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    • I can't make a good joke about Sixshot

      1 hour ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next Transformers review!  Today, we'll be going into the leader class figures and see a figure that hasn't had a mainstream release in a long, long time.  Really, his last proper figure was his G1 figure, which was released a few years back.

      But now, he's got a modern figure.  How good is this sixphaser?  Well, let's find out.  Without further ado, may I present to you the Transformers Titan's Return Leader class figure, Sixshot!


      Yup, even Sixshot is getting the Titanmaster treatment, though he did feature in the Headmasters cartoon, so it fits.

      But here you see Sixhshot in the typical leader packaging, show that he has six modes!


      And on the back of the box you can see all six forms, including a "seventh" form that we'll so off later.  It's been a long time coming, so let's get him out of the box and see how he really is.


      So here we have Sixshot out of his packaging and looks pretty close to his G1 toy.  And I do mean that, which includes the wheel in the crotch piece and the fold-able wings on the chest.  The only different is that this is a modern version, which means more posing options.


      But first, let's get up close to that head sculpt, which has a nice, off white color to it.  The eyes are also painted a pretty read, and with the black outline, draws your own eye.

      Of course, like any Leader class figure, they basically have a helmet.  Sixshot is no exception.  But in this case, we have some more detail on the head.


      It's like he has a headband!

      A nice treat, if you're into that sort of thing.


      Anyway, with the posing, despite being a more modern G1 looking figure, you do have plent of posing options.  You have knee joints that can go both ways for transformation.  You have good hip stances, and you have pretty good arm articulation.


      Sixshot only comes with two accessories, but they're painted in that same off-white color.  Unless they're molded that way, in which case, this is some shiny plastic for the guns.  They can combine, of course, but Sixshot cannot hold the combined gun.  But it has uses, which we'll get to later.

      Anyway, time for some comparisons.  Due to how many modes I'm going to have to do, I'm only going to be comparing Sixshot to his G1 self.  You will not be seeing MMC's Sixshot here.


      But for that comparison, here is G1 Sixshot with Titan's Return Sixshot.  As you can see, the G1 version, which was one of the re-released versions, is bigger and shinier, while TR Sixshot is small but benefits from modern engineering.

      Now for the many different modes.  I'll be doing these in order of the instructions, but there's no real base mode to put the figure in to get to everything else, but you wouldn't have any issues getting from one form to another.


      First, the tank!  Which pretty much looks like the tank modes for the other Sixshot figures.


      But that said, it's a pretty weak mode, especially if you look at it from any direction that isn't the front.  It's mostly due to an issue with the legs not looking as uniform with the rest of the mode.


      From the rear you can see how it cleans up, which is rather poorly.  Definitely the weaker mode of the six modes.


      For a comparison, here is G1 Sixshot, which I didn't transform properly, with TR Sixshot.  While I have issues with the form, I think I would give this to the TR Sixshot.

      Now, as for the Titanmaster, Revovler, who will look at proper later, he can be used in all forms for one function or another.  And given TR Sixshot's unique way of tucking in the head, you don't have to remove the head at all.


      Anyway, here's how he sits in the Tank mode, and he's sitting pretty.


      And yes, it seals up rather nicely.  The windows are clear so if you squint, you can see him.


      Next up is the space fighter mode, and it's a much cleaner mode compared to the tank mode.


      For comparison, here is G1 Sixhot with TR Sixshot.  Both modes look really good, to be honest.  I don't think I can select a winner here.


      Now, an interesting thing with TR Sixshot is where Revolver goes.  In this case, it's inside of the chest.


      The window here is semi-transparent, so if you squint, you can see him.


      Next is the car/APC, looking just as good as the space fighter.  he also rolls really, really well in this mode.


      Here is the G1 comparison, and in this case, TR Sixshot is a clear winner.  It looks much better in APC mode than G1 Sixshot.


      Unlike before, where Revolver was placed in a cockpit of some sort, instead, he gets to experience the open road with the top down.  I'm sure it doesn't bother him too much.


      Next is the wolf mode.  A wolf with wings and a gun for a tail.


      And it's an okay mode.  Better than the tank mode, to be honest.


      As for Revolver, while he can man the gun, his proper place is inside of the wolf head, because there's a pretty big gap there if you don't put anything there.


      Here's the comparison, and I think in this case, I would give this to the G1 Sixshot.  it looks more intimidating, if you ask me.


      Next is the "submarine" mode, which is basically the gun mode turned upside down.


      It's a bland mode, to be honest.  And more of an after thought about what to do with the gun mode.


      As for Revolver, he gets stuck in the gun for this mode.  I hope he can breath underwater.


      Anyway, here's how it looks when held as a gun.  Looks better, in my opinion.


      How for Revolver himself.  Like any Titanmaster after the first wave, no paint but a lot of good detail.  Seriously, these guys need more paint!


      And for a comparison, here is Revolver with Vorath, Mindwipe's partner.

      So...yeah, honestly, not a big win.  Sixshot is an okay figure, but most of that is due to him actually needing to transform into six modes without any parts forming.  They do pretty well, but if you already have G1 Sixshot or MMC's version, then you can skip this figure.  Because doing this reminded me of how much more fun I have with G1 Sixshot.

      Anyway, we have one more Titan's Return figure to look at, then we'll take a break from the first party line and take a look at some third party offerings.  It'll be quite the Seaspray of figures.  Until then.

    • I'm feeling a bit Triggerhappy today

      1 day ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next Transformers review.  And yes, finally, we get to take a look at this figure after I stop being a lazy jerk.

      As expected, we're back in the Transformers Titan's Return line, and yes, it's another Targetmaster turned Headmaster.  Because why not turn everybody into a Headmaster for this wave?

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Transformers Titan's Return Decepticon, Triggerhappy!


      So here we have Triggerhappy in his Deluxe style packaging, which isn't very deluxe, if you ask me.


      And here we have the back of the box, showing off the figure as well as it's Titanmaster and what came with the wave.  Well, enough of the box, let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Triggerhappy out of his box and not looking very Triggerhappy.  Still, for the wave this figure came out in, it's very impressive.  Not as impressive as Topspin, but I'm basically reviewing this in reverse order.


      Getting up on the headsculpt you can tell that I really need to get better lightning.  Also, you can tell here but Triggerhappy has some really sharp yellow eyes.  The rest of the face is painted rather well and helps to match up with the rest of the figure.

      Also, good choice of color for the Decepticon Logo.  It's really striking to the eye.


      With regards to posing, you do have options, and despite the backpack he isn't as back heavy as you think.  one complaint I do have is the guns mounted on the sides of the arms, which can get in the way of certain poses.


      With regards to accessories, he comes with two standard Titan's Return guns that are unpainted but have quite a bit of detail to them.  it's the same set you've seen before.


      Now for some size comparisons.  Here is Triggerhappy with fellow Titan's Return buddy, Kup, who is about half a head taller than the Decepticon Targetmaster.


      Next, we have Topspin, he's about the same height, give or take.


      And just for a size comparison, here is Triggerhappy with Combiner War's legends class Shockwave.

      Now for transformation.  It's actually a bit creative here with the chest and arms.  Not as creative as Topspin, but still fun in it's own right.  There's nothing relaly to worry about here as the transformation is pretty straightforward..  So, if you follow the instructions, you'll go from Triggerhappy in robot mode...


      To Triggerhappy in his alt-mode, which is a Cybertronian space Fighter.  And this is one sleek fighter, too.


      Like Topspin, Triggerhappy's alt-mode cleans up very, very well.  There's very view places here where you can easily tell it's part of a robot and very little robot kibble as a result.


      And a shot from the rear so you can see just how good looking Triggerhappy is.


      Of course, the guns do plug in the alt-mode, but they're under the wing.  There's really no place for the combined gun, but I think this looks better, if you ask me.

      Of course, this is a Titan's Return figure, so there's one more accessory to look at.


      Here we have Blowpipe, Triggerhappy's former Targetmaster turned Headmaster partner.  Like all others after the first wave and the boxed sets, there's no paint to speak of on this guy.  Which is a shame because some of these really, really could use some paint.


      For a quick comparison, here is Blowpipe with Topspin's partner, Freezeout.

      And like other Titanmaster's, he can ride inside of Triggerhappy.


      He sure looks comfortable there.  Anyway, time for alt-mode comparisons.


      Here is Triggerhappy with Topspin.  For a while I honestly thought they were moldmates, with Topspin being a heavy remold.  turns out, they are very separate molds, but they have some similarities to them.


      For another comparison, here is Triggerhappy with Hot Rod.


      And for a size comparison, here is Triggerhappy with Combiner Wars Warpath.

      In my opinion, Triggerhappy and Topsin are the best figures of their respective wave.  They may be the best figures in the entire line to date.  If you only get two, you should pick these two up.

      But we're not done yet with the Titan's Return line!  Nope!  Because next, we'll be reviewing a figure that has more modes than it really needs.  So make sure you have your Six Shot on your back.  Until then.

    • Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 20

      1 day ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Log Horizon. Where we finally get to see the people who feel like they're trapped in a waking nightmare and will do whatever it takes to escape.

      In our last episode, the battle for the village has begun, and the Odyssey Knights, true to their reputation, go out to meet them. Except they aren't doing the killing so much as being killed constantly. You see, they didn't go insane from the constant respawning so much as they went insane from being stuck in the game with no possible way of escaping. The constant death and rebirth allows them to see their friends and family from the real world, because they want to see them again. So, less addicts and more like an extreme way of coping.

      Toya, who is on the opposite side of the spectrum, takes issue with their reasoning and gets into a fight with the knights' leader, who is nearly double his level so he's getting beat on as a result. We learn more of his backstory, where he was involved in an accident that put him in a wheelchair, possibly for the rest of his life.

      Speaking of soul searching, Isuzu did some herself. She heard the knight's story, and admitted that she was like him, in a way. But she still loved her past life, and learning that this world is only stuck with forty two songs sets her musical spirit ablaze, as she finds her own resolve and vows to bring more music to this land.

      Meanwhile, Minori and Roe2 have a confrontation, with the Shrine Maiden demanding to know who the vampire really is. However, this vampire throws all of Minori's questions back at her, causing her to wonder what she wants with her own life. After a moment, she decides that being the apprentice to a supervillain is probably good enough for now. This spurs Roe2 into action.

      While all of this is happening, Nyan-ta, who's been doing some advance scouting, saw the wyverns and decided he needed to intervene, which involves him attacking the train that Minami is using. We also find out that they're using People of the Land to create Nightshade Servants for reasons. I suspect an army, really, but that some of the Evil Ominous Council of Evil aren't all completely behind with. Will Nyan-ta be able to stop this train? Will the kids find a way to win the battle? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with Nyan-ta landing on the train from his griffin, a sight that will never get old, but he's immediately confronted by Londark. Our cool cat actually remembers him, much to my own surprise, given that Nyan-ta spent his time dealing with Demicas, but it's likely that our smooth cat made sure to remember the guild he fought, as well as the members who defected after Silver Sword took over Susukino. Though I don't know what Londark's issue with Nyna-ta is, I imagine it's just a general "You embarrassed me by proxy" thing. Those elves are so easily insulted sometimes, aren't they?

      -After our opening, and I only just realized that KR was in the scene with Kanami during their one bit, we return to our confrontation, where Nyan-ta demands to know why Londark is doing with Plant Hwyaden. Okay, I guess they don't know who defected, but the chief is not happy. This cat does not like it when there are unexpected surprises, and this is one of them. Londark, however, is playing up the whole evil rival bit, telling the cat that his comment is no way to greet an old friend. Besides, what reason do they have to fight one another? Nyan-ta doesn't get a chance to response as Londark skips most of the typical conversation, saying that he can't have the cat in his way. Nyan-ta isn't wasting his time, either, as he starts drawing his weapon. Still, he does ask Londark if he knows what he's doing, how this is going to work? Because a fight with Nyan-ta typically ends in one way. The cat's opponent flat on their back.

      -...Yes, I couldn't resist making a reference there. Anyway, Londark understands perfectly what he's doing. He's in it for the money, and he's being paid to provide security for Mizpha's "little toy train". I think she'll be upset if she caught wind of that. But Nyan-ta doesn't really care why Londark is there, mainly about the consequences of working with Minami. Londark responds with banter, saying that "consequences" wasn't included in the manual. That's when the elf sorcerer attacks first, which Nyan-ta stops by cutting it in half. You know, thinking on it, if Nyan-ta ever stared in his own media project (which I believe he did), it'd probably have a John Wick feel to it. Minus the revenge part.

      -With the spell stopped, Londark continues with his comment, saying that "consequences" seems to be a theme for this place. No, wait, his theme is that he didn't get the manual for this world, either. Well, the problem is that the rules and laws keep changing that, at some point, they just threw their hands into the air and gave up. So you need to figure it out on your own, you bum!

      -Tonight's episode is titled Birthday Song. And suddenly all the copyright strikes appear. Anyway, back to our standoff on the train as we get a flashback with the RTC and Krusty's concern with fighting the People of the Land. This was back in the first season, when the RTC was newly formed. I recall that Nyan-ta was there, acting as Shiroe's escort for the first meeting. In the present, Nyan-ta states to himself that the world is teetering on the edge of war, which is something Shiroe made clear in the first RTC meeting. He agrees with his guild master, saying that they're going to deal with that threat and keep it at bay, if they can. And I imagine a war between the Adventurer cities would spark and even greater war involving the People of the Land. One that Shiroe does not think they could win, despite their overwhelming power.

      -Nyan-ta tries to get Londark to understand this, but the elf Sorcerer doesn't believe him, calling the chief dramatic. If he feels the need to complain to someone about going to war, take it up with the Person of the land who hired him. He then attacks Nyan-ta, who effortlessly blocks the attacks. He tells Londark that guilt by association is still guilt. Eh, I think that would be dependent on the situation, though in this particular case, I would agree that Londark is just as guilty as the person who hired him. Nyan-ta is now able to get close enough to attack, which Londark is able to avoid. He also response to the accusation that he's totally not guilty, for he's just a hired gun, and this isn't his war. I don't think the other side is going to care if it happens.

      -Nyan-ta, bless his smooth soul, tries to plead with Londark, to think of the People of the Land who will die because of their actions, but the Sorcerer reminds the chief who hired him, saying that it's the People of the Land who want this war. He tries to get in another spell by Nyan-ta is too close, and while the chief's attack misses, it's enough to stop the spell. But the Swashbuckler keeps the attack going, forcing Londark to remain on the defensive, blocking the next attack. The chief tries to plead his case once more, saying that they can prevent it from happening, but Londark responds that he's never received a quest for peace before. I imagine it doesn't get used a lot because it's linked to that one Superman film that wasn't very good.

      -Still, Nyan-ta is a bit surprised by Londark's answer. Does he seriously still consider this a game? But this appears to be a berserk button for Londark, who tells the cat to not condescend him. He argues that this place brought him here against his will. He never got his invitation, his chance to RSVP. As far as he's concern, he was abducted, but he throws this at Nyan-ta. Did he get an invite? Did he get a dialogue box letting him decide? In any case, he didn't ask to be here, and he doesn't like being here. Does Nyan-ta and his Log Horizon friends enjoy this? Do they actually prefer being here?! Well, if Nyan-ta could live out his Shaft fantasies, I imagine the answer would be yes.

      -But Nyan-ta doesn't answer that question. Instead, he tells Londark not to be a damn fool. He knows perfectly well that none of them were invited to make this place their home. Londark tells the cat to not lecture him about other people's wars when they're out there taking advantage of the Adventurers. Okay, I see now. Back in the Susukino arc, Demicas' guild basically treated the People of the Land with disdain and still thought of it as a game. When Londark left, he kept the disdain for the People of the Land, but won't have any issues working for them. Demicas, who was a bastard, apparently changed his viewpoint when he ended up marrying one. So, as far as he's concern, if the People of the Land take something from him, than he's going to take something form them. It's an even trade. To you, maybe, but whoever you take from may not think that way.

      -Nyan-ta seems to be looking down at Londark with disdain of his own as the Sorcerer comes in with several attacks. Nyan-ta is able to deflect all but one, which lands a hit and deals some damage to his HP. This hit allows Londark to get overconfident, asking if this is all Nyan-ta has to offer? During this break in battle, as much as he hates to admit it, Londark has a point. On the whole "basically being kidnapped and forced into the world of Elder Tales", that is. They are the victims and outsiders. It was unfair, and he suppose it's only right that some of them would resent it, and lash out in anger, and want to see it torn down. Which we've seen before, like in Susukino and with the Odyssey Knights. He recognizes that he could use his ability to remove Londark and anyone else, for that matter, but it's only a temporary solution at best. He stands, taking a breath, but adds that doing so wouldn't accomplish anything, and they'd be right back where they started. Also, I just want to add that, in this shot, for some reason, Nyan-ta's red scarf looks transparent, like he doesn't have a neck at all. I can understand that the scene is trying to be dramatic but that's something that's really distracting me.

      -Anyway, Londark presses the attack, which lands on Nyan-ta, knocking him flat on his back. Choosing this moment to mock him, Londark asks if he has a better way to handle this. Should he, Londark, just lay back and let this world have its way with him? Nope, he's not going to do that. Nyan-ta slowly gets up, but appears to have his own counter in mind. As he stands, he tells Londark that what he said is true of all mankind. It's nothing but a child's conundrum. They're all born the same, and that they don't have a say in their birth. That's unfair, isn't it? But they all end up having to deal with it. Londark argues that being born is different than their current situation and attacks with Thorn Vine attack, but Nyan-ta does nothing to avoid the attack. And for that, he gets electrified for his failure to dodge the attack.

      -But that doesn't stop Nyan-ta from arguing his own viewpoint. he says that they all woke up in this world and none of them had a say in it. None of them had a choice. They're just here. And then we get a shot of pre-school kids, then another shot of slightly older kids, including two that look suspiciously like Toya and Minori. That's an interesting shot of have. But Nyan-ta is still trying to plead with Londark, saying that he isn't the only one who feels trapped, whether they're in this game, back from where they came from, or any other world, for that matter. But apparently all Londark can here is "blah, blah, my viewpoint is better, blah." He tells Nyan-ta that he can wag his finger all he wants, but it's not like there's a system administrator who can kick him out and keep him from coming back. Oh, and he's not allowed to die, either! But Nyan-ta knows how to get him kicked off the server, than by all means, please do it. He releases Nyan-ta from his spell, but before he can strike again, he is attacked and stabbed from behind by Mizpha. Guess she got wind of his comments about her train after all.

      -Mizpha tells Londark to be careful what he wishes for, then brings out... a tail, grabbing Londark by the neck and throwing him into the engine. Wow, that is not a good way to get killed off. She then turns to Nyan-ta, saying that the Adventurers are so marvelous. They can kill and die to their heart's content any time they wish. Nyan-ta, however, is shocked over Mizpha killing Londark, demanding to know the reasons why. First, she was tired of him talking, and second, death isn't permanent for the Adventurers, so why not? As far as she's concerned, when an Adventurer dies, they're basically changing rooms at a hotel. Nyan-ta has the perfect response for her. "Girl, you're trippin'." Looks like there's only so much insanity he can take.

      -Oh, Mizpha forgets herself. She introduces herself as Mizpha Trude, the General Conqueror! So, wait, do you just conquer in general? In either case, she is the commanding officer here. So she hired Londark. Is this how the People of the Land handle their business, by hiring people and then killing them to avoid paying them? Mizpha laughs, saying that Nyan-ta should know better than that by now. What difference is there between "People of the Land" and "Adventurer"? I don't know. Let's ask Rudy, since he's a Person of the Land turned Adventurer. He would offer some insight into this question.

      -But yeah, Mizpha says htat living things live off the death of other living things. They are the strong, and their strength is a weapon! And, of course, the weak use their weakness to get what they want. That's the truth in any world. Before Nyan-ta could answer, she charges in, forcing him to block. He feels like he's in trouble, despite the differences in level. He's shocked that she's so good with a sword, because of her status as one of the People of the Land. She continues her assault, asking what right does a person who can't die have questioning her desires for domination. Nyan-ta responds that she's instigating war, but she is a warlord, and if there's no war to lord over, then she's going to make one ,dammit!

      -They exchange blows, but Nyan-ta is clearly on the defensive. As they lock blades, Mizpha asks if he can feel it? Her life is ablaze with glory! She's burning with the fire of war! She demands that Nyan-ta dance with him, calling him a zombie. Okay, at this point I think she's just saying whatever comes in her mind that sounds cool. Doesn't she know the difference between a zombie and an immortal being from beyond the veil? Though Nyan-ta comments on this, Mizpha's response is to ask what else she should call a freak who won't die? We see that Nyan-ta is bleeding, then tells her to shut her mouth before coming in with a skill called Viper Strike Rush, landing some blows of his own. She backs off slightly, but then comes in with a smile as the two lock blades.

      -Mizpha calls Nyan-ta amazing, saying that she could fall for his skill. Yeah, I think Nyan-ta doesn't want to have a crazy suitor hunting him down. He's too old for that. Luckily, she dashes her own hopes, saying that he doesn't have the stomach to finish her. He finds that she has an unhealthy amount of pride in a sword fueled by malice, so he tells her as such. He breaks the lock and attacks with a skill called Early Battle Thrust, going right for the neck and what would be a killing blow. So much for not having the stomach, eh?

      -Unfortunately, Kazuhiko intervenes, blocking the strike. This brings a pause into the battle, as Mizpha is just as surprised to be rescued by one of the Adventurers she looks down upon. I suspect Nyan-ta's surprise in seeing his old friend is that he's on the train, not that he's interfering. I imagine Nyan-ta is one of the few people Shiroe can be open with on nearly any information, classified or otherwise.

      -Anyway, as much as we'd like to see the results of that confrontation, we return to the village, which is still being attacked by wyverns. We see explosions throughout the village as we see Dariella, walking alone. As a wyvern comes in after her, she calls out a skill called Spiritual Hypnotics, which causes the attacking wyvern to crash into a ruined building nearby. As the battle rages on, she drops her disguise, showing us Nureha once more. She's depressed, as is her usual expression, but apparently it's what Toya said to her that's bothering her. She wanted to toy with him a bit, that gaining their confidence should have been simple. She was friendly and should have fit right in. All she had to do was be nice to them and the kids warmed right up to her. And it should have been easy after that. She thought that Shiroe was the only special one she would meet, but apparently she was wrong again. Yeah, who knew that some of them had actual insight into how people acted.

      -Nureha originally thought there was nothing to them being in the same guild, but she was wrong about that, too. She recalls Toya mentioning her fake smile, and how she doesn't have to do that with them. Turns out, because of that, she ended up liking Toya. To her, while young, he has a might sword forged deep within his heart. Still, he credits this to Shiroe, saying that his teachings is hte weapon he gives to others. Oh, lady, you're going to be upset when you find out the truth there. In her own twisted sense, she believes this makes Shiroe more special than he really is. Yet, I feel more pity for her, because this just shows how broken she really is.

      -Suddenly, Loreile appears, happy to have found her, but warns Nureha that it's no longer safe to be here. He offers to escort her back to the palace, but she's reluctant to do that, saying that nobody will be able to live in this village anymore. She asks if Mizpha was behind this, and Loreile confirms it. Nureha blames herself, allowing Mizpha to do as she pleased without giving any thought to the results. She came out here at the Warlord's request, but to see what's happened, it saddens her. She thinks of Toya, then orders Loreile to eliminate every wyvern from the sky and destroy the Nightshade Servants along with them. Loreile is confused by this, but the Chief Councilor gave an order and she expects it to be carried out. She will have you whipped for disobeying orders! And don't even get her started on what she'll do to Mizpha when they meet up again.

      -As Loreile run off to follow orders, Nureha thinks to herself that she will do everything she can to give the Log Horizon junior members all the help they need. While their time together was short, they embraced her with warmth as one of their own. She wonders if Shiroe will notice what she's doing? Will he think she's hindering them? Or will he be pleased? Perhaps it's just another silly whim of hers as she turns back into Dariella. She comments that she's not giving them a gift, but pleads with Shiroe to hurry,wanting to hear his voice one more time. And to show how not insane she is, she hops around in the ruins of the village, humming a song. Yeah, totally not a crazy thing to do.

      -Our eye catch for this episode is chibi members of the Junior Members, with the image being the Nightshade Servants looking on as Wolfy tries to eat the Fuzzy Goat Slime. You know, you don't have to interject the chibis in every eye catch. When we return to the episode, it's back on the train. Kauzhiko warmly greets Nyan-ta, but the chief doesn't have time for pleasantness. He needs to deal with Mizpha before she gets too out of control. Well, so much for a peaceful greeting. Kazuhiko won't allow Nyan-ta past him, but the cat is curious. Why is he mixed up with these People of the Land? Why, his sense of duty, of course. Uh, your sense of duty to who, i wonder?

      -Here we get inside of Nyan-ta's head. There, he says that Kazuhiko is working to turn Plant Hwyaden into a healthy and productive guild. At least, that's what Shiroe said. But looking at him now, it's obviously to the chief that Kauzhiko has lost touch with his inner sense of well-being. he can feel the anger from his former DTP friend, that he's surprised he isn't feeling crushed form the weight. And this was apparently a recent change, because in the DTP flashback, he's smiling, but here, that smile is gone. Sounds like he isn't the leak after all.

      -Mizpha, however, is tired of all this bantering, or lack of, and charges in after Nyan-ta, who easily deflects the attacks. They continue to exchange blows as Mizpha says that the operation is already underway, and that Red Night, the name of the operation, will knock the Adventurers off their little pedestals for good. They continue to exchange blows as we see that Mizpha has gone mad with bloodlust, but they break away, with Nyan-ta teetering on the edge of the train. Too bad he doesn't have a horse riding along the train, doesn't he?

      -Kazuhiko looks at Mizpha wit ha disapproving look as she mocks Nyan-ta. She thought he would be stronger, and physically, he is, but all that compassion is going to get him killed one of these days. And he'll get other people kill with his ridiculous urge to save their lives. She brings out her vine whip, which he destroys with each, but as he goes in for the kill, Kazuhiko intervenes once more, grabbing the blade by his hand. He brings this battle to an end, but Mizpha is upset by this. What, does she want to die or something? Turns out, he received orders for Nureha, and everybody in the guild will follow her orders whether they like it or not.

      -Kauzhiko turns to Nyan-ta and says that the operation is being cancelled. Mizpha looks like she's on the verge of taking her anger out on him, but she relents and goes back into the train. Nyan-ta, however, isn't down with Kazuhiko and demands to know what Plant Hwyaden is doing? It doesn't make any sense... and Kazuhiko is yelling, saying that he doesn't need to tell him anything. Wow, he is really, really angry. He then gets in a sneak attack, hitting Nyan-ta in the stomach, but says this is better than the alternative. He returns to the front of the front of hte train, destroying the connector for the second cab, sending Nyan-ta away. Apparently his interference was to prevent Nyan-ta from having the blood of a Person of the Land on his hands. Yes, because clearly you know better than the chief here.

      -As for Nyan-ta, he wonders if Kazuhiko intervened because they used to be friends? Well, he's glad that his friend still cares about him. But for now, all he can do is stand there, looking cool, as the target runs away from him. Yes, that train is totally running away from him, because even it is afraid of the cat called Nyan-ta.

      -As day turns to night, we return to the village to see that the battle rages on. Rudy and Isuzu continue through the village, dealing with Nightshade Servants as they meet them. Along the way they find some Odyssey Knights falling, but also spot some kids in one of the nearby buildings. Isuzu wishes she could do something but can't help at the moment. The song won't play itself, after all. We hear a noise, like a ringing of a bell, as we see Toya's been beaten up a bit. Up above, Roe2 is flying in the air with Minori, telling her little brothers and sisters that Big Sister is here and she won't abandon them. Apparently that horse allows her voice to carry over pretty well.

      -Roe2 goes on to say that the first friend she made in this world is worried that there isn't going to be anything left here but sadness and sorrow. Unable to reach an understanding, her kingdom was left to collapse. Now the princess is screaming inside of her! Now she walks with her, the princess who shatters all covenants! Disruptor of all treaties! Behold, Sword Princess Al Quenje! Everybody stares in shock as a golden light comes from Roe2, summoning a being with a staff and harp. I bet there's a sword inside of the staff. As this creature stares down the wyverns, she starts strumming on her harp. And suddenly, explosions everywhere! Then another strumming of the harp brings forth fire from the sky, clearing away the clouds, taking out the Nightshade Servants in the village. So that's what allows Dariella to hop along the explosive village streets.

      -While the firework show is happening, Isuzu sees the two kids run off. While she knows there's not much they can do with the odds they're facing, she will lend them her voice and her strings to let them know that they're all important to her. Maybe she can do a duet with the summoned princess. She nods to Rudy, and soon, they're rushing through the streets. She goes on to stay that music is such a minor, little thing, it can only do so much. It doesn't matter how much you sing about wanting to change the world. They all have to play a part. You can be the greatest musician there ever was, but songs, on their own, can't really bring peace to the world. I think that depends on who's doing the singing and if they're singing it to an alien race that knows nothing of song.

      -But with all that, Isuzu is still going to sing for the people. She knows what makes them what they are and she knows what they're feeling right now. She understands how they feel as we get a flashback to real life Isuzu in her room, a cello in the foreground and an instrument case on her lap. She say that songs are prayers that are heard and answered, a feel she knows all too well. Her friends, her family were always telling her to hang in there and to not give up. In the present, Isuzu says that she doesn't know if she'll become a musician, but she swears that she'll love music every day for the rest of her life. After all, Rudy did everything he could to become an Adventurer, and it didn't even matter if it was really possible. He fought against the injustices of the world, including taking on and killing a direwolf singlehandedly. So she doesn't really need to know if she's a natural born musician or not. Rudy brought her closer to herself, who always believed in her and gave her a song. So are you going to stop seeing him like a puppy dog or is he stuck like that forever?

      -The two meet up with Serara, who tells the duo that everything is okay. Well, except for the village being a smoldering ruin, but hey, small victories. She, along with her familiar, Wolfy, were able to get everybody in the west part of the village evacuated. As for Toya, he's as stubborn as a mule, still giving Shunichi trouble. Shunichi is telling him that hte fight is for the Odyssey Knights and doesn't concern him. Serara, showing off her rather impressive hearing, says they're on the bridge, which is nearby. Rudy tells Toya to not screw this up until he gets out there, then you can screw up as much as you want. And the trio are off to rescue Toya, who we see still getting beat on by the older knight.

      -Toya is doing al lhe can to stop the Odyssey Knights from killing themselves, but Shunichi, who's pretty far gone, isn't going to take this nonsense from a punk kid. He threatens to kill the kid, something he really doesn't want to do, but Toya, bless his little heart, tells him to do what he needs to do. You can go right through him, but he won't move an inch. Shunichi tells him that he won't stop the Odyssey Knights from their destiny and tells Toya to clear their path to the underworld. Isuzu stares in shock as we see the wyverns still going at it in the village. She stares in horror, thinking of all the damage and death that has happened, and finally, she just snaps.

      -As the knights walk by a dejected Toya, Isuzu screams out that what they said is not true. They don't need a stupid dying ground or some path ot the underworld. Rudy and Serara stare at the bard as she tells them that she wants to give this world it's forty third song. it's what she wrote for this world, and she's going to play it right here and now! With all the fire and the flames happening, I hope it's a metal song.

      -We soon see that Isuzu has made her way a top of a build that's surprisingly still intact. As she stands there, she remarks that this is the world where she walks alongside her friends. She admits, it's not perfect, but at least it's not some desperate path to self-destruction. As she plays the song, which is not one of the ending songs, she recalls the good and the bad memories with her friends and with her father. Her song reaches everybody there, which includes the Odyssey Knights, her friends, the People of the Land, Dariella and her guild, and I think Mizpha and Kazuhiko. But they aren't glowing so maybe they're out of range. Also, Kazuhiko is trying to look awesome, riding on top of the train, but he isn't a humanoid cat who acts like Shaft riding on a griffin to battle awesome.

      -We see Roe2 and Minori still in the sky, possibly also out of range from Isuzu's song. The to Nyan-ta, watching from afar on a hilltop. And just so we know that what happened with some of these characters isn't some animation error, when we see the rest of the Junior Members once more, they're glowing. The battle rages on as we see Shunichi falling, but with a huge grin of joy on his face. Wow, that's pretty dark. But with that, Isuzu's song end as the remains of the fallen fly into the moonlit sky. What a perfect way to end an episode.

      -Right, so comments on the song. It's okay. I mean, it's not the greatest thing ever, and to the show's credit, it doesn't say it is, either. If anything, it's the completion of Isuzu's character arc, coming to it's proper end. So I'm glad they didn't try to sell it as anything other than her singing her heart out.

      -In our next episode preview, Akatsuki states their journey is done. What did they accomplish? Were they able to save anyone? The junior members leave with a dark cloud hanging over them. While the yare still troubled by what transpired, Roe2 gives them a letter addressed to Shiroe. Meanwhile, a new threat bears down on the City of Akihabara. All this and more in our next episode, The Flutter of Skylarks. Shiroe's comrades are always beside him, even if they're on the wrong side of a conflict.

      What I gathered from this episode is, despite looking united, Plant Hwyaden are split into their own factions. Mizpha is probably acting under orders but is so against the Adventurers that anything to take them down a peg will always have her support, even if it includes killing off the people she hired for a job. I wasn't certain about Kazuhiko, but I'm starting to suspect that he's not as noble as he tries to make himself out to be. Sure, he claims he was keeping Nyan-ta from having the blood of a Person of the Land on his hands, but was that really the case?

      That said, thinking on it now, it could be possible that Kazhiko sent Tetora to Shiroe for the exact purpose of acting as a plausible deniability cause. She defected on her own and whatever information she had she could have passed to Shiroe, all while feeding her information to be fed to Shiroe.

      We also got to see Nyan-ta let loose for a bit, though his fight with Mizpha ended in a draw, but clearly he saw something in Kazuhiko that says a lot to him. I imagine Shiroe won't like getting this report from him anytime soon.

      As for Dariella, man, she has a low opinion of anybody who isn't Shiroe. Granted, she doesn't know Toya's backstory, but at the same time, she doesn't think he could have the knowledge to figure out she was faking it. It was totally Shiroe's teachings and nothing else! Still, it's very clear that whatever Mizpha was up to, she had no idea of it and when she found what it was, put a stop to it immediately. Which I think does say something about her. She's honestly a nice person, but is being led astray and used by someone who is as close to irredeemable as possible.

      As for the kids, well, they're still fighting their battles, though Isuzu has resolved her arc, making her stronger, but I can't help but think the kids never really got a chance to shine in this conflict. Aside form Isuzu and Rudy, Toya was getting thrown around like a ragdoll, Minori was riding along with Roe2, and Serara was off screen helping people out. For an arc that was about them, they got sidelined at a pivotal moment. It's a bit disappointing, but hey, it looks like they have one episode left so maybe things will change.

      With this, there are only five episodes left. Which means that we're three weeks away from ending this journey. I already have the next show picked out so I hope you'll join me for that. But as the end draws near, will Shiroe be any closer to solving the mysterious of the Apocalypse? Will the cold war with Minami escalate? And what is this new threat to Akihabara? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when you need to stop somebody from stabbing another person in the throat, make sure you grab the blade directly. That will cause it to stop from it's target instead of just slicing through your hand and landing on the target, anyway. Plus, you'll have bonus points of looking cool while doing it, too.

    • Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 19

      4 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Log Horizon, where the locals only know forty two songs and they can be attacked by a swarm of wyverns at any minute. Fun times all around.

      Now, I know what you're thinking. "Cabs, you unfunny Transformers addict, why are you posting a new entry a day early?" The reason for that is simply. My Friday schedule is, as of now, currently unknown. I don't know if I could do an episode that day, so instead of pushing it back a day, I decided to do it a day early since I know what my scheduled for Thursday is. And it's basically the same thing I do every night. Have my Transformers battle for the fate of the universe!

      But that's neither here nor there. We have an anime watch. So, what happened last time? Well, the Log Horizon Rock your EXP tour made it to Saphir Village, where the band put on a wonderful performance that night, but to the admiration of the crowd. Including Rudy, who made sure to get his card labeled as fan number one. He gives nothing but praise to Isuzu, calling her a Goddess of the Forty Two. And what, does that mean? Well, it's revealed that the People of the Land only know forty two songs, just enough to fill out a two disc cd set if you really want to push for money.

      This shocking revelation leads Isuzu to try and come up with a new song, because she is the daughter of a musician, dammit, and she's going to do her father proud! Meanwhile, Minori and Serara have some girl talk and find that they're having issues using the telepathic link. With the Odyssey Knights in town they suspect their shrine is related to it and go to ask about it. Not much else happens with them that episode.

      What is happening is that Toya and Dariella have a heart to heart. Toya, for reasons that may be related to him being in a wheelchair at some point, knows that Dariella is faking her smile, as if keeping her guard up. When called on this, she lowers her guard a bit. It's because clear recently that Toya seems smitten with the girl, but don't let her NPC status fool you, for she is really Nureha, Princess of Minami, and she only has eyes for Shiroe. Though in this case, they have a bit of a problem, for you see, a swarm of wyverns appears, heading for the village. Looks like the kids are going to be in the fight for their lives. Luckily, help may not be so far away as Nyan-ta, sent out on a secret scouting mission, sees the swarm coming.

      How will the kids deal with this impending attack? Will the Odyssey Knights come to their aid? Will Dariella reveal who she really is? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with the always smiling Nyan-ta running through the forest, but he isn't smiling this time. Reaching a cliff, he sees the swarm of wyverns in the distance. He suspects that even Shiroe, capable of working in dimensions that no mere mortal can possibly hope to reach, wouldn't see this one coming. Given the number of creatures involved, Nyan-ta can't stay out of this one, and instead, will intervene directly. He calls for his griffin and he rides off into battle. And really, a cat acting like Shaft, dressed like a gentleman scholar, riding off to battle on a griffin? Can you picture a more perfect image than that?

      -After the opening, we cut to Shiroe turning to the camera and saying that it's the only way to do it right. I'm glad he agrees with me about Nyan-ta. Actually, he's giving a lecture to Minori, his apprentice, and Akatsuki, his ninja, telling them that if they're in the mild of a town or village when a conflict breaks out, get it away from the population as quickly as they can. Akatsuki understands. If you want to fight for your home, you want it standing once the fighting is done. Leaving the structures intact only makes sense. Minori writes this all down diligently as we return to the present to see the swarm of wyverns within the village. You think they'll keep the structures intact?

      -We soon see that Toya has regrouped with Minori and Serara. The Druid tells Rudy that since they can't use the telepathic link, leave the party chat on while he and Isuzu go to join them. Rudy then looks up to Isuzu's room, but runs off. Why? Because it looks like the Bard is looking a bit depressed. She must have ended up writing Justin Bieber songs by mistake.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Red Night. Even though the battle looks like it'll take place during the day. We soon see one of the civilians banging on a bell, though you certainly took your time to warn the town. Minori comments that none of the wyverns are all that powerful, it's just that it's a numbers game, and in the end, the numbers win out. Still, just because they're horribly out numbered doesn't mean Minori isn't going to try and help. As she, Serara, and Toya continue to run through the now empty streets, the Druids asks if Roe2 is okay back there. Toya tells them not to worry about her, since she could probably take on the swarm by herself with little effort. They hear people shouting, but it's an evacuation that's taking place. Toya notices Serara is acting off and asks if she's okay. She comments on how the People of the Land are acting so calm. Minori agrees. It's like they've practiced for such an emergency multiple times!

      -They soon look down the street and see the Odyssey Knights pass by, shrine in hand. Looks like they will be joining the fight after all, which may explain why the villagers aren't panicking in the slightest. Not one for saying in the back lines, Toya tells the others that they need to keep moving as another group of Odyssey Knights pass them, including one that Toya saw before that looked like he was a step or two away from full rage induced insanity. Only that isn't the case here. Just as he puts on his helmet, he looks positively overjoyed. Toya sees this look and has no idea what to think of it. Oh, to be young and naive once more.

      -Anyway, looks like Rudy went back to get Isuzu after all. We see him knocking on her door, saying he needs to talk to her. It's pretty important. It's about this contract you need to sign. Oh, and the village is in imminent danger, but you don't have to worry about that for now. Still, he recalls her crying face from the night before, but before he can make a decision, Isuzu appears, leaving Rudy at a loss for words. And he's so talkative, too.

      -Outside, Isuzu is dressed for battle, but wonders if it's already started? If so, she'll go back to her room and get back to writing her songs. Rudy sees her acting demoralized, so he decides the best thing to do is to pick up her spirits. And he does so in his usual, over the top fashion. Have no fear, Rundellhaus Code is here! And there's a picture of a puppy behind him. Do not worry, for this village, as well as she and Minori and Serara are safe with his passionate Orb of Lava protecting them from harm! And he gets punched in the head for mentioning other ladies besides Isuzu. Oh, and for goofing off. Now is not the time for your usual, overly dramatic speeches. There are wyverns to hunt.

      -Still, this is what Rudy wanted and decides to show off another trick of his. As his staff glows, Isuzu stares at him with confusion until, suddenly, she's floating off the ground. What kind of witchcraft is this? Rudy says the spell is called Bird Shoe. While she won't fly like a bird, but she will notice that she'll be able to get around the battlefield much more quickly. Isuzu likes this and tries it out for a bit, hopping around the area. See, Rudy told you he was a genius! Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, weren't we suppose to be doing something? Oh, right, the wyverns. Lots of killing to be done.

      -As Isuzu and Rudy run off to join the battle, we see it already in progress, and the other junior members do not like the sight they're seeing. That is, the Odyssey Knights running full speed ahead into the battle, looking to die. They taunt the creatures until one flies down, unhappy about how they insulted it's mother, and soon battle is joined. The trio can only watch on in horror as one the wyvern kills one of the knights, who dies laughing. The survivors continue to taunt the creature, including one knight activating Anchor Howl. The others call him out for using such an obvious skill and go to join him, hoping to be killed in the process. One wyvern comes in and plays a little bowling for Adventurers, hitting a strike in the process. Wow, that's a bit of a dark joke.

      -Minori comments on how the Odyssey Knights are not using any form of strategy or teamwork while Toya is in disbelief. The knights are making the wyverns attack them. Though isn't that the whole point, to draw enemy fire away from the civilian population? I suspect there's another line in there, or suppose to be in there, about how they're making the wyverns attack and are doing nothing to defend themselves. Serara doesn't understand what they, the knights, are doing out there, as we see the lead knight get run over by a dying wyvern. We then cut to the knights re spawning at the portable shrine, comment on how quick it was, and then go to rejoin the battle. They're treating it more as a carnival ride, and I think that's what I find the most disturbing about the whole thing.

      -Toya doesn't want to admit it, but he was right. The knights really do want to die. Roe2 appears and says that it's an interesting strategy, if you ask her. She comments on the shrine, acting like a Cathedral, respawning the knights, only without the usual wait time. She seems more curious, wondering what kind of inventor would come up with that? She's impressed by it. The kids are looking at her with disbelief, but she continues, asking them if they're interested? Yeah, no, they aren't interested. Toya calls the machine disgusting and totally wrong. Roe2 begs to differ. It's just an invention that uses the laws of this world. Toya, still in angry, shouty mode, claims that wasn't what he meant, but Roe2 continues, saying that the knights are giving up their empathium to the system freely enough. Was that word used before? I don't recognize it.

      -Roe2 keeps going, saying the the harvesting rate is excellent, considering all the dying the Odyssey Knights are doing. The geniuses, I assume the investors, are definitely benefitting from it. Toya is confused and says they have to stop this, but Roe2 says they don't know what they can do, since it looks like the knights are trying to die out there. According to Roe2, they're addicted to dying, mainly to see their lives during the respawn period. Of course, she's never experienced it for herself. Apparently the moon doesn't have to worry about pesky respawns like that.

      -We then cut to a really bad CGI train, cutting through the forest, as Londark scouts ahead. No hostile contacts have been seen. The magic rails appear to be running splendidly. Oh, and our former Susukino resident is now a level ninety-two Sorcerer. The report is passed to Mizpha, commenting on him leaving Susukino "like a whipped dog" and still gets treated like nobility because he's an Adventurer. Of course, she says this just in case you haven't figured that she's one of the People of the Land. Anyway, one of the drivers reports that the Odyssey Knights have engaged a flight of wyverns in Saphir Village, but she rather just let them die like the fools they are. She then orders them to release half the servants.

      -We quickly cut to another car on the train filled with people laying down next to machines plugged into them as the sorcerers work on them. Kazuhiko is there observing, though I wonder why he would actually go through with this. I imagine we'll find out more later. Suddenly, most ghosts appear, looking very similar to the ones Log Horizon engaged in a couple of episodes ago. Oh, and my comment about Kazuhiko? He has the look of a man he's only here for his own reasons but is clearly not happy with the practices the guild is engaged in. Again, I imagine we'll get a proper reason later, but I suspect the reason he hasn't bailed is either because he wants to help Nureha somehow or he's trying to keep Intix in check. Doing a bang up job, either way.

      -Looks like we get a flashback to an experiment. Nakarunard can't believe it actually worked as Zeldeus says he was able to summon a nightshade servant. And the person being used? It's a Person of the Land. Apparently they're using the People of the Land to become the Nightshade creatures. Mizpha comments that any experience the Nightshade gains is used to level up the Person of the Land. Sounds like a horrible experiment. So what happens to the Person of the Land if the servant dies? Nothing. They stay safe. Well, at least somebody is following proper protocol here. Though Jared's comment about them being safe "in a way" probably means that there's a lasting side effect. As he laughs his evil, old man laugh, Kuong calls him creepy. He's just trying to live up his role as the mad scientist. Let him have a little fun.

      -Jared then attacks Kuong, because nobody makes fun of his mad scientist role! Kazuhiko, watching from afar, calls it a power-up technique. Nakarunard corrects him. It's a fast power-up technique. Were you not paying attention to the lecture a moment ago? Mizpha finds it fascinating as Jared says that, once perfected, they'll have as many Land People in their army as they need. He says this while beating on Kuong. Apparently he's great at multitasking. Kazuhiko, back in the present, here's one of the minions talk about giving one of the People of the Land an experience potion, so he stops them right away, saying it's too dangerous. This report makes it to Mizpha, calling him a hypocrite. After all, he's an Adventurer and they are People of the Land. Immortals have no stake whatsoever in their war. Well, I know Minami's cold war with Akihabara, but what other war is there? Between Eastal and the country Minami is in? Or is Mizpha just trying to stir up trouble because she's a Warlord and it's what she does?

      -Mizpha goes on, saying that they, the People of the Land, are the ones who truly make sacrifices. We return to the village to see the knights continuously respawning, but it looks like it's starting to take it's toll on them. Nearby, Roe2 admits that she doesn't understand the society they're developing, calling it quite inefficient. Suddenly, in the lull of battle, we see some of the Nightshade Servants attacking the shrine. This causes an immediate reaction from the Odyssey Knights, who rush to protect the shrine. Of course, because they're addicted, they're going to protect the source of that addiction. That being said, protecting the shrine that allows for an instant revival makes since, especially if it's portable. Of course, that means they turn their backs to the wyverns, who take objection to being ignored.

      -Roe2 continues her comment, telling the kids to remember that the world they don't see is bigger than the world they do see. Their realm of understanding is incredibly small and inconsequential, so the fact that she can't wrap her head around any of this isn't surprising. Toya, however, doesn't like to think that hard about the philosophical stuff like that. He just understands fighting and protecting the rear, so he goes off to battle. Serara calls back to him, saying that he needs a healer and chases after him, sending her familiar to help, but Wolfy sees that there are some People of the Land trapped in the battle. So she's going to go help them instead of providing backup for Toya. Well, I can't be too harsh on her for wanting to help them out, but still, Toya, who's main job is to draw damage, is going to go out there without a healer.

      -And we see Toya going out there, attacking the Nightshade Servants, without a healer. I'm sure it'll work so much better than last time. Roe2 pushes Minori to join the fight, but the Shrine Maiden decides that she's had enough of this charade. She asks just who in the hell is Roe2? Where did she come from? Where is she going? Look, I know you need to ask these questions at some point, but wouldn't it be better to wait until the battle has ended before asking these questions that are going to have very long answers? Roe2 just gives a half-laugh in response. Well, at least it was short.

      -Our eyecatch for this episode is the Log Horizon Rock your EXP group, with Roe2, with a Nightshade Servant appearing in a red circle behind them, which is then crossed out. Oh, I know what they're reference here... I think. It's something about ghosts that are being busted in New York. I think it was called... Ghosts of New York.

      -When we return, Roe2 is laughing because that's the second time Minori asked those specific questions of her. Minori, however, is going to stand her ground here. She will demand answers or she will beat it out of her, even if the Summoner is double her level. I'm sure Minori would end up winning that fight, though.

      -Meanwhile, away from the battle, Isuzu and Rudy are making their way through the city but are attacked by Nightshade Servants, who they dispatch with ease. After an unusual cut that seems out of place, we see the two in a nearby building, wondering what those creatures were that attacked them. What's worse is that she didn't see any yin dispersal when they were beaten. Rudy asks if she's okay, making sure she's not wearing herself out, wink. We also get this status screen, showing off some of the buffs he has on. Isuzu replies that she's fine and is ready for more. You get to kill ghosts and wyverns! What fun!

      -Back on the front, we see Serara healing up a Person of the Land. Wolfy calls out to another Person of the Land on the ground. It's okay, dear. She'll be there in a minute after taking care of this guy. Dogs can be so impatient sometimes. Nearby we see the Odyssey Knights group up as Shunichi, their leader, orders them to fall back to the city limits. Toya turns to look at them after finishing off a Nightshade Servant, which is why the knights are pulling back. But they aren't running, no. They're going to murder every single one of the servants. And when they've been dealt with, they'll go back to murdering the wyverns. The plan is to have them follow one of the knights into the structures where they can't move, then strike. Leave none alive! And while you're at it, go get yourselves killed! Hooray for murder!

      -Toya, listening to this "uplifting" speech, gives one of his own and punches Shunichi. This action draws the attention of the rest of the party, including Isuzu and Rudy, who still have their party chat going. When we return to Toya, he's punching Shunichi in the back. I imagine, if he was taller, he'd try punching the knight in his face, but he'll make do with what he can. When Shunichi finally acknowledges him, Toya demands to know what his problem is. Instead, he gets the typical "stay out of this, boy" response. Toya calls them out on supposedly having the job of protecting the People of the Land, but he take issue with them destroying the city in the process. People live in those buildings and they aren't cheap to replace.

      -Shunichi does not give a damn about that. Toya is confused, saying that there was to be another way to kill the wyverns without destroying the city in the process. If they want to get themselves killed, fine, go nuts, but don't destroy the lives of other people in the process. You know, I don't think you should encourage them to go repeatedly kill themselves. What happens if they lose all of their memory of their real world selves? What would be next?

      -Despite being told this, Shunichi tells Toya he couldn't possibly understand. And instead of trying to make him understand, he just walks off. But Toya isn't going to have any of this and gets in the knight's way. Shunichi goes into murderous rage mode, but Toya stands his ground. He's a braver kid than me. This piques Shunichi's curiosity, promising him to ask the Samurai why he's worried about them anyway? After all, Adventurers can't really die here. They couldn't even commit suicide, if they wanted to. Toya tries to argue his case but Shunichi won't let him get a word in. He, and the rest of the knights, want to get out of here. They are going to get back home. And this turned rather tragic all of a sudden, didn't it?

      -The reason why Shunichi and the rest of the knights go off to die in battle is because they get to see their families when they respawn. They get to see the world they left behind every single time, even if it's just for a moment. For them, it's proof that the two worlds are connected in some way. Proof, he says! So he'll die and keep dying, as many times as it takes! Nobody is going to stop him from going back to their world. Toya argues that this isn't the way, but the hits keep coming. Shunichi says that he was supposed to get married this summer. And he was going to give up this game for good. And he was serious, because they went apartment shopping and everything! Which is why he's fighting to get out of the game. He wants to return to her, to pack up and getting a new place with his wife. Though she does keep putting on the pressure overtime they meet. He promises to her that he'll make it happen, but apparently, she can't handle it anymore, so dammit, he's going to get her out!

      -Shunichi then hits Toya with an armored piercing question of his own. Doesn't he have someone back home? Don't even try to deny it! Toya won't, but says that there are people in his life here, in the game, who are important to him. No matter what he and the rest of the Odyssey Knights think. This world is real, and not just to him, but to everybody here, including the People of the Land. Sadly, this doesn't have the effect Toya wants, as Shunichi responds by attacking Toya with his weapon. Then, in a rather impressive move, while Toya is in the air, lands a second hit that sends him to the ground. He tells the young Samurai that he doesn't know anything, and as Toya hangs on the edge, Shunichi tells him that this place has nothing, not even death! They are not in some fantasy land! They're not even hell! Do you not get it, boy? I think smacking him around like that won't help your case, either, but that's just me.

      -Though, of course, everything Shunichi says is being transmitted on the party chat, so Rudy, a Person of the Land turned Adventurer, is listening in. This leads me to a question that I'll ask later. Anyway, Shunichi picks up Toya, but only to continue his rant, saying that the only thing that is keeping them here are vermin like Toya clinging to life. Yeah, how dare these people want to actually life instead of dying constantly in the hopes that one of those deaths is actually going to send them home. Clearly, those people are insane.

      -Shunichi throws Toya to the ground, continuing his rant about wanting to escape, but getting tossed around like a rag doll doesn't affect Toya's resolve. He tells the knight that there's more to it than that, and he's got to be able to see that. Minori and Roe2, meanwhile, have just been watching on, not doing much of anything, as Toya continues to plead his case to Shunichi, that he needs to be able to see what's right in front of him. We then get an unusual sound effect, which makes me think it's part of a flashback. The captions indicate that it's a car screeching and crashing. Looks like we're getting some more backstory here.

      -In this flashback, it's in a blur and in black and white, with a man leaning down, asking if he, likely Toya, is okay? Uh, if somebody was hit by a car, chances are they are not okay. Luckily, a person nearby knows this, gets on the phone and calls for help. Of course, it's Toya who was hit. The scene fades to a light in the ceiling as a girl, Minori, calls out to him. He's seen, lying in bed, as the doctor is explaining the situation to the parents... in front of the kids. You'd think he'd take the parents aside, but I suspect this doctor has terrible bedside manners.

      -We then cut to Toya in the wheelchair as the doctor is explaining the extent of the damage. From the picture, I'm suspecting damage to Toya's spine, leading to possible permanent paralysis in his lower body. Which is devastating for Toya because, as we see in his room, he's a major soccer fan. While lying in his bed, present day Toya tells Shunichi that lives is what you make of it. One can be alive, but dead inside, even back in their old world. We can see that Toya has taken all of this rather poorly, with his soccer cleats in the garbage, alone with I believe origami cranes and I suspect get well cards. We then cut to him on the soccer field with Minori, watching other people play, as he continues to talk to Shunichi. He tells the knight that, sure, you can walk around and live your life, but it's meaningless if you don't care anymore. And dammit, they know it's true!

      -However, I suspect Shunichi is too far gone as he just laughs in response to Toya's heartfelt speech. He tells the young Samurai that if he has a problem with the knight, then take it up with the system operator. You'd think he was mocking Toya, but no, really, he wants Toya to contact the system operator so that he can be booted from the server and be free. At this point, it seems like Shunichi doesn't care how he gets out, he just wants out, period.

      -In the village, Isuzu tells Rudy that he understands how Shunichi feels. She understands that he wants to go home, but still, she has problems with how they're going about it. Rudy, however, understands what Shunichi meant. Isuzu nods to the Sorcerer, but tells him that the knight isn't right. She recalls all those times she played for the People of the Land, saying that they're all real.

      -Near the front, Roe2 and Minori stand in silence, but the Shrine Maiden is thinking to herself. She comments that Toya is always smiling, even though he was stuck in that wheelchair. Maybe it was because he understood that the world around him changed, and there was nothing he could do about it anymore. To him, Minori suspects, the world got so big and unfair. And there wasn't any hope to fight against it. But he kept going, and doing what he could with what he had. He accepted his fate. This is with flashbacks to their past lives, as well as in the present. And now he's doing the same thing. We then see Toya fighting Shunichi, but it's a horrible mismatch as the young Samurai is kicked into a nearby guard rail.

      -Roe2, a bit confused, comments that Toya is protesting fate. Serara herself is casting Heartbeat healing on all the People of the Land after she dresses their wounds. Isuzu and Rudy are busy defending the villagers as their making their way here, to shelter. We see more of the battle, including a wyvern crashing into a nearby building, causing it to collapse. Roe2 states that, though as hard as they're fighting, it's not enough. She says that, considering everything that's going on, Minori already knows the answer. I mean, she could stand here and ask the Shrine Maiden the same questions, couldn't she? Where did she come from? Where is she going? Yeah, not fun when somebody throws those questions back at you, isn't it?

      -After a cut to commercial, we return to Isuzu and Rudy. The Bards tells her little puppy dog that there's something that's been on her mind ever since yesterday. As she tunes her lute, she's been thinking and thinking, but she didn't really figure it all out until just now. She had to fight her own insecurities, and she just couldn't find her inspiration. Rudy is confused, but Isuzu continues, saying that she really did have it good before. She had a great dad, who loved and cared for her, and her life was full of music, which is shown in a room that was filled with instruments. Really, I think Isuzu's dad was really smart with his money to have a room like that. Anyway, Isuzu says that, when she was sad or upset, there were so many different types of songs she could listen to. Music always help her through, no matter what. Which explains why she went with the Bard class.

      -But all the fighting and damage to the city? It's terrible. Or she's talking about the lack of a proper song selection for the People of the Land. She says that forty two songs aren't enough, calling it awful that they can't sing whenever they're sad or whenever they're happy. Which is why she's going to rock this battle and get all the experience points! We see them running along the streets, because they're going to pick a fight. Not with the wyverns or the Nightshade Servants, or even the Odyssey Knights. Nope, they're going to pick a fight with the gods who only created forty two songs for this world. And she isn't going to stop until they start signing along. Geez, and I thought I was making a joke about the name of the world tour, too. She really is going to rock their EXP.

      -Meanwhile, at the front, Minori comments on how there's something different about Roe2. But she isn't sure if she wants to know what it is. Though she tells her self that shouldn't change anything. No matter who this vampire is, she is here with her, and she is a dear friend. And in the end, that's all she can ask. Because, in the end, who is Minori, really? Where is she going? Roe2 makes her ask, and she says out loud, what does she want to be? Suddenly, music starts playing. Sounds like an epic fight is about to begin with the background music is kicking in.

      -Unless that background music is actually Isuzu, though, and she's singing her heart out as she and Rudy engage the Nightshade Servants. Sounds like it's the first season ending song. And here I was thinking she'd actually try to pull off the main theme. Still, this gets Minori to comment that this is Isuzu's dream. It's what she does. And she has a dream, too. She wants to be like Shiroe, to make a difference. Or to be another super villain in training. Either one works.

      -Minori takes a breath and gives herself a good slap before declaring herself as the apprentice of Shiroe, Leader of Log Horizon, Chancellor of the Round Table Conference, and all around Evil Mastermind. That's actually a job description the RTC forced on him. As for Roe2, she's the big sister, obviously. She came from nowhere and she'll be going back there, but for right now, you're with them, and she is their friend. After an awkward moment, Roe2 laughs, but it's a genuine, heartfelt laugh. She's flabbergasted that Minori found her answer in the middle of battle. Minori says as much. When Roe2 asks even if their in a situation that the can't change anything, Minori responds that they can always make a different if they're willing to try. After all, Shiroe changed the rules of the game when he made Rudy an Adventurer, way not her?

      -Roe2 accepts this, then asks if maybe Minori should be helping out her little brother. Nah, Toya will be fine. That's great, but he's not hearing a word she's saying. Well, there is the party chat, but the Shrine Maiden says she has other things to do. Roe2 smiles, then tells Minori that, if she wants to, she'll be happy to help her. And now, it's time to join the fray. With that, Roe2 summons a giant flaming horse, because if you're going to ride into battle, you need to do it in style. On top her mount, Roe2 tells Minori that being a traveler does come with certain responsibilities. She tells the young girl that if'd be a shame if she said no to her right now, especially after she asked so nicely. She offers a ride to Minori, saying that she will be there to help her little sister when she needs her. Hooray for friendship!

      -Meanwhile, the Odyssey Knights are busy fighting the Nightshade Servants in the village as Roe2 rides into battle. She say that the stability of the converging factors directly correlates with the increasing scale of the battle. However, this leads to rank determinism. Small fragments are unnecessarily lost during the course of the event. Not that there's anything wrong with that, everybody wants to be happy, it's normal. But she tells Minori to think about it. All those desires are leading everyone to immense sorrows! Is Minori lost? Yup. I'm in the same boat, too. What are you talking about, lady? Well, Roe2 is doing the best she can. It's their language and she's still trying to learn it, after all. Though Roe2 says that their language is the only thing keeping her from expressing her conclusions properly. Moonspeak does not translate well into the Terran languages.

      -Roe2 asks Minori if they can really endure this unreasonable solitude while living like they're stuck in the stone age? For her, it's too much to bear. But their compassion, which is what she calls empathium, it makes them care for people, right? Minori is still confused because Roe2 is going off on her own little tangent. Really, those Moon people have a weird way of expressing their thoughts.

      -Meanwhile, we get a brief shot of Nyan-ta disembarking his griffin and fighting the thousands of Nightshade Servants in the forest. It's going to be a massacre for those ghosts. Londark reports this to Mizpha, who demands to know who is attacking her forces now? It's a foe that Londark is very familiar with, and suddenly, he's got a sense of deja vu. It means there's a glitch in the system and you should really get that looked at. Cue credits!

      -In our next episode preview, Akatsuki states that Landmark stands in defiance. The feelings he has for this world have grown warped and twisted. He wonders why everyone was brought to this world and why no one was given a choice. Nyan-ta has no answers. Toya, Isuzu, and the other junior members continue their struggle as they seek to find their own answers. All this and more in our next episode, Birthday Song. Shiroe's comrades are always beside him, and they ain't afraid of no ghosts!

      So, the question I had before, and it's about Rudy. It's pretty obvious he knows that the Adventurers are not of this world, but how much does he really know? Is he read in, knowing that they come from another Earth, or did they tell him enough to not blow his mind anymore than it already has? It'd be interesting to see what direction they went with him.

      As for the episode proper, with all the talking, you'd think this would be nothing but filler. It isn't. It's an episode that takes three characters and has them do a little soul searching. Toya, who tries to express his own concerns with Shunichi, and about the life he had and lost. Minori, trying to find a purpose with her own life. And Isuzu, coming to terms with the life she had and the life she has now. All three, who were conflicted for a long time, have found answers to some of the questions they seek, and for now, it is enough to push forward.

      With Toya, we at least get an answer to his condition. He was in an accident that left him in a wheelchair, and it seemed pretty bad. This is why he knows when somebody is giving a fake smile, for he has experience with it, both giving one and seeing one. He's also an interesting counterpoint to Shunichi. Though this is actually a perfect time to discuss this.

      It was mentioned at one point but never touched upon is that some people weren't happy with being stuck in the game. With Shunichi and the Odyssey Knights, we know that there are people who consider being trapped in the game a nightmare for one reason or another. Perhaps they have loved ones waiting for them, or perhaps there were just causal players and would never dream of wanting to be in the game. Or maybe this is another form of hell for them. In either case, they won't be happy until they're free by any means necessary. They do not care about politics or the system rules or anything like that. They're only concern is the freedom to escape the game and to never look back.

      But Toya isn't like that. If anything, he'd probably want to stay in the game because it gives back to him what was lost in the real world. The chance to run, the chance to play, the chance to smile once more. For him, if anything, this is a dream come true! And while I imagine he'd miss his parents, he probably wouldn't mind too much about being stuck in the game.

      As for Minori and Isuzu, they were basically stuck trying to find their own path. This came up with Minori last season, when she took on the Apprentice subclass, but it's more prominent here. Though it isn't as prominent as with isuzu, who was happy with playing music, but it wasn't really a driving force for her. But hearing Shunichi's rant, as well as all those concerts, gave her a different mindset, and thus, screw forty two songs, let's go see about doubling that! After they deal with the wyvern issue, that is.

      As for the battle itself, it's become increasingly clear that whatever Minami is up to, it isn't any good. Kazuhiko is basically the Token Good Teammate at this point who's probably only there for one specific reason and, once it's gone, he'd bail on them. But this leads me to a question. It's pretty obvious now that Shiroe knew about the train and he sent Nyan-ta to investigate and scout, but how did he know? It's obviously not something he would have predicted, and it seems like getting spies in Minami would be hard, so could it be that the Evil Ominous Council of Evil has a leak? My first thought would be Kazuhiko, but I suspect it isn't him. I'm betting it's KR who's the leak. But we'll see if that comes up later.

      It looks like the battle is heating up as Nyan-ta joins the fray. Will he be able to derail the train? Will the kids be able to successfully complete their battle? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, if there's something strange in your neighborhood, make sure to call on the Odyssey Knights! They'll bust some ghosts real good.

    • Time to form the Megazord

      4 days ago


      Yup.  It's the moment you've all been waiting for.  If you saw in the last journal, you know that it's time!

      Let's form up!


      One more shot of the team as they begin the sequence.  And now you have the theme son stuck in your head.


      First up, the Sabertooth Tiger Zord.  Pretty simple, really.


      Lay it down.



      For the Triceratops Zord, just fold up the tail, then compress the legs and treads.


      And then you combine them into the legs of the T-Rex Zord.  There's a peg that appears from the legs that plugs into the rear of the leg zords.  It's a solid connection.


      Now the Mastodon zord.


      This is where the guns get plugged in.


      And then you attach the arms and mastodon head.  There are two locks on the sides of the T-Rex Zord for the arms and the head plugs into a port you fold out.


      And now the finishing touch.  Behold, the tank mode of the Megazord.


      Let's get up close and see how it looks.  The Pterodactyl Zord plugs into some pegs on the Mastodon Zord's legs.


      An extended shot of the cannons.


      And the legs.  Like I said, there are no wheels, so don't try to roll this.


      And there's the head.  It's a pretty solid connection, actually.

      Now, for a quick size comparison...


      Here is the tank mode with Combiner Wars Off-Road.  This is a pretty big Tank.

      Now for the star of the show.  Initiate the Megazord!


      One thing i should comment is that a lot of the stuff you saw in the show?  You do that with this figure, too.


      The cannons will have a place and will show up later.


      Would you be surprised at how stable the zord is in this pose?


      Because we needed a proper shot.


      And here comes the chest piece.


      Clearly I had too much time on my hands.


      Not quite done yet.


      Like in the show, the T-Rex head goes into the chest.


      It's starting to come together.


      But we have one thing left to do.


      There we go.


      Megazord initiated!  Well, that was fun, wasn't it?


      So here we have the Megazord in all it's glory, and one thing I will note in comparison to the Voltron set is that the Megazord is considerably lighter than Voltron.  Probably because there isn't a s much diecast here than with the lions.


      Getting up close, you can see how it all looks here.  As I mentioned before, the paint application is just amazing on this figure, and the use of the chrome for the chest piece is pretty brilliant, actually.


      Now, I mentioned before this set is similar to the legacy set that came out a couple of years ago, but there is one distinct difference, aside from the paintwork.


      Bendable elbows and articulate fingers!  The fingers are individually articulated, but still, it's a nice bit to have.

      Sadly, you're not going to have a lot of posing options.  There is a waist swivel, but it's limited by two particular factors. 

      First, the chest piece extends far enough to block some of the movement.  You can get a little but it will loosen up the lock for the chest piece.


      Next, the tail.  It locks into the back, so if you need to twist at the waist, you need to unpeg the tail.  But while we're here, you can see how it cleans up.  Not as well as Voltron, but still, a pretty good job.

      Now, unlike Voltron, which had tons of accessories, the Megazord only has one.  Like the sword!


      Yup, that's a very tight grip.


      And it will strike down the Power Ranger's enemies.


      There's a little paint on the blade, but otherwise, it's all chrome.  Very shiny chrome, too.  You could see me in there, partially.


      And, of course, the Mastodon shield.  It's not locked in as well as the sword, sadly.  Though I don't think I recall the Megazord ever using the shield in the show.

      Now, the figure is about ten inches tall.  Pretty tall, but if you collect combiners like I do, you'll see that it isn't as tall as you think.


      For a comparison, here is the Megazord with Combiner Wars Liokaiser.

      But then again, the Soul of Chogokin doesn't have to be a slave to scale like the Transformers are.

      As I mentioned, while I was a little late for hte show, the Megazord here is a nice addition to the collection.  It's pretty expensive, the same as the Voltron set, but if you're a fan of the show, especially the first season, you'll like this set.

      Next week, I absolutely promise to go back to the Transformers reviews.  I have a few I need to do, anyway.  And it will happen.  Until then.

    • We need the Dinozords, now!

      6 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to a very special journal review.  I know I keep promising to do another Titan's Return line, but I've been busy (as well as lazy) so I haven't had the chance.  I have all I need, it's just that I keep getting distracted.

      Like with what I'll be looking at today.  While it doesn't quite have the nostalgic feel a certain other review I did had, I was still young enough to enjoy the show when it first aired.

      But recently, the show had it's own Masterpiece style offering, and i ended up getting it because, honestly, I thought it looked cool.  And now I get to share that with you.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Soul of Chogokin GX-72 Might Morphin Power Rangers Megazord!


      Now you have that theme stuck in your head.  Yay!  Anyway, here we have the box, showing off the Megazord in all it's glory.  Unlike the Voltron box which had an insert for the US crowd, there is no such thing here.  Which means they probably wouldn't have to change much for a proper US release.

      And like the Voltron review, I'll be splitting it into two entries, just because I know what you're here for and want you to come again.  No, I'm not needy and stop accusing me of that.


      Anyway, here we have the back of the box, showing off everything that comes in this set, including the accessories.  There's technically only one additional accessory, compared to Voltron which had at least three for each lion, then another four for the combined form.

      Anyway, enough talking.  Let's get these guys out and see how they really are.


      So here we have the five dinozords, all out of it's packaging.  This is a bit of a hefty set as they contain some diecast in them.  Also, this may look like the legacy set that came out a few years ago.  I don't have that set but I can tell you that there are massive differences between the two.  The big one is the paint.  There are no stickers here.  All of the detail involved in each individual zord is paint.  Also, there's more articulation, but we'll get there for each individual figure.

      For now, let's take a look at each individual zord, starting with the star of the show.


      First, we have the Tyrannosaurs Zord, the Red Ranger's zord.   A very impressive and vibrant zord, it's only issue is with it's mobility, related to where it's tail is located.


      Getting up close to the headsculpt, it's also limited in movement.  It can really only go up and down but not side to side.  Which was kind of the case in the show, so it matches.


      And like in the show, the T-Rex zords has guns in it's mouth to deliver the finishing blow on the monster of the week.


      Moving further down to the arms, they have more range than you think, getting to go out somewhat and have opening claws that can be done in such a way that they can hold on to something, assuming it's thin enough.


      Going further down, here's what I mean by the limited moveability.  As is, the T-Rex zord can't move the legs too much, but can bend the knees and move the feet around to provide something that appears like movement.  If you were drunk.


      Lastly, for hte tail, this is a fully poseable tail.  Granted, you can really go side to side, but there are individual joints in the tail for up and down movement.


      And as you can see from the other image, the tail does not weight down the T-Rex zord.  It can stand on it's own without help.


      One quick thing to note is that there is storage for the cannons from the tank mode, which can fit in the T-Rex zord's chest.  There's another option for it but we'll get to that later.



      Is the Pterodactyl zord, belonging to the Pink Ranger.  And I really, really wish this set included a flight stand.  Otherwise, I need to cheat.

      Anyway, you can see some good detail here, and you can see that the chest plate has quite a bit of chrome on it.  And it's very reflective chrome, as well.


      Laying down, you can see how it'll all transform.  Now, unfortunately, the Pterodactyl zord can't really stand on it's own, needing some support.  But the cannons do have another purpose here.


      They can act like feet.  Hooray, the ability to stand!

      Moving along...


      We have the Mastodon zord, which is where the bulk of the weight is going to be.  And probably the most impressive of all the zords with it's detail.


      Unfortunately, the Mastodon zord suffers from the lack of moveable parts outside of the face.  The feet are kind of locked in.


      Now, one difference between the legacy set and this is an actual cover!  no gaping hole in the back!  Yay!


      And here's a close up of the Mastodon, ready to attack with it's ice breath of doomy death!


      Next up is the Triceratops zord.  It has a little more poseability than the Mastodon, but it's still a brick.


      Now, while it appears the Triceratops could roll, it doesn't.  Those treads are just for show, so don't try to roll it, okay?


      And here's a shot from the rear, showing how well the zord cleans up.  And yes, that tail can move.


      And yes, it is a gun.  Due to it's nature of being a leg, the Triceratops head can move up and down, as well as open it's mouth to eat the plant stuff on the monsters.

      Speaking of the head, there's one more thing available for this zord.


      The horns are on chains.  But it's loose so don't pull too hard.

      Now for the other leg.


      Here we have the Sabertooth Tiger zord, which has more poseability than anything that isn't the T-Rex Zord.


      Like the Triceratops zord, there are wheels, but like that zord, they don't move, so don't try to roll it.


      Here's a shot of the rear of the zord.  It cleans up well, and that tail does extend and shrink as needed.


      Though it doesn't really get any good shots unless you're treating this zord as an AA gun.  And like the others, the mouth can open and shut.

      So the individual zords are kind of meh, to be honest, but we all know why we're here.  Well, you're all just going to have to wait a bit longer to see the real star of the show.  And you might like what you see.

      Come back tomorrow as we do part two of the Soul of Chogokin Megazord.  Until then.

    • Well, that ended up being unexpected

      1 week ago


      First, I have some new images if you care for that bit.  Now for the journal proper.

      Crunchyroll has an article about the last two volumes of Hayate the Combat Butler, which reveals some interesting revelations.

      Apparently, volume 51 contains secrets related to each character.  One in particular would have shown why it would have been the last arc, if we ever got it.

      Apparently, Maria is Hayate's sister.  And suddenly all of those moments they had together gets very uncomfortable.

    • Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 18

      1 week ago


      Hello, everybody, and welcome to our next exciting episode of Log Horizon, where merchants stuck on the road will try to find a way to shrill their merchandise on wandering players.

      In our last episode, the Log Horizon Rock Your EXP continued after the kids picked up a new player, Roe2, who is on her own personal quest to cure her vampire status. She may also hail from the moon but we'll just assume that she went insane from being in the sun for too long. Along the way, the kids find that their whistle to summon horses were damage, but as Roe2 happens to be a Summoner, she's able to gather up some horses for them. These are devil horses so of course they're non-union.

      After some more traveling, they run into a group of merchants stuck on the road, as well as running into a disguised Nureha, who Toya becomes smitten with. When word of this reaches Shiroe, he's going to have a nice, long chat about falling in love with the enemy.

      Speaking of Shiroe, he and the rest of the RTC learn very quickly that running a government is hard, especially in a system where one cannot respec their stats and classes easily enough, leading into a massive class divide between the players that may end in revolution. Shiroe wishes that Krusty was around, but since he's stuck in God knows where, they'll have to make due. Though it appears that Shiroe is doing things behind the scenes, once again, as he has Akatsuki and Nyan-ta scouting, possibly to act as an early warning signal for the coming invasion.

      Oh, and going back to the kids briefly, they run into an interesting scene. A group of seemingly lifeless players walk by, carrying with them a shrine that offers instant resurrection, but at the cost of their minds. It's a disturbing thing to witness for the kids, but they do nothing because that was the right idea. Still, could this be the prelude to the invasion? And will the RTC manage to fix their growing problems? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins in a forest as Loreile is looking for Nureha, but all the yelling in the forest does is just stir up the animals. He contacts Londark, showing where he went after Silver Sword's hostile takeover of Susukino, who's back in the train. Londark tells the searching knight that they are aware of how impulsive she can be. Loreile asks if Mizpha will even try to look for her, but turns out, the General has a message for the knight. They are currently in the process of carrying out operation: Red Night. Sounds like something you'd do at a vampire night club.

      -The message continues, with it saying that if Nureha wants to go off on one of her excursions, it is not their place to question her. Loreile doesn't appreciate the sarcasm from Londark as the knight reminds him that Nureha presides over Plant Hwayden as their commander in-chief. Clearly, he's not happy about her disappearing like that and punches a nearby tree. That's what you get for not telling Loreile where Nureha is. Still, he wishes that the Enchanter let him come with her, as his duty as an escort if she wanted to find her way back home. He goes further into the forest before deciding to go west, because everybody is trying to go west in this arc, so why not?

      -One thing to comment is that it appears that Plant Hwayden isn't as unified as I first thought. There's clearly some factions here, with those that are on Intix's side and those that support Nureha. Sadly, since Nureha is under Intix's thumb, they have no choice but to follow the clearly insane and quite evil lady. While Nureha may have signed off on it, I suspect she doesn't want to do an invasion of Akihabara because it doesn't fulfill her goals, which is to seduce Shiroe to her side. And you know if Nureha somehow succeeded, Intix would find herself out of power rather fast.

      -After our opening, we return to the Log Horizon Rock your EXP tour. The kids are having some fun until they run into the Odyssey Knights from the last episode. They wonder what they're up to as Dariella, the disguised Nrueha, says that, around here, it's not all that unusual to see the Odyssey Knights. Serara thinks that it's kind of strange, but according to Dariella, the People of the Land think of them as a group of heroes, especially when you consider all the time they spend risking their lives to save towns and villages. While Serara doesn't disagree with that, she still thinks they look a little scary, as if they're looking for a fight. That said, they're also kind of cool. Not Nyan-ta cool, but still pretty cool. It's probably the masks their wearing that gives them that mysterious, cool vibe to them.

      -Isuzu seems to have issues with calling the Odyssey Knights cool, but at the same time she thinks they look like dependable fighters. Toya himself doesn't like any of this, that something about them rubs him the wrong way. Minori agrees but can't figure out exactly what's wrong with them. Probably because they have the look of empty shells, but that's just me.

      -Tonight's episode is titled After the Show. It would be funny if there was an after credits scene after this episode. Sometime later, the kids make camp and have a meal. Serara asks for their opinion and they all approve of it. Rudy then adds that the scenery helps add to the flavor of the food, making the whole experience that much better. Dariella comments on how close they all are, but has a question she wishes to ask. What is it that leads them to the Redstone Mountains? Why, to hunt wyverns, of course! now say that in an Elmer Fudd voice, because that's what I get every time I hear one of the kids say that.

      -Toya explains that magic bags are made from the hides of wyverns, hence the need to hunt them down. Dariella calls it exciting, though I'm trying to decide if she's being genuine or keeping up with her act. Isuzu comments that they should be getting close to Saphir Village, with Dariella confirming that they're not too far from it. This leads her to ask if Dariella has been there before. Well, it is on her wya bakc home, so she's gone through it. Isuzu is excited, looking to hold a concert when they get there. Dariella seems interested in that while Roe2 asks what a concert is. I guess they don't have concerts on the moon, what with the lack of air and all.

      -Though nobody really hops on that, so Minori explains that Isuzu is a Bard, or also known as a Wandering Minstrel, but our musical genius here is humble, claiming to not be all that good yet. They explain to the two that, in any village they stop that, Isuzu puts on a show and sings a few songs. This at least gets them free lodging, which allows them to save a great deal on their traveling costs. Still, Isuzu gets into it, and we get a metal guitar riff as our "humble" Isuzu says that, back home she's called a rock star. Roe2 asks what a rock star is? Is it a rock shaped like a star, because they have a few of those on the moon.

      -Serara fields this question. Basically, Isuzu is like a pop idol and that she's really cool. Also, I think Tetora would take offense if they started calling Isuzu a Pop Idol star, because there's only room for one Pop Idol star in this galaxy. In any case, Minori and Isuzu call the definition very vague. At least try to compare her to some other rock star bands like, say, Aerosmith. Or Bon Jovi. But not to Slayer, okay? That's a different type of rock star.

      -Still, Roe2 is curious and would like to hear a song form Isuzu, if she's alright with that. Dariella would like to hear one, as well, causing the two to smile. Toya, of course, sees this and seems a bit more smitten with the traveling NPC with them. With that, it's been decided that Saphir Village is getting a concert, whether they like it or not. And they will feel the power of rock!

      -The next day, the band makes it to Saphir Village, located in the South Fuji Area. Monsters are present, with all skills and PvP permitted. There are no entry or exit restrictions. We catch Isuzu in mid concert, singing the end credits from season one, but this is done while the group explore the village. Though it's less village than it is a small town, but at that point we're arguing semantics. After some other random shots of the area, we cut to the concert proper. Toya appears to have expanded his drum set to actually include drum sticks, which is probably better for his hands. Serara is still part of the band, but as a fancier piano. Looks like her familiar, Wolfy, is helping out, though I'm not entirely certain what he is doing. Perhaps he's providing air for one of the instruments? Maybe he's playing his own instrument? As for Minori, she's still the backup singer/dancer. One thing I will comment on is the way the kids are dressed for this concert. The last time we saw them they had a more elegant look to them, acting more like a ballroom band. Here, they've got more of a rock look going for them. I guess Isuzu really wanted to fulfill that rock star dream after all.

      -We see Roe2 and Dariella enjoying the performance in the crowd as the rest of the crowd are going insane. Either that or they're on some fantastic drugs because some of them are very wide-eyed. It's a bit creepy, to be honest. Anyway, more shots of the band rocking out along with the crowd rocking out and manager Rudy enjoying the show, as well. The concert soon comes to an end, but it looks like they want an encore, so Isuzu is going to give it to them, as is the case with any proper rock star.

      -Sometime later, we see Isuzu leaving the building to get some air, joined by Rudy. She's stuffed, and from Rudy's comment, it appears that she was getting offered free food. Rudy suggests that she could say no to the free food, but she replies that it would have been rude, then adds that he's sweet since he gave her a drink. Still, she's never been any place where people just gave her free food like that. Rudy says that the concert was truly amazing tonight, but she thinks he's exaggerating. But he says it's untrue. He may exaggerate his own accomplishments, he would never do the same for a friend.

      -Suddenly, Isuzu breaks into song, humming the first season ending song. I think this is the actual English actress doing the humming this time. Rudy comments on her love for music knows no bounds, which Isuzu agrees with. Still, he's concerned with her second guessing herself in the way she performs. She should believe in herself more. Isuzu is confused by this statement. She responds that it's not like she's trying to be humble or anything like that. She doesn't recall if she actually said that (which I don't think she did), but she tells Rudy that her dad is actually a professional musician. And from the clips we saw of Isuzu in the real world, a rather successful one, too.

      -Rudy understands that this is where Isuzu's inherent love and penchant for all things music comes from. Again, Isuzu tells him not to blow it out of proportion, but she gets a bit starry eye when thinking of her father. To her, he's really good, the epitome of a rocker! She then begins to describe him. Long hair, like a proper rocker, and he's always got his leather jacket on, because any good rock star knows they need to keep the look at all times. And to Isuzu, he just looks so skinny! Probably from all the things he did on the road, and apparently, he had quite a number of stories he told Isuzu. Usually it involved wrecking a hotel room and getting yelled at by the staff for wrecking said hotel room. They were the best days.

      -And like any typical rock star, Isuzu's dad didn't have any money. At least, not early on, but back then it wasn't about the money, but about the music, man! he'd just cram all his instruments in an old beat-up minivan and hit the road! First stop, Tokyo, last stop, anywhere, and hit everywhere in between. Rudy remarks that it sounds a lot like them, which just gets Isuzu more fired up. Rudy thinks that Isuzu's father is a wonderful guy. And Isuzu is fangirling a bit, even though said rock star is her father. Though she does say he can be kind of nutty, but he's always been a hero to her. Again, like any rock star that has a family. Though could you imagine said rock star actually going to PTA meetings? They'd always be packed because of that.

      -And, as the story goes, Isuzu's dad and his band even managed to get a contract. Hopefully they were smart about it and hired a lawyer so they weren't getting screwed over and not being taken advantage of. Rudy, however, is confused by this. What's a contract for? Isuzu explains it in music terms. It's when a record label picks you up and... nope, you lost Rudy again. Remember, he is not a regular Adventurer, but a Person of the Land who was elevated to the status of Adventurer. So Isuzu breaks it down into simpler terms. He got famous. His band got promoted by the record label and they made sure his music got out everywhere. This is something Rudy can understand. You know somebody who has a famous dad! Isn't that awesome?

      -Though Isuzu does get somber a bit and explains that, back in the real world, there are a lot of people who can play like her dad. Record companies in Japan give a hundred bans the chance to make a debut like that, but they don't last. Out of that hundred, only a handful make it after they get pushed. Unfortunately, Isuzu's dad didn't make it. Sure, he was good, but people didn't buy his albums. Rudy asks if he gave up on music, but nope, he just loved it too much to just give up on it like that. So he picked himself back up and kept on working as a session player. Rudy, of course, is confused, and the term is a bit more difficult to explain, so she decides to call him a Pro's-Pro. Yeah, that isn't confusing at all.

      -Isuzu continues, saying that her dad plays sessions in studio, but with other people's bands. If that doesn't help, then a quick look at Wikipeida says that they're basically temp members of a band hired to help with producing songs in a session or a live performance. It probably explains how he's getting a steady income, but I also suspect that he was smart with his money, too. With all this talk about debuts, Rudy asks if this is Isuzu's own debut. Obviously not! Only record companies can decide that. Unless you go independent, but it's much harder to break it into the industry that way unless you're really good or get really popular.

      -Still, Rudy doesn't let up. Everyone's been enjoying what Isuzu has been playing, and to him, that's a pro. Isuzu, who knows more about the industry than him, explains that it takes more than that, but then apologizes for her outburst for that same reason. Now, don't get her wrong, Isuzu loves playing the lute and singing, it's just that she doesn't have the talent. Her words, not mine. She continues, stating that her dad told her that you need to get up kicking everyday to make it in this business, that a lot of musicians are talented. And that you need to put in the hours, until your fingers bleed, and that still won't be enough for some people. Of course, if your fingers bleed you'll have trouble on those strings.

      -Rudy doesn't really say anything, probably because he doesn't want to say anything wrong. Isuzu makes it clear to him that she's only doing this for fun. But she's glad that everybody loves the shows they're performing. Rudy chimes in saying that it's not just them that love them. He loves her songs, too. Well, Isuzu likes that compliment, but despite that, she believes she'll never play as well as her father. Rudy, however, provides support, telling the Bard that she's too hard on herself and tells her to watch the crowd. They absolutely adore her when she gets up and plays. Sure, he may be bias, but even with that bias he can tell the crowd love her. He likens her to the Forty Two Goddess. I imagine if Tetora heard that, she'd try to make herself out to be an even bigger Goddess.

      -Speaking of Goddess, Isuzu is confused by Rudy's constant mention of it. She tells him that, sometimes, she doesn't think they're talking about the same thing. Rudy is confused. Do you not know what forty two is? You know, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? It's an important part of their lore, though they don't know who this Douglas Adams fellow is or how he came up with it.

      -We don't follow up with that. Instead, we cut into Serara and Minori's room. Apparently they're in mid-conversation as Serara says that she went to the store the other day to get some boiled fish paste and they gave her boiled flour paste instead. Minori calls it crazy and thinks the app must be messed up or something. Yeah, this is why you need to write up those reviews on the Apple store. Wait, Serara is confused. What app? Why, the automatic translate app, of course! Oh, right, that thing that is only mentioned now. Serara loves that thing. How else would they talk to all the people from other countries. You know, thinking on it, I didn't question why Leonardo and Kanami understood each other. I just assumed that, since she moved to Europe, she knew how to speak English. But this makes more sense.

      -But what does that have to do with going to the store? Well, as it turns out, the People of the Land have their own separate language, so they've been using the app to talk with them since the beginning. In fact, Minori forget it was even there, because it's only now hta tit's been acting weird. As if there was a change in the programming. Serara asks what changed, but Minori suspects that it could be anything. All she knows is that this sort of thing has been happening more and more lately. Well, it could explain why Rudy has been going on these weird tangents about fish and the color purple.

      -When we return to Rudy, he's talking about seven colors up in the sky. Great, he's ranting about the colors again. Though it looks like he's doing some sort of word association thing with Isuzu, who mentions rainbow, which is exactly what Rudy was talking about. Though the comment here is that the People of the Land don't say rainbow. They say "seven colors in the sky." Okay, so what does "forty two" mean? Why, it means music, of course. Wait, where do you get forty two from? Well, to the People of the Land, there are only forty two compositions. Wow, that first apocalypse did a number to society, didn't it?

      -Rudy explains that their ancient ancestors had forty two songs bestowed upon them by the gods of this world. And they simply don't have the ability to make their own music. Isuzu understands what that means, but asks Rudy to make sure. Is that a leftover part of the game? He responds that it's just the only music they were given and no more. It's been that way all his life. He thought the whole thing was natural, and he never really questioned it. Isuzu can't believe what she's hearing. Truly, a society that is without the ability to make song is a society that needs help.

      -And this is why Rudy, and all the other People of the Land, love it when Isuzu plays her songs. Though he admits that they can't help it, because it's all new to them. Oh, Rudy, you really need to read people better. Also, with the way this scene has with it's lightning, it kind of makes Rudy look more sinister than he really is. But he continues, saying that if she looks in the crowd as she plays, you can see the joy in their eyes. Some of them are even crying when they listen to her songs. They were overcome with joy with every single note. And they never experienced that before. They wanted to get up and dance or just hold onto their loved ones and just drink themselves silly with the feeling she gave them. Rudy, I know you're trying to help, but the look I'm getting from Isuzu tells me that any confidence she had has now been shot. It's not your fault, but you are making things worse.

      -Long story short, Isuzu is a hero to the People of the Land. Rudy means it when he tells her that she is something special. All she can do in response is to look at Rudy and feel pity for him and the People of the Land. They have been denied a great joy, but they are the victim of circumstances. Poor guys.

      -Back in the hotel room, Serara asks Minori if she thinks Isuzu is going to be a professional musician? While she isn't certain, Minori does think that Isuzu likes it. To her, Isuzu is awesome because she's got a talent, something she's good at. It must be great to have something like that and share it with other people. Serara understands what she's talking about with Isuzu's abilities. Though she admits that she is jealous of how Isuzu can sing and play the lute like she does. She can't do anything like that. This leads to Minori asking if there was something Serara wanted to learn how to do. Like, something they would do if they end up going back to the real world? Minori doesn't mean just that, because if they can't get back, what does she really want to do? I recall Toya asking this same question of himself a couple of episodes ago, and I imagine more than a few players are asking that, as well.

      -Serara doesn't have an answer, though. She's just enjoying her life and doing all she can to impress Nyan-ta with her own abilities. Minori accepts that, but then Serara reverses the question on her. Perhaps the Shrine Maiden has put some good thought into it? She does. She has a dream she's shooting for. And while she doesn't say it out loud, she thinks it. She wants to be like Shiroe, but she asks what does that mean exactly? Well, if you take it at face value, it means that you want to be able to play sixty-four dimensional chess against an unknown opponent who has the ability to throw curveballs at you in any dimension it wants without penalty, forcing you to change up your strategy on the fly while making yourself out to be some sort of Supervillain mastermind that's a couple of steps away from taking over the world.

      -Thinking on this, Minori decides that they don't need another Shiroe, which I'm pretty sure gets a collective sigh from the rest of the world, but it's also a confidence issue because she doesn't think anybody can do what he does as well. But all this deep thinking make her brain hurt, to the point where smoke comes out of it. Serara, seeing the smoke, asks if Minori needs an aspirin? She doesn't want her brain to accidentally catch on fire now.

      -Back with the musical discussion, Rudy has something he wants Isuzu to think about. Did she notice all the young people coming to the city? Everyone of them was coming to Akihabara with a dream. There are blacksmiths and tailors and chefs and warriors among them, even musicians. Even if htey just spend a few months in Akihabara, they'll be able to pick up skills that they probably won't be able to learn anywhere else. They can become anything if they try. Isuzu asks if they can become like Rudy, an Adventurer. Well, yeah, but they would need to sign a contract to make that happen, and then there's the whole dying part and that's never really been comfortable.

      -But yeah, Rudy smiles on that, though he did have support from his friends back home. Isuzu recalls Valentine's Day and tracking down Rudy, who mentions that he still goes to see his friends sometimes. It's why he disappears every now and then. Akihabara isn't an easy place to live, especially if you're one of the People of the Land. Rudy is an exception, but he lucked out big time. Still, he hasn't forgotten his roots and tries to help out his fellow people when he can. Hearing this, Isuzu sheds several tears, but Rudy is still smiling as he recalls all the cool stuff that goes on there every day, like when the Crescent Moon Alliance opened up their first grill joint, and all the parades, festivals, and magic tricks being performed by the mages. As far as he's concern, Akihabara is great and he would wholly recommend it to other People of the Land. Recalling the fashion shoe, he remarks that, in that place, the impossible is now possible. So the music Isuzu started playing, it's a radiant miracle as far as he's concern. Yup, that's what Adventurers do everyday. They make miracles.

      -Isuzu is still shedding tears, thinking on how the People of the land have been planning about how they want their lives to be and who they want to be. And then she just walks int other lives with her own fancy music and it all goes out the door, just like that. This catches Rudy's attention as she goes on about how she started singing about life and love all the things she wants to do for herself, calling it embarrassing. Rudy apologizes for making her cry and tries to clear things up, but she stops him. Instead, could you perhaps give her a little space? He stands up to fulfill her request, but he's reluctant to leave her alone. Still, after a moment of hesitation, he leaves, leaving Isuzu to collect her own thoughts.

      -After being alone for a moment, Isuzu collects herself and looks up to the sky. She had no idea what she was doing or what effect she was having on the People of the Land. She was giving them something new, but she never realized what she was doing. Depending on how she takes this, it's very possible that this will be a nasty blow to her confidence and how she'll handle future concerts, if she does them. Curse you, Apocalypse!

      -Our eyecatch for this episode is of a sleeping Roe2, using the Fuzzy Goat Slime as a pillow. Well, that explains where she was all that time. When we return, it's the next day and Toya is walking the town. He comments that Choshi was on a river, too, and hopes that they aren't invaded by Murlocs again. He comments that he didn't understand why you would build by a river, but then he remembers that being near the water helps with farming and daily life. Especially if it's a river that doesn't dry out so easily. As he walks down the river he spots Dariella on a dock by herself. As he stares at her for a moment, a gaggle of gooses show up, causing her to turn back and spot him watching. Hopefully he didn't have some sort of weird look when he was watching.

      -Dariella greets Toya, who returns the greeting. She offers him a seat next to her, which he accepts. He asks if she's been out there all morning, which she confirms. She says she doesn't need that much sleep. Okay, I know that we, the audience, know who Dariella really is, but Toya doesn't. So, Toya, you know all that advice Naotsugu gave you about women? Don't listen to that, at all. Just be yourself and you should be fine... maybe.

      -So Toya begins the conversation by asking if she was form Minami. Dariella confirms that, but usually she's on the road. As a chronicler, she seeks out little adventures and write down what she sees along the way. However, when she's not out on the road, she has a little cottage in Ikoma. And suddenly the center of the universe seems to be at Ikoma. I wonder why that is? Dariella says that the village is very secluded, tucked away just outside of Kyoto. Still, things can get somewhat lonely on the mountainside. People aren't exactly clambering up there to keep her company. So, on occasion, she gets the urge to get out and visit the city. Well, given what we know, I'd say most of that is quite true, only she forgot to add "and get away from that abusive Intix."

      -Anyway, Toya remarks that it would be dangerous for Dariella to wander outside of the city, but she says she's used to it by now. Monsters aren't much of a problem anymore ever since Plant Hwayden took over the duties of providing security for the area. Toya recalls hearing that name but can't remember where he heard it from. He turns to stare at Dariella, either because he likes look at her or is trying to figure her out. Or maybe both.

      -Meanwhile, we see that Rudy is still practicing his spells, but as he looks up the hotel, he's still bothered by what happened the night before. In the hotel room we see Isuzu busy writing down what I assume to be lyrics, but given all the paper thrown around the room I think she's not having a good go at it. Looks like the talk with Rudy hasn't hampered her spirit as much as I thought. Yay, Isuzu!

      -Back with our budding couple, Dariella is talking about Minami and, thanks to the achievements in the administration, the city has become wealthy and beautiful. But she can tell that Toya doesn't care for such talk. His response is that he doesn't know much about it. He's more of the fighty type than the thinking type. Still, if he ever gets the chance to see Minami, then maybe he can come visit Dariella at her house. As she pats her head, she says that, if they have the time, they can go see the city together. Toya, however, is annoyed by this, because I suspect he doesn't like being treated like a kid by somebody he's pining for. Dariella notices this and asks what's wrong, but he just brushes it off. She knows he doesn't hate her, but Toya response that he isn't sure about her. So now I'm confused. It's clear from before that he may have developed a crush on Dariella, but was all this talk of Minami pushing him away?

      -But something that does bother Toya is how often Dariella smiles. She doesn't deny it, but what about it? Well, he tells her that she doesn't have to fake it. She's caught off guard and loses her smile, which Toya prefers. Not her not smiling, but her dropping her guard slightly. She gives in a little, but wonders why he would say something like that to her? Well, I think he's more insightful than he lets on, or he could be talking from personal experience. We know a little of his backstory but not a whole lot, so it's entirely possible that he knows when people are faking a smile because he's done the same himself.

      -And then we have a sudden cut to Shiroe doing paperwork in the Log Horizon guild hall. Akatsuki suddenly appears form the ceiling, causing him to cry in surprise. She calls him rude, but honestly, you popping in front of him like that is rude. Besides, how did she get in there anyway? Why, through the window, of course. Fine, fine, but she can use the door, you know. Just because you're playing the part of a ninja doesn't mean you actually have to be a ninja all the time. Anyway, what the reports? Akatuski has completed her reconnaissance without incident. And she gathered all the intelligence she could find. Excellent. What nefarious plot is King Micky plotting over there in the Magical Kingdom?

      -Anyway, terrible things are happening there that will require the RTC to investigate fully. On her way back, she did some spying on Miahma and wishes to give that report. Regarding that city and the Cowen Family. As Akatsuki spins in place, making me wonder how she's doing that, we learn that Lord Serjiad has taken a recent interest in seaweed salads and bean-filled pancakes. He also drinks a warm glass of milk before bed. Wait, what? How did she get that information? You didn't break into the castle, did you? Nah. Rayneshia told her, that's all. Never underestimate the girl power, Lord Shiroe. Shiroe slouches in his chair from that response as Akatsuki tells her lord not to doubt her friendships with other women. Shiroe doesn't recall ever doubting that, but Akatsuki continues, saying that she can be extremely feminine when needed. She even attended the girl's club! It's a very exclusive club, but they had to overrule every one of Henrietta's entry restrictions. It's pretty obvious why they had to do that, too.

      -In any case, Shiroe thinks it's nice that Akatsuki is breaking out of her shell and is happy she made more friends. She admits to enjoying it, but has more of the Maihama report to give. She then gives a bit of a history lesson of Lord Serjiad. He's the current head of the Cowen family, is sixty years old, was married, but his wife already passed. In his younger years, Lord Serjiad led the Royal Knights against monsters. She stops spinning to see that Shiroe is deep in thought. He's concerned about something. Nyan-ta isn't making his usual reports. This is very much out of character for that smooth cat. What's worse is that Shiroe can't use the link to reach him now. Akatsuki asks if this has been a problem before, but Shiroe responds that it hasn't. So either Nyan-ta is operating under radio silence or he's been captured by the enemy. Given who we're talking about, it's got to be the former. Though his concern is something else. If he can't reach Nyan-ta, how can Minori and the others reach him? Well, you did tell them not to use the telepathic link, or do you think that something else is going on here? And if so, is it related to the changes happening in the world? That would be a major loss to the Adventurers, losing their one major form of communication.

      -Back with our youngin's, Serara and Minori are trying to contact the group in Akihabara, but they're getting nothing in return. Minori is concerned, wondering how long the link has been down. She looks up to see some of the Odyssey Knights are in town, and thinks that they're related to the interference somehow. Well, I had another theory, but if it's related to the Odyssey Knights, then it's probably not that. I'll explain what it is later.

      -Anyway, Minori recalls Dariella's words from before, about how instant rebirth carries a price with it, that it supposedly upsets the voice of the mind in the Adventurers. Perhaps it isn't making the Adventurers go insane, but instead, is disrupting the telepathic link. Serara is confused as Minori goes into full Shiroe mode here. She suspects that the portal shrine may be causing the blackout. Serara suggests asking the knights about it. Sure, they may be spooky looking and have that kind of look that suggests they would drop you just for asking the time of day, but they can't be bad if they're protecting villages, right? Minori agrees, but they quickly lose their courage, wishing for either Nyan-ta or Shiroe to be there. Of course, they whispered to that to themselves, but the girls heard the other and get a laugh out of it. D'aw, young love. Minori comments that they were suppose to do this without the others helping them out, right? So they're going to be brave and walk up to those scary knights and ask them for the time of day.

      -Back the river, Dariella isn't certainly what she's done, but it hurts to think that Toya hates her. He claims that he didn't, but she presses on, asking what about her smiling that upsets him? Suddenly, the sky gets very dark, causing Toya to react rather poorly to what's coming along the horizon. Whatever it is, Dariella doesn't appear to be smiling, either.

      -Back in the village, Minori asks what Roe2 is going to do? Serara thinks that's a good question. She is going to go to Ikoma, after all, perhaps with Dariella. Meanwhile, Isuzu still hasn't come out of her room today, something about an artist and her need to work or something. As for Roe2, it seems like she'll split off from the group here, so they'll need to find a carpenter to get their summoning flute working again. Suddenly, Serara gasps and points to some dark clouds ahead. Neither she nor her familiar like it one bit. However, Minori doesn't think that's a cloud at all. Because suddenly, wyverns! Thousands of them! And they're coming right for the village!

      -Toya, able to recognize the swarm from afar, prepares to go into battle, but tells Dariella to take cover. But she asks how he's going to stay safe? Well, safe is the last thing on his mind, for there is a battle to be joined. Still, he wonders what is going on as we get a shot from the inside of hte wyvern swarm to show just how many there are. I think my comment of "thousands" was underestimated. The villagers see the approaching swarm but it hasn't quite processed in their heads that terrible things are approaching as Minori gets a level count. Looks like they range between level forty and fifty. Minori does not like their odds in this battle. Toya appears and tells the girls that they need to get out of the village as hey can't put all these people in the middle of a battle. And he won't take any no for an answer.

      -As the kids make their way in the village, on a nearby cliff, Nyan-ta watches on in a rare case where he has no smile. He sees the village from his location, as well as the approaching swarm. Looks like we get to see our smooth cat in action, the first since last season, and he'll be serving up wyverns for dinner. Cue credits!

      -In our next episode preview, Akatsuki states that hte Odyssey Knights stand before a flighty of wyverns attacking the village. They're not fighting to protect anyone; they're fighting to experience death over and over again. Toya, Minori, and Serara stand by and watch in horror, while Rudy and Isuzu engage the onslaught! This time, they will battle the gods! All this and more in our next episode, Red Night. Remember, Shiroe's comrades are always beside him, even with a telepathic link that may or may not be blocked.

      So we got more of a setup episode, as well as exploring the lore of Elder Tales a bit more. Now we know why the musical selection from the People of the Land are so limited. They only have the game's soundtrack to work with, which is such a surprise when Isuzu comes along with her band to rock out with brand new songs. By the by, if the lyrics she is working on somehow ends up being the main theme, I will laugh so hard at that.

      With regards to Toya and Dariella, I feel like we've missed a scene, because before Toya seemed smitten with her, but now, he seems distrustful of her. I suspect that it's all her fake smiles, something he knows plenty of, but I wonder if Toya isn't running on instinct a bit here. We don't get an answer there as the attacking wyverns put a stop to that. Still, I imagine when this gets reported, Shiroe is going to have a long talk with him about this.

      Other than that, there's not much else to add, so let's discuss something that appeared here in this episode. The blocking of the telepathic link. My first thought is that it was linked to Akihabara losing it's magic circle, but the comments in this episode now cast the suspicion of the portal shrine the Odyssey Knights carry. Now, here's the question. Was this a side effect of it's origional purpose, or something they were intending to do, but the instant revival was the side effect? Either way, it's a powerful and dangerous relic, and I suspect Shiroe is going to make it a primary target when the war truly begins.

      Though one thing is bothering me. Why did Shiroe send Akatsuki to spy on Maihama? Does he think there are spies from Minami there? I can understand sending Nyan-ta further south as a scout, but still, that's what bothers me. Is Shiroe unable to trust his allies there? I'm certain we'll get an explanation, so I'm hoping it's just looking for potential spies.

      With Isuzu, I suspect that having a semi-famous musician in the family made sure that not only was she trained in the ways of music, but that her father was going to make sure she wasn't going to be some teen pop idol, but an actual rock star. He wants nothing but hte best for his daughter, and I suspect that he has the funds to make it happen, too, if she's serious about it. And given her talk with Rudy, I think she is.

      Will Isuzu properly rock out the crowd? Will the village survive the attack form the wyverns? Will Toya discover the truth about Dariella? And when will Shiroe show us his master plan? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when providing a report for your master, always do it from the ceiling while spinning in a circle. They will always take you seriously if you do that.

    • How about a Voltron recap?

      1 week ago


      No, not my review of Voltron, which people adored, but I'm talking about Voltron: Legendary Defender, which is getting a third season.  Yay!

      So, to provide these recaps, I turn to Youtube and find somebody to give the recaps.  Take it away, Alastair Casey!

      Also, images, if you care for that sort of thing.

    • Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 17

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Log Horizon, where the Log Horizon Rock Your EXP World Tour continues.

      In our last episode, the junior members of Log Horizon continue on their quest to travel the land while meeting new people, having concerts, and losing their horses because they lost track of time. They have fun, as any young people would, by making fun of their seniors. Fun times all around. While that's happening, back in Akihabara, things are not looking good for the RTC. Honesty is about ready to implode, and according to some of it's members, so is the rest of the city. Shiroe is tapping Issac to help with training the Eastal forces, but to actually train them and not level them up in experience. Oh, and Krusty's current situation is top secret.

      With the World Tour, the kids help out some locals who are in trouble, only to find themselves in trouble themselves. Luckily, they get some help in the form of Roe2, a wandering Vampire who collapses on their first meeting, who also surprisingly looks like a very familiar Villain in Glasses. How will our heroes deal with this new comer? Will the situation in Akihabara improve or continue to deteriorate? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with... wait, is that an actual airship? When did Shiroe have time to build a... no, wait, I recognize those three. They were players who went to Akihabara late last season to help stir up trouble. That means this is a Minami airship. This is proven correct when it's Nureha who steps off of one of the cars... wait, maybe it's the magical train? It still looks like an airship to me. In any case, Nureha, in some weird daze, steps off, causing the trio to ask if she requires an escort. She shushes them, but in a playful manner, and walks off into the forest, transforming into the girl that Shiroe first met in Maihama and in Akihabara. She giggles, does a little dance, and we cut to our opening credits. Maybe it was done on purpose but Nureha's movement animation here just seemed really off to me.

      -When we come back, we're back to the World Tour. The People of the Land are grateful for the rescue, so Rudy takes this time to show off how impressive he is by saying that they're Adventurers, it's what they do. Isuzu gives an awkward smile as she tells the two NPCs that they're glad they weren't hurt. Toya himself is fine, but thinks that giving Roe2 the credit for saving them would be better. Our vampire, however, is hulled up in the wagon, though, because the Sun is bad, so please turn it off. Which would also be bad, so nobody flip that switch, okay?

      -Tonight's episode is titled Odyssey Knights. Minori goes to check in on Roe2, offering her a drink, but she asks that the Shrine Maiden cover up the sun because sunlight isn't her thing, man. As Roe 2 takes a drink, Minori takes a good, long look at the Vampire Summoner. This draws her attention, so Minori asks if she's wearing a Spiritual Cloak of the Stars. Roe2 confirms it, surprised that Minori would know that. The Shrine Maiden explains that her teacher wears one that is similar to what Roe2 is wearing. He happens to be a magic user, too. He's an Enchanter by trade but we really think his actual class is Supervillain. We don't know how he got it, we just assume he cheated the system somehow. 

      -Anyway, Roe2 seems to approve of the other Enchanter's style, since the robe has some pretty nice stats. You can't make it lose it's power, and it's good for general use, and it's great for long trips. As she explains this, Minori can't help but imagine Shiroe talking, so she brings this up with Roe2. She seems confused so Minori clarifies that Roe2 reminds her of him. The way she talks and dresses are very similar to Shiroe. Roe2 understands, so she tries to do Minori. That's actually something she says, so don't blame the wording on me here.

      -Anyway, Roe2 guesses correctly that Minori is a Shrine Maiden, and suddenly she remembers that she can heal people and offers to heal Roe2, but she rejects the offer. Why? Because Roe2 is a vampire, remember? And she shows off her very pointy teeth to the young girl. Thankfully, as Minori is working her way into becoming the next Shiroe, recalls that healing spells actually hurt vampires. Roe2 confirms it and she lays back down on the bench, suffering from the effects of the sun. Vampires need their beauty sleep, after all.

      -Well, with that out of the way, Minori asks Roe2 what she's going to do after she recovers in the wagon. However, the Wandering Vampire doesn't answer, so Minori asks another question. Where did she come from and where is she going? Roe2 thinks on these questions, but dodges it, saying that such questions are a little personal, especially coming from someone she's just met. Well, honestly, Minori is a bit suspicious of Roe2, especially given her outfit. I suspect that Minori suspects there's something more going on here. Though that's almost certain a Shiroe way of thinking.

      -Minori does backtrack a bit, but Roe2 is forgiving, likely suspecting from Minori's questions that she suspects something more here than is being first seen. But it doesn't go further than that as we see Minori outside of the wagon, greeted by Serara and Isuzu, with the Bard presenting Minori with the horse whistle, which looks quite damaged. Serara doesn't think the horses were hurt in the fight, leading Minori to wonder why it looks so cracked, but then recognizes that even those kinds of items have durability stats. Geez, does everything here have a durability stat? I hope that isn't the case with the griffin whistles. Still, they can call back the horses if they fix it, right? they just need wood-crafting skills to make it work. In the meantime, they'll have to push the wagon all the way to the next town. Like a real road trip!

      -Unlike a real road trip, though, the junior members will have to worry about monsters. To make matters worse, Toya told the two NPCs that they could come with him. Unless he's planning to use them as their horses. What an evil plan Toya came up with. Luckily, the ladies and Rudy overrule him, so everybody gets a chance to push. As we see the Log Horizon wagon move, Isuzu tells Rudy to ride in the wagon, since Bards are stronger than Sorcerers after all. Well, Rudy may be a Sorcerer, but he's still a man, so he can't just let them do this on his own. Though I think it's less of a masculine thing and more Rudy wanting to do this part to help out.

      -Of course, Roe2 can't help since she's a Vampire and all that, and Serara isn't helping at the moment because there's no real place to fit her without causing more trouble, so she's acting as the lookout. The two People of the Land stated what happened with them earlier. They were just headed down the mountainside when they found themselves up to their necks in ogres. They suspect the reason they ran into so many ogres is due to their home getting destroyed. Toya asks if that's really the case, so they NPCs tell them that if they keep going west they're going to wind up at the Boxroot Mountains. There's a gorgeous lake out there, and while nobles rule the area, you still got to watch out for monsters. So, basically, they decided not to answer the question? Or was there a mistranslation here?

      -Moving on, Toya asks Minori if they were supposed to be going through there, which she confirms. The NPCs tell them that the monsters aren't that big of a deal, and even if they see some, the Odyssey Knights will take care of them. Yeah, those guys are totally the best! They're like the People of the Land's heroes, always risking their lives for them. Toya wonders if they're Krusty or Isaac's guys, which Minori won't doubt, but if she took an educated guess, she recalls a lecture from Shiroe about something like this. In the lecture, Shiroe says there's a group they call "homesick" or the "Odyssey". They are a loose association of players trying to get back home. From what he's heard, they're willing to try just about anything to get back. We see that they're at a restaurant with Invisible Keyboard Wolf and some other players watching from a doorway. Either it's a big deal that Shiroe is there, with a cute girl, or they're treating him like he's a food critic. Either way, all are terrible implications of something.

      -As Shiroe takes a bite of his soup, he tells Minori that when he says "everything" he means it, indicating that Odyssey may end up causing more trouble than they fix. And he enjoys his soup, much to the delight of the cooks. Back in the present, Minori recalls that he didn't call them knights, so perhaps they aren't the same group. They soon near Koyurugi Village, located in Odawara. It's a safe zone, no monsters, with no PvP, no entry or exit restrictions, and with skill restrictions. Sounds like an Adventurer city. Perhaps they also have a shrine there? Roe2 is thankful for the kids to get her here, thinking she would have turned into a pile of ashes if she kept on walking out in the open like that. I doubt that is the case, because that doesn't seem like a fun thing to do in a game.

      -We see that they're having a meal as Minori is grateful for the help Roe2 gave them earlier. Toya provides a compromise, that they helped each other. That's when the other three members of the Log Horizon ban arrive with tons of food. And it was provided to by the People of the Land they saved. Hooray for free food! So now it's time for the sauce everybody will use. Toya will use Soy Sauce while Rudy is using Worcestershire Sauce, as will Isuzu. Serara brings out a huge jar of Mayonnaise that carries a warning. This one requires a screenshot:

      <img src=" border="0" alt="" style="max-width: 100%; color: rgb(62, 62, 62); font-family: Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif;">

      -I'm afraid of what that status ailment could be. Roe2 looks at them like they're crazy as they all try to make their case for which sauce to use. So instead of picking a winner, she instead uses Soy Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce at once. Lady, don't you know what will happen if you mix the two like that? You'll open up a portal to a space beyond the realm filled with horrors so horrible that all you'll be seeing are horrible horrors no matter where you go! It's suicide!

      -Still, they let Roe2 do that because the world was going to end anyway. Still, she understands now. The gooey black one is Worcestershire while the runny black one is Soy! She totally gets it. That sounds like the type a thing a person would say if they were never part of the real world. Serara is still trying to push her Mayo agenda, but unfortunately, she's not winning this fight. As we see her put more Mayo on her beef bowl, she asks Roe2 where she came from before meeting them. It's not quite the same question as Minori's because she was asking a very different type of question, but Roe2 was too smart for that.

      -Anyway, Roe2 made her way here from Oou City and has been on the road for about three months. Minori recalls that is where Shiroe went on his expedition, though Roe2 adds that she actually started from a place that was a little farther away from that. It's as if she's trying to throw off Minori's suspicion, which might make her more suspicious. Anyway, she mentions that she used castling to cover such a long distance. Rudy asks what castling is, which Isuzu never heard of. What, you guys never played a game of chess in your lives? Where have you been all this time?

      -Though while it's similar to the chess move, in this case, it's a spell that allows the magic user to change places with a companion. We saw this before with KR back during the Kanami mini episode. She then adds that Honesty stated using castling to research how they could make Fairy Rings work full-time. Isuzu is impressed with Minori's researching capabilities, but she brushes it off as just repeating the information told to her beforehand. Roe2 looks at Minori briefly before Serara asks her about Castling, like if she switched places with her companion. Roe2 wouldn't exactly call him her "companion", but more like her older brother. This draws the same question from the group, but she adds that she's trying to get to Ikoma, but until then she's stuck with this annoying Vampire subclass of her's. So it's like the Vampire status in The Elder Scrolls.

      -Wait... Elder Tales... Elder Scrolls. Could it be? Perhaps, in this world, Elder Scrolls ended up being an MMO instead of the single player game. Very curious. Moving on from that, Minor asks Roe2 if the subclass is preventing her from taking quests that would normally overwrite it? Turns out, that is the case, and Roe2 would personally like to greet the person who made that subclass and give him a piece of her mind. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same guy who summoned the dark god to help with making the deadline. While stuck with the class, Roe2 admits that it was useful on the moon, but whatever moron who came up with it never thought she'd wind up here. Wait, did she say the moon? As in the one place that has the test server?

      -Only Minori picks up on this but as she lacks the knowledge related to that, she's unable to continue. Toya recalls that Ikoma is near Minami and asks the rest of the group how they're going to do the rest of this. First, the bad news. Nobody in town had any woodcrafting skills, so they're still lacking horses. And they couldn't find any non-union horses, either, so it'll be difficult to finish the trip without help there. Roe2, however, has a brilliant idea. She is a summoner, so she could summon some for them. Wait, she can do that? Well, yeah, it's her class, after all.

      -Toya asks "Big Sis Roe2" if she can do this, but the Summoner is shocked by being called "Big Sis", takes a moment to compose herself, then asks Toya to call her "Big Sis" again. And again! And now Rudy has to do it. Yup, she's so into that and really wishes she was a big sister. Just hearing that makes her think that they're all counting on her She wants to become the big sister figure in her lives! While jumping in the air, she continues, saying that she shall be looked up to just like their older sister. She'll guide and protect them, and she knows exactly what she's going to do. She will summon a herd of amazing horses, the likes of which they've never seen! And in return, they shall parade her around as their big sister. Deal? The group, uncertain how to deal with this, agree with the deal, hoping for this embarrassment to end. Luckily, it ends in the form of the sun beating down on Roe2, causing her to collapse. And she really had a moment going there.

      -And now... a hot springs scene! Because that's what this show is lacking, it's the cliche fan service shots. Though admittedly the show doesn't actually linger on a lot of fan service type situations. Sure, we had the beach shots from last season, but that was rather quick, and from what I understand, Mayrelle was wearing quite the risqué bikini in the novels compared to what she was wearing in the show. But anytime we had fan service is was basically the character dressed up in various types of outfits. But not this time. Anyway, our ladies here are enjoying the bath, with Serara admitting that, sure, they don't need to take baths, but this one is really, really awesome. Isuzu adds that their wounds heal fast and the system helps to keep them clean, but there's still nothing that beats a good soak. In response, Minori and Serara sigh.

      -But to business! Isuzu states that they might have trouble navigating their way through the Boxroot Mountains ahead, citing that Rudy says it's rough. Despite his own ego, he is well-travelled and knows that kind of stuff well, so he has his uses. Serara notes this, then gets up close and comments on how cute the two of them are. So, how are things working out? Isuzu is reading between the lines and knows exactly what Serara is asking. No, he's basically like her little puppy dog. Serara doesn't believe that with Minori commenting that they're so obviously a couple. Isuzu doesn't want to go down this well, so she redirects the questions to Serara and her pursuit of Nyan-ta. Sadly, our little Druid isn't ready for this line of questioning and sinks deeper into the water, either hoping to drown or to disappear and avoid the questions.

      -Isuzu, however, wants revenge, and comments that Serara is learning more about cooking and cleaning from Nyan-ta, with Minori hopping in, saying that it seems it's more like marriage training than Adventurer training. In somebody's dreamscape, Nyan-ta appears in a white tuxedo, carrying a cat shaped ring, saying that he made sure he got Serara a ring worth forty raids. And because he could, he also prepared this feast for their reception. And he's also leading the band, because there is very little that Nyan-ta can't do. So Serara should come and be his blushing newlywed bride. And sears, in her own wedding gown, shrieks in joy. Also, I want to comment that while Nyan-ta can look good in anything, I think he'd look much better in a black tuxedo than a white tuxedo.

      -Anyway, in reality, Serara's brain explodes and causes a whirlpool inside of the hot springs, saying that they're not like that and repeating it. The girls try to calm her down as she continues to go bride happy, claiming she has no idea what they're talking about. Isuzu, however, doesn't let up on the teasing, saying that Serara can't act like that when she bathes with Nyan-ta. This causes a comment from both Serara and Minori. Then we get some man service in the form of Nyan-ta bathing, and man, he's freaking ripped! How does he hide all of that muscle mass? It's a good thing they included that scene of him bathing and not just his head, because nobody would knew that was the case.

      -But Serara's poor mind explodes a second time and she's doing the hundred meter in the hot springs. While that's happening, Isuzu turns her avenging eyes on Minori, asking what the deal is between her and Shiroe. Minori has no comment on the situation, but Isuzu doesn't let up, saying that there must be lots of competition for the Villain in Glasses. Well, let's see, we have Akatsuki, obviously, then we have Henrietta. Next, we have Nureha, and finally, we have Kanami, though the question of whether that's still possible is yet to be seen. Though apparently Isuzu adds Maryelle as a possible rival, though we all know what her type is. Serara, recovering from her mental explosion, chimes in, wanting to learn more. Isuzu then lists off all the accomplishments Shiroe had, like forming the RTC, turned Rudy into an Adventurer, and solved all of their money issues with the buildings. All of this, plus the mention of the rivals, makes Minori think of Akatsuki, who takes her bodyguard job very, very seriously. You want Shiroe? You have to get through her, first. Yes, she protects her lord's body as well as his heart.

      -As Minori is recovering from her own embarrassment, Serara comments that perhaps Roe2 has a thing with Shiroe. Look, just because she's basically a gender swap clone of Shiroe doesn't exactly mean that they could be a thing. Though apparently Roe2 is there and corrects her, saying that it's "Big Sis", right? Though apparently she wasn't there before as the girls asks when she got in there. Roe2's next comment says it all. "You'd do well to know your big sister has advantages over you." Of course, I thought she meant that she heard everything, but what she really means is... these! she stands up, showing off what she's got. Though we can't see anything because there's a rock blocking her, so I'm going to assume that Roe2 brought two melons with her into the bath. Why would anybody do that is beyond me.

      -Isuzu and Minori are looking troubled as Serara tries to support them, saying that those melons are only for show. Though Roe2 sarcastically asks if she didn't intimidate her little sisters, did she? Well, yeah, they are intimidated by the melons you brought into the bath. Seriously, why did you bring them, anyway? Though the scene ends there, I would be curious to know if the boys were in a nearby bath and overheard everything. But that's way to cliche for this show and they are above such things.

      -Instead, we return to Akihabara where we see an irritated Maryelle looking irritated. Henrietta is with her and asking why she's looking so serious. Indeed, Maryelle was thinking of something very serious. So serious, it could affect the whole of Akihabara if they don't enact on it. They should... hold a spring festival! Henrietta doesn't dismiss it right away, saying that a cherry blossom festival would make more sense. Maryelle, however, appears to be troubled by something else, because she wants to make people happy and she isn't certain if the festivals they're holding are doing what she hoped. Do they really bring people together? Certainly if they hold enough of those festivals they can do so... right?

      -And we get our eyecatch, which is the junior members of Log Horizon with a beef bowl meal behind them. They are then pushed out of the way by the sauces used. We have Roderick Merchant Guilds Deceptively Not-Hot Chili Oil, Tarasco, Roderick Merchant Guild's Mayonnaise, Worcestershire Sauce, and finally, Soy Sauce. So, yeah, remember the pacing issues I've been complaining about? What happened here is a perfect example of that. Maryelle asks a question, but instead of a follow up answer or something that could add some drama, the scene basically ends like that. It's a really poor place to add a commercial cliffhanger, in my opinion.

      -Anyway, after the eyecatch, we cut to Nyan-ta, reporting from high in the sky. And the report is... it is what it is, but it hasn't become a problem yet. Guess that means traffic is pretty bad today. Shiroe, who is responding to the report, gets it and tells the smooth cat to do what he can and to stay on top of it for now. Of course he will, however, his guess is what they're seeing right now is the result of an underlying issue that they haven't discovered yet. Shiroe's basically accepted that "life throws curveballs" is a thing that happens. He then contacts Akatsuki who appears to be spying on the Disney Kingdom and asks how things are there. Fine, for the time being. Though their King, Mickey, appears to be up to no good and may be planning a hostile takeover of the Underwater Kingdom. So, how are things in Akihabara? So far, so good. He ends the call, telling his ninja to report back if she sees anything. Perhaps they can use Queen Minnie as a way to stop the invasion before it begins.

      -In Akihabara, Shiroe is walking with Karashin and Isaac. Karashin comments that they have a long way to go with Isaac adding that it's too early for him to be worn out. They still got a lot of things that need to get done, which Shiroe understands. We then begin with the RTC meeting as Eins comments that the economic disparity in Akihabara is currently growing worse at an alarming rate. People who can hunt or develop new skills are getting richer, while players who didn't have the right skills at the time of the Apocalypse are faltering in minimum wage jobs. Guess they don't have an option to respec the main classes after all. And I assume they're talking about players who are near a high level, as the younger levels would still have the ability to grow and get advice on what skills they should develop.

      -Michitaka asks why Eins is bringing this up, but Roderick asks a more pointed question. What does Eins think is causing all this economic disparity? He says mastering Oral Arts, and Crafting classes being able to create consumer products. Soujiro asks why Oral Arts are part of the problem? Anyone can master one if they really try. Eins clarifies his statement. Larger guilds have been using people with Oral Arts to expand businesses. One of the responsibilities of the RTC should be to curtail these monopolies. And they do have several members of the largest merchant guilds here, so they should be able to do something about it. Michitaka, one of those people, says that Eins is crossing a line here. Roderick counters, saying they could accuse Eins' guild of the same thing. Well, that didn't take long to devolve the group into political parties, didn't it?

      -Eins counters, saying that no one in his guild has mastered an oral art yet. Second, they should all have declarations from every guild who are using players with oral arts. Before Eins can go further, Michitaka stops him, telling the guild leader that he should know better than that. Karashin adds that one can't go simply asking people to give away their crafting secrets just like that. Roderick adds that some of these things took a while, from ramen to soap to candles, all those craftsmen put in a lot of time to make all those things work! Soujiro, who's on the side of the Oral Art users, adds that declaring said Oral Art users is worthless, since only the person who mastered it can use it. So what's the point? After all, this was a plot point with Akatsuki's own personal arc a few episodes back.

      -But Eins won't let up on this, but offers his own compromise. What about levying a tax on Adventurer bank accounts in excess of eighty thousand gold pieces. They might be able to close the huge gap between the rich and the poor that way. He honestly believes it's a place to start. You know, I can make so many political jokes about this, but given the current situation that I'm watching this episode in, I think it's honestly best that I leave that sort of thing out. It's already a hot topic and, given how things are going, shouldn't be made fun of lightly.

      -Isaac decides to chime in, saying that Eins has lost his mind. He thinks the guild leader doesn't understand what they've said, so he says it once more. Everyone in this city has worked their butts off to get where they are. They fought for every little thing they've got, but maybe Eins doesn't get that. Eins counters that Isaac doesn't understand that their society is favoring certain people over others. The rich stay rich and the poor starve. Maryelle, meekly, says that this is why they have events, that they're making an effort to do things that include everyone from all levels and walks of life. Eins comments that Maryelle should listen to herself, that they're pushing the disenfranchised away! Isaac doesn't take kindly to that kind of direct comment against Maryelle. Apparently he likes those events, too.

      -Maryelle offers a defense of her own. She says that they don't hold these festivals to flaunt their own wealth. She just wants everyone to be, you know, that way, right? Isaac helps her out a bit, asking Eins a direct question. According to the Honesty guild leader, they give these people money and then they'll just go happily off to work? Eins replies with a maybe, but in either case, they can't just let things stay like they are. Karashin doesn't disagree, but adds that if they're going to force people to give up their new recipes, Craftsmen won't be motivated to work as hard. Michitaka adds that, no matter what, all of those recipes take a lot of work to create, but as we focus on Shiroe, his voice fades away. Internally, he wishes Krusty was here right now. He's the proper politician of the group, after all.

      -So, Shiroe will have to step up. He claps his hands to draw everybody's attention to him. While he understands the gist of Eins' proposal, and he agrees that it makes sense that they need some kind of policy to handle this. However, the RTC has a limited budget for this kind of thing. Unlike Minami, they don't get operating funds from an aristocracy. Though, from what we gathered in the conversation with Nureha, it's less the aristocracy giving them money and more that Minami is taking it from them. Eins isn't happy with that comment and sits down as Shiroe continues. He says that they all need to take a role in determining how they can handle this problem. Eins relents, but adds that they can't wait until it's out of control, like they usually do. They can't just react to this, but to get ahead of it before it's too late. Shiroe counters that they can't be hasty about this, either. He adds that a decision of this scale could wreck their economy if they don't do it right. And they would end up leaving the city in chaos. Sounds like they could really use an Alexander Hamilton type person to help build up or adjust their economy, but unfortunately, they'll have to go with what they have and not have any catchy music numbers to back him up.

      -Speaking of catchy music numbers, we check in on the junior Log Horizon members as they approach the Boxroot Mountains. It's located in Boxroot, obviously, and monsters are present. All skills and PvP are permitted while there are no entry or exit restrictions. Toya comments that they wouldn't even be in the Boxroot Mountains if it weren't for Roe2's horses, but the road is a nightmare. Also, those horses look crazy evil for some reason. Is that because Roe2 is a vampire and they're almost, by default, in the evil alignment? How dare they program Vampires that way! They're not all evil. Some of them can also be neutral, too!

      -Anyway, Minori agrees with Toya's statement. Back in the real world, they would be right around Hakone. It was a volcano, so this makes sense. Toya asks if they should go on ahead as the visibility is really lousy out there. Serara herself appears to be fighting sleep, but it appears to be a losing battle for her. I should note that it appears that they are on an actual road, but suffering years of neglect, so the fact that it's still useable is a bit of a miracle of it's own. Anyway, the wagon stops as Toya and Rudy go to scout out ahead, but Roe2 offers to summon some companions for them. She is their big sister, after all, Shiroe Maneuver. Man, she's really taken a liking to this whole "big sister" thing. I hope she doesn't let it go to her head too much.

      -Also, what companions? Why, skeleton warriors, of course! Okay, I'm convinced this is related to her Vampire subclass, after all. The boys decline the generous offer, which the skeleton warriors take offense to. Serara, however, is there to offer her own familiar, Wolfy. And I wish I was video streaming this or something, because then you'd see me laughing for nearly a minute at the next scene. Which is the skeleton warriors looking at Wolfy with hearts over their heads. Clearly, they are dog people, and little familiar puppies are so very adorable. Toya thanks Serara, and soon, they're off to do some scouting in this sulfur fog.

      -Along the way, Toya is hating this sulfur smell as Rudy reminds him that he did warn them about this. Boxroot is not an easy passage, but the haze is much thicker than the last time he was here. Wolfy sniffs around and barks as the two see some people up ahead unloading a wagon. Rudy's Adventurer sense start to tingle and goes to offer his help. Turns out, they're merchants, and one of them begins offering his wares right then and there. They're selling level ten to fifteen swords, some of Akihabara's finest, but Toya declines, saying that they're level is too high for that stuff. But moving on, what happen to them? Well, the cart broke down. Rudy can see that, but why not put what they can into the other cart and shove the broken cart off the mountainside? The merchants have issue throwing away good cargo like that, so no, but thank you for your unhelpful suggestion.

      -Instead of doing that, how about buying some of the wares instead? They look like they have enough gold to buy quite a bit from them. Toya replies that they don't, and while Rudy would like to buy some, he can't. That's when a very familiar person arrives. It's Dariella, who tells the Adventurers not to worry about them. The axle gave away and they're stuck, and they've been trapped here for an entire day. Please, pardon their manners. Toya, a bit confused by her arrival, asks for her name. She gives it, Dariella, and she is but a humble Person of the Land and a chronicler. But her secret position is that of Princess of Minami and are using you kids as a way to get close to Shiroe, but don't tell him that, okay?

      -Of course, because Shiroe didn't tell everybody everything, Rudy and Toya don't recognize her. They greet her warmly, introducing themselves as Adventurers from Akihabara. Dariella is happy to hear that and asks if they could carry some of the crates to the next settlement? She knows how strong you Adventurers happen to be, and she's certain the merchants would appreciate it. We get a lingering shot of Toya's eyes, as he's conflicted. Perhaps he suspects something here but can't quite put his finger on it. It's all that time he's spent with Shiroe rubbing off on him.

      -After a break, we cut to the group moving alone, helping out the merchants. One of them comments on how strong Isuzu is for how scrawny she is. Minori comments that there appears to be nothing but goat slimes in the boxes. Apparently some weird, old far from Akihabara dumped them on the merchants. They have no idea what his deal was. They soon approach an outpost, allowing the merchants to sleep. Apparently they took a break as Toya comments how funny it is that they ate all that food and they passed out there. Dariella says they spent a night on the open road, completely exposed, so it's no wonder they're exhausted. Minori asks if perhaps Dariella is married to one of the merchants, but it's nothing like that. They were just letting her ride with them and nothing nefarious was threatened at all.

      -Toya appears really confused as Dariella mentions she was getting a ride to Minami, with Roe2 commenting that it's in the same direction as Ikoma, which Dariella confirms. Perhaps Roe2 is suspicious, as well, but she's unable to act on that as Serara announces that it's tea time! And they have pastries, too! And with that, Roe2's attention is on the young girls. The cookies were made by Nyan-ta, and soon, they've all dug in. Dariella is enjoying it, but then asks where the young players are going to? Minori answers that they're heading for the Redstone Mountains while Roe2 is heading for Ikoma, but she's going to hang out with the little siblings until then. They need her protection, after all. Dariella accepts this, citing how young they all look, then looks to Toya, who eats his cookie and blushes. Oh, maybe Toya is hesitant because he finds Dariella beautiful? D'aw, he has a crush on the enemy. That's so adorable. We'll need to beat that out of him before he defects.

      -Rudy comments that they'll be near their destination once they've gotten over the pass. Minori confirms, but then adds that Shiroe says they could end up running into wyverns in the mountains around here. Which, I should add, was part of the reason he sent them out on this quest. They need to get a magic bag, after all, and they need to kill some wyverns to do that. Suddenly, the sound drowns out as Darielle starts to glow a purple color, though this is clearly more of a mental thing as the others don't comment on this. After a moment, the color returns as she smiles. One would think she knew who these kids were by looking at the side of their wagon and seeing Log Horizon written there. Though it could be possible that it was being sold by Log Horizon, hence the banner. Who knows, really.

      -Suddenly, an ominous sound is heard. No, really, the captions said ominous sound. This draws the group's attention as they try to determine what it was. Serara suggests that it's church bells at a funeral, but Minori notes that the sounds are coming this way. Suddenly, a group of players comes out of the sulfur like an army in a foggy battle, carrying some weird machine with them. Serara asks if they're a raid party, but Minori decides to check them out. They're with Plant Hwyaden. We then get a close up of some individual stats. We have Shunichi, a level ninety elf Guardian, but Serara comments that everybody is, too. Isuzu doesn't think they're a group of player killers, which is good for them because they' would be massacred if they picked a fight. Dariella adds another suggestion. Perhaps they're the Odyssey Knights. That's slightly more comforting.

      -Roe2 notes the machine and asks what it is. Dariella fields this. It's the portable Shrine of Boreas. This is something she learned about during her travels. The Odyssey Knights take the shrine with them on their journeys across the landscape. It has the power to revive any Adventurer as long as they're close enough to it. Basically, a portable Cathedral, only in this case, it's instant resurrection, according to Dariella. There's no time delay other than waiting for your mana to reassemble. Isuzu asks if the Adventurers in Minami created that device, but Rudy has a more compressing concern. Why do they look so lifeless? It's almost like a funeral march. Dariella doesn't seem certain about this, but instant rebirth carries a price with it. It supposedly upsets the voice of the mind in Adventurers. Sounds like it drives them insane.

      -Minori asks about that, but Dariella doesn't clarify what it would mean in Adventurer terms. She does comment that such a thing would be extremely valuable to Adventurers such as them, wouldn't you say? Though given the tone of the comment, perhaps she's talking about the portable shrine? Toya looks on as Shunichi turns to look at them, with eyes that don't seem so lifeless to me as they are filled with a barely contained rage. He then turns to Dariella, who gives a warm smile, causing him to turn away from her. Oh, when Shiroe finds out about this he's going to have a nice, long talk with Toya about this. Our scene ends with a long shot that pans over to the nearby Redstone Mountain, the final destination. Cue credits!

      -In our next episode preview, Akatsuki states that the junior members visit Saphir Village on their journey. Isuzu the bard treats the village to a show. Her melody heartily enchants the People of the Land. While happiness and a pleasant feeling of exhaustion envelop Isuzu, Rundellhaus tells her of a secret behind this world's music. He shares the dreams of the People of the Land! All this and more in our next episode, After the Show. Shiroe's comrades are always beside him, even when he's reviewing a restaurant's food menu. He is quite a harsh critic.

      So, the road trip continues on and our junior members get a new friend in Roe2, who proves herself useful with her ability to summon horses to aid them on their trek. We get a brief moment of teasing between the girls, as well as Roe2 showing off her melons that they'll probably eat on the trip, as well as picking up another new companion. I suspect that the meeting wasn't intentional, but a happy coincidence that Nureha will take full advantage of. Especially when it's becoming increasingly clear that Toya is smitten with her in her NPC form.

      Meanwhile, things are coming to a head in Akihabara as the RTC try to keep order. Eins, however, is the lone voice as most of the members attack his plan, citing how it would be unfair to their own members, as well as to everybody else who worked hard. Clearly, the next item to create is something that allows them to respec a players stats, or somehow, reset the level in some way to allow them to rebuild their character. At least, I'd probably asking the Merchants Guild to look into something like that.

      What's rather chilling is the scene at the end with the "Odyssey Knights". I don't know if Nureha would allow for such a thing to be created, but I know that if it was, Intix would make full use of it, since having a mindless slave army would be beneficial to her. But that also depends on how crazy Nureha herself is. Though I suspect that now she knows that these kids are linked to Shiroe, she's going to use that link for all it's worth.

      Speaking of Shiroe, and I know I mentioned this before, but I honestly think he purposely sent the kids out on this quest because he saw the attack from Minami was coming, and with a lack of a Magic Circle to help protect them, it's move up the timeline of said attack. Though I don't know if the other RTC members are in the know or not, one thing for sure is that Shiroe has sent out scouts to prepare for the possible invasion.

      Will our junior members discover the truth, or will it be too late for poor Toya? Will Akihabara resolve their massive class divide, or will it end poorly for them? And how soon will Minami attack? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, no matter what situation you're in, if you see some people on the side of the road in trouble, always offer to help, even if one of them may or may not be a spy for the enemy. It's just good manners, after all.

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    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      2 years ago

      Tatsuya Shiba is a troll among trolls sometimes xD

    • Star357

      2 years ago

      I have been taking a lot of my anime choices recently from the image gallery you have been posting. Right now I am on Akame Ga Kill about 1/3 through it and already seen a number of characters die. I am guessing it gets worse as the series goes on huh?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Yeah, and people are not about it.

        It seemed to go more with shock value than anything else.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      ISML is back.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Well, I'll have to check it out later.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      2 years ago

      CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon trailer

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      2 years ago

      No idea what you said, obviously. Cool.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        It was me ending the conversation.

    • shadow15

      2 years ago

      hi hi! :)


      • shadow15

        2 years ago

        you and I both actually

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Hurting financially. My own fault, really.

      • shadow15

        2 years ago

        long time no talk whats going on?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      I think you're new neptune picture experinced an error because I can't comment on it

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        oh okay

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        No, I deleted it because Dark already had that image, and they can get a little pissy when that happens.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I've seen it. Won't ever post it.

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