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    • RTX 2018 - too late to turn back now.

      1 year ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      Flight was already booked.

      Night before flight/parking now booked.

      Hotel has (mostly) been booked and roommates locked in.

      SideQuest ticket has been purchased.

      Now to work on those reg desk details and get myself packed for the trip. A month is so far away yet so close!

    • I swear I'm not dead..

      1 year ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      No updates in six months! I'm really slacking on my community interaction skills.

      So what's going on? Not much, and yet a bunch!
      After eight super fun, mildly stress-filled years of being on contracts at work, they switched us over to permanent status! Yay government! I mean.. nothing.

      I also got a call to begin testing for the next position up from my current gig - after applying three other times in three other pools for this job, getting to the testing stage for the first time is intense. Wish me luck.

      I've also been busy at work helping the social club advertise their events and running things. It seems I can't quite shake the RvBTO joy of event planning with others from my system. And to top that off, the Charitable Campaign Committee headhunted me last year to become their communications officer. A title.. fancy! So I've been doing that for the last year and a bit. Working with that group has been really challenging, since personalities just love to clash, but it's also been a really unique opportunity to be creative with the way I draft our comms and no one complains when I flex my pun muscles.

      Personal life and weight have been lackluster. Weird bouts of depression and sickness and just a blase feeling had slowly been dragging me down, but it was so gradual I didn't even realise it until I stepped on a scale and thought - Damn.
      Recently I have returned to seeking help from a professional trainer and after 4 sessions I can comfortably say he is kicking the crap out of me. My muscle strength was way way down and they are just in tense mode all the time. This means we are doing a ton of stretches to break up the damage and try and get me back on the track to wearing a size that is a single digit.Mostly I just want to feel better mentally and feel better in (and especially out) of clothes.
      I'm upping my water game, trying to move around a lot more, cutting my meal portions and snacks and really try to drink less Dr. pepper (but I loves it.......)
      Baby steps y'all.

      Over the past year and a half I have also gotten in to playing D&D 5e online with various friends (@RoadBlock @Optimizer @GoobertheGr8 @Izzi @Toku @Vicki @Dopp @john - just to name a few). It all started with one game for ExtraLife and that one game turned into one regular game with that crew, and now we are up to five regular games with the occasional one-off game thrown in here and there.

      And one of the craziest parts about this?

      It led me to a sort of job offer.

      At the end of RTX Austin my friend group always goes out for some Texas BBQ, usually it's Salt Lick, but last year it was Cooper's, and we had a few extra folks tag along since they were hanging out with @john. Alex A. and Lady Alex from Level Up Dice came to lunch with us, and they ended up showing me their dice - I had wanted to visit their booth during the show but didn't end up having time, so I was thrilled at the one on one demonstration.

      I explained how I wanted to see their dice and was sorry I missed it, and they, in super friendly Australian fashion, invited John and I back to their hotel where they would unpack and show me all their merchandise. I ended up buying a set of caged anodised aluminium dice that afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon taking them shopping for American treats with John.

      Then we all met up with RT Community folks for a light miso dinner. And then we decided the four of us would all go see Spiderman: Homecoming together. Throughout the day Alex kept joking with John and I about coming to work for him at conventions, but I think we both laughed it off thinking he was just being polite and quirky. Still, he persisted. After the movie, as we were all walking back to the car, he handed me a card and said "I meant what I said, but I won't pressure you. Think about it. Any questions you have, you email me here directly and I will get back to you. There's no time limit on this offer."

      And a few weeks later I did just that.

      After that, they sent me to meet them at PAX: Unplugged for my first training wheels run at helping at the booth. And I met an AMAZING crew of people. Welcoming and helpful and just a little bit cheeky, I felt right at home.

      Until that time I'd either been a convention attendee, lost in the sea of people, or a volunteer holding down a post and helping other attendees enjoy the show. What an exhausting but thrilling difference.

      Since I still hold a full-time job here in Canada (see "Muggle Job") I couldn't attend every convention they held, but I was asked out to PAX: South a little later on. Much longer hours and I am afraid Con Crud gave me a savage beating the second day forward, but I hung in there and did my best. Saw some of my wonderful friends who tried to take care of me with tea and water and various con crud battling medications. And the LUD Crew again was super supportive and lovely to work with.

      It took about a week and a half to recover from the con crud and so I put conventions on the backburner for the time being - I had other things to focus on, training for other duties at work, charity stuff and of course, planning for RTX Austin 2018.

      I will be returning along with @MissMegumi as a Registration Team Leader and am honoured to have been selected to serve again this year as a volunteer. The RTX Guardian family is probably my second favourite group of people ever. So many talented and wonderful people busting their butts to try and help RT make RTX the best event it can be for all the other community members and exhibitors. I want to squish you all, but I won't. (but I probably will).

      Reg will take more and more of my focus as the time draws near.. BUT as I got that time off settled, my pals over at LUD came back a -knocking. Bless their souls..

      SO - if you're looking for me you can come say hello to me at:
      Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio June 15th-17 (I'm not there all the days).

       Michigan Comicon in Detroit Michigan August 17-19th

      Dragoncon (RWAAAAAAR) August 30-Sept 3

      Aaaaaaaand possibly at Twitchcon in San Jose California October 26-28

      Seriously, if you are going to be at these things come by the booth and say hi to me. Hugs are optional, crisp high fives are mandatory.

      <3 you all

      - Cat

    • RT Community Extra Life Events are Coming THIS Weekend!

      1 year ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      They've been talking about it on the RT Podcast, Twitter is all twitterpated with it and reddit is whatever reddit does with things it likes. It's the Extra Life 24hr game marathon.

      The community folks down in Austin will be hosting games of all sorts this weekend and streaming them for your viewing pleasure. But wait... there's more!
      Many of the hosts are offering ways that people who donate can participate in their live games. For certain dollar amounts you can affect the outcome of a player's roll, or make the DM struggle to hit our heroes by making his monsters more Storm Trooper than Deadshot.

      One of my D&D 5e DMs @john , will be hosting a live episode of our bi-weekly game. We're trying to recover dangerous magical artifacts in what has proven to be a very deep and tricksy underground stronghold.


      You can visit John's Extra life page here and view the various donation rewards and see all the players in the game (we are all members of the RT community!). Any amount is appreciated and it all goes to a very good cause.

      If you scroll to the almost the verrrrrrrrrry bottom of the list you might just see a reward level that makes a non-combat pet appear in the game. I may or may not have a sorcerer who has a Disney Princess level of affection for adorable creatures - can we make my DM regret his decision to allow Vix as many non-combat pets as she can find? My critter pocket dimension is sadly a bit lacking...

      Also - please tune in for the game and watch your funds in action!


    • Heroes of the Heart

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      The thing I love most about this community is how close knit it is. Initially a place where all ages, backgrounds, and personalities have come together around a common interest, this community has grown to become a place where we genuinely care and support one another. And now one of our community members could use some of that support. 

      Most of you probably know @john (RocketJohn) from the site - either from one of the many community events or from the halls of RTX. He is always there if you need him, offering a helping hand, a place to crash, and a friendly face; but right now he and his family are hurting.

      After their father spent two weeks in the hospital battling stage 4 colon cancer they received some shocking and terrible news. There is nothing more they can do. Their father, Jeffrey, would be sent home into hospice care where he would spend the remainder of his limited days. The family has been working hard in the time they have left to make one of Jeffrey's fondest wishes come true. He shared a dance with each of his daughters in wedding finery, made some fond memories and said some goodbyes, but the family is still dealing with hospital bills and medical costs in the remaining days. 

      We would like to help alleviate some of the financial stress from John and his family as they go through this troubling time, but we need your help to do it.

      This Sunday, February 26th, at 1 pm Central we are going to be hosting a Charity D&D game called "Heroes of the Heart". We will be streaming live on Glib Shark's Twitch channel until approximately 8 pm and encourage you all to tune in and contribute if you can.

      Any donation is welcome and appreciated and can be deposited on the GoFundMe page they have established here: 

      But wait, there's more!

      If you would like to donate and participate in the game, we have several options for you:

      1. Donations of $5 will grant The Blessing of the Gods, which allows a player of your choice to roll with advantage. Blessings can be purchased in bundles ($5, $10, $15, etc) and you can specify how many blessings you would like to buy and for whom. 

      2. $13 invokes a Smite of the Gods, which grants our all-mighty GM, @OboeCrazy advantage on her rolls! Smites can also be purchased in multiple increments, but who would want to smite us? We're adorable!


      Once you donate, please comment on this journal to let us know what you would like and for whom! You can even mix and match $10 for 2 blessings and $13 for one smite equals one $23 donation. Or, you can donate any amount above $5 and choose only one item, or none, and still receive our eternal gratitude.


      The Cast and Crew of Heroes of the Heart are: @RoadBlock @Jengaship @Juls @Optimizer @GoobertheGr8 @Izzi @Toku @Vicki @Cheshire_Cat and our amazing DM is @OboeCrazy


      Please spread the word and join us this Sunday for an epic, one-off adventure.

      Text too long? Didn't read? Here's a Picture!

    • An open letter to an ex

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      This week would have been our one year anniversary. One year through our second chance together. Instead, I am spending it, and indeed, the last six months alone. I am writing this letter because it feels as if that chapter is not only over, but that the entire volume of the book is. I have to close it and pick up a new volume, instead of staring at the last few blank pages wishing you would appear in them.

      It saddens me greatly because we seemed to fit so well. Similar interests, playful senses of humor, you could keep up with random text message topics and tangents for hours. We were always drawn to one another and comfortable near each other. You understood me and didn’t judge me for my naivety in certain areas. You challenged me to try more things and to better myself, because I wanted to be better for you and to try the things you enjoyed – but also because I knew they would be better for me too. I needed to grow and try things, and you were perfectly okay with baby steps and letting things go if they didn’t work out. 

      But I think I invested too much, too fast. The vibe and the beautiful words you spoke allowed me to leap too far and maybe put unreal destinations on the relationship. I’d hoped we’d get somewhere, and it was probably ridiculous to think such a young relationship could do that. A second chance at success, a fairy tale ending – it felt right within my grasp.

      Then the silence came. Days of it at first and then weeks, and all along I was defending your silence to my concerned friends. Defending you, and silently agonizing over the cut-off and struggling to think of good reasons why you would do that. With so many methods of communication available, why would you disappear so thoroughly? Calls went to voicemail, texts went unanswered, Skype messages received no reply, nor did emails. I didn’t want to pester you, but I needed to know you were okay. And all the while I waited, defended you and just knew you would have a totally justifiable reason. I didn’t get mad, or call it off because I thought something really major must be happening that threw you for a loop – like maybe a sudden, bad illness in the family, or something awful with your adopted daughter. I knew that sometimes you turtled in on yourself when bad things happened, and that I needed to be there for you and reach out to try and help. That’s what you do in relationships, right? Support the other person when they are struggling, watch their back. Share the good times together, but also endure the bad.

      The reason was less than inspiring. You said you had dropped your phone and completely destroyed it, then had a whole bunch of trouble getting it set back up again, and that the voicemail hadn’t even been done properly. It tasted like a half truth, but I let it go because it was so nice to have you back and saying you were still committed to the relationship and sorry. We talked about seeing each other in person again and plans for the summer when we both were meant to be volunteers and work together. Hope was renewed, but sadly, it wouldn’t last.

      You grew distant again. Slow to respond, fewer words, and then more silence. I gave you space to work through whatever it was, again, foolishly hoping you’d let me in to help you or tell me what was happening. I went through countless scenarios in my head as to what could be so horribly wrong that you would disappear that way – disappear but not just break up with me and move on. I’d gone down so many horrible mental paths for reasoning that when you finally did respond it seemed like less of a horrible thing.

      It certainly was miles away from ideal, but I still wanted to be there to support you, and, at the time, you claimed you still wanted to be together and just weren’t sure this new thing would allow it.

      I was willing to do the work, whatever it took. Always be the one to visit you, share time with you with other people, and even adjust the foundation of my life goals to accommodate this change. I even thought it might work out nicely, since it would give you something you had once said you wanted in life, but that I personally didn’t think I could handle full time.

      I would have stuck by you through anything, fought any battle, but for the second time in my life, you would turtle on me – not tell me about your problems or how you were thinking of dealing with them. You said the last time it was an effort to spare me drama and pain, but I felt then and now that it is really more about the solution that is most immediately simplifying for you. You cut out the thing that is easiest to control and not in your immediate area (me) and slam a solution in place that salves a painful situation in your immediate life, but sets you up for a potentially rocky future. 

      Losing you was and is very painful, but as I see more and more of my friends get into long term relationships lately, and see how they interact and treat one another – I realize that I was not being treated the right way for a long time. Maybe I will never be. It is not everyone’s destiny to be with that perfect other person, I had hoped it would be mine, but life is telling me otherwise.

      I am sure you are doing well. You are smart, have an excellent job and are good looking. All of this will somehow turn out to be your fairy tale life with the picket fence and the 2.5 children. I do wish you the best, but I had to write all of this down in order to release the sadness, anger and disappointment. In order to move on, I had to unshackle myself from the memory and hopes for you. 

      I’m ending this now with a song you found and said that it reminded you of the time after we broke up the first time and you thought I’d moved on, but I’ve always thought it resonated more with my end of the relationships with you – always trying to reach out when you had gone silent and just wanting you to say something before it was too late..

    • Opinions needed!

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      The cruise we are going on over march break has a pirate theme night and since I could use a new Halloween costume anyway , I think I might just buy one. 

      But I can't decide. HALP!

      Which do you prefer?







    • People

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      So I just went up to a coworker/kind of friend to apologize because I didn't say happy birthday to her yesterday. 

      If had it in my head that her birthday was on the weekend, so when I saw it on Facebook late last night I thought "oh shit". 

      Initially i didnt offer an excuse. I'd missed it, I'd own up to that and say sorry. But then she throws it back in my face saying something like "well it was all over Facebook and everyone was talking about it. I thought something must be wrong because you didn't say anything"

      I told her that no, I'd just gotten the dates mixed up and by the time I was on my Facebook to figure it out it was late at night and that I should say something in person rather than just tag on. (And, btw, I didn't hear a single person at work all day mention that day was her bday, even when we all went on our regular Thursday lunch).

      This was not met favorably. I could tell she was pissed at me. I just apologized again and said I hope she had a nice birthday evening and walked away. 

      Feeling a little ticked that a hat in hand apology was met with that kind of response. If I had been a dick about it or tried to joke it off maybe go that route.. But I don't live on FB. Everyone knows this about me. I try to skim for important posts from people but the feed is so full and jacked up I feel like I miss a lot of recent stuff even though I keep setting it to show in order of most recent. 

      Lesson learned with this lady, I suppose. 

    • A musing

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      Now that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have reportedly split, I feel like we lost out on the chance to use the couple name "Tayto". I'm a little sad about that.

    • Update

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      stepped on the scale for the first time since coming home from RTX. I don't remember the exact number except that it made me very sad and was somewhere around 170lbs - I think it was even closer to 175.

      Today I stepped on and it's 162.

      Thanks Pokemon go, water and not eating my way through stress and sadness as I had been for the last three months.

      Hopefully I can keep this up and get to my goal of a size four.

    • The weird thing about being single again..

      2 years ago

      Cheshire_Cat Registration Team Lead

      You'd think it'd be a crushing loneliness or soul eating sense of failure, but I think in the months prior to the actual breakup I sensed it coming and was able to mourn it and process it then, so when it happened, it was just over.

      The weird thing is how very quiet my life feels now. We didn't talk on Skype nearly as much as I would have liked, but we texted every day almost the whole day right until those last couple of months.
      When the first text of the day would come in with that specific ring tone or vibration, my whole heart lifted, the day brightened and I was excited to see whatever the message might be. It was probably a simple "Good morning", but it was enough to let me know that I was thought of and cared for, and every other little beep later garnered a similar response.

      Communicating was important to me because it was the only way we had to connect being so far apart. Couldn't connect with a quick coffee or lunch date, give hugs to chase bad days away or to show affection, or spend that bonding time cuddled on a couch.. so there was text. But now there is not and I am surprised by how empty that makes the day feel.

      Everything else is going as well as can be expected. I am walking more during the day on my breaks at work and even more at night with Jasper while we play Pokemon Go. I play ESO more on the PC in the evening and weekends and am trying to get to know more of the people in my guild better and run trials and dungeons with them. Little efforts to get better, be better and continue to move on. Where I am going, or what I will move on to, I am not sure - but the plan is to improve and to finish a chapter, accomplish more goals, be a better person.

      We'll see how things go..

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