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    • Strangest Dreams... Part 2

      9 months ago

      CanadianJake The Truest Canadian

      Okay, so this is a shorter one. I had this dream last night; I was listening to Hero And Halfwits #18 at least when I fell asleep. So in this dream I seemed to be in the old animation department of Rooster Teeth. Never been just from videos. IN the dream I was talking to someone, and all of a sudden Aaron Marquis jumped in front of me and shot me. But not with a gun... Just his fingers in the shape of a gun. Then war broke out! Everyone was shooting at each other with their fingers! I give this dream 8/10 not as good as the last one.

    • Strangest Dreams...

      10 months ago

      CanadianJake The Truest Canadian

      So a few nights ago, I fell asleep while listening to my favourite RT podcast #348 The Appetizer Argument. I had a dream, in the dream I seemed to be in a restaurant at a booth alone. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed a huge crowd outside. It was a bunch of people wearing rt merchandise swarming a van. I realized it was Michael and Lindsey driving the van. I waited in line to get my autograph but by the time i got there they were about to leave. Sad but politely i said goodbye and turned to leave. Lindsey said something in Michael's ear and he stopped me before i left. they took me to the back of the van and opened the double doors. Inside was the entire podcast set and everyone was there! I began to take pictures and then woke up. All in All 10/10 dream would dream again.

    • 1 year ago

      CanadianJake The Truest Canadian
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