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    • Latin Phrases You Should Be Using

      18 hours ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      People are surprised by how much Latin we use in everyday life.  Quick examples include words such as: memo, alibi, agenda, census, alias, veto or a gaming staple: versus.  

      Literally thousands of organizations, hundreds of schools & even countries still use Latin as for their national motto — regardless of the native language.  

      I can't go over every Latin phrase, but I can highlight some of my favorites.

      VERITAS OMNIA VINCIT — Truth Conquers All
      CARPE NOCTEM — Seize The Night
      ET IN ARCADIA EGO —  Even In Arcadia, Here I Am (a reference to Death)
      AD ASTRA — To The Stars
      ALEA IACTA EST — The Die Has Been Cast
      VINCIT QUI SE VINCIT — He Conquers Who Conquers Himself
      NON DUCOR, DUCO — I Am Not Led, I Lead
      ODERINT DUM METUANT — Let Them Hate, So Long As They Fear
      PER AUDACIA AD ASTRA — Through Boldness To The Stars
      VERITAS ET AEQUITAS — Truth & Justice
      VAE VICTIS — Woe To The Vanquished
      NUNQUAM SECUNDUM — Second I May Be, But Second To None
      SIC PARVIS MAGNA — Greatness From Small Beginnings 
    • My Top 10 Favorite Anime

      19 hours ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      This is in no particular order.

      • AKIRA
      • SOUL EATER
      • GHOST STORIES (English Dub)

      Don't judge me.

    • Fanboy

      6 days ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      Recently, I left a certain discussion thread in which — oddly enough — discussion was openly ridiculed unless your ideas conformed to those of others — essentially negating the original point of the thread.  I have no issue with criticism — something I have stated many times.  But there is a difference between being critical & being openly hostile to ideas & opinions that differ from your own.

      As an added bonus & going away treat, the same individual who blessed me with my current occupation title had these kind words to say as a parting gift.

      "In short, you're a sealioning little bitch who was only ever here to harass the people that shot down your Cinder fanboying, and we knew that and called it out."

      Charming, I know.  And no, I won't say his username nor will I give the name of the thread — I have my principles & I intend to stick by them.

      Still, that made me think for a moment.

      Am I a fanboy?  

      We hear that term used quite often nowadays — so I looked up the definition.  Not surprisingly, there were several variations.

      1. A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture, but who lets his passion override social graces.
      2. A male fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, music, movies, or science fiction.
      3. To behave in an obsessive or overexcited way.

      All of these seem fairly accurate but it's the first definition that I like most.  Still, even if you disagree, the three definitions are so close that it really doesn't matter which I choose.

      It's no secret that I like Cinder Fall — the username might have been a dead giveaway — but a fanboy?  I've always done my best to be civil towards people in discussions, even those I don't agree with.  Losing your temper in an argument does not win said argument.  So the bit about allowing passion to override social graces doesn't really fit my personality.

      And while I do like Cinder Fall & I still think her character has great potential — I have never turned a blind eye to the terrible things she has done.  And let's be honest — she has done some pretty terrible things.

      A fanboy would defend Cinder's every action.  She would be unable to do anything wrong in their eyes.  I think she has done plenty of wrong within the series — to put it mildly.  And if we are being honest — it would not shock me in the slightest if she does not survive the full length of the series.  Maybe she doesn't deserve to.  But these are points that I believe can be explored with an open mind.

      Labeling me as a fanboy simply solidifies my belief that leaving the thread was akin to leaving an abusive relationship — and I am so happy that I did.  

    • A Fascinating Read

      1 week ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      Special Thanks To KarmaChimera For Originally Sending Me The Link.


    • We Asked For Bloodborne — We're Getting Dark Souls Remastered

      in Forums > We Asked For Bloodborne — We're Getting Dark Souls Remastered | Follow this topic

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      Before we begin, I am fully aware of the complications behind BLOODBORNE & why it is not being released on the PC.  For those of you unaware — BLOODBORNE was developed by FromSoftware but published by Sony — giving them much more influence in the distribution of the game.

      Now, I'm primarily a PC player, but I do own a PS4 & I am more than happy to count BLOODBORNE as part of my library.  For a game that runs at 24 to 30 FPS (depending on the area) — it's remarkably gorgeous.  Recently, some industrious YouTubers began posting videos of game play that boasted 60 FPS — something the game isn't capable of — at least, not without some help from post-production.  BLOODBORNE is already a fantastic looking game — but to see what it could potentially become is a thing of beauty.  I have to admit — it hurt to watch those videos because I knew that the frame rate had been cleaned up in post.  Regardless of this fact — they still looked amazing. 

      And now — FromSoftware is releasing DARK SOULS REMASTERED.  I won't act as though this game does not have it's fans — because it does.  Nor will I say that the SOULS series is sub-par because that would be an outrageous lie.

      I will say that I am disappointed.  FromSoftware & Sony have both been getting requests on a daily basis about BLOODBORNE since it's release in 2015 — so, it's not as if they don't know.  As I said, I understand the complications behind why it's not happening — but I don't have to like it.

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    • Was Cinder Abused?

      2 weeks ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      At this point in the series, we know more about Salem & even Ozpin than we do about Cinder — or do we?  We know that all of the characters in RWBY are based on a fairy tale or fable & it's been confirmed — or at least, heavily implied — that Cinder is based off of Cinderella.  They could have chosen anyone as a template & other than a slight nod to the source material in VOLUME II — let's just say that Cinderella seems like an odd pick.


      Unless your goal is to create a dark past for someone.  In that scenario, it's actually quite the ideal choice.  Heartbreak, physical & mental abuse.  Hell, that's just the Disney version.

      "I want to be strong.  I want to be feared.  I want to be powerful."

      Really?  And for what reason does Cinder want that?  If I was to hazard a guess it was because she was weak.  She was afraid.  She wasn't the one in control.  Naturally, unless we get confirmation this will all be speculation.  But then Raven implies that Cinder may not even be her true name.  

      "Two children you've tricked into following you, a disgraced Atlesian scientist & a Fall Maiden with a surname so appropriate, she probably picked it herself."

      Not only does Cinder say nothing to deny the allegation, Watts all but confirms it.

      "Technically I was also a doctor, but I must say the rest was spot on."

      This last quote from Cinder in VOLUME II is actually rather telling & in many ways is a giant red flag.

      "It's not about overpowering an enemy.  It's about taking away what power they have."

      Again, we have to do some speculation but I wouldn't doubt that Cinder was on the receiving end of many horrible acts.  Then there's the company that Salem keeps — everyone of her subordinates is broken in some way — disgraced & lost.

      Cinder being a victim fits all too well into the type of person Salem preys upon.  Someone who feels weak — someone who feels powerless.

    • Cinder & Raven

      2 weeks ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      Once we got to VOLUME IV, any doubts that Raven wasn't a killer were swept away.  We already knew that Cinder fit into that category — or at the very least had no issue with taking someone's life.  I don't think that was ever in dispute.  But now we know that Raven & Cinder both gained their powers in the same way — by murdering the previous Maiden.

      Raven can chalk it up to a mercy killing if that helps her sleep at night — but we know it bothers her.  And so does Cinder.

      "The last Spring Maiden must have trusted you a great deal before she died — I bet that was a mistake."

      Instantly, we can see those words hit a nerve like nothing else.  Raven has some words for Cinder as well — but Cinder's rebuttal clearly cuts pretty deep.

      "You turned yourself into a monster, just for power."  
      "Look who's talking." 

      Once again, Cinder flat-out calls Raven a murderer.  Now as I said, Cinder is a killer as well —

      — but at least Raven didn't kill your waifu, right?  I'm certain she was busy destroying someone else's life.

    • Cleric Of The Murder Princess — Wait, What?

      2 weeks ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      On my Rooster Teeth profile, I have an odd choice set as my occupation —

      Cleric of the Murder Princess

      To answer the bulk of any questions right out of the gate, it's a title someone used as an insult against me in a recent debate.  At first, it was mildly irritating — but like any terrible nickname — it's grown on me.

      Now, who that individual was is not important — nor would I ever out someone so blatantly.  I bring that incident up to make a point — and I truly hope that anyone who is dealing with self-righteous know-it-alls will take these words to heart.

      If you are not enjoying the conversation — there is no thread, topic or individual that is worth your time & mental grief.  There are people who simply feel that they are always in the right & nothing you say will ever change their minds.

      There will be other threads.

      There will be other people to talk with.  That, I can promise you.

      A debate — whether you win or lose — should be engaging.  It should not feel like a chore.  There also has to be some give & take due to differing views & opinions.  The individual who I can thank for my new job title was one of the most arrogant, abrasive & egotistical people I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

      But I realized that I can't change who he is.  The only person I can control is myself — so I left the thread.  If he feels he won, let him — I have more pressing matters to contend with.

      If you're dealing with someone like that — just leave.  Whoever they are, whatever the thread is about, whatever the topic is — they will never be that important.  Trust me.

    • Cinder Will Learn From Her Mistakes

      2 weeks ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —

      One of the big criticisms I hear about Cinder — besides the one about her being a murdering super-villain — is that she never learns from her mistakes.  I have to disagree.

      For the first three volumes of RWBY — with very few exceptions — Cinder & her team did nothing but win.  They were either planning a new phase or in the process of executing it.  Cinder's team was pretty much on offense the entire time — with a few notable exceptions.

      Team RWBY was playing catch-up.  Even after getting trounced with little to no effort by Neo, Yang continued her reckless behavior & it wasn't until VOLUME IV — some actually argue VOLUME V — that she learned self-control.

      Sun had to convince Blake in VOLUME IV that leaving her team was a mistake.  Sure, she had valid reasons for leaving — she was scared people would get hurt because of her.  But it took four volumes for her to accept a lesson we thought she had learned way back in VOLUME I.

      Trust me when I say, all the others are the same.  Now that they are no longer simply on defense — they've put what they've learned through trial & error to good use.

      VOLUME V marks Cinder's first major defeat since the show began.  So while people are praising individuals like Yang for having these character-defining moments — and make no mistake, that's exactly what they are — it took a long time & a lot of failure to get there.

      Cinder will learn from her failures — just like everyone else.

    • RWBY Spin-Off

      2 weeks ago

      CinderFaII Veritas Omnia Vincit
      — Please Remember That Art Is Subjective & Any Opinions Given Here Are My Own —


      Come on — you know you'd watch it.

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