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    • ClayD

      Update, long time coming

      6 years ago

      I am taking this semester off after graduating from UNC in May. In January I hope to start taking classes for an M.Sci in Accounting degree at UNC Greensboro.

      I got my username changed, thanks to Burnie.

      Hope you all are doing well.

    • ClayD

      Carolina's Gonna Win

      6 years ago

      Watching the UNC-MSU game right now, 55-34 UNC at the half.

      I'm in Chapel Hill, since I go to school at UNC. Looks like I'll get to witness a riot of sorts. smiley0.gif

      UPDATE! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that since I'm not particularly invested in UNC, these recent games have been pretty boring to watch. I like basketball, and blowouts aren't all that interesting. I would like UNC to win, but I would like to see a real game in the process.

    • ClayD

      I drive around for money

      6 years ago

      And today I saw an odd sign.

      The sign for 8-ball's Billiards (or something) on Main Street in High Point seemed fairly normal, with a short list of upcoming events.

      Wednesday: College Nite

      Friday: Private Party

      Everything's fine here, nothing out of the ordinary.

      The last item, though...

      Saturday: Walrus

      Walrus?!?!?! It's not even explained. Is Walrus a regular with such a vibrant personality that they dedicate an entire day to him? Is there a party of walruses (walruses?!?!?! walrii?!?!?!) who have reserved the billiard hall for whatever walruses/walrii do in their leisure time? If so, do they get bussed in from out of town or do they drive?

      Is there a walrus fight ring in High Point that I was simply unaware of until now? They arrested street-racers a few weeks ago. Maybe this is one more piece in a giant street-racing and walrus-fighting conspiracy. I hope the police investigate this. I won't have tusked and flippered animals racing cars, fighting and playing billiards in my town.

      (This journal brought to you by mock outrage, consternation and wild flights of fancy.)

    • ClayD

      Holy crap

      6 years ago

      I lost 9 friends in the switch to Delta.

      Unexpected (and horrifying, if I imagine that their profiles were actually those people).

    • ClayD

      Entirely unnecessary.

      7 years ago

      I'm taking Economics 101 this semester, in light of the fact that I plan to enroll in UNC's Master of Accounting program after college. The class is fine; the professor is interesting and the material is generally not boring or difficult.

      We have to do these internet assignments that are fairly easy, but this one question annoyed me, for one simple reason.

      click for larger version

      Do you see what they did there? They numbered their graphs and then put Graph II above Graph I in the answer choices.

      What reason is there for entrapping people with stupid and unnecessary opportunities to make mistakes? Were they afraid that I wouldn't read the question carefully enough? If so, then naturally I would get the answer wrong, without their "help."

      I actually selected Choice A at first (which is incorrect) before I realized what they had done. I knew the answer but, had I not looked again, I would have gotten the problem wrong.

      This sort of crap doesn't just weed out the students who know their stuff from the students who don't; it weeds out the students who aren't expecting the answers to be in illogical order from those who just happen to look twice.

      "Well you should just always be careful," they might say. Sure, I was careful and I corrected my "mistake." However, that doesn't mean that those unsuspecting individuals who are right but moving quickly should get punished.

      Summary: Don't mix up answers for the sake of mixing up answers. It's rude and unnecessary.

    • ClayD

      End of the Year

      7 years ago

      Welp, this is the last week of classes.

      I'm kinda glad to be done with this semester. I'd like to get back to getting paid for doing work.

      This summer, just like the last, I'm working for my old Sunday School teacher, delivering medicine for his two pharmacies. $8/hour, plus 30 cents/mile. It works out nicely. smiley1.gif

    • ClayD

      NCAA Tournament

      7 years ago

      Carolina's in the Final Four. smiley0.gif

      Now I can only hope we win so I can watch as other kids jump over fires in the middle of Franklin Street. Maybe somebody will flip over a car this year.

    • ClayD

      School? Fun? What?

      7 years ago

      So the spring semester is underway, and I'm only taking 13 hours, three of which are music classes.

      The other ten are Russian 102 (the teacher is great, I just hate having to do homework smiley4.gif ); History of Intelligence Operations, which is as cool as it sounds; and Defense Policy & National Security which is taught by the professor I had for Intro. to International Relations who is a really cool guy. And the textbook is actually interesting, too, and that's always a plus for classes.

      Anyway, catch y'all later, and feel free to regale me with lists/stories of your own classes (or jobs) this spring. smiley1.gif

    • ClayD

      Email-type hilarity

      7 years ago

      Sometimes UNC's system of "listservs," that is, mailing lists, can produce hilarious results.

      Today, I got an email that consisted of:


      -Sponsored by Start for the Heart

      On Tuesday, December 4 ALL DAY LONG at Top of the Hill $1 of their charity beers will go towards helping children with congenital heart disease in North Carolina.
      Start for the Heart is a UNC student organization that raises money for underprivileged patients at the North Carolina Children's Heart Center at UNC Hospitals.

      So grab your friends, family, and coworkers and head to Top of the Hill to drink a cold one for the kids!

      Check out for more information about us and upcoming events!

      Nothing wrong with that. In case people didn't want to hear about charity events, there were instructions to unsubscribe from the mailing list at the top of the email, above the message, so there's no way you could have missed them.

      You are currently subscribed to unc-charity-event axsd: [email protected]
      To unsubscribe send a blank email to [email protected]

      Nevertheless, people immediately started hitting "Reply All" and sent emails to the entire mailing list with "Take me off this distribution;" "Please take me off your list.Thanks;" and a thousand variations of "unsubscribe me plz." Naturally, some people haven't experienced the "Idiots on a Listserv" phenomenon before and began replying (to everyone, of course) with "YOU ARE SENDING THIS TO THE WRONG PERSON - I DO NOT WORK WITH UNC CHARITY EVENTS;" "Why are you sending the email to me to take you off a list? I do not have access to that. Sorry. I did not even send this email out;" "These emails are driving me crazy..... I have gotten like 17 so far. It must be a virus of sorts......... People are so clever and funny, NOT!" etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

      At present, I have forty-three emails that are either "unsubscribe" or "stop sending me emails! I didn't send anything to you!"

      Fortunately there were some people who knew what was going on and told everyone what to do. That failed to stem the tide. Some guy got mad and called everybody an idiot, and my personal favorite email was from a guy named Andy:

      Does anyone know where I can buy a pet alpaca? My dad wants one for Christmas! Thanks!


      I told him he'd have better luck finding one in South America. smiley1.gif

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