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from Austin, TX

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    • Oh my, things are actually progressing?!

      3 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Guess what's happening? Well if you don't know, then you aren't following me closely enough on Twitter. You can go here to see the update on IndieGoGo listed here:

      BUT, if you don't want to click and read--starting this week, I'm going to start sending out surveys to ALL 37,000 BACKERS from the Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo! They will be sent out from BackerKit and will go out in batches of about a thousand or more at a time. (We can't crash their server too)

      Be on the lookout for that email! If you want your rewards, you'll have to fill out the survey. :) will be offering onsite general help with the survey and questions while I will continue to take on the more specific questions at


      P.S- To the Infamous 535. We are finalizing some details with production. Soon I will have a solid answer for you. I'm sorry it's taking so long!! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • It's Official

      3 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      You know things are official when Burnie announces you.

      So, there we go! I'm working at Rooster Teeth now! NBD. I promise I wasn't hyperventilating last month when I was hired. Really...

      In addition to me being the Office Coordinator to the great people of RT, I'm also the frontline contact for all 37,491 of the Backers! Yeah buddy! I get to talk to them too :3

      Basically it boils down to me kinda being excited.

    • Cannon Fire

      3 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Some peeps are filming a movie about football. And because we're in Texas, all colleges tend to fire a cannon when the home team scores.

      I keep hearing the cannon go off and I'm convinced that we're being attacked for a milisecond before I remember.

      This is a film studio.

    • Re-integrating Myself

      3 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Once upon a time I had: a Myspace, a Twitter, a Pinterest, a StumbleUpon, an Imgur, a Reddit, a Facebook, Snapchat, Rooster Teeth, Neopets, Zoosk and a WoW account that were all active and used daily.

      Now I'm down to Facebook and WoW actively (Neopets occasionally but I swear it's just to show my friends' daughter cool things). I withdrew from the Internet to check out the real world.


      No thanks. Small doses of sunshine, please, my skin burns easily.

      The first step of reintergrating myself was to react my Twitter account. DONE.

      Second step is to head back over here to Rooster Teeth, realize I've been on this website for NINE years now and try and make myself a little more at home.

      Because, hey, RvB was my first ever show love and I'm not about to let that go. Especially since it's still going on twelve years later.

      So, ladies and gentlemen of the court, might I re-introduce myself as Chelsea. A returning champion! (ha...)

    • Too Young to Realize

      6 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Even though this website may say that I am a 25 year old male, I would like to inform you--to whoever the hell is reading this journal--that I am not a male. Nor am I 25.

      I am indeed from Austin, Texas. But I am 19 and FEMALE. See that image? See the obvious breasts and long hair and feminine features? Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's not male.

      See, when I made this account all them years ago, I was "afraid" of ze interwebz and made myself a male named "Shin Seiga" (yeah, WTF that name came from I'll never know) so my mother wouldn't know. :P Alas, as now I actually care enough to be on here... I can't change my gender.

      ROOSTERTEETH IS BLOCKING MY SEX CHANGE. Oh well. Enjoy it while you can.

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    I like long walks on the beach, butts, cold beer, and good video games. I have a BA in Business Management from Angelo State University and am a born and raised Austinite.

    I'm @chattykinson on Twitter, so feel free to bug me there. OR watch as I freak out over mundane things - like my dog taking over my bed and how there's never any butter left in the house. 

    Or share Fanfiction with me. Yes. Share it. 

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