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    • Can't find soundtrack on iTunes (resolved)

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      When I search RWBY in iTunes the only thing that shows up are podcasts related to it. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue or if it's just something going on on my phone

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    • Chess Game Metaphor

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      One thing I've been wondering about is the constant usage of the chess metaphor when referring to the antagonists and what piece each character represents, I'm guessing it goes something like this

      Pawns: Mercury, Emerald, Torchwick, Neo and all of the white fang

      Knights: I'm thinking that Cinder was most likely a knight, it just seems more fitting to her than the other possible roles.

      Bishops: I have a theory that Winter and Cinder are on the same side and I can list the evidence behind it if you need me to; anyway, I think that Winter would most likely represent a bishop.

      Rooks: Most likely an unknown yet to be revealed character. Might be the new villain mentioned in the description for Grimm Eclipse.

      Queen: Obviously Salem

      King: most likely not an actual character but whatever it is that motivated Salem to do whatever it is she plans to do.

      Now for the "good guys":

      Pawns: RWBY, JNPR and probably every other student

      Knights: Unknown, possibly Winter if my other Theory is proven wrong.

      Rooks: Ironwood would seem to fit this role

      Bishops: Qrow and Glynda would match this category as Ozpin's two most trusted advisers.

      Queen: I'm guessing that it's Raven.

      King: Probably Ozpin

      However things get more complicated as far as actual roles go for specific members of JNPR and RWBY: Pyrrha was a pawn that reached the end of the board and briefly became a queen but was immediately killed off, while Ruby is Ozpins second attempt to create a new queen.

      I'm also pretty sure that Ozpin and Salem are both players as well as actual pieces on the board.

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    • Are the Grimm Really So Evil?

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      So basically I was thinking, a lot of universes don't nessecarly have specific good and evil, if you look into it enough it's more like you're seeing one side of the conflict and both sides probably have a decent reason for the actions along with a some blood on their hands also (yes, being incredibly greedy counts as a good reason). However in the case of RWBY it's pretty well defined especially in the case of the Grimm who are supposedly the epitome of evil, but once again we are only seeing one side of it. Why would such creatures need to exist and why exactly do they do what they do? Just because the main characters don't know doesn't mean that they have no purpose. So what is their purpose exactly?

      Well to work that out we must first examine their behavior and biology. We know that they lack a soul and aura and do not require sustainance, also they never attack each other but seem to work in cooperation. All this suggests that they are in a way living machines ( like fleshy robots, not like Penny), but once again this begs the question of why would such things exist. Well yet another core aspect of their behavior is their attraction to and possible creation from negativity, in other words conflict, and what do they do then? They kill the source of the negative emotions. This has led me to the possible conclusion that they are in fact peacekeepers, nature's police force, so to speak. Simply put it as if in a misguided attempt to prevent conflict they kill the source but usually end up igniting more due to the fear caused by their presence

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    • Unlikely and Ridiculous Ships

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      Basically this is just a thread I made for people to post the most ludicrous RWBY ships they can think of. Here,I'll start:

      Adam & Cardin (Freedom Crusade)

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    • 2 years ago

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