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    • 3 years ago


      It really is a kind of extended family. I spent a bit on /r/RWBY[1] earlier and was just floored by all the fan art, drawings, songs, videos, poems, haikus, etc. all dedicated to Monty. It was all very touching, especially the stuff that included the characters mourning him. I unfortunately missed the special podcast, I really hope they release it just like they usually do. This week would be preferable, but I can wait til next week if I have to. I knew, sooner or later, someone from Rooster Teeth would have to pass. I just figured (and hoped) it would be several years still before we had to deal with it. Still, I am glad to see the community reach out and support the people who make us laugh and make us happy on a nearly daily basis when they are undoubtedly struggling with this far more than any of us. It makes me really proud. Moreso than having raised a ton of money for Lazer Team and even moreso than what we raised for Monty's family in such a short amount of time. I wasn't planning on making it to RTX this year because I didn't think there was any way I could afford it, but now I feel like I need to find a way to make it out there. It's only a couple states away, I think that's doable...

    • Can't stop listening to this song...

      3 years ago


      The Lost Boy- Greg Holden from season 5 episode 4 of Sons of Anarchy. the Wakesong with piano intro, directly from the last few minutes of the episode. Spoilers in the comments if you haven't gotten through at least this episode, obviously.

    • Halo and me

      4 years ago


      I was looking at my gamerpic today and decided to set it back to my old Halo 3 logo, black and grey with the 3 in the middle of the Halo ring. But I couldn't find it on my box. So I went to the extras on Halo 3 on XBL and redownloaded the picture pack there in an effort to find it, but it was no use. It wasn't there either. It occurred to me that I had gotten the Collector's Edition of Halo 3, and it was possible the gamerpic I was after would be on there, so I dug it out and popped it in. It went through the warning about not viewing the disc before "Finishing the fight" on the main disc because of spoilers, then loaded up the main menu screen. I was instantly smiling. Heretic, Hero from Halo 2 started playing while the menu flew around a frames only version of Valhalla. Damn I have so many memories associated to that song, and that map. After perusing some of the options I found the gamerpic I was looking for and redownloaded it, and then quit out of the disc, ejected it, and put it away.

      After switching back to said gamerpic, I held my Collector's Edition and just looked at the case for a minute. It was the first game I ever went to a midnight launch to get, and also the first game I bought anything above the standard edition of. It is actually my second Collector's Edition copy of Halo 3, I had to buy it when the game disc in my first copy started to crack in the middle from all the time I spent playing it. However, after playing this copy a bunch before Reach came out, the game disc in this copy also cracked. It isn't broken yet, but I am not willing to let it shatter in my 360. I opened up the game disc side of the case and looked it over once again. A few minor scratches, and the cracks. Feeling sad once again that I couldn't pop it in and play through the campaign that I loved so very much, I put the disc and case away, and turned off my 360.

      When the Xbox One was announced, I was part of the masses who were angry about the always on DRM, the always on Kinect sensor, the attempted elimination of used games, etc. After looking at the stats for the two next gen systems, I decided the only thing I would really be losing out on if I bought the PS4 instead was Halo. I loved Halo 4, I felt it had perhaps the best written campaign in the series, and I really want to continue the Chief's story. It was the reason I bought an Xbox in the first place, and I knew I had to have a 360 once Halo 3 was announced. I have grown to love many other games since then, but Halo was the reason I bought these consoles in the first place. But I was so mad at Microsoft that I didn't care anymore. Even when they turned around and fixed the XBOne, I was surprised they listened to their gamer consumers, but was still jaded about the console. Now, I will not likely be buying either next gen console before this time next year, and I really want the PS4. It is more powerful and cheaper, plus it has exclusive content planned for Destiny, which I am very excited about. Yes, I appreciate 343, but there is something very exciting about coming back to Bungie again. When I watch the videos about Destiny, I get that feeling I used to get when watching the videos before Halo 3 launched. But today, for the first time, I think it has finally hit me that I brushed off Halo like it was nothing important to me. And that makes me sad. How could I brush off the series that brought me in to modern gaming like it was "just another fps title." Without Halo, there wouldn't be any of this content here at Rooster Teeth, that I have grown so attached to. I couldn't even imagine my life without all that they do.

      At this point, the only argument against the new Xbox will just be the price. I would love to just buy them both, and eventually that will happen. But not at first. And that lower price tag coupled with the Destiny content will likely drive me to buy the PS4 first, though I am still a bit on the fence about it. I dunno... I just need another copy of Halo 3 again!

    • Aww crap

      5 years ago


      Just realized my Sponsorshipness is about to expire... Back to the streets tomorrow, need to make make money money to get it back.

    • 6 years ago

    • IB Podcast 20

      6 years ago


      Just heard Dylon throw me under the bus in the latest episode. It was glorious.

    • To some

      6 years ago


      Happy Valentine's Day.

      To others, Happy (or not so happy) Singles Awareness Day.

    • Why oh why

      6 years ago


      .... does Google Chrome even have the "X" in the corner of the window to close it if that isn't the correct way to close the browser? I have to click on the wrench (which is directly underneath the "X", btw) and then scroll to the bottom of the list to click "Exit" to shut it down. Otherwise, the next time I open it Chrome informs me it was not shut down properly and asks if I want the tabs that were up to reload the websites they were on. WTF G. Chrome? Take the fucking "X" off if that is the wrong way to close it, or better yet MAKE IT THE CORRECT WAY TO CLOSE IT!

    • Seeing them live in 2 weeks...

      6 years ago


      Can't stop listening to this...

      Departer by Katatonia

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    • Sean Tango

      6 years ago

      I don't know why, but I can infinitely mod your comment on the AHTV post.

    • ChriosM FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      Hello :) Looks like we have some basic interests in common, as well. The AZ thing, to be obvious. You have been to Ireland. That makes me jealous! I plan to go some day. Also, video games, though that is a bit of a given considering the website we are on.. But on your "favorite games" section, you put L4D which is certainly one of my favorites. Lastly, I noticed you said something about disliking Twilight. High-five!

    • FangedSmile

      7 years ago

      Hey! Nice to meet someone else from AZ on the site. :-)

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