use his phantasm on the little german girl who had Bezerker?

    • zogman1

      1 year ago

      you didn't get a notification about any of my image comments, did you?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I don't think I have, no.

    • zogman1

      1 year ago

      you didn't get a notification about any of my image comments, did you?

      • zogman1

        1 year ago

        This wasn't a double post originally O_o

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      When you vote in ISML, be sure to also nominate the spring seasonals.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      ISML is back.

    • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      1 year ago

      I saw an image posted by you on my feed of a pink haired girl on the beach, but when I clicked to view it, it was gone. could I get a link to it?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        You're welcome.

        I wasn't certain about how safe it was initially, but I think I'll be putting it up again later.

      • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

        1 year ago

        thank you.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Try here.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        She was a blonde, actually. I'll see what I can do about it.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Is Dog Days a good show for kids?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I call it a kiddie show, but there are a few fanservice scenes featuring female nudity.

        You can't see anything, but it's there.

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      1 year ago

      Here, I think you might like this. It's another work by Sharkbro.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        No problem, I was just looking over some of his other stuff and looking for familiar faces.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I think I already have that in the Odin Sphere folder. I'll have to check. If not, thanks for the find.

    • dragon55128 Crazy_texan

      1 year ago

      this happened smiley13.gif

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Go nuts.

      • dragon55128 Crazy_texan

        1 year ago

        lol I figured you would like me to share this smiley13.gif

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        C.C. appreciates a fine ass.

        Kallen likes them curvy up top.

        They both win.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      Hey Ca, you watching the second season of Knights of Sidniona?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        No. I though I'd wait for Netflix to stream it, if they get the license.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      Was it you who posted that super cute comic about Bell as a Rabbit?

      • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

        1 year ago

        Damn, been trying to find it.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I don't think so.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Is this tame?

      • HOWtwoROCK

        1 year ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Dear God no. That can result in you getting banned.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        1 year ago

        Okay now delte the first comment

      • HOWtwoROCK

        1 year ago

        I see

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Borderline, and in my opinion, on the wrong side of the line.

    • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      1 year ago

      this safe enough for me to post?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I see it's listed as questionable, but aside from Esdeath nearly falling out of her suit, I can't see anything that would get it deleted.

        But of course, it's all about the personal taste of the mod that will get you. I think it's fine, personally.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      1 year ago

      Tatsuya Shiba is a troll among trolls sometimes xD

    • Star357

      1 year ago

      I have been taking a lot of my anime choices recently from the image gallery you have been posting. Right now I am on Akame Ga Kill about 1/3 through it and already seen a number of characters die. I am guessing it gets worse as the series goes on huh?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Yeah, and people are not about it.

        It seemed to go more with shock value than anything else.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      ISML is back.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Well, I'll have to check it out later.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      1 year ago

      CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon trailer

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      1 year ago

      No idea what you said, obviously. Cool.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        It was me ending the conversation.

    • shadow15

      1 year ago

      hi hi! :)


      • shadow15

        1 year ago

        you and I both actually

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Hurting financially. My own fault, really.

      • shadow15

        1 year ago

        long time no talk whats going on?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      I think you're new neptune picture experinced an error because I can't comment on it

      • HOWtwoROCK

        1 year ago

        oh okay

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        No, I deleted it because Dark already had that image, and they can get a little pissy when that happens.

    • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      1 year ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I've seen it. Won't ever post it.

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      1 year ago

      Well, there you go. You judged a book by its cover. 4chan is full of assholes, but they aren't typically as malicious as people want to think.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        Well, that's fine, then. Sorry.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Then I stand by my comment. I haven't read it for a couple of weeks, so I don't know what's been added when I provided the link. I had to go to another site to get it.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        Don't know where else I'd have heard it.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Are you talking about the links I provided related to Zoe Quinn?

        If so, as far as I remember none of them were about Emma Watson. Unless they were updated to include that.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        It was less than two days ago!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I did? I honestly don't remember that.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        You were the one who told me about it!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I didn't even know about the whole Emma Watson thing.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        Well that's fine, but just don't believe every bad thing somebody writes about it.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        That you think that I'm judging 4chan without having been there myself.

        I have been. And I never want to go back.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        In what way?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I judged a book by its cover? That's some statement to make.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      ISML today.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      1 year ago

      ISML today.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago


    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      2 years ago

      Why didn't any of you remember yesterday's match!? IT WAS A NECKLACE MATCH!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I typically rely on the other guys to remind me.

        So blame them.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      2 years ago

      Do you get off on uploading so many damn images?

      • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

        2 years ago

        Oh, well, I never even opened a twitter account.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Anything that's posted there is usually through my Twitter account, which I'm more actively using.

        That said, actively using means posting something every couple of days.

      • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

        2 years ago

        Oh, that place. I deleted my profile months ago.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Facebook, mostly.

      • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

        2 years ago

        Where do you find all of these then?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago


        A few of them are on my phone. Not many, but a few.

      • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

        2 years ago

        Just how many images do you have on your work computer?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        How do you know that!? Do you have cameras here?

        ...I'm joking, FYI. I'm just bored easily when I'm at work and between customers.

    • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago

      how safe would you say this is?

      • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

        2 years ago

        yeah, that's why I was asking.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        The tag itself says it's safe, though what she's doing could constitute as unsafe.

        It's your call, but it's certainly borderline.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      2 years ago

      ISML today.

    • ConanEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago

      this seem safe to post?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Well, the tag does say safe, but it's clearly borderline. That said, I don't see anything that would get it deleted.

        It's your call.

    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      Bayonetta v.s. Morrigan? Who wold win?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      Square is asking fans about Kingdom Hearts

    • Star357

      2 years ago

      Love your choice in manga I have to say I am hooked on Golden Time. Its a rather interesting premise of amnesia and ones path in life. I am always looking for good manga so if you got a few suggestions I would appreciate it.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        It's also good drama.

        As for other suggestions, Horimiya is another love comedy, but it's a slow burn, and when the confession happens, it's quite sudden.

        They also don't drag it along like most of these tales do.

    • RedUnit10 Fan of Yanderes

      2 years ago

      Posted my review of the first season of Hayate.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I saw. I haven't read it yet, but will soon.

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