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      4 years ago


      So apparently it's the Angels' 2nd birthday today :p I joined the angels a little under a year ago, and it's just... been great.

      Ducky is the best, sweetest and kindest person I know, and being able to work with her has been a real pleasure.

      I've always been kind of a solo gamer, but hosting game nights with Dasha has been fantastic and made me a lot more open to playing with others!

      I could go through our Angels family person by person and easily come up with a wonderful thing about each of them, but I think the most wonderful thing of all is how warm, welcoming and inclusive they are.

      We've made some huge changes over this past year, and making the group more of a safe space for everyone is something I'm really proud of being part of.

      No matter who you are, you can come and hang out at a game night or watch our content without worrying about being judged or bullied or encountering the casual nastiness that pervades much of the gaming community, and I think that's pretty damn special.

      I see good things in our future. Stick with us and you'll see them too! Happy birthday, Angels xxx

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      4 years ago


      So I guess I'd better introduce myself a bit...

      I'm Clare, although a lot of people also know me as sherlock_strikes smiley6.gif . I love reading, crafting, gaming, history and my friends (not necessarily in that order...)

      I live in the UK (north-east, if you're curious) and fave games are Minecraft (console), The Sims2, anything Lego and GTAV. I've been playing games for about 25 years smiley4.gif

      I'm currently producing content for The Angels, and have just finished up a Minecraft: How To series smiley7.gif

      Anything else you want to know, just ask!

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