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    • The Sponsorship and Merch Plung

      1 year ago


      After 8 years of following Roosterteeth online I've finally taken the plunge and given them my money directly. Last year I did so indirectly by subscribing to MeUndies and dollarshave club, and suppose I can hold the bragging rights that my first step to sponsoring RT was by purchasing a pair of underwear! lol Anyways, it's always been at the back of my mind- why don't I sponsor RT or purchase merch as I was so much content? (btw the exchange rate of Canadian Monopoly Money to USD hasn't helped much over the years) I watch easily 7 hours of content a week, of which is well spent time. There was a time in 2014 where you guys couldn't publish enough videos to how much I was consuming- hence why I'm I'm currently watching the all of the AH minecraft videos in sequential order (another journal to come) and doing the same for other series. Only thing that has stopped me from watching EVERYTHING was partnering with people like Funhaus in which there's so much content, and such a variety, that I can't possibly watch it all and still have a life.

      What started off as just RvB, then Horse and Fails of the week, I've expanded my interests and clung to the identity of this community. It's helped me through good times. and as well as bad. Where day's I felt as though my life were void of happiness. you guys never failed to put a smile on my face or a laugh in my day. I can't put a price to how your content has had a positive effect on my life. What started off as friends getting together in a bedroom has turned into something that has the ability to influence a generation, and to actively change the lives of so many people. And through such initiatives as Extra Life you've taken that power and helped people who are not even apart of this community through the act of charity- and comedy. lol What you guys can do "for the kids" is both jaw dropping and rotflshmsfoaidmt!

      Anyways I want to thank RT and it's affiliates for being apart of my life, changing my view of the world, and challenging my assumptions and opinions to be a better person.

    • More of Life's Subtleties

      2 years ago


      Going on a que from my last journal entry I've found other subtleties in life that are humorous or quite blunt. The first was logging onto my Xbox live account about two months ago and seeing the top right corner "You have $0.00." After a moment of letting that sink in I reckoned that Xbox was not that far off considering my student debt and that any money I do have could be claimed by creditors. Yet in the end I was left thinking to myself with all that I've built upon over the years, I came from nothing and I will end with nothing. None of it matters because in the end that account balance will be 0 regardless if just a moment before I had $1,000,000. You hit that infinite zero you ain't adding, subtracting, or multiplying that sucker any further beyond death.

      The other subtle moment was a homicide in my home town at a halfway/affordable housing residence in which the police had presence at for about two weeks after the incident. But as soon as the tape came down the "Room for Rent" sign went up. :P Talk about quickly moving on! And I'm sure everybody looking at the room was aware that someone died for there to be a vacancy and with this being the only vacant room... ever had a hotel room and wondered about all the previous occupants and activities done in it?

      Oh and I guess my last entry to this list is that today I entered a room looking for a clock but seeing there was none, noted on the white board just below where one would have been "God Dammit Buy a Watch." I lol'd. Though I had self realization that I didn't so much need to buy a watch as I needed to make a habit of wearing on of my 3 working ones.

    • "No friends" under friends

      4 years ago


      I had a good laugh when I read the "Friends section" to which it states 'This user has no friends.' lol How subtle is that put :P. If I really didn't have friends my laughing out loud to that may have been taken as a bit of 'self humour' as it were. But no it's just funny how those exact words come together to make a very loaded statement XD.

    • 2017 years ago

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