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    • Chris

      RTX Guests

      2 months ago

      Did you know YouTube star and close friend of mine Zach Anner will be at RTX? If you're a fan of On the Spot, you might remember his guest appearances on the Christmas and Easter episodes. He's one of the funniest guys I know so if you see him, be sure to say hi.

      And did you also know that his brother Brad Anner, star of the RT Shorts iBlade and McKinley: Werewolf Slayer will be there too?

      And did you also also know that Nick Newton, star of A Simple Walk Into Mordor, is here all the way from wherever he's from?

      Well, now you know. See you at RTX!

    • Chris

      Social Disorder Season 1

      10 months ago

      If you haven't seen it yet, check out the season finale of SOCIAL DISORDER where Aaron screws me over once again. Also, thanks so much for watching these first six episodes. We had a hell of a time making them, and by that I mean at times it was very much hell. But if you liked the show and want to see more, please share it with your friends and post these six episodes other places around the internets. (You could also be really, really cool and buy one of our nifty shirts).

      Oh, and big thanks to @jon and @maggie for letting us scare their neighbors that one time.

    • Chris

      Invite to The Wingmen Screening in Austin, TX

      10 months ago

      In college my friends and I from Lark the Beard made a mocumentary show called The Wingmen starring myself, Aaron Marquis, Marshall Rimmer, Zach Anner and a few others. It tells the story of a group of guys who start up shifty dating service to pay off a debt and maybe find some love. However, we never released the final three episodes of the show and so for Zach Anner's birthday, we've rented out the Alamo Draft House South Lamar theater in Austin Texas and are holding a screening tonight at 7pm (Monday, November 17th).

      If you're in Austin, and are interested in attending please send us an email at [email protected] with your name and number in your party. If there are seats still available, we'll email to let you know you're on the list. This event is completely free and you don't need to have seen any of the show (in fact it's probably better if you haven't), but here's the trailer if you'd like to check it out. Nearly the entire cast of the show will be present along with several other Rooster Teeth crew, so it should be a night of good times, drinks, and laughter. Seats are limited and so if you're interested, email us ASAP.


    • Chris

      Social Disorder + HATE + Shirt

      11 months ago

      I just wanted to let you guys know that I now hate the show FRIENDS with a fiery passion that can only be matched by my hatred of Aaron Marquis.

      Oh, and if you want a sneak preview of a future episode of Social Disorder, check out the pictures we took for the official SOCIAL DISORDER T-Shirt. One of them features an important prop from an upcoming episode and I challenge you to try and guess what we do with it... And maybe buy a shirt or two.

    • Chris

      iBlade Wrapped... Now What?

      1 year ago

      At last! My favorite episode of the iBlade Trilogy is released! Thanks for watching and thanks to all my co-workers who jumped in to star or cameo in the mini-series. It was incredibly fun to make, and believe it or not, there were only six to twelve injuries while filming. Also, a huge thanks to Chair Entertainment for letting us make such a crazy series based off the Infinity Blade Games (which you should definitely check out since they're currently on sale).

      Anyway, now that iBlade is wrapped... What's next? Hmmm... We might have a brand new show premiering next Saturday afternoon called Social Disorder. And it might be the most insane, embarrassing, and possibly illegal thing we've ever done.

      So if you hear about me or @revdrmarquis being arrested anytime soon, just know that it was all for you guys.

    • Chris

      Community Members Walk To Mordor

      1 year ago

      I wanted to share with you some really cool videos made by two members of the community. Not long after @Kerry and I got back from our romantic getaway in New Zealand, community member @Musefied contacted us and @nikz07 about wanting to attempt the same trip. I thought he was crazy, but sure enough, he and his friend actually attempted to walk to Mordor... And not only did they do it, but they filmed the whole thing.

      So @Musefied edited his trip, which he called "My Simple Walk Into Mordor," into three parts, all of which are up on YouTube. If you're a fan of the original Simple Walk Into Mordor series then I strongly suggest checking it out. They literally walk almost the exact same path and you see dozens of familiar locations throughout his videos.

      So here's Part 1... Part 2... and Part 3.

      Check them out, and tell @Musefied and his buddy congratulations. @Kerry @nikz07 and I were really honored that they followed in our hobbit footsteps.

    • Chris

      Vote for The Gauntlet!

      1 year ago

      Ladies, gentlemen and animals, Season 2 of The Gauntlet is nominated for Best Reality Show at the 2014 Webby Awards. This means we need your help!

      If you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it, then rally the troops and cast your vote! We'll love you forever.


      @Chris and @Brandon

    • Chris

      A Simple Walk Into Mordor Anniversary

      1 year ago

      So, I don't know about you guys, but I'm seeing The Hobbit 2 tonight. In honor of the new movie coming out, the one year anniversary of our show and being nominated for Best Documentary Series by the IAWTV awards, @kerry and I wanted to put out the official trailer for A Simple Walk Into Mordor and a highlights video from our panel at RTX!

      I also want to talk a little about the extended edition we recently released on DVD and digital download. Since the initial edit of the show was exclusively an online release, I had to cut a lot of really funny, great scenes. This kept the episodes shorter and fast paced, but also made some parts of the journey seem a bit rushed.

      In the Extended Edition, I was able to go back and put in all of the little moments that tell the entire story of the trip. Sometimes this was us looking for a place to setup our tent at night, and other times it was us excitedly discovering port-a-potties in the wild (Yay! No digging holes)!

      Overall, we're both extremely proud of the Extended Edition and feel that it is the ultimate representation of the journey we took one year ago. We'd love for you to check out the DVD or the digital downloads. Your support means so much to us and might some day make another crazy adventure like this possible. And don't forget that tomorrow, Dec 16, is the last day to order anything from the Rooster Teeth store and get it by Christmas!
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    • Chris

      How to: Gauntlet

      1 year ago

      So I wanted to take a moment and tell you guys a little about how a show like The Gauntlet was produced. After we'd secured our filming location and the cast, @Brandon and I turned our attention to the actual game selection. We asked people around the office for suggestions and compiled a huge list. With a lot of help from @gilby, we eventually narrowed it down and finalized a competition that we knew would be both fun to watch and play.

      The next step was scripting. The writing process for a show like The Gauntlet is different than most productions because, well, most of it isn't written. Since we didn't know what people would say or who would win, there were huge gaps in the scripts that were simply "Teams are interviewed" or "Team X plays Team Y in Portal 2." The type of things I focused on were how the intros would change each week, the banter between @Burnie and @Joel, and the different pranks we could pull on set (such as making Miles dress up in a Halo spartan suit and making a team stand around in kiddie pool as a reward). After finishing the first drafts, I passed the scripts over to @Burnie and @Joel who punched up all of the dialogue and came up with even more gags. At last we had solid "scripts" to plan the production around.

      Before we shot, @Brandon and I met with all of the cast and explained what type of show we wanted to make. Basically, we told them to feel free to say or do anything they wanted on set, and most importantly, have fun. My philosophy on filming anything is that if you have a good time on set, then it really shows in the final product. However, we did make sure to keep them completely in the dark about all of the games and pranks we had planned for them.

      Then came time to actually shoot. We basically shot almost everything like a live show so that we captured everyone as naturally as possible. This meant that at any given time there might be five cameras filming at once, or in the case of large competitions like the Sonic Relay, as many as twelve. We would also occasionally split the crew and @Brandon would direct one scene while I directed another in a different room. Additionally, @Matt was constantly filming interviews with the cast (and occasionally shooting scenes for the Bare Naked Ladies video or taking the Internet Celeb team to a gun range). Needless to say, with over 60 people on set and only five shooting days, it was a very fast paced production.

      One of the biggest challenges was figuring out what to do with the scenes where Burnie and Joel talk to the RTX Team. We didn't know ahead of time that they would win so immediately after each competition, Burnie, Joel and I would sit in the dressing room and plan out what to say to them. Thankfully, @Burnie and @Joel are masterful improvisors and each time they delivered hilariously.

      We also can't explain how awesome our entire cast was for the show. Not only did they take time out of their normal productions to shoot, but they were all incredibly hilarious. At no point did we tell them what to do or say, so every funny line that you laughed at in the show, they came up with themselves. Whether it was @Jordan deciding to turn to a life of food after losing or @gameovergreg ripping off his shirt to transform into an evil villain, it all came from the minds of the cast. I really can't thank them enough.

      Working with Justine, Adam, Greg and Freddie was also a ton of fun. They're incredibly easy going, naturally funny people and we're so glad they could be a part of the show.

      Once everything was shot, we had the monstrous task of editing it all together. Thankfully, we'd assembled an incredible post-production team. We had the fantastic editors from RWBY, @Gray and @Daniel, and @SixRomeo and @RevDrMarquis, two talented friends of mine that I worked with a lot in college. Before we even got started though, @Sarah and Paco help organize and sync all of the footage for us, which was a huge help. Finally, @BrianB animated all of the intros for the show (except Joel's intro and the RTAA one made by @Jordan) and made the awesome game play graphics. If you can, stop by their profiles and say hi to all of these guys because they did a fantastic job.

      So that's how we made Season 2 of The Gauntlet! It was a lot of work, but also a lot fun. Most importantly, I got to spend a lot of time with the Redemption Dog, which happens to be the happiest animal on the planet. Seriously, I've never met such a friendly dog.

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