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    • Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bumblebee

      1 day ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review and the last review of Legends week.  What figure will wrap up the week?  Let's find out.

      So, without further ado, here is the Titan's Return Legends class classic character, Bumblebee!


      Here we have Bumblebee, looking not dead, and inside of his package.  Yeah, at the time of this entry, Bumblebee died during the Dark Cybertron crossover.  But in his death, he was able to reform Megatron and turn him into an Autobot.  Crazy, I know.


      And on the back of the box you're obligatory product shot of the Bee himself.  But enough about the packaging!  Let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Bumblebee out of his package, looking like a good representation of his not dead self.  You have the trademarks of the character, including the giant Autobot symbol on his chest and the front bumper feet.


      Getting up close to the headscupt which actually doesn't look like crap, here you can see the typical Bumblebee head, with the young looking face and the horns.  Because as we know, Bumblebees have horns.


      With regards to articulation, it is a Legends class figure so it's not going to wow you.  You don't have any waist swivel so you have to cheat with a semi thigh swivel.  You have a great deal of shoulder articulation, though, which allows for some high arm poses.

      As is typical with the TR releases, no accessories as you're suppose to use a Titanmaster as the accessory.

      Now for comparisons.


      Here we have Cloudraker with Bumblebee.  They're about the same height, give or take.


      Here is Bumblebee with Combiner Wars Skywarp, looking smaller in comparison.


      Here he is with the big bot, Powermaster Optimus Prime.


      And lastly, here is Bumblebee with MP Bumblebee.  Fun times.

      Now for transformation.  It's simple, but the instructions aren't very good here.  You're suppose to accordion the arms and head back while doing the same for the feet and legs.  The instructions don't make it clear.  Still, they aren't bad, so soon enough you'll go from Bumblebee in robot mode...


      To Bumblebee in his alt-mode, looking like a modern day Volkswagen.


      The alt-mode itself cleans up really well and hides all the robot bits.  Among the legends classes, this probably has the better alt-mode out there.


      Even in the rear, you don't see any robot kibble.  It's very well done.

      Of course, as is the case for this line, the legends class figures can have a Titanmaster ride in them.


      As an example, here is Batconvoy riding in Bumblebee.  Just got to clean up the interior later.

      Now for some more comparisons.


      Here is Cloudraker with Bumblebee.


      Here is Frenzy with Bumblebee.  Or is it Rumble?


      Here is Bumblebee with Titan's Return Hot Rod.


      And lastly, here is MP Bumblebee with TR Bumblebee.

      And that concludes Legends week.  Next week we'll be back with more transformers review, this time looking at some more third party class figures.  Of course, as for why I did a week of legend class figures, you'll just need to find out about it sometime soon.  Until then.

    • Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 9

      2 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear. The show where friendships are mended thanks to putting said friend in a life threatening situation. It's really the only way.

      In our last episode, we still have the falling out between Miku and Hibiki and it looks like it won't be mending anytime soon. Even their friends are worried, and they don't even have proper names! Hopefully the main characters will Anime their way out of this mess.

      Meanwhile, after having a confrontation with Finé, Chris is able to escape the evil torture manor, chased by Noise the entire time. She's able to deal with them, but collapses from exhaustion of the constant battles. Miku, going out rather early, finds Chris and takes her to Chef's place to recover from her battles. They have a conversation about friendship and how to make amends, with Chris' suggestion being "punch them until they agree", but Miku isn't really the violent type for that.

      Unfortunately, the conversation is cut source as a massive Noise attack takes place. Chris goes to engage the Noise to draw them away from Miku and Chef and is hesitant about transforming. This leaves her open to an attack, but luckily, Genjuro appears to save the day, showing that he's clearly the latest wielder of some super power that he can't use on the Noise because of plot reasons. With this rescue, Chris fully transformers, her heel-face turn complete, and proceed to destroy Noise with her Death Metal Goth music.

      Meanwhile, Hibiki is on the scene, since she's needed to contain the mess, but a scream at a nearby construction site draws her attention. Miku and Chef are there, hounded by the OctoNoise, which attacks by using sound. Having a silent conversation, Miku goes to draw the OctoNoise away, allowing Hibiki to rescue Chef. Miku is able to keep her distance, but you can run for so long. At a road with a cliff, the OctoNoise destroys it, causing it and Miku to teeter to the bottom. Hibiki arrives in time to save Miku and destroy the OctoNoise, finally giving the girls a chance to make amends. As a sign of their renewed friendship, they take a selfie together, dirty from head to toe, laughing about how they nearly died. Truly, they are the best of friends.

      We're in our final five episodes so things will likely begin to wrap up. Will we learn of Finé's sponsors? Will we learn if Ryouko and Finé are the same person or related in some way? And will Chris finally join the team proper? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with a helicopter taking off from a military base. Inside one of the hangers we see Tsubasa singing a song to herself while working on a motorcycle. Magical Girl, Pop Idol, and a mechanic? Is there anything Tsubasa can't do? Though there's an echo, but that's because Kanade appears, joining in on the song, catching Tsubasa by surprise. Looks like we're getting a flashback, people!

      -Kanade comments on how Tsubasa is looking well. Turns out, she's off today, so she's going to take a trip on her bike. Wouldn't she be a bit young for a license, though? Well, Kanade comments that Tsubasa forced them to give her one, so I guess the answer is "you don't say know to your only line of defense against beings from beyond the veil." Still, what gives Kanade the most surprise is that Tsubasa was singing outside of missions. So this must be before their pop idol days. Tsubasa is embarrassed so Kanade gives her a flick on the forehead, saying that it's rather nice, hoping to hear her hum the song again. Tsubasa, still embarrassed, tells her friend that people aren't suppose to hear you humming. Sure, Kanade knows that, but she's not one to care about that, especially when said person singing is somebody she likes. She then walks out of the hanger, as if she's walking into the light. Clearly that isn't symbolic of anything at all.

      -After the flashback we return to the present to see Tsubasa looking at a turbine. Actually, it looks like she's in an MRI machine and they just finished the check. She's back at full health. Hooray! Now to kill some Noise and make sure she doesn't get surpassed by her junior, because that would be terrible for her career.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Protector's Song. We zoom in on the school, but what we're focusing on is the SDRTST underground base. Miku, who wants to help Hibiki, has been read in and likely had to sign some contracts to allow her there. Miku is amazed by all of this. She had no idea there were shelters and bases under the school. I mean, I'm sure we all thought at once point there was an underground base in our own schools, but apparently in Japan, it's something that's required. Hibiki spots Tsubasa and runs up to her, with Miku properly introducing herself to the pop idol, with Hibiki proudly stating that Miku is her best friend. Tsubasa asks Miku to please support Hibiki, even though her personality has probably caused many problems for her. Don't worry, I'm sure Miku was able to whip Hibiki into shape, and I wouldn't be surprised if she had an actual whip somewhere.

      -In any case, Miku says that Hibiki is a problem child, so she's probably caused difficulties for Tsubasa, but please take care of her. If necessary, she'll lend the pop idol her whip. Hibiki doesn't understand what's being said but feels like she's being insulted, so Ogawa says that, with regards to her, the two are in agreement. They may end up sharing that whip after all. While the girls have their little laugh, Ogawa looks on to Tsubasa with approval. He senses that something has changed in her, but wonders if someone else caused that change? Like a certain blonde with a perchance for causing craters everywhere she goes?

      -We get confirmation that Miku is working for the SDRTST, but she'll be working as an external agent. Genjuro pulled a lot of strings to make that happen, which probably included trading some of his prized action movie DVDs to other people. Still, Tsubasa is worried for Miku, but she's been given the training document and believes she'll be fine. Speaking of Genjuro, where is he? Probably crying in a corner over his lost children. At the command deck, we see a message on the screen saying "Kazanari Genjuurou Emergency Video Rental Return." Oh, so he's running from collectors. I got it.

      -So while Genjuro is busy running from the collectors, Ryouko appears, seeing all the girl talk and wants to partake in the girl talk, too. Ogawa, however, would rather they didn't ignore him, but they end up doing that as Hibiki asks Ryouko is she also likes girl talk? Well, yeah! With a bounce, she tells the younger girls that once they've heard of all her tales of romance, they won't be able to sleep at night. Miku comments that said romance talk sounds a bit scary. Hibiki, however, is all in. She gets it in her head that Ryouko must have certainly fallen for a rich gentleman at a fancy bar. Hibiki reads a lot of trashy romance novels that she keeps hidden from Miku for reasons that only she knows of.

      -Tsuabasa, however, has the look of somebody who's been through this before as Ryouko gives her tale. Yes, it was a long, long time ago in a galaxy not to far from here. Though she quickly drops the tone, commenting on she really gets caught up in romance. Hibiki and Miku are interested to hear about this while Tsubasa is a bit surprised by Ryouko's comments. She thought the researcher would be more interesting in that than actual romance. Thats when Ryouko replies with the common saying. "Life is short! Love!" I don't think that's the actual saying. In any case, she goes on about how the power of a young girl in love is amazing. It's enough to power large cities for days! Not that she would know anything about that, heh heh.

      -Ogawa, stuck there because of his managerial duties, comments on the young girl part, which earns him a back fist by Ryouko. You reap what you sow. Ryouko goes on to say that the reason she started researching relics was... and that's when she notices that the two young girls are hanging on her every word. This gets her all embarrassed and quickly drops the story. She's too busy to talk, after all, even if Ogawa points out that she interrupted them. And he gets a kick in the eyes for good measure. See, when he's fulfilling his duties as a manager and "negotiator", there are none better. The problem is when he's outside of those duties. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

      -As one of the support staff tries to make sure he's alive, Ryouko continues, saying that to be a real woman, one must have a great romance. She tells Miku and Hibiki to make sure to fall in love with someone nice. Okay, bye bye now. The girls are disappointed that they didn't get to hear the story, but Hibiki vows to one day get the researcher to tell her the whole tale. Further down the hall, Ryouko is by herself with her own thoughts. She says that this was unlike her, wondering if something has changed, or perhaps, if somebody changed her? When did we get an echo all of a sudden?

      -We transition to a store called Tatsuya, which was on the message board for Genjuro, before transitioning to him. He's walking under an umbrella in the rain, holding a bag from said store in hand. He stops in front of an apartment complex, looking at it. Perhaps a secret lover? Or maybe a secret daughter? It does seem odd, but I'm sure there is a completely innocent reason for this. Back at the SDRTST HQ, they comment that Genjuro still hasn't returned yet, though Tsubasa has a report to give about her medical results. Unfortunately, they're on the clock as Ogawa, in manager mode, comments on the lack of time they have. Hibiki comments on this, but don't worry, it's only some light work. A recording session and an autograph session. Nothing major.

      -Hibiki is glad that Tsubasa isn't in terrible condition and recommends going on a date! Which I'm sure has no romantic reasoning at all! No, really, I mean that. Hibiki is such a fan of Tsubasa that she'd want to hang out with her. And I'm sure she'd drag Miku along, too, because why leave her friend out like that? Though I bet Miku wishes that Hibiki asked her out on a date.

      -Back at the apartment complex, we find ourselves in a blank, messy room. We see Chris is huddled up in a blanket. She looks up to see the rain and her stomach tells her that she's still hungry. Stupid hunger. That's when she hears the door open. She jumps up against the wall, ready to punch out the intruder, but Genjuro arrives, showing off the food first. One does not out ninja Genjuro easily. He tells her that he's alone, but Chris seems reluctant to trust him. Sensei Genjuro confirms as much, taking a seat and telling the Death Metal Goth girl that he's the only one left with orders to find her. So Chris was hiding out and Genjuro, showing how awesome he is, found her. He's so overpowered that they had to make up an excuse to keep him from actually resolving the situation in the first episode.

      -Chris demands to know how she was discovered, so Genjuro replies that he used to work for Public Safety and he's used to doing this. Anyway, he has food, which Chris is reluctant to take, despite her own hunger. To prove that it isn't poisoned, Genjuro takes a bite, then offers it to her, proving as much. I'm sure you have an immunity to poisons, anyway. Very quickly, she takes the bun from Genjuor but doesn't eat right away. Instead, we learn more about Chris' family. Turns out, her parents were quite the musicians, with her father being a violinist and her mother being a singer. Though the mother might not actually be Japanese as Genjuro introduces her as "Sonnet M. Yukine". This isn't an issue with the subs, either, as Masanori, the father, is introduced with the family name first. It's an interesting distinction to make.

      -Anyway, turns out, the parents were working for an NGO that helped war refugees when they were killed in the South American Civil War eight years ago, which resulted in their only daughter going missing. We see Chris, still in her fighting stance, is eating the bun. Yeah, knowing Genjuro's status, if I was a former enemy I'd be a bit paranoid, too. Anyway, he continues, saying that the UN's intervention in Val Verde changed the ground situation dramatically. The girl who went missing was captured by a local gang, but was later rescued. Genjuro has a drink of milk and then offers it to Chris, who takes it. She's rather impressed with his research, but is also disgusted by said investigation. Well, you were the daughter of possibly famous musicians, so it wouldn't surprise me if there was a detail record of you, Chris.

      -Genjuro continues, indicating that they were keeping an eye on the top musicians at the time in order to find people capable of using the Symphogears. The SDRTST made an offer to take in Chris. Of course, she takes it the wrong way, thinking that she was going to be pimped out by them. I blame Finé for this, of course. However, it never even got close to that, as Chris vanished when she returned to Japan. The SDRTST panicked and tried searching for her, but almost everyone involved in the search died or went missing. Chris is tired of the history lecture and demands to know what Genjuro wants. Why, to complete his original mission and save her, obviously. Chris is shocked by this statement, but Genjuro makes it very clear that he isn't the type to give up on an order until he's seen it through to the end. It is the duty of adults, after all.

      -Chris scoffs at this, telling Genjuro that nobody asked him to search for her. Well, technically, the government did, but facts like that won't cause Chris to stop her rant. She goes on to ask why adults don't do anything to help her? She then throws the milk aside and jumps out the window. Lady, the door was right behind you! Though maybe she just wanted room as she sings her activation key, summoning Ichaival. Genjuro runs to the window just in time to see the transformation sequence completed, then Chris jumping across the rooftops of the city. His disappointed, because he had such a good speech planned out, too.

      -We follow Chris until she stops on top of a light pole, as is the typical location for super powered people to brood., she asks herself what she is, before getting really, really angry all of a sudden, then fading to black. Okay, I can't help but feel like there was going to be more to that scene but was cut for time. The show tends to do those weird cuts sometimes.

      -Sometime later, we're at a small river as Tsubasa looks at her watch. They're late, dammit! How dare the paparazzi make her wait to have her picture taken! From the voices calling to her, it's not that, but time for the date! And as predicted, Hibiki is bringing Miku along with them. Miku explains why they're late. It's Hibiki's fault. The two girls are dressed in rather cute outfits while Tsubasa is dressed like a person trying to somewhat disguise herself. She's still upset, telling the two that they don't have a lot of time and gets moving. Hibiki comments that Tsubasa was really looking forward to this, but apparently the pop idol has some really good ears as she turns towards them and, with a slight blush to her face, tells them that she just wants to make up for the time that was lost thanks to a certain someone oversleeping! The girls flinch slightly, but they smile as that seems more like her, showing that Tsubasa is totally not looking forward to this date.

      -So the date is on as we see the girls do some shopping for cute cups, take in a romantic movie that causes them to get all teary eyed, then some ice cream followed by walking around town. Of course, we then get to the most important part of a date, the clothes shopping and model show. We see all three girls in various outfits, with Tsubasa trying to pull of a sexy pose with her own outfit. Clearly, this was Hibiki's idea because she presented the dress to her earlier. Later the girls are hiding from a group of other students, likely to hide the fact that they're having fun with the pop idol, then we see them taking a break on the bench, laughing about how they had to use their magical girl talents to escape a group of harmless students.

      -And now for the next part of the date, going to the arcade and winning your girl a plushie. Which is what Hibiki will do for Tsubasa while Miku looks on with a mix of embarrassment and joy. She probably wishes Hibiki was winning it for her. Tsubasa tells her not to be too involved in the game, but her sudden scream says otherwise. Miku asks Hibiki not to scream like that as it hurts her sensitive ears. The crane goes and it looks like it's got the plushie, but as is the case with the crane game, the plushie is lost. Hibiki immediately calls foul, as well as calling herself cursed. As such, she vows to break the crane machine, since it's obviously broken. Miku has had it with the screaming, so she's going to take her friend where she can scream all she wants. A padded room?

      -Well, kind of. Miku takes the girls to Karaoke Town to do some karaoke. Hibiki is ecstatic by this because they actually get to sing with Pop Idol Tsubasa. She's probably hoping none of her songs are on there, but given her popularity, they likely will. She'll probably set a rule against that. But she's busy making a selection, and that selection is Okehazama of Love. Hibiki and Miku don't see her doing that and point to one another before Tsubasa takes a mic and center stage, bowing to the two. Turns out, she always wanted to sing this. Hibiki calls her mature as the singing begins.

      -So Tsubasa sings and appears to have it memorized as she doesn't appear to be looking at the screen, but Hibiki and Miku are won over by this. It's like their own private concert! Tsubasa continues to sing the song, promising revenge for any man who cheats on her, as we reach our halfway mark of the episode.

      -We cut to later in the day as the girls are climbing some stairs. Tsubasa is out of breath and asks how the other two can have so much energy, which Hibiki replies by calling Tsubasa out of shape. First, she just got out of the hospital, and second, show a little tact, Hibiki. As she joins her juniors, she comments that she's been a protector and spent all her life on the battlefield. They have arrived at a park, which is calm and peaceful. For her, on this day, she feels like she's gotten to know a whole new world, one that doesn't require killing Noise, but killing time by going to the movies, trying out new outfits, running away from groupies, and most importantly of all, having ice cream.

      -Hibiki, however, tells her the day isn't over yet! She grabs Tsubasa by the hand and brings her over to a railing overlooking the city. Why? Well, for the beautiful sunset by the sea, of course! Hibiki says this is the park where they met, adding that all the places they went to, as well as the places they didn't, are part of the world she knows. She then adds that because Tsubasa fought yesterday, everyone gets to live in this world. So don't you dare say you don't know it, okay? Okay. Tsubasa takes in these words and looks back to the sunset, recalling Kanade's words about there something else behind the battle. Something nice that she'd like to see. Tsubasa realizes that this is the world Kanade saw, bringing her a smile of realization. Too bad about the whole being dead before showing you part.

      -The next day, the girls are having a meeting at the rooftop. Tsubasa tells her juniors that she's having a comeback concert at the Artist Festival in ten days. She had them clear a spot for her because nobody is going to say no to a celebrity like her, especially when she has the backing of the government behind her. Though the reason for this concert is to make up for the cancelled one when she "collapsed". Why are Miku and Hibiki there? Well, they've been given tickets, of course! And where will this concert take place? At the arena where the concert of two years ago was held. You'd think they'd treat that place as a cursed land, but Hibiki isn't that type of girl. She's going to overcome her past, even if it means going back to the place where she nearly died. Obviously, this means that nothing bad will happen a second time around, right?

      -Tsubasa doesn't seem convinced by Hibiki's declaration at first, but after looking around a bit, including looking at some birds, she thinks that, yes, she can overcome her past, as well. We then fade back to the arena, rehearsal having just ended. Ogawa is walking backstage with Tsubasa, thinking it went well. Though, of course, doing well in rehearsal doesn't mean the actual performance will do it. You just never know what happens. Like when a person suddenly appears, applauding you. The person in question is Tony Glazer, a producer for Metro Music. You know, the people trying to court Tsubasa for an international release. Because she's been denying any meetings, he's come all this way to negotiate directly. Ogawa, being in his element, is about ready to tell the producer off, but Tsubasa stops him, asking Tony to give her a little more time. Tony is taking this as good news, as it means her mind might be changing on this international release prospect? Tsubasa doesn't answer, but Tony is still optimistic. He'll also be attending the concert and is looking forward to it, like a baseball scout at an amateur game. That was a weird analogy, now that I think about it.

      -We briefly get a look outside of the concert grounds to see the people lining up, then to the streets of the city as Hibiki rushes towards the arena. Turns out, she's running late. You'd think the SDRTST would provide a ride for Hibiki, since she's part of the team and all. Suddenly, she gets a call, and it's from HQ. Hey, you're getting her that ride after all! Sadly, no. Turns out, they detected Noise activity. Genjuro reports this to Hibiki and plans to contact Tsubasa, but Hibiki stops her. She's going to go at it alone as Tsubasa has her own battle to fight. Genjuro approves of his student's determination. Just don't try to destroy the arena, okay?

      -Back at the arena, the concert takes place. Instead of anything fancy like Tsubasa coming from the ceiling, she appears stage left to the roar of the crowd. Intercut with this is a Castle Noise taking shots at a random building, then to Hibiki running for the fight. As we get more of Tsubasa soaking in the applause, we cut to the battle to see that it isn't the Noise doing the shooting, but Death Metal Goth Magical Girl Chris shooting them. She's facing a mob of them, and suddenly, the Castle Noise fires rockets, blasting her away. At the arena, Tsubasa begins her song, but there's no dance number like there was in episode one. Do you think they have the budget for that again? But as the song happens, Chris is fired upon by the Castle Noise. I wonder if I can fit in a chess term here?

      -Luckily, Hibiki arrives just in time, taking out the rocket attack, then using her Sonic Punch, kills every single Noise in the area. Has she been power leveling while we weren't looking? Except she forgot the Castle Noise, which fires on her. Hibiki then... stands still as every attack misses? No, wait, it's Chris! She's protecting Hibiki! Then why does it look like the Noise is actually missing Chris. Must be a graduate of the Stormtrooper Shooting Academy.

      -Chris is doing this because she doesn't want to owe Hibiki, but this only gets her to smile. We cut more to the concert, intercut with shots of Hibiki punching and kicking Noise. And then we find out we have some money in the budget so we give Tsubasa a dance routine, but it's pretty simple. We then get a shot of the crowd, including Tony Glazer, who looks on like the scout he is. He takes his job very seriously. Meanwhile, the battle rages on, but Hibiki is going to take this castle as she slams her foot into the ground, causing a shockwave and a crater that topples the Castle Noise. Now she will be Queen of the Castle!

      -We get more shots of the concert before returning to Hibiki, who's going to supercharge her next punch. Genjuro is now looking at his party budget with a tear, realizing he's never going to see that number again. Intercut with each other, Tsubasa's song reaches it's end as Hibiki's battle does, with the wielder of Gungnir punching right through the Castle Noise. Hooray! Now Hibiki will be the ruler of Japan!

      -Back at the arena, Tsubasa thanks the crowd for the applause, telling them all that it felt great to sing so hard for them. We get a panning shot of the crowd, including that of Tony Glazer, who doesn't seem pleased for some reason. How odd. As Tsubasa soaks up the applause, she tells them that she's forgotten this feeling, but thanks to them, she remembers it. She remembers how she loves to sing, and that she loves to sing for all of them! She then takes a moment before speaking about the next subject. As they probably know, Tsubasa was given an offer to sing overseas. She admits that she's never been sure why she sings, but now she believes that she wants even more people to hear her. Even if they can't understand each other's words, if they can communicate through music, she wants people all over the world to hear her songs. I think you got your answer, Tony.

      -We get another pan of the crowd, which includes Miku, who doesn't appear to be in the front row. You'd think Tusbasa would treat them like VIPs, but apparently not. Tsubasa continues with her statement, saying that she believes her songs could help someone, and that she's sung for them all. But from now on, she wants to sing within them! Wait, "within you?" That doesn't sound right to me. Maybe she means "with you"? "Within you" sounds like she's going to place herself in their bodies and sing from the inside. In any case, she continues, saying that she loves singing so much, which is why she's going to accept the offer. She knows it's a selfish request, but she liked them to listen. And perhaps, they can forgive her, too? Yeah, how dare you take a break on them like that!

      -Don't worry, the roaring crowd forgives you. As does Kanade, who may or may not be a ghost at this point. Tsubasa can't hold back the tears from hearing her friend's voice, but addresses the crowd, thanking them. We then pan back from the arena before returning back inside. The concert is still going but Tony is taking his leave. Ogawa intercepts him as Tony says that he's leaving early because he's going to be busy very soon. Ogawa pleads with the overseas producer to make Tsubasa's dreams come true, and all he gets in response in a hearty laugh. So, was that a yes?

      -Meanwhile, in the city, Chris is raging. She is the enemy of Hibiki, so why did she save her? Because while the heel-face turn is complete, you're still on that anti-hero scale. She collapses to her knees, blaming Finé for all this. Stupid abandonment issues.  To Be Continued...

      So I think it's save to say that this was certainly a breather/filler episode. Aside from dealing with that minor plot point about the overseas producer, not a whole lot really happened here. What we do know is that Chris is still conflicted, that Genjuro is damn good at everything he does, that Tsubasa has taken over Kanade's love for singing, and that Hibiki still oversleeps a lot.

      We're running down to our final few episodes of the season, but it doesn't look like anything is reaching the point of resolution yet. Will the team figure out what Finé is up to? What does Ryouko's comments about herself changing mean? Who's side is she on? And more importantly, will Tusbasa rock the world like she rocked Japan? You'll have to tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, if you're a music producer, you should always be prepared to accept a response to your offer wherever you are, even if you are in a audience of the pop idol you're trying to court. It is a legally binding agreement, after all.

    • I have those clone blues

      3 days ago


      Though I'm fairly certain nobody has cloned me.

      Hello everybody and welcome to our next transformers review.  Today, like yesterday, we have another twofer for you, only we're looking at the official releases.  And because we're still in Legends week, we're looking at two legend class figures.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Titan's Return Legend Class clones, Wingspan and Cloudraker!


      This is a special Walmart release that I got online thanks to TFSource, your one source for Transformers, and it's a double pack with two figures, Wingspan and Cloudraker.

      Though good luck getting their clone brothers, Pounce and Fastlane.  They're being released in separate box releases featuring other figures.  Why they would do it like this I do not know.  So you might want to wait for hte Takara releases.


      Anyway, on the back of the box you have your obligatory product shots, and you can show that I kind of, sort of cheated to get this, since we have the moon language label there.  Don't tell anybody that.

      But that's enough about the box.  Let's get them out and see how they really are.


      And here we have Wingspan and Cloudraker out of their packaging, and you are probably thinking "Hey, they look like the same mold!"  Well, you would be right.  The clones are essentially heavy remolds of each other, but because they're clones, it makes sense, though the transformation and alt-modes are different.

      For now, let's get in on some close ups.  First, starting with Cloudraker.


      The picture is a little better this time.  But you got a nice sculpt on the face, which includes a nice, blue visor.  You also can't see it here but that black space is actually an emblem showing what Cloudraker transforms as, which is a jet.


      As for Wingspan, his facesculpt isn't as good as Cloudraker's.  As for his symbol, it's a hawk.


      Now, because they are the same mold, they have the same posing options.  No waist swivel due to transformation, though they do have thigh swivel's at the hips.  The joints are both weirdly tight and loose at the same time.  The heads are really tight on the swivel, though.  Otherwise, you're typical legends fare.

      Now, they don't come with any additional accessories, so we'll skip right to the comparisons.


      For the official releases, here is combiner Wars Skywarp with Wingspan and Cloudraker.


      For a size comparison, here is Combiner Wars Off-Road.

      Now for transformation.  While the molds are the same, the transformation for each is different.  Though they do share some parts, like the arms.  Otherwise, the instructions are the way to go.  But soon, you'll have the clone bots from robot mode...


      Into their respective alt-modes, a hawk and a jet.


      My main issue is tolerance.  Cloudraker doesn't feel like he's locked in properly compared to Wingspan, who can support his own weight rather well.

      Now, as they are part of the Titan Return's line, they can allow Titanmasters to ride on them.


      Here we have Apeface and Loudmouth, respectively, riding on their larger companions.  For Cloudraker, you have to lift up a piece in the center to act as a seat, while for Wingspan, it's just a spot on the back.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here we have Wingspan and Cloudraker with Naughty and Blue Cat, showing that the official releases are slightly larger than the third party headmasters.


      And for the official line, here is Frenzy and Warpath with the clone bots.

      So, here's the thing.  The clone bots are a nice idea, but the way the releases are being done is weird and very costly.  If you want all four clone bots, you have to spend over two hundred dollars because you need to get two separate releases, which will include figures you may already own or don't want.

      As I mentioned before, Takara are releasing Cloudraker and Fastlane as a set, so if you don't want to go through the hassle here, that's your best option.

      Legends week takes a break tomorrow as I focus on another episode of Symphogear, which you should totally watch with me, but we finish up the week on Saturday with one more look at a legends figure.  It'll be a real stinger of a time.  Until then.

    • What a Naughty Blue Cat

      4 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review.  Today, we continue Legends week and take a look at our third and final third party legends figure.  And this time, it's a twofer, because it came in a pack of two and I'm too lazy to do two different journal entries.  Especially when it's the one box.

      For this set, we'll be looking at Legends class headmasters!  How do they work?  Why don't we find out.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Unique Toys Palm Collection YM-03, Naught and Blue Cat!


      Also known as Mindwipe and Brainstorm.  This is a weird box art to use, though.  It's like Mindwipe is reaching out to Brainstorm going "No, don't do that!  It's not nice!"


      And on the back of hte box you have your obligatory product shots for the two figures, including some that were released earlier.  Basically, they did all of the headmasters from before.  But enough about the box!  Let's get them out and see how they really are.


      So here we have Naughty and Blue Cat, and they look rather nice.  They feel like they have some good quality to them, too, with regards to their plastic.  More of a blocky feel, to be honest.

      Because we're focusing on two figures, I'll be doing some individual looks.  First, let's start with Blue Cat.


      Seriously, camera.  You suck at this.  Anyway, up close you can see some nice paint on Blue Cat, who's emulating Headmasters Brainstorm and not Rebirth Brainstorm.  So that means no faceplate.


      And like the Headmasters of old, the headmaster gimmick lives on, though unlike Kingorilla, this is a paint decal.  Still, it's nice to have.


      With regards to posing, you do have some options though a lot of the joints feel a bit loose.  The shoulders are on ball pegs so there's some shoulder articulation, as well.  The wrists only move for transformation so you won't get much out of it.


      Blue Cat also comes with two guns, which are typically stored in the legs to help hide the hollow bits, because we need to make them look good, dammit!

      Now we move on to Naughty, who's been naughty.


      Though you can't see it here, I think Naughty has the better face sculpt.  It looks more professional than Blue Cat.


      And like Blue Cat, we have the headmaster gimmick here, too.


      With regarsds to posting, there isn't that much different between the two, except Naughty has the wings, which can be posted in different positoins.

      One thing I should say is that the heads do not move.  They are locked in place.


      Naughty also comes with one accessory, which is a gun with some nice silver paint on it.  Like Blue Cat, there is a place to store the rifle, which I'll show off later.

      For now, let's get right to comparisons.


      Here are Naughty and Blue Cat with IF's Bridge Watcher.  You can see that IF's offering is a bit taller than the Unique Toy's offering.


      Next, for an official comparison, here are the headmasters with Combiner Wars Skywarp.  They're about the same height, so they would fit perfectly with your Legends shelf.

      now for transformation.  It's rather simple and the instructions are pretty good, so you should be fine.  Though I should mention that Blue Cat is a bit weird.  The shints actually rotate, so you need to do that to complete the transformation.  The Instructions were unclear about that.

      But once you get through that, you'll have the two headmasters from robot mode...


      So their respective alt-modes, a bat and a space fighter.  Like before, we'll be looking at them individually here.


      Looking at Blue Cat, I can't help but think that his alt-mode doesn't really lend itself well to a proper legends scale.  It's mostly the nosecone that htrows me off.


      Another problem are the wings, which are attached to hte arms.  There's a canal that the arms are suppose to plug in, but they put them at such a weird angle, making it look worse.


      And from the back you can see that it doesn't really clean up well.  Some bots just aren't meant for the legends scale.


      Next up is Naughty, which I think had more care in it's alt-mode, as the bat lends itself much better to the legends scale.


      There's very little that really stick out or seem out of place, so clearly, of the two, Naughty was treated nicely.  Oh, and as for Naughty's weapon.  You see those two holes in the back?  They're for the rifle.


      It works the same way in robot mode, so you do have your options.

      Of course, we can't talk about these guys without talking about their Headmaster partners.  Though since we're technically talking about the Headmaster series, they are the actual bots themselves.


      But I'm G1 for life, suckers, so these guys are actually Vorath and Arcana.  There's not much to say about the molds here.  They are different, but obviously you can only do so much with bots this scale.  Unless your IF, then you make sure the Headmaster looks just as good as the main bot.

      ...Dammit, I knew I forgot who to compare them with.  But anyway, just a quick comparison.


      Anyway, here we have Fansproject's Arcana with the two tiny headmasters.  As yo ucan see, Vorath is plotting something terrible.

      Now, just like any proper headmaster set, these two can ride in their respective partners.


      Here is Arcana with Blue Cat.


      And here is Vorath with Naughty.  They have a surprising amount of room, so you shouldn't be running into any problems.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here we have the two with Legends class Cosmos.


      And for fun, here they are with DX9's Hurricane.

      All and all, this is a fine set, though clearly Naughty is the better of the two figures.  But that's just my opinion, really.  There are two other sets containing the other headmasters that I'll see if I can get, just to see how they are compare to these guys.

      And that does it for our third party legends round up.  tomorrow and Saturday we'll be looking at some official first party releases, including another twofer.  And I promise that tomorrow's entry won't be a clone of this one.  Until then.

    • How much does a Bridge Watcher pay?

      5 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next Transformers review.  Today we keep the legend hits coming and take a look at our second legends class figure, which just so happens to be the next Iron Factory release.  IF really does love their legends, don't they?

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Iron Factory IF EX 21 Legends Class version of Shockwave, Bridge Watcher!


      As you can see, Bridge Watcher comes in the IF box, only much, much smaller in comparison to some of the other IF releases.  Who knew, right?


      And here is the back of the box, showing off Bridge Watcher in various poses and his alt-mode, as well as a preview of another figure set that's coming down the pipeline. I wonder what it could be?

      But who cares about the future, let's talk about now.  So let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Bridge Watcher out of his box and looking very much like a G1 Shockwave, but with enough IDW-ness to pass off as one.


      Once again, my camera hates Legends figures.  But that is a Shockwave face.  This release includes lightpiping, but it doesn't work very well so I didn't try to get a picture of it.  Which is weird given how everybody else has this thing down pat.  Must be due to the size.


      And I don't do this often, but here's the back of Bridge Watcher, showing how he's emulating the MP release of Shockwave with part of his alt-mode hanging off as a backpack.  It's big and pegs into the back, which can cause an issue with posing as Bridge Watcher does have a waist swivel.

      Also, you have a little rubber hose there, and despite what you think, it does not impede movement for Bridge Watcher at all.  It's those little things, really.


      Speaking of posing, Bridge Watcher has some rather stiff joints, especially around the thighs.  This is because the majority of the paint is at those joint sections, the silver bit.  It's a nice contrast to the overall look but you do need to be careful with it sometimes.

      And normally this is where I talk about accessories.  Bridge Watcher's main gun is, of course, his arm cannon.  He doesn't come with a mini version of himself as a weapon, which would be fun.


      He does come with an extra set of hands, like a saluting hand, if you so desire.  I don't, so back in the box it goes.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Bridge Watcher with DX9's legend class version of Megatron, something I totally missed out on my Starscream review.


      Next, here is Bridge Watcher with Combiner Wars Skywarp, to compare an official release with a third party release.


      Here he is with Wings of Tyrant Red, aka, Starscream.  Bridge Watcher is a hair bit taller than the cowardly seeker.


      And lastly, here is Bridge Watcher with Combiner Wars Shockwave and Warbotron X-Ray, showing off the many different versions of Shockwave.  You know, for a bot who didn't get a lot of screen time, he sure did get popular.  Must have been the voice.

      Anyway, on to transformation.  IF is usually hit or miss on the transformation, depending on how complex it is.  Bridge Watcher isn't complex but really needed another run through.  For you see, the main issue withe the transformation is the legs.  You have to accordion them in, but the way to do it is rather awkward.  I find it best to actually pull down and then push, but individual results may vary.

      Once you get that done, you'll go from Bridge Watcher in robot mode...


      To Bridge Watcher in his gun mode.  And it's alright.  It's your typical gun bot, which means that, without a proper stand, he ain't standing on it's own power.


      One other issue I have is the arm cannon sticking out like that.  It's rather unsightly, to be honest.


      One thing I do want to show off is that Bridge Watcher here has pegs on the gun handle.  This is related to a future release from Iron Factory coming down the line.  But who would use Bridge Watcher as a gun to begin with?  I just can't think of it.


      Anyway, here's how Bridge Watcher looks in hand.  He's so tiny!


      And we'll only be doing one comparison here.  Here we have Bridge Watcher with Warbotron's X-Ray.  yeah, really, the MP release got it the best.

      And that's it for the Iron Factory legends, but we may come back to them down the line later.  For now, Legends week continues and tomorrow it'll be a two for one deal as we take a look at a couple of Legends class figures that have a tendency to lose their heads.  Until then.

    • Starscream can be a real tyrant sometimes

      6 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next transformers review.  For the next few days I'll be doing a lot of legend scale transformers.  Why?  Because I have a number of them that I want to do, so deal with it.

      Today we'll be looking at one of a number of third party offerings, which will also include some first party offerings.  A lot of these reviews are going to be short due to the scale I'm working with, but don't be surprised if you see a few of them coming back later.

      As for this one, it's a legends scale figure of our favorite power hungry bot, which, of course, gets repainted.  So, without further ado, may I present to you the Iron Factory IF EX 20-R Legends Class figure, Wings of Tyrant Red!


      Or better know to us G1 folks as Starscream, the eternal coward who loves to take power as soon as Megatron doesn't answer the phone on the first ring.

      Here we see Starscream in the IF packaging, which has evolved again for this set.  As you can see in the background we'll be getting all the seekers, including Starscream's buddies as well as the Coneheads.  But we won't be looking at this for this set of reviews, just Starscream.


      On the back of the box you have your obligatory product shots, showing off the Screamer in his different modes and poses, as well as some accessories that he comes with.  And looking at hte back again I realized there was a mode I kind of forgot, but it's not something that's going to be used often so we won't focus on it.

      So with that done, let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Starscream out of his package, and I must say, the first thing my eye caught was the metallic red coloring on the bod.  Iron Factory typically doesn't do a lot of paint, but that may have changed with some recent releases.

      They also tend to go with a more IDW look, though with Starscream changing bodies left and right they went with the one that's more of a classic look for the screamer.


      Now I did the best I could with this shot but my camera doesn't like the dark face.  But if you could see it, you can tell that it's a Starscream sculpt.

      Basically, everything that makes Starscream iconic is here.


      With regards to posing, because of the feet, Starscream isn't going to be the most stable figure.  That said, you do have a lot of motions for a figure this size.  The wings are on ball pegs so they can move around for the arms, which are on ball hinges, allowing for a lot of shoulder articulation.  He's got a good but tight waste swivel and good knee bend, which you'll see later.

      Now, Starscream does come with a number of accessories that we'll go over.  Obviously he's got the null rays, a classic for the seekers, though one is loose on mine.


      Starscream also comes with a Megatron gun, which can be held in his hands.  This is also me showing off the kneeing pose.  Not many figures can do this but Starscream looks to be one of hte few who can pull it off reasonably well.


      Next, if you want to replicate G! Movie Starscream, then he comes with his coronation set.  I should warn you that the shoulder pads are very, very tight and it'll take a while to get them off.  You really only want this if you want to replicate legends Galvatron shooting Starscream.

      Oh, and the crown is actually molded on a second Starscream head.  It's a simple switch.  Just pull off the one head and plug in the other.


      One last accessory is something you don't see very often with third party companies.  A flight stand.  And the stand works for Starscream in any mode.  Robot mode, coronation mode, alt-mode, they can all use it.  And it's very stable, too.

      Now for comparisons.


      Here is Starscream with Combiner Wars Legends class Shockwave.  Iron Factory figures tend to be on the taller side of the scale, so Starscream is going to be slightly taller.


      For an IF comparison, here is Starscream with Evil Drift, aka, Deadlock.


      For another IF comparison, here is Starscream with the Phase Sixer, Sky Shadow.


      And lastly, here is IF Starscream with Generations Starscream.  And I think I'll be replacing my legends seekers now.

      Now for transformation.  It's actually rather simple, though as typical with the IF transformations, there aren't a lot of locking pegs, so some pieces are going to be a bit loose.  Still, the instructions are pretty good, so soon, you'll go from Starscream in robot mode...


      To Starscream in alt-mode.  And it's a very nice alt-mode, looking more like a modern jet fighter than the F-15 from the G1 days.


      There some good color break up here, but as is typical with transformers that turn into airpalnes, you can't hide the arms all that well.  Though the G1 toys did, but they were cheating.


      All and all, a very smooth looking jet with a very iconic look.

      Of course, he is compatible with the flight stand, as shown here.


      Unlike with Kingorilla, the light stand is stable, and allows for some posing, so you can have Starscream swooping about.


      Of course, to use the flight stand, you need an additional piece which is attached to the crotch plate.

      Aside from the flight stand, there are no other accessories that work with Starscream here, so let's move on to comparisons.


      Here we have Starscream with Shockwave.


      Here he is with Blackjack.


      And lastly, here is Starscream with Generations Starscream.

      So, yeah, as I mentioned, I think I'll be replacing my legends seeker molds with the IF offerings.  They just look so much better, and they aren't very expensive.  That said, I'll have to do that anyway as the seeker molds are coming with a build a figure set.  Of what, you may ask?  Well, if I get them all, you'll just have to wait until then.

      But Legends week keeps going, and tomorrow we'll be looking at another Iron Factory figure.  And it's going to be a real Shockwave.  Until then.

    • Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 8

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear, where friendships are broken because of government held secrets.

      In our last episode, we had the conclusion of the fight between Chris and Hibiki. Pushed to her limit, Chris activates her own Symphogear, Ichaival, one thought to be lost, and it basically turns her into a Death Metal Goth Pop Idol with Chain Guns for days. This puts Hibiki on the defensive, but luckily, an injured Tsubasa comes in to save the day. However, the fight ends in a draw as Chris retreats due to interference from Finé.

      Back at HQ, Hibiki is informed that Miku has been told of the situation and signed the necessary NDAs, but back home, she is not pleased by Hibiki lying to her face about not hiding anything. As such, the friendship is heavily strained, practically at the point of breaking. So much so that Miku, who has cared for Hibiki for so long, suggests breaking their friendship, much to Hibiki's displeasure.

      Speaking of displeasure, Chris goes to confront Finé about being abandoned, given that she has abandonment issues. Finé says exactly that, calling the girl useless and plans to murder her with Noise. Oh, and Finé is using the Armor of Nehushtan, which is going to be a problem for all involved. Will Chris survive the assault? Will Hibiki and Miku ever make up? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins at school on a rainy day, which certainly says something about the mood everybody is feeling. We see that Miku is trying to sleep, having taken the bottom bunk due to her anger towards Hibiki. She gets up because of her inability to sleep, but lingers at a picture of her and Hibiki, all smiles, from long ago. Hibiki herself senses that Miku is awake, but does not attempt to move or say anything. It's a really tense moment here, one with no clear resolution.

      -So why don't we get out of that awkward moment and go watch a young girl with abandonment issues fight for her life. Those are always fun, right? We see that Chris has transformed into her Death Metal Goth Pop Idol mode, showing that she survived the initial attack, and is running through an alley as the Noise are in hot pursuit. She takes them out, but it's clear that the near constant battle of the last couple of days have taken their toll on her. She nearly collapses on the ground, Ichaival powering down. But as luck would have it, we see Miku walking down the street, and just by random chance, looks over to find Chris there. Well, things are going to get so much more awkward now, aren't they?

      -Tonight's episode is titled No Shadows in the Sunlight. Except it's raining, so there wouldn't be any sunlight at the moment. At school, Hibiki is receiving an update from Genjuro about a possible Noise infiltration. Fortunately, it was early in the morning so there were no casualties this time. But among the pattern for the Noise was also Ichaval, which indicates that Chris was in the area and possibly fighting them, too. Hibiki sighs in concern, prompting Genjuro to want to hear his pupil's thoughts. She explains that Chris might not have anywhere to go back to, which Genjuro agrees with. They do keep track of everything said during battle and they likely heard of Finé abandoning Chris. They'll keep investigating, as that's their job, and he'll keep Hibiki in the know. Until then, she's on standby, so during then, she should really try to patch things up with Miku.

      -As Hibiki enters the classroom, she finds that Miku hasn't arrived yet. How surprising. The three friends show up, asking for her, but Hibiki doesn't know anymore than them. One friend, we'll call her the sporty friend, apologizes, thinking that she's responsible for the falling out Hibiki and Miku had. Anime twin-tail girl wonders what they would do if this was an anime, but refined girl tells her to think about this seriously. This banter does get Hibiki to cheer up slightly, but this only wants her to make up with Miku more. Perhaps Master will know what to do in this situation. And where did Miku go? I mean, it's not like she picked up a random enemy off the street, right?

      -We then cut to Miku after having picked up Chris off the street. The Death Metal Goth Pop Idol is hurting from her battles, so Miku is tending to her. Suddenly, Chris wakes up and panics a bit. Where is she? What's going on? And why is she wearing a gym outfit? Miku, by her side, is happy to see that she's woken up. She doesn't want to have to bury another body again. She's the one who changed Chris, getting her out of her soaked dress. Chris, always one to be grateful for such help, stands up and yells at Miku for helping. However, we soon learn of another issue. While Miku gave her a spare shirt to wear, she didn't really have any spare underwear, so Chris is basically flashing the world. She takes it rather well, all things considered, but wraps herself in the blanket, as if it was a shield from the harsh, harsh world.

      -However, Miku isn't alone, for another person appears. Wait, is that the chef Miku was getting advice from? I think it was. Well, she's told that Chris has woken up and is thanked for the extra bed. No problem, it's what chefs do. Hey, we also washed the clothes, including Chris' outfit, so Miku is going to help out. Chris can't help but stare, wondering what kind of insanity she's witnessing. People being nice to each other? What sort of madness is this?

      -A cut later and we see Miku is washing Chris' back. Giving this whole niceness thing a try, Chris thanks Miku as we get a good look at her back. It's not pretty. As in, there are a lot of bruises there, mostly from her battle with Finé and the Noise. The rest are probably from Finé's happy fun time with Chris during their off time. The less said about that, the better. Still, this whole "niceness" thing is bothering her, prompting her to say that Miku isn't asking her anything. She replies that she's just not that good with questioning stuff like this. So you collapsed in an alley? Miku doesn't care except that you need care, and that's all there is to it. Though Miku then says that she didn't want to ruin the relationship she had, but ended up ruining what was most important to her. I had to go back a couple of times to see if I missed something, because that comment just came out of nowhere. And it doesn't look like a scene was dropped, unless it was during the cut between the laundry and Miku cleaning Chris' back

      -Chris asks if Miku had a fight with someone, which she confirms. Back at school, Hibiki is concerned because the diligent Miku has never skipped school before. Clearly, Miku can't stand to be in the same school as Hibiki anymore. That's when Tsubasa shows up with her cane to have a chat. Hibiki explains that she thought she was ready for this, to protect the world with her Symphogear. But something so small as totally throw her off and she can't do anything about it. She needs to get stronger and wants to change, but she doesn't know what To do. Tsubasa asks if perhaps that small thing is what she really wants to protect? Wouldn't that be fine, then? She believes that Hibiki can be strong and also stay herself, but then admits that Kanade was better at giving prep talks than her. Not only was she a big ball of rage, but a big ball of sunshine, too.

      -Hibiki counters Tsubasa's claim that she isn't good at this sort of thing. She mentions a friend that once said something similar to cheer her up... but it didn't work and she got depressed again. If anything, she's terrible at getting advice and keeping it. Tsubasa smiles at her, though. She's a good girl, isn't she? Hibiki then asks if Tsubasa is still hurting, but the pop idol explains that she's just being careful so it's nothing to worry about. Well, that's good. Tsubasa then goes on to explain how the Climax Song puts a lot of stress on the body, more so than she anticipated. Given that it's a song of destruction, with the target being everybody and you, but the price for something that powerful is actually cheap. Hibiki suddenly stands up and tells Tsubasa that she went through all that difficult rehab two years ago was because her music kept her going. Her songs aren't only songs of destruction as they make people who hear them feel better. So get well soon, because your biggest fan is happily awaiting your next single! This gets Tsubasa to laugh. If Hibiki was her biggest fan she'd have a restraining order on her. Still, she thanks her fan for cheering her up, even though she came to cheer Hibiki up. It's like the roles were reversed all of a sudden.

      -Back at the chef's place, Miku explained her own situation to Chris, who's getting back into her own dress. Chris just can't understand fighting with a friend, prompting Miku to ask if Chris ever had one? A fight with a friend, that is. Chris responds that she has no friends, then starts to give her own backstory. Her parents were killed in the South American Civil War, and ever since then, she's been alone. She's had no time to make friends. This depresses Miku as she continues, commenting that she thought one person understood her, but she was only using her as a tool. It seems like nobody really cared about her. We get a shot of her tied up with other children as they're rounded up by I assume to be rebels. Chris calls all adults scum, going on about how they didn't care if she was hurt or hungry or anything like that. Stupid rebels with taking children as hostages.

      -Miku apologizes, because she doesn't know what to say to that. And who would, really? But don't worry, while Miku doesn't know what to say, Chris does. Why don't you go beat up whoever you're fighting with. It's a brilliant solution! Once Miku understands which of them is stronger, it'll be over! Then they can make up, right? Miku is clearly thinking "Who did I pick up from the alley and why am I so scared all of a sudden?" She tells Chris that she can't do that. One doesn't go and beat up their friend just because of a squabble. Especially when said friend can transform into a power armored magical girl.

      -Chris just doesn't get it. How can violence not work in this situation? Still, Miku appreciates the advice, even if she isn't going to take her up on it. Chris is confused by this, claiming she didn't do anything, but Miku replies that the thanks was for caring about her. That's when she finally get Chris' name, calling her nice. She questions that, then Miku introduces herself, takes hold of Chris' hand, and suggests that maybe she can be her friend? I hope you aren't going to groom her as a replacement for Hibiki, Miku.

      -Uncertain about what to do with these strange feelings, Chris walks away slightly, claiming she's done all kinds of awful things to Miku. I'm assuming Chris does recognize Miku from a couple of episodes back. But before anything else can be said, the evacuation alarm goes off. Genjuro is telling his magical girl duo that they've detected a lot of Noise and that they are likely related to what they saw this morning. I like how he's just calmly walking down the street, not in any rush. I can't help but think he's wishing a Noise wold appear, just so he can punch it. If he could without dying, that is.

      -Tsubasa is ready to fight but Genjuro orders her to stand down. Until she gets a clean bill of health she's sidelined until further notice. Luckily, Hibiki is there to tell her to protect everyone. This way, she'll focus on what's ahead of her. Which is a lot of Noise and a lot of buildings to knock down. At the restaurant, Chris, Miku and the Chef walk out to see the panic taking place. Chris is confused, but Miku fills her in. The Noise have appeared. Being told this, Chris spurs into action while questioning herself all the way through. Clearly, this is all that girl's fault.

      -After a break, we cut to Chris entering an empty street. She's catching her breath but is worried. She is blaming herself for the attack, screaming at the heavens. She begins to break down, dropping to her knees, tears coming from her eyes. This is not what she wanted. She just wanted to stop what happened to her happen to other people. This attracts the attention of some Noise. Fine, you bastards want a fight! Chris will give you one! She attempts her activation key, but then starts coughing, breaking it. This gives the Noise a chance to attack, with no time for her to dodge. Luckily, she is saved by a slab of concrete appearing! Hooray for well timed earthquakes!

      -No, wait, it's Genjuro, who used his incredibly awesome skills and power to pick up a slab of the street, then punches said street into projectiles to hit Noise. Just because he can't touch him doesn't mean he won't get creative. And really, that was some real creativity Sensei Genjuro just pulled off. Undeterred by this seemingly super powered human, the Noise attack again, but like before, Genjuro kicks the street and summons another concrete slab to block the attack. He then grabs hold of Chris and jumps up to a nearby building, which is probably about four stories high. So, yeah, I'm starting to think that Genjuro has One for All after all.

      -On the roof, Genjuro checks on Chris, but she moves away, and as Noise appear, she sings her activation key. And we get her transformation sequence. As soon as it's done, Chris is on the attack, bringing in our required explosions. She then turns to Genjuro and tells him that she's fine, so go help the others. He's reluctant to do so, but Chris doesn't give him a choice as she activates Billion Maiden, drawing aggro on the Noise. Genjuro is left dumbstruck, making an unusual comment' "One again, I won't be able to save her?" Why would you say that unless you tried to rescue her once before?

      -So Death Metal Goth Pop Idol Chris gets her death metal song going, slaying Noise left and right. This apparently has the added effect of drawing all of the other Noise towards her, which causes more property damage. Hibiki arrives to see the Noise leave, but before she can follow, she hears a scream from a nearby construction site. She goes in to find hte source of the scream but instead runs into an octopus Noise. Before Hibiki can react, Miku shows up, silent as a ninja, covering up her friend's mouth. She then takes out her phone and types in a message saying that the octopus Noise responds to loud noises. It chased her and the chef into this building as we see the chef lying on the ground not to far away. This because a problem because if Hibiki tries to activate her Symphogear, it'll draw the Noise's attention to them, putting MIku and Chef in danger. If only there was a Death Metal concert nearby.

      -Miku and Hibiki then have a conversation with their phones, which we do not see, but Chef is starting to stir, drawing the attention of OctoNoise. Miku stops the phone conversation and apologizes for being mean to her and that she doesn't expect Hibiki to forgive her. But despite that, she wants to be with her, anyway. She wants to fight, too. Yeah, no. Hibiki is not down for that. Miku doesn't care what she thinks, saying that she doesn't want her to do this alone. She stands up and screams that she won't hesitate anymore, drawing the attention of OctoNoise. She then books it out of the building, making as much noise as possible to draw the monster away, allowing Hibiki to check in on Chef. Because of Miku's actions, Hibiki's heart is filled with determination and sings her activation key, getting Chef out of harms way.

      -Luckily for Hibiki, Ogawa happens to be passing by. She hands Chef over to Ogawa and goes off to chase OctoNoise and Miku. During the chase, we see the conversation we didn't see as Miku is explaining the plan to Hibiki. Of course, Hibiki is against this, but Miku has faith in her friend, the only person she can trust. Hey, they're making up! And it only required them to be put into a life-or-death situation to do it, too! Hibiki, taking her friend's words to heart, thinks to herself on how she thought she could use the Symphogear to save people, but she was wrong. She isn't hte only one trying their hardest, as we see Miku putting her track skills to use as OctoNoise... went from being orange to blue? Wait, so was it orange because it was inside, or did it change colors because it's pised at Miku running away from it? He only wants to give you a hug, Miku!

      -The thought of other people trying reminds Hibiki of that faithful day, two years ago, when Kanade gave her life to save her. She thinks she understands now, but as she continues to fly in the air, she hears Miku scream. She just avoided an attack from OctoNoise, but she quickly gets back to running. This spurs Hibiki into action, telling herself that she doesn't want to save people just out of guilt for surviving her own ordeal. She gives her legs an extra charge, and as soon as she lands, catapults herself forward faster, refusing to give up on the chance Kanade gave her.

      -Miku, however, is running out of time. One can only run for so long before their body has had enough, even if Death is coming up right behind them. She soon collapses, reaching her limit. She sees OctoNoise looming behind her, lamenting on how she didn't make up properly with Hibiki. However, an extra thought spurs her. She hasn't seen shooting starts with her friend yet. This extra burst gives Miku a second wind, allowing her to just barely avoid the attack. Unfortunately, the shock wave of the attack destroys the street, which just happened to be on a cliff, sending her and OctoNoise towards a river nearby, where some ducks are watching with disinterest.

      -Fortunately, Hibiki arrives just in time to blast her way through OctoNoise, destroying it, then she changes her momentum with a rocket punch, sending her straight for Miku. I just want to comment that I like those little things like Hibiki changing her direction like that, just to show the attention to detail the animators make for this. Anyway, grabbing her friend, she prepares for a rough collision, which we don't get to see much, the two girls safely land by the river, out of breath but no worse for wear. The ducks, however, continue to look on with disinterest. Must be Thursday.

      -At this point, Gungnir has powered down as the girls get down from their adrenaline high. They're a little dirty but no worse for wear. They then stare at each other and begin to laugh. Hey, we almost died together! Isn't that funny? Hibiki laments about not making a cool landing while Miku complains about hurting everywhere, But pain means you're still alive, which is always a plus. Still, Miku knew that Hibiki would come for her, even if she didn't have a hero complex. Hibiki is just glad that her friend never gave up on her, since she's her friend and all. This causes Miku to cry and tackle hugs her friend. Well, at least they're on the grass.

      -Miku hugs Hibiki tightly, saying how scared she was. Especially when OctoNoise turned form orange to blue. Hibiki was scared, too. She didn't see it change from orange to blue. That's when Miku lets it all out ,saying how she wasn't mad that Hibiki didn't tell her the truth, but that she was trying to keep all the pain and sadness to herself. That's what she hated the most. She was worried that Hibiki would get hurt again, but she admits that she as selfish because she didn't want to lose her best friend. Even after knowing the truth, she couldn't go back to the way she was before, knowing the dangers Hibiki was putting herself in. She's not allowed to have the glamorous life a super hero without her permission!

      -Hibiki accepts the apology, and as she's about to call Miku her friend, possibly putting her in the friend zone, she starts laughing, commenting on Miku's messed up hair, and that she's crying, but she's talking all serious about serious things. How dare you, madam! Miku declares that Hibiki is just as bad off as her. Oh no! Her beautiful, well kept appearance! She asks for a mirror from Miku, but she doesn't have one. How about a picture instead, to commemorate their renewed friendship? They then take a look at the picture and see just how messy they really are. They'll never wash off that dirt now.

      -You know, I can't help but think we're forgetting about somebody. I'm sure it wasn't important. We cut to the street as the military are getting everything back in order. Ogawa gives Miku a gift from Chef. Yay for gratitude gifts! That's when Hibiki has to give Genjuro the news. Miku kind of sort of saw her fighting again. Miku denies it, saying that she got herself involved, but Genjuro just doesn't want to deal with more paperwork right now. Hibiki, just put it all in your report and we'll take it from there. But in any case, if people are being saved, then he won't complain. Awesome! High five!

      -Suddenly, a pink car appears, drifting in like it's in a race. It's Ryouko and she laments on how the star always arrives late. Now, what scientific experiment to start with next? Maybe this spot here where she... I mean the Noise did the most damage. Okay then! With her arrival, Genjuro sends the girls home. Before doing so, Miku tells Genjuro about Chris and how they got separated during the evacuation. Oh, well we'll just... wait, did you say Chris? Luckily, Genjuro plays it cool. he tells her that they haven't heard about any casualties, but he's certain that she'll be able to get in touch with her. Of course we know she's still alive because as Genjuro is telling Miku this, we see Chris looking over the river before walking off to do who knows what over there.

      -Miku is glad to hear this and goes to rejoin her friend. Alone with his thoughts, Genjuro looks up to the sky. Things have certainly become exciting, haven't they? Back at the dorm, the girls are off to bed, and as they have officially made up, they're sharing a bed again. Tired, Hibiki is out almost instantly, which surprises Miku. But Hibiki is faking it and the girls get into a little play fight, their newly taken picture framed on a shelf. Hooray for friendship! Cue credits!

      More than halfway through the first season and we've already had a number of game changers. First, we get to see that Genjuro, who cannot fight Noise directly, gets really creative when he's on the field. Though his comment related to Chris does make me wonder if he did attempt to rescue her once before. Maybe it'll be part of his backstory.

      As for Chris, i think it's safe to say that her heel-face turn has been completed. She won't join up with the SDRTST yet, but thanks to Miku and Genjuro, it's pretty obvious that whatever she thought of Finé before, her attitude towards her has completely changed. What that will mean for future episodes remains to be seen.

      And to wrap up the arc, Miku and Hibiki are friends again! Hooray! And all it required for them to make up was for Miku to find Chris, make her get better, then find herself stuck in a life or death situation with Chef and provide a distraction for Hibiki which requires her to put her own life on the life against OctoNoise. It was that simple all along. Though given that Miku wants to help, it's likely she'll be interning at the SDRTST very soon. But not under Ryouko. They discontinued that program a long time ago.

      While some things have been resolved, we still have some pressing questions. Who does Finé work for? Is she related in some way to Ryouko? And what is the overall goal do they have in mind? Tune in on Friday as we seek for those answers.

      Until next time, remember, no matter what kind of trouble you get into, a duck will not care, for those petty human squabbles are beneath the majestic duck.

    • Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 7

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Where our heroes make promises they can't keep because of stupid villains causing all kinds of problems.

      In our last episode, the breather episode, Miku is losing faith in her friend, Hibiki, as she keeps ditching class to go train in secret. One Sunday morning she decides to join her friend, and for payment, it's food at a place where the Chef is wise. Of course, Hibiki ends up not going because she's been called in by Ogawa to check on Tsubasa, as he's currently stuck in "negotiations." And, for some reason, the hospital also happens to be across the street from the library, allowing Miku to see why Hibiki ditched her. YOu'd think they'd put a popular celebrity like Tsubasa in a room facing away from the general populace.

      We also find out that Tsubasa is a very messy idol, as her hospital room looks like a tornado went through it. Something Hibiki probably had to go through until she got her act together. They spend a few moments together, getting close and letting any animosity between them fade away. All in all, it was a good visit.

      Meanwhile, Chris is still fuming at the thought of being abandoned, as we see in flashbacks that she may have been enslaved once before, only to be saved by Finé, who treats her well by strapping her into machines on a regular basis and electrocutes her because Finé is psychotic. Also, she may actually be Ryouko, which would explain why she was so excited to do experiments on girls like Kanade and Hibiki. So, to keep herself relevant, Chris goes off to try and kill Hibiki, but runs into a couple of problems. First, Miku ends up seeing the fight, something that even Chris has issues with. Second, Chris expected Hibiki to be a level one Adventurer, not a higher level Monk. And she quickly learns the errors of her way when Hibiki delivers a punch that, as you expect, causes an explosion.

      Has Chris finally been captured? Will we ever learn the story involving Ryouko? And will Miku be forced to sign an NDA? Let's tune in and find out.

      -So our episode begins with an explosion. We're not wasting any time getting our quota in. It's basically the last scene from the previous episode, with Miku watching the explosion from afar, concerned for her friend. And right away we go into our opening title, because we sure do love our cliffhangers, don't we?

      -Tonight's episode is titled Fate Just Keeps Firing. If I watched more Nanaho, I'd probably be making a reference here about it. The smoke starts to clear as Hibiki stands ready, starting a new song. We then following a trail of destruction to a nearby side walk where Chris lays. Yeah, something tells me somebody is going to talk to Genjuro about what he teaches his students. Chris is shocked by Hibiki's power, commenting that it was almost as powerful as Tsubasa's Climax Song. And this should probably set off a few warning signs, because a strike that's almost as powerful as a last ditch attack? That's probably the time to just cut your losses and run as far away as possible.

      -The armor, which seems to be embedded in Chris's skin, repairs itself, which looks rather painful. She remarks that she has to find aw ay to finish this fight before Hibiki tears her apart. However, Hibiki is just standing there, singing her song. She's relaxed her stance, too, which just infuriates Chris, thinking that she, Chris Yukine, is being made fun of. Hibiki doesn't comment on that part, just about knowing Chris's name. "Hi Chris, I'm Hibiki! Can't we just stop fighting and be friends already? After all, we're not like the Noise and can talk to each other." Hibiki is such a sweet girl.

      -It's a shame that Chris doesn't believe a single word Hibiki says. Chris calls her a liar, then calls her a huge idiot. She attacks Hibiki, who defends herself, but HMG here gets a few good hits in, knocking Hibiki through some trees. Hibiki still wants to make friends, but Chris doesn't. She sees her armor still healing up, but then calls for an armor purge, sending chunks of it flying. However, it's then that an activation key is sung. We see Chris beginning her own transformation sequence as she tells Hibiki she's going to show her Ichaival's power. And, of course, we get an explosion. We should make that a drinking game.

      -At HQ, Genjuro, listening in on everything, is shocked to hear of the Ichaival. Though it shows up on the big board as "Ichii-Bal." Just in case it doesn't come up, Ichaival is the name of the bow that Odin used. So we have our second Norse weapon, and a second for Odin itself. That park isn't going to survive this episode, isn't it? Anyway, HQ confirms the information, which causes concern for Genjuro. So the enemy has the second lost relic? And how did this relic get lost, anyway?

      -Back at the park, Hibiki is shocked to learn that Chris is also a Symphogear wielder. Chris, however, is all kinds of pissed off. How dare Hibiki make her sing! She hates singing, dammit! We also get a look at her outfit, which looks more like a Pop Idol outfit than even Tsubasa and Hibiki's outfits. A bit odd, now that I think about it. Anyway, Hibiki is confused. How can anybody hate singing? Well, if you're bad at singing you'd probably hate it, too. Unless you were drunk and at karaoke.

      -Chris goes right into the battle, showing off her Armed Gear, which is a cross bow that fires multiple projectiles at once, keeping in line with the myth of Ichaival. You know, despite how it's a bit silly that we have power armored magical girls, it does seem like the show did their research on what they're naming said power armored relics. Hibiki avoids the attacks and attempts to get in close, but Chris knocks her away in order to keep her distance. She then transforms her Armed Girl into two dual chain guns, which is an attack called Billion Maiden. At least, I think that first work is Billion. The font they used for those attacks makes it really hard to tell. Hibiki continues to avoid the attacks, showing that Chris is really bad at aiming, so our former HMG... actually, I've been readying the lyrics of the song and it sounds like a Goth Death Metal song. So I guess her outfit would be like a Pop Idol Goth outfit? Sure, why not?

      -Anyway, Chris unless a barrage of missiles called the Mega Deth Party. I had to double check just to make sure this wasn't a misspelling of "Death", because Deth could be applicable, depending on the term used for it. We then get a really well animated sequence of Hibiki running through the forest, avoiding attacks, and seemingly getting a missile in the face as more explosions happen all around. Even Michael Bay would think that this was too many explosions, and the man loves his explosions.

      -Goth Death Metal Chris keeps the attacks going for a long while until finally, after shooting for probably close to a minute uninterrupted, she stops. Or ran out of ammo. Can she run out of ammo? In any case, she's catching her breath, probably from all the singing. However, as the smoke clears, she's shocked to see some sort of metal barrier in front of her. A shield? A voice corrects her that no, it's a sword. Chris looks up to see Tsubasa standing atop her blade, looking down on the Goth Death Metal girl. Chris isn't bothered, though and proceeds to banter with Tsubasa. Tsubasa, however, isn't in the mood for banter and is going to make sure she doesn't lose a second time. Still, Tsuabas was in the hospital literally a few minutes ago, so Genjuro tells the rising start not to force herself. They need her revenue to keep their party budget as high as it is.

      -Hibiki recovers from the attacks to see that Tsubasa has come to save the day. The pop idol tells her companion that she isn't in top shape and would need some help. So battle is joined once again, but this time, Tsubasa is taking the distance away from Chris, landing in several shots, including one directly on her weapons, and appears right behind her, just to taunt her. Chris is panicking a bit now, given that Tsubasa is moving differently than before. Chris is able to move away from her as the two stand off. Tsubasa realizes that Chris isn't somebody to cross swords with, but she must, for she needs to ask the Death Metal Goth about the second relic, which was lost ten years ago. So she is planning to capture Chris instead of trying to murder her like before. Yay for mission priorities!

      -Suddenly, three flying Noise come from out of nowhere. Two attack and destroy Chris' Armed Gear, with a third heading straight for her. Hibiki, however, jumps into acting and shoulder tackles the third noise, destroying it. Chris ends up catching Hibiki and demands to know what she was doing, but Hibiki's response that the Noise was going to hit her, and she still wants to make friends. This just pisses Chris off more, calling her stupid. Well, I doubt Hibiki would deny it, but that's still a bit harsh.

      -Also, nobody is going to ask about the random Noise appearing out of nowhere? Nobody? Okay, so why not bring in Finé (Hey, I figured out the accents now!) to say how disappointed she is in Chris. How can you not follow simple orders? Really. Tsubasa comments on the name, which means "the end." Is now really the time to be thinking of that? Anyway, Chris throws away Hibiki's prone body and yells at Finé, saying that she can stop wars without this thing, and then, as she says, they'll be free of the curse, and the world will go back to being one. That is what you said, wasn't it, Finé? The sadist, however, just sighs, telling Chris that she is done with her. Chris demands to know what she means, but Finé just reclaims the discarded armor and has the Noise attack Tsubasa and Hibiki, allowing her to escape. Not wanting to leave without answers, Chris pursues. The girls, however, are unable to pursue, given how beat up they are.

      -Back in HQ, the staff report this to Genjuro, but they also ended up finding information on Chris. They bring up an article indicating that she disappeared during the South American Civil War. This is the second time I've seen this mentioned. Did a bunch of countries unite in this timeline? I guess they would. Otherwise, why call it a Civil War? Also, I can't help but notice that Ryouko isn't on the command deck. She must be busy in the lab and couldn't pull herself away long enough to witness the battle.

      -The support staff give out stats on Chris. She's sixteen and was one of the Gear-wielder candidates who went missing two years ago. So I'm guessing she's fourteen in the picture. That was a hell of a growth spurt for that kid. But that isn't the only kid they have to worry about, for on a side screen we see that Miku got picked up by some of the security agents. What's going to make that awkward is that she personally knows Hibiki, so the standard NDA probably won't apply here. Stupid paperwork.

      -We return to the Abyss as Tsubasa comments that she's starting to see why Kanade wanted to fight, but she's afraid of really understanding it. She comments that she is not human and asks if she can accept it? I'm assuming that's just her making her typical comment of being a sword and that she really is human, but stranger things have happened. She's in the elevator, thinking that she could go back to being human, and that would fix it... right? She then recalls the words from her friend, "If you're too serious, you'll snap someday." Something she could hear her say just now. However, she resolves herself not to become human once more. If she went back, what could she do? Well, you do have a successful career as a pop idol, so maybe you can do that?

      -As Tsubasa exits the elevator, she hear's Kanade's voice, telling her to do what she wants to do. She turns back to the elevator, but sees it empty and closing. Tsubasa thinks on that. Something she wants, but it's something she hasn't thought of in a long time. But she was sure that there was something she used to love a long time ago. I wonder if she's not talking about the fateful day two years ago, but a different fateful day?

      -As we fade to black, we return to Ryouko giving Hibiki a check up. Got to make sure she doesn't have any concussions. Otherwise, they'll need to find a way to band body to Noise tackles. Luckily, Ryouko gives her a clean bill of health. Just don't try to exhaust yourself from using too much energy, okay? Just rest a bit and you'll be fine. Hibiki will go right to that, but as she starts to walk past Ryouko, she collapses, needing the scientist to catch her. This is exactly what she meant by her needing to rest. Hibiki, again, believes she is cursed. Cursed with awesome, that is.

      -Ryouko sighs and asks Hibiki if she's worried for her friend, Miku. Of course she would! What kind of friend wouldn't worry about her friend being picked up by her MIB coworkers and brought to a super secret base that was built underneath their school after witnessing her friend transforming into a power armored magical girl that sings? It's probably a miracle Miku hasn't actually blue screened on them, but there's still a running bet on that. Ryouko assures her that Ogawa is explaining things to Miku, and once that secrecy is explained, she'll be sent home. I just hope Ogawa isn't in "negotiation" mode when explaining this to Miku. That will certainly push her over the edge.

      -On the command deck, Genjuro and the support staff are still going over the last battle. They can't believe the enemy has Ichaival, too, along with Chris, a former ear candidate. This means, in this fight, they've lost their superiority. They continue to wonder who the enemy is and what does Finé want? Genjuro, however, is deep in thought as Ryouko arrives with Tsubasa and Hibiki. The scientist understands that this is serious, but their Symophgear wielders are just fine, so everybody needs to stop being so gloomy. Genjuro stands up and begins to lay in on Tsubasa. You're an injured person. You should not be out on the field of battle, even if you were there in time to save Hibiki from certain death. Tsubasa apologizes, but she wasn't going to let Hibiki get captured or killed, even if she tried to do it herself a few episodes back.

      -Still, while Tsubasa believes Hibiki is inexperienced, she still believes that Hibiki can be a warrior. Well, yeah, Genjuro knows that part because he's making it happen. Tsubasa then turns to Hibiki and says that while she isn't one hundred recent yet, she thinks she can still back her up in the field. Hibiki is happy for the help and promises to do her best. Yay, they're friends now! But on to more serious matters. Genjuro asks if there were any problems with Hibiki's medical check-up? Hibiki responds that if she eats a full meal and gets a good night's sleep, she'll be fine. She's all smiles, but then drops it when she thinks about the place where she's most warm, making her think of Miku. Yeah, I don't think you'll be getting a good night's rest when you meet up with your friend again.

      -Suddenly, Ryouko taps Hibiki on her breast, causing the young girl to freak out and cover herself up, demanding to know what he scientist was doing?! Well, apparently she was trying to tap on Hibiki's heart, because she wanted to make a comment about them. The fragments of Gungnir are merging with her body in a way they weren't before, and that might be where her energy and recovery abilities come from. So the fact that she tanked those initial attacks from Chris weren't due to her training with Genjuro? That doesn't sound possible.

      -Tsubasa thinks on this for a moment as Ryouko assures Hibiki that it's fine. It's only a possibility. And hopefully people won't try to do insane things like pierce their own hearts with fragments of their own Symphogears. That would just be nonsense.

      -That night, Hibiki returns to her room where Miku waits diligently. By that, I mean she's reading a magazine and doesn't address Hibiki until her friend tries to figure out what to say. Her only response to Hibiki is "welcome back." But it's much colder than usual. Hibiki asks to come in, but Miku responds that it's her room, too, so sure, come in. Entering, Hibiki begins to talk, but Miku interrupts her, saying that the MIB told her most of it and that there's nothing else she wants to hear. Miku is completely pissed and decides that she's tired of being neutral here. She turns to Hibiki and calls her a liar, reminding her of her promise that she wouldn't hid anything. Just stab your friend in the heart, why don't you?

      -Meanwhile, Chris is walking by herself, wanting to know what Finé was doing? She recalls Hibiki's comments about wanting to try to understand each other, but this just pisses her off more. She reminds herself that her goal is to destroy those with both the power and will to fight. Stop stop them from starting a war. So you're task is to stop people from starting a war by summoning beings from beyond the veil who's sole purpose is to kill humans? You're a real good citizen, aren't you, Chris? Nearby there's some crying. A girl is on the bench as a slightly older boy, probably her brother, yells at her for crying. Chris doesn't appreciate this and tells him not to be mean to someone weaker than him. He replies that he wasn't being mean, just that his sister was... uh, something. She starts crying again, prompting Chris to get angry at the boy, telling him not to be mean and prepares to hit him on the head. No, seriously, he didn't actually do anything that time.

      -Luckily, the little sister stops crying and gets between her brother and Chris, telling the older girl not to hit her brother. Chris relaxes, but states that the brother was being mean to her, right? Nope, he wasn't at all! The brother explains that their Dad disappeared. They went looking for him, but the sister couldn't walk anymore, so they took a break on the bench. I assume she stated to cry at the thought of her Dad being gone, prompting the brother's comment. It's one of those things where you miss most of the conversation, which was the important bits, and just assume things are being terrible because you generally assume that everybody is being terrible. What a terrible way of thinking.

      -Still, Chris shrugs. The kids are lost? Why didn't they say so? Well, you didn't really give them a chance to say so. The little sister starts responding, but she's starting to cry again. Chris then yells at her to stop crying, prompting big brother to act on his big brother instinct. He gets between her and Chris and yells at the older girl for making her sister cry. This got a good laugh out of me. Chris gets irritated and promises to help, so please, calm down. Okay? Okay. We then cut to Chris walking with the kids, humming a song to herself as they go through the city. One would think she's taking him to a cop, but who knows. The sister is staring at her, prompting Chris to ask why she's staring? The sister asks if she likes singing, but she doesn't. She hates all songs, but especially her own. All it does is break things. It's probably why you should get out of the Death Metal Goth genre and try for something more pop. Like Heavy Metal!

      -Hey, remember my comment about going to the police? Well, they just happen to be passing by a station where an older man is talking to a cop. The brother recognizes the man as his father and calls out to him. The siblings go over to their father, who wants to know what happened. The sister explains that Chris got lost with them, but the brother corrects her. She helped them find their father. He thanks Chris and apologizes for them, but she says it was fine and that it wasn't out of the way. He then prompts the kids to thank her, which they do. Chris comments on how close they are and wants to know their secret. Apparently, there isn't one, as the brother says they always fight. The Sister adds that they fight, but then they make up, so they're friends. Huh, why do I feel like I've seen a situation like that before?

      -Back at the apartment, Miku is reading her magazine as Hibiki starts at her from the other side of the table. Yup, Miku is still pissed at her. So Hibiki takes a breath and starts talking, but Miku interrupts her. She stands up, asking if Hibiki is just going to lie to her like she did before, right? So she's not going to hear any of it. To show just how angry Miku is, she takes the bottom bunk and will be sleeping there. Everybody has their breaking point, it seems. Hibiki goes over to her and apologizes, but Miku doesn't even look at her. The glamorous life of a super hero, right, Hibiki? Realizing she's getting nowhere, Hibiki lets her friend be, but then stares at a picture of the two during happier times. From the appearance, I'm guessing it's a photo that was taken about two years ago. How quickly everything changes, and not always for the better.

      -After a cut, we return to the Teacher's building. Here we get narration about how a Symphogear both increases the physical capabilities of its user and coats the body in a barrier that prevents Noise from consuming them. This is why Hibiki is able punch Noise in the face without running into that pesky issue of dissolving as soon as she touches one. The narrator continues, saying that the impact from said barrier forces the Noise, which extend into another world, to vibrate at a certain frequency. This forces them to exist under this universe's laws, which neutralizes their phase barriers. But with a human wilder, that's always been the limit of the Symphogear's capabilities. We go deeper into the Abyss to see that Ryouko is narrating this, probably as part of her research on combating Noise more effectively so they don't have to send young teenagers into dangerous battles with deadly foes.

      -Ryouko then adds that the strain placed on the wielder's body by the energy the Symphogear releases tears it apart. This is seen with Kanade and Tsubasa's Climax Songs, being the primary examples of the type of strain being put on them. Ryouko states that, as long as there is a gap between the Symphogear-wielder and relic, there is no obvious way to reduce this strain. this is the conclusion her theory reaches. However, if one thing could prove to be an exception to this rule, it would be Hibiki, the first combination of a human and a relic. Also, Ryouko, do we need to ask why you have hidden pictures of Hibiki in your lab? Do we need to contact HR again?

      -Ryouko then thinks about to the concert with Zwei Wing two years ago, which was an activation experiment disguised as a concert, drew out and amplified the phonic gain from the audience and successfully activating the Armor of Nehushtan. This would indicate that there needed to be a ton of power just to activate this one relic. Hibiki, however, proves that she laughs at these rules when she was successful in activating Durandal under her own power. And we get a pan of her lab and find that Ryouko may be a tiny bit obsess with Hibiki, given all the hidden camera photos she has of her, like her having lunch with her friends. Seriously, HR really needs to get on her case about this.

      -Ryouko suspects that the combination of a human and a relic may be creating a greater paradigm shift. She then says that if a human can use the Climax Song without placing any stress on themselves, and utilizing the relic's power freely, that will be proof that they've been released from the bonds set by the Custodian in the distant past. Wait, who's this Custodian? Is that another name for God, or some powerful alien race? Ryouko is looking at an unusual x-ray where it shows the insides of a human body, but also has these other markings, almost like vines, coming out from the center of the chest. This is likely Hibiki's x-ray, because during her first transformation, vines were wrapping around all over her veins and arteries.

      -In any case, Ryouko continues her narration, saying that she shall speak to the Custodian again with true words, and the Lulu Amel will be able to determine their own destiny, surpassing the past. This sounds like super villain talk to me, Ryouko. Have you been letting the mad science fill your head again? You should really do something about it.

      -The next day, at class, the teacher is giving a lecture about how the path of music has traveled throughout history on it's own. This is called "Music History" and is considered a valid subject of research. Hibiki is taking notes, but keeps peeking at Miku, who is rapid firing on her pen. This brief moment of distraction prompts the teacher to yell at Hibiki again, and her punishment is to read the rest of the paragraph from the textbook. Hibiki decides that she isn't going to embarrass herself and admits she wasn't paying attention. The teacher isn't happy, commenting on how often Hibiki seems to be doing that. As a reminder, Hibiki needs to turn in her late report after school. She apologizes and meekly sits back down as Miku refuses to even look up. I think she's still angry, guys.

      -Lunch time! Hibiki goes to join Miku and asks permission, but Miku doesn't respond, so she sits anyway. As Hibiki tries to talk to her friend, the three friends walk up and mention how they're acting differently and would like to be explained the problem in anime terms. No, really, that was actually said. They assume Hibiki is to blame, but they suggest Miku to forgive her since she's an idiot. If only it was that simple. The subject then changes to that of the report, with Hibiki apparently being the only one to not turn it in. They ask what's wrong with her, since it isn't even a long report, but one of the girls suggests that Hibiki has a part-time job that she isn't talking about. Girl is right on the mark, there. But this actually breaks Miku's stoic look as the girls are shocked to hear about such a thing. Before the girls could ask more, Miku stands up and runs away. Without missing a beat, Hibiki chases after her, leaving the three girls to ask just what in the hell happened there? It's like a teen drama!

      -We follow Hibiki up some stairs, blaming herself for all this. She finds Miku on the roof and apologizes to her. Miku asks why she's doing that? Well, it's because Hibiki made that promise that she wouldn't hide anything, yet she was hiding the fact that she was a power armored magical girl working for the government. She attempts to continue but Miku stops her. She's not angry anymore, just very sad. At this point, she can't take it anymore. She tells Hibiki that she can't be her friend anymore and runs off in tears. Hibiki can do nothing but stand there as her friend runs off. This hurts her so much, and finally, she herself starts to break down. She hates this stupid life of a super hero. Who call it glamorous to begin with?

      -Shockingly enough, we go right into the credits. So that silhouette girl is actually Chris. What an interesting pick. But we're not done with the episode let. We cut to the super villain mansion, with Finé speaking in English, telling her boss or sponsor that sure, they started things first, but their his work is too sloppy. They'll be trapped if they were traced, unless that was their true intention all along! The guy on the phone responds that only God can control everything, and that's something Finé should know, as well. Also, Finé is naked again. What, is that a thing she has to do every time she answers the phone?

      -Suddenly, the doors open up and Chris barges in, demanding to know what Finé means when she says she's done with her? Are you treating her like a thing, too? Guy on the phone keeps saying hello through all of this, kind of ruining the moment here and demanding attention. Chris keeps her rant going, though, saying that her whole head's messed up and she doesn't know what's right or wrong Finé hangs up the phone on the guy and is upset. Why does not one do what she wants? She takes out the Staff of Solomon and summons several Noise creatures. Chris stares at her relic as Finé plans to kill her. She's upset because, with the way she does things, war will never end. All Chris could do is prevent one war, ut will start two or three more. Chris counters that this was her idea, that the pain and the Gear were both things she gave her, but Finé interrupts her.

      -We finally get a good look at Finé's face. She does look a bit like Ryouko, but did she have those golden eyes? I thought she had brown eyes. Could still be a twin sister unless Finé is really good at changing her appearance. Anyway, Finé comments that Chris is wearing the Symophgear she gave her and she's still useless. She then starts to glow as she covers herself with the Armor of Nehushtan, saying that she will be indestructible with it. The future goes on forever and that her Kadingir is almost complete, so she has no reason to use Chris' power anymore. And apparently the armor takes on a different form, depending on the wielder. For Finé, she looks like she could be an Egyptian Queen, just with more spikes. And the armor is gold instead of silver.

      -In any case, Finé has no more use for Chris, and she knows too much, so she's got to die now. The Noise attack and Chris is barely able to avoid the attacks, but as she makes her way outside, she collapses on the porch. Finé is there, smiling, preparing to strike her down.  To be continued...

      So, you know the problem with doing these shows on a streaming service? Sometimes, said streaming service uses a thumbnail that kind of ruins things for you. So because of that, I end up knowing that Chris is going to survive this attack. Thanks a lot, Crunchyroll.

      Anyway, I went and cheated again, returning to Episode 5, where we saw Ryouko with her hair down and without her glasses. Yes, she looks very much like Finé, and her eyes are blue and her hair is not blond. This doesn't actually take away my original theories, and there's strong evidence to suggest that Ryouko and Finé are either the same person or working with each other. But there's a new one to add to that. That they are at odds with one another, but Ryouko may actually have her own agenda separate from the SDRTST. It could also mean that she hired the mercenaries to kill the Defense Minister in order to prompt the move of Durandal just for the hope of proving one of her own theories right, that Hibiki, as a new type of Gear wielder, is operating on a different level than everybody else. Why she needed to go that far is beyond me, though she may just dislike everybody outside of the SDRTST because they cut into the party budget again.

      Outside of conspiracy theories and theories about who is who, we have the fall out from Miku discovering the truth about Hibiki, and it is not pretty. I hope they make up at some point, but it's clear that this has been a slow build for Miku, and with the revelation that her friend is a power armored pop idol magical girl working for the government, it just snapped. Unfortunately, this will likely have a negative effect on Hibiki, given how close they are. You could see it in this episode when Miku decided to take the bottom bunk.

      As for Chris, I think this is the perfect time for her to defect, since she's basically been fired by Finé. At least she won't be electrocuted and see her naked anymore. But will she end up joining forces with the SDRTST or work independently from everybody else? She doesn't seem like she's a team player, but who knows, maybe Hibiki will punch some sense into her.

      Will Chris survive the attack from Finé? (This is almost guaranteed.) Will Miku and Hibiki make up? And will we ever learn the truth of the possible connections between Ryouko and Finé? You have to tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when you have hidden camera pictures of your human guinea pigs, always make sure you have a quick and easy place to hide them, lest you get visitors from your boss who would like to know why you have hidden camera pictures of one of their employees and why they need to get HR involved again.

    • We're here to give you a Hoist up

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next Transformers review.  Today we'll be finishing up on the Masterpiece figures (for now) and talk about a figure that I recently got thanks to a sale, helping to complete a set that I had before.

      It's another figure from the one company that started off horribly with their first figure, then completely redid their image and became one of the best Third Party companies around.  Who could I be talking about?  And what is this figure?  The suspense is unbearable.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Badcube Oldtimer series 12, the Maintenance bot, Lorry!


      As you can see, Lorry comes in the typical Badcube box, showing off the primary colors of the figure, which is green and yellow.  What figure could that represent?


      Well, the back of hte box should help, showing off an artistic look at the figure, Lorry, who is a Masterpiece version of Hoist.  Yup, the Trailbreaker/Hoist wars started not too long ago, but I chose my side.

      But what about the figure itself?  Well, let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Lorry out of his box and in alt-mode, as he comes packaged that way.  As you can see, he's a repaint and extensive remold of their previous release, Speedbump.  and I do mean extensive remold, as not only is the appearance different, but so is the transformation and actual size of the figure.


      Which, according to Badcube, was their intention.  They were going to use their Speedbump mold but change it enough so that the two figures would have differences in everything.  But we'll talk about that more in robot mode later.


      And here we have the rear of Lorry, showing off the towhook section.  And yes, it does expand and comes complete with a working hook!


      Of course, you have to manually spin the hook back in, but it's a nice feature to have.  Lorry can get everybody to safety now!

      Lorry doesn't come with any accessories, which also means no alternative faces, so let's go straight to the comparisons.


      Here we have Speedbump with Lorry, and you can see the similarities as well as the visual differences between the two figures.


      For another Badcube comparison, here is Brawny with Lorry.  I think the scale is there.


      And for an official masterpiece comparison, here is MP Hot Rod with Lorry.  And I completely forgot to do any comparisons with Generations Hoise, despite having the figure.  What an idiot I am.

      Anyway, the transformation.  It's pretty similar to Speedbump, but there are differences due to the remold.  And as is typical with any Badcube release, the transformation is, while straightforward, a real nightmare to do.  It's like the engineers at Badcube wanted to show off how awesome they are.

      Bear in mind, there's nothing wrong with the transformation, but it's complicated as a result.  Getting Speedbump back to truck mode was a time and a half on it's own.  But, with patience and some good instructions, you can get Lorry from alt-mode.


      To Lorry in robot mode.  And as you can see, he's got a similar look to Speedbump, but there are differences, which we'll get to later.


      Getting up close to the headsculpt, you have a very nice looking headsculpt of a guy who's seen things.  So many things.  Things that no bot should ever see.  And he tells everybody about it every time he has to go fix them.


      With regards to posing, you basically have the same options as Speedbump, but one issue is the two set's of wings.  Well, technically one set, but there are side panels that belong in alt-mode that don't really have a place in Lorry's robot mode, unlike Speedbump.  They can be a hassle sometimes.


      Now, as I mentioned, Lorry has no accessories.  But technically, that isn't true.  There are other accessories but we'll need to talk about them separately.  For Lorry himself, there's no actual accessories since the hand is a gun.  So yeah.

      Now, for the accessories themselves, Lorry comes with two.


      It's two knights with a horse.  It's from that one episode where Warpath went back in time and became a mount for a knight.  It was a weird episode.  And now you can recreate it here!  But for me, they're going back in the box.

      Now for comparisons.


      Here is Lorry with Badcube's Sunsurge, showing that Lorry is still rather tall.


      Next, here is Lorry with Wardog.


      Here is Lorry with MP 10 Optimus.  And I think this is a good scale.


      And lastly, here is Lorry with his mold mate, Speedbump.  And here you can see the major differences between the two.

      You can see that Lorry is smaller and a bit stout than Speedbump, which was Badcube intentions.  They wanted to give Speedbump a heroic build while giving Lorry the "fat" look.  This also makes him shorter, but yo ucan extend Lorry's legs to make him taller, if you want.

      So, yeah, there's Lorry.  Now, you do have options with X-Transbot and MMC, but I went with Badcube because they're generally pretty good with their engineering and quality.  There usually on part, even with the complicated engineering.

      Which is why, I must sadly report, that I had a tragedy happen to me with Speedbump.  Either during the transformation, I somehow broke a part of his right leg.


      There's a screw canal that keeps hte two side pieces together, as the center part of the leg is attached to the knee and leg.  As a result, this means that Speedbump's ability to stand is going to be suspect unless you make it solid.  I don't know how it happened, but I suspect it was due to trans formation or a weak piece.

      I've had Speedbump for a while so I'm likely going to have to pay for the replacement ,but hopefully I can get a replacement piece for it.  If not... well, I wasn't planning on transforming these guys again any time soon.

      And that's about all I have.  Tune in tomorrow for my next Symphogear review, and then come back next week as we're going to go look at some legend class figures.  Because there's something else we need to look at and it requires a look at the legend figures to make it happen.  Until then.

    • That guy has a real Apeface

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next transformers review!  Today we'll be taking a look at a character who nobody would expect to get the third party treatment.  Well, that depends on which third party company you're following, as we have three (including the one I'm reviewing) that have this figure in the plans.  This company was just the first to get him out.

      Who could I be talking about?  Well, without further ado, may I present to you the KFC E.V.A.I. Metal Series Horrorcon, Kingorilla!


      As you gathered, Kingorilla is a third party rendition of the Decepticon triple changer headmaster, Apeface.  Here you can see the box, which is done in the stylized KFC box.  One thing you can say about them is that they don't stick with a theme with their boxes.


      And on the back of hte box you have some additional artwork of Kingorilla's ape mode, as well as his Headmaster partner, who actually has a separate name here!  Shocking, I know.  Though it is interesting that they didn't show off much of the third mode.  You also have your bio here, as well, if you're interesting in that.

      Well, that's enough about the box.  What about the figure itself?  Let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Kingorilla out of his box, standing tall.  He's a rather tall masterpiece version of Apeface, but he's got some nice little features and Easter Eggs that just make me smile.  Let's go over them, shall we?


      Let's get up close on that head sculpt.  It's very much an Apeface face, complete with the line.  Now, my understanding is that KFC's version of Snapdragon is going to come with an alternative face, if you don't want the line down the middle.  But it's your decision on how you want to do it.

      There's no up or down as the head itself is locked in to a rather tight joint, but can spin.  Oh, and as for one of our Easter Eggs.


      Remember when the old Headmaster figures had the chest with the stats?  The KFC releases have them.  And they do actually slip up, like the body is powering on.


      Like so.  This won't be like the Headmaster figures of old, though, which had individual stats.  But still, it's a nice touch.


      With regards to posing, Kingorilla here has quite the backpack, but despite that, he's got good stability and strong ratchets.  There's no risk of him falling over unless he's not properly balanced.  Now, let's talk accessories.


      First we have two bright red rifles for Kingorilla, which have another feature available to them.


      They can light up.  And man, are they bright.  I really hope this doesn't ruin the pictures too much.  So, yeah, pew pew and all that.  However, this reveals a major flaw for the figure.  This can be hit or miss with KFC figures in general, but in this case, Kingorilla cannot hold these guns in his hands.

      This can be a problem if you're looking for specific poses, but don't worry, you have options.


      Kingorilla has multiple ports on his body to allow the guns to be held in different locations.  Here you can see that they're on his forearms, and the connections themselves are good and tight.

      Man, even in these pictures those guns are bright.  Don't worry, they won't be on for all of hte review.  Just most of it.


      Another accessory available is hte shield, which can attach to the forearms.  It's a plain red with some silver detail on it, but fits with the original figure.

      With the shield, you have some additional storage options.  You can place the shield on the back, which then reveals two more ports for the guns, allowing for...


      Laser guns on the back.  Yay!

      Now, with the way Kingorilla is designed, you can change how he looks.  For example, if you want, you can expand the jet wings to make him a bat gorilla robot!


      Because what's worse than a flying robot?  A flying robot that's a gorilla with lasers on their backs. Truly, the end is neigh.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Kingorilla with Fanshobby's take on Gortesque, Megatooth, showing that the Horrorcon is about a head taller than the monsterbot.


      For another headmaster comparison, here is Kingorilla with Maketoy's Iron Will, who is about half a head shorter than the KFC offering.


      For another comparison, here is Kingorilla with Maketoy's Despotron.


      Here he is with MP 10 Optimus, an official release.


      And lastly, just for fun, here is the Titanmaster version of Apeface.  We'll be getting back to these guys later.

      Now for transformation.  We'll be doing it in the order of the instructions, so we'll be going into Jet mode, then Gorilla mode.  The transformation to jet mode it's really so bad, but you are moving a lot of pieces at once and not everything is going to lock in until you're nearly finished, so it can be difficult that way.  And while KFC does provide English instructions, sometimes it's still not clear what you're trying to do.

      But if you're patient and cheat like me, you can get Kingorilla from robot mode...


      To Kingorilla in jet mode.  And this is a nice jet mode.  It's quite large, too, and has some real heft to it.


      I would say the more difficult parts of the transformation were the legs and the wing pieces.  The instructions were pretty unclear with those on how everything goes into place.  Still, despite that, it's still a nice looking jet.


      And here we have the rear of the jet, but we'll be getting back to here later.  For now, let's talk about additional accessories that you can't use in the other modes.


      First, Kingorilla actually comes with a flight stand!  it's so fare to see that it's a nice surprise.  That being said, it's a rather bad one, because when playing Kingorilla on it, the whole stand is going to shake.  As I mentioned before, this is a heft figure, and given it's nice, it neded more stability in the flight stand.


      Also, we have options for the guns.  Here you can put them on the ports in the forearms, going all pew pew on the Autobots.


      You can also put them under the wings, if you prefer that.  They plug into the side vents, so you do have options.


      Coming back to the rear, you have some more options to clean up back here, like giving the arms a thrust look, just so everything cleans up better here.


      Now let's get a few more details of the alt-mode itself.  We do have a working cockpit, complete with opening door.


      Which also lights up!  The engineering here is clever, because the light turns on when you open the cockpit hatch.  There's a switch on the side that moves when the cockpit does.  And yes, the Headmaster partner can fit in there.


      Though it is a bit of a tight fit.  That console is going to pop up as a result, but don't worry, it's actually suppose to do that, so it's fine.


      And that light does come through the tinted windows, too.  And the headmaster sits in there just fine.  Speaking of, why don't we talk about him.


      So here we have Kongor, aka, Spasma.  Yes, KFC actually gave a name to their Headmaster partner, who's just begging for a Decepticon symbol there.  And yes, he's standing on the jet.  There are two spots that have magnets that allow Kongor to stand with no fuss.

      Okay, that's enough of the jet.  Let's focus on Kongor.


      You have a surprising amount of movement for Kongor, but as is hte case for all headmasters, there's no waist joint.  The knees are also limited due to now the figure is, in general.  Still, you can get some menacing poses, like this one.


      For some quick comparisons, here is Kongor with Iron Will's headmaster partner, Duras.


      Here he is with Fansproject's Arcana.


      And lastly, here is Kongor with Titanmaster Apeface, showing just how big this headmaster is.  Which is very.

      Back with Kingorilla, let's see how he compares to another figure.


      I don't have a lot of room for comparisons, so here is Kingorilla with Alpha Trion.

      Now for the ape mode.  I hate transforming to the ape mode.  The instructions are of little use here, and just getting everything into place is terrible in and of itself.  Honestly, you're better off finding a video doing the transformation.

      With that, you go from Kingorila in jet mode...


      To Kingorilla in ape-mode.  And it's okay, honestly, though I think my opinion of it was dampen due to the transformation itself.  I do not plan to transform Kingorilla into his ape mode again... until I review Snapdragon.


      Anyway, let's get up close on the headsculpt and you can see that you have a pretty good sculpt.  And yes, those jaws can move.


      To reveal more guns!


      Now, despite the change in the bulk, Kingorilla ccan actually stand on his legs with no issues.  But, of course, this is the proper pose for a gorilla.  The problem becomes obvious when Kingorilla can't look up when leaning down like this.  Yeah, seems like a thing you would have thought of when doing this figure.


      Oh, and you can attach the laser guns for gorilla pew pew action, because death gorilla with lasers, that's why.

      No other comparisons here as I don't feel like bringing out my Optimus Primal, but just for fun...


      Here is Kingorilla with Apeface.  Yay!

      So, do I recommend this figure?  Well, you see, that's a bit of a mixed bag for me.  There are things to like about Kingorilla, like the robot and jet modes, as well as hte other accessories and general fun, but there are things that aren't so good, like the transformation to the different modes and the inability to hold the guns in his hands.

      I think the best way to go about this is, if you are a fan of the Horrorcons and don't want to wait for anybody else (Maketoys being the other one), then you can't really go wrong here.  But honestly, I wish I waited.  At the least, I would wait for a discount on this guy.

      Hopefully their Snapdragon will be better, but we'll see how that is when I get him.  Which I don't, because otherwise I'd be reviewing him.  Tomorrow, however, i will be reviewing one more third party figure.  Hopefully it'll give us a Hoist for the end of the week.  Until then.  

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        10 months ago

        @CaButler Well to be fair the decal is mirrored on the other side, so they likely put it there first and then just mirror-copied it to the right side of the car as opposed to placing the decal itself

    • HOWtwoROCK

      10 months ago

      wait why did trying to load page 2 of your images lead me to your journal entries???

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        10 months ago

        Don't know.  The site has been doing it for a while.

        And if you post something, make sure to tag me.  I won't see it otherwise.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        10 months ago know you gave me a great idea

        If I post images most likely I'll shove them all in journal entries. because I know the journal entries get notifications.

    • iMacOfDeath

      11 months ago

      You still participating in ISML voting?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        11 months ago

        Has that been going on for a while?  If so, I kind of forgot all about it.

      • iMacOfDeath

        11 months ago

        Since the spring, look for it every monday, wednesday, and friday.

    • zogman1

      1 year ago

      Are your notifications working?

      • solblade44

        1 year ago

        Not him but I was going to ask the same thing. I'm not getting any either.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        They appear to be working now.

      • zogman1

        1 year ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago



    • grenou

      1 year ago

      Congrats on your Fail making it into today's video!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Awesome. I submitted that months ago. I wonder if there are any others there? Thanks for point this out.

    • zogman1

      1 year ago

      I still need to watch the Fate series.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I guess you're looking at @HOWtwoROCK post from below.

      • zogman1

        1 year ago

        Yep, but I didn't want to whatever the term is now a 1 month old conversation.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Remember when these characters were trying to kill each other?


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Well, bitches want the D.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        1 year ago

        You know I would watch a romantic comedy with these characters

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Got norton back and shantae is fine now.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Norton likes half naked half genies.

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      1 year ago

      Did you have this? Figure you could use it as a holiday profile pic or something.


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I did not have a Tales holiday image, so thanks.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        1 year ago

        You're welcome.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Your fail made it into fails of the week


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I know. I saw. I made Geoff laugh. It was awesome.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        1 year ago

        I know right

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Just gonna dump this here tumblr_nzmqzzbChv1sojsjno2_540.jpg

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Already have, but thanks anyway.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      1 year ago

      apparently, now mangaconda is shutting down, too.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I completely forgot about them, to be honest.

      • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

        1 year ago

        really? it's only been a couple weeks, and they're who picked up translating hayate.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      1 year ago

      good news!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Ah I noticed you have shante up there

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Yes. I posted up an image that I had done as a commission. Take a look at it and give it a good look over.

        Also, I never got notification of a comment here.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      1 year ago

      so, for days now my "users I follow" feed has been empty, and I assumed it was just because of another stupid update that they'd fix sooner or later.

      what f**king idiot thought automatically having us unfollow everyone was a good idea?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      deleted the picture that freaked you out. Sorry, didn't think it would hit you so hard

    • IronBridge FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Knowledge

      2 years ago

      I upload new and interesting facts everyday in my series:

      "Fact of The Day"

      Hope to see you there!

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      Hey Ca, do you get a notification when I make a comment post?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      I was watching Fate Stay night unlimited blade works (Tv show). Why the fuck wouldn't archer just use his phantasm on the little german girl who had Bezerker?

    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      you didn't get a notification about any of my image comments, did you?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I don't think I have, no.

    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      you didn't get a notification about any of my image comments, did you?

      • zogman1

        2 years ago

        This wasn't a double post originally O_o

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      When you vote in ISML, be sure to also nominate the spring seasonals.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      ISML is back.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago

      I saw an image posted by you on my feed of a pink haired girl on the beach, but when I clicked to view it, it was gone. could I get a link to it?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        You're welcome.

        I wasn't certain about how safe it was initially, but I think I'll be putting it up again later.

      • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

        2 years ago

        thank you.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Try here.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        She was a blonde, actually. I'll see what I can do about it.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      Is Dog Days a good show for kids?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I call it a kiddie show, but there are a few fanservice scenes featuring female nudity.

        You can't see anything, but it's there.

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      2 years ago

      Here, I think you might like this. It's another work by Sharkbro.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        2 years ago

        No problem, I was just looking over some of his other stuff and looking for familiar faces.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I think I already have that in the Odin Sphere folder. I'll have to check. If not, thanks for the find.

    • dragon55128 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crazy_texan

      2 years ago

      this happened smiley13.gif

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Go nuts.

      • dragon55128 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crazy_texan

        2 years ago

        lol I figured you would like me to share this smiley13.gif

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        C.C. appreciates a fine ass.

        Kallen likes them curvy up top.

        They both win.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      Hey Ca, you watching the second season of Knights of Sidniona?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        No. I though I'd wait for Netflix to stream it, if they get the license.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      Was it you who posted that super cute comic about Bell as a Rabbit?

      • iMacOfDeath

        2 years ago

        Damn, been trying to find it.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I don't think so.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      Is this tame?

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Dear God no. That can result in you getting banned.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        Okay now delte the first comment

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        I see

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Borderline, and in my opinion, on the wrong side of the line.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago

      this safe enough for me to post?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I see it's listed as questionable, but aside from Esdeath nearly falling out of her suit, I can't see anything that would get it deleted.

        But of course, it's all about the personal taste of the mod that will get you. I think it's fine, personally.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      2 years ago

      Tatsuya Shiba is a troll among trolls sometimes xD

    • Star357

      2 years ago

      I have been taking a lot of my anime choices recently from the image gallery you have been posting. Right now I am on Akame Ga Kill about 1/3 through it and already seen a number of characters die. I am guessing it gets worse as the series goes on huh?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Yeah, and people are not about it.

        It seemed to go more with shock value than anything else.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      ISML is back.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Well, I'll have to check it out later.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      2 years ago

      CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon trailer

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      2 years ago

      No idea what you said, obviously. Cool.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        It was me ending the conversation.

    • shadow15

      2 years ago

      hi hi! :)


      • shadow15

        2 years ago

        you and I both actually

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Hurting financially. My own fault, really.

      • shadow15

        2 years ago

        long time no talk whats going on?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      I think you're new neptune picture experinced an error because I can't comment on it

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        oh okay

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        No, I deleted it because Dark already had that image, and they can get a little pissy when that happens.

    • ConnieEdogawa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I've seen it. Won't ever post it.

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