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    • Birthday finally!

      5 years ago


      365 days and it's now my birthday. Turning 20 and really can't wait for the day. Only issue is my sleep schedule is fucked up. I woke up around 9 PM to show how bad that is. Let's hope I can stay up 24 hours heh.

    • A story I wrote for class *Excess B&G*

      5 years ago


      The mind of a psycho doesn’t have to be shown in the open. Could be kept to ones self without following through. A curse of the mind who has seen too much horror that they are able to just picture the death of a person almost anywhere. Even if it is just an accident. Any place at any time could become another’s demise. Even in a laundry-mat.

      To think of such ideas is usually profound but I find it simple. Just by sitting on the chair playing my games the ideas came to mind. The odd and simple which would require bad luck could be like the light fixtures falling due to possible mice or wear and tear. The head of the departed broken open by the weight of the object falling onto their head. Sending a jolt through the mind just as the glass cuts the skin and one just manages to pass through the broken shards of the skull to pierce into the brain to cause bleeding, trauma, and more than likely death.

      Other thoughts had come to my mind that could be more odd. Like someone being pushed into a washing machine. Having it lock as it sits on there. The person stuck inside looking out as you walk away. The oxygen being replaced with water as they are soon to drown. Add in some laundry soap and you added poison to the mixture. Turn it on warm or hot water to add burning to the ingredients. Watch them gasping for breath while their bodies are rolling there within the hot water. Flesh turning red and over time ready to blister. Water taking place of air within the lungs and splashing soap into their eyes. They struggle and pound on the glass with no way out.

      Some other ideas could come to one’s head like a simple stacked washing machine which is suppose to take many more pounds than a normal washer. Just picturing it somehow being faulty and crashing onto the unsuspecting bystander who just wanted to clean their clothing. Putting in their whole family’s wardrobe into one washer and paying the money needed. The heavy-duty machine shaking just as they are ready to turn and walk away. Somehow things break lose and it ends up falling forward. Seeing the body crushed under the weight. Skull then spine and ribs are the first to shatter. Lungs and heart being pierced by bone of the one who just passed. The air pockets within the body being expelled at once almost similar to a body spray can being stomped on. The shirt and pants now covered in the red blood. Not everything is that simple when it comes to the death of a person. Sometimes it takes more creativity to come up with a death.

      “It’s time to go. Our wash is done. Time to go get dinner!”

      “Coming mom! Can we get Yogurt Factory?”

      “Sure. Let’s hurry before your dad get’s home from work for dinner.”

      My mind may be crazy but I never follow through. Or at least. No one has found me out yet.

    • If I am a troll then so be it!

      6 years ago


      I am going to post this CINNAMON! NO! into Joel's profile every day. If he blocks me then so be it as I can move on to another member of rooster teeth and troll them with the same line. I will not give up as I will post it at least once a day.


    • Mortal Teeth Kombat (random question.)

      in Forums > Mortal Teeth Kombat (random question.) | Follow this topic


      I was bored and putting up some boxes I got from gamestop back home (just moved recently.) And got an idea while listening to a rooster teeth podcast while putting up a mortal kombat advertisement box.

      Looking at everyone from Rooster Teeth you can make up a fatality for any of them. Who can come up with the best I'm wondering? No real contest besides bragging rights that would last for about...10 minutes or so.

      For me I would think of giving Geoff a simple one based on a mythbuster's episode.

      Geoff would pull out a bottle of beer and take a gulp of it turning bar fight drunk and smashing it over the opponent's head busting it and the bottle open.

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    • Bored Koopa is Bored and depressed

      6 years ago


      Nothing is really interesting me anymore lately as if the stress around me with moving to Florida is causing me to break down and do nothing but play video games, watch videos on my laptop, and sleep. I can't find the energy to do anything else anymore. What's even more odd is a few days ago I was perfectly fine. Writing stories like I enjoy to or coming up with ideas FOR stories and working on them or writing them down. Hitting a tennis ball on our quarter basketball court or even practicing golf in our back yard.

      But right now I feel like crap. IDK if it's sleep or stress or what. It just feels like something is wrong but I can't put my finger on it and it won't allow me to do anything until it's resolved.

      I'm hoping I will get over this soon so I can finish packing up and clean my bedroom (which needs it badly.)

      As long as I get all that done and there's Wi-fi on the plane to Florida then I'll be fine. I just don't know about what else.

      I really need to gain more energy because even now I'm barely able to continue this journal.

      Well no one will even read this so there's my current journal finished.

      *want's to play starfox 3DS but left it downstairs. too lazy to go.*

    • DB Koopa's Kreation Korner

      in Forums > DB Koopa's Kreation Korner | Follow this topic


      I love to write and my good stuff (which I can't seem to get back into the 100% swing of.) from years ago is what got me into RvB. Friends (former.) told me my stuff was funny like RvB and I had no idea about what it was. After going online I took that as a compliment.

      I may wright comedy but I can also go with serious stories and such. But for now here's just kind of like a doodle story I made a month or two ago.

      Most of my stuff is fanfiction but I do tend to dabble in things that are fully my idea (found out today one idea of mine was similar to an old show from early 2000. sigh.)

      Well here's my first story that I'll post and see what reaction I get before I post another.


      A journal of the Pink Grunt:
      Don’t laugh at me while I write this. I’m not one to laugh at.

      Day-X Month-X
      It’s my first day in the military. I finally passed the requirements to be in the military after 5 tries I’m accepted for once. But the funny thing is…I’ve never heard of another Grunt not being allowed to join since on the sign-up sheet it says they will except everyone but after my second try I noticed the sign-up sheet changed to not say they will except everyone. Isn’t that strange?

      Day-X Month-X
      Spending my first night on my ship. I can’t wait. I met a pair of Jackals that seem friendly enough. They got me my air tank and watched me test it and make sure it worked but when I tried it I got a blast of cold strait into my mouth. When I checked my tank I found a large piece of dry ice inside. I was sent to the Infirmary to be treated for freezer burn.

      Day-X Month-X
      Last night I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept having a nightmare of a green monster with a face of yellow with no expression. I saw him killing grunt after grunt. After I finally got to sleep I was woken up by an Elite who saw me walking with two thankfully not lit plasma grenades over my head down a hallway. After that I’m going to have to sleep in the brig so I can’t risk anything like that again.

      Day-X Month-X
      Oh great our first mission! Or so I thought. It was a training session. We landed on an odd ring in space. It had all we needed except for us grunts who had to wear our air tanks. How humiliating. The only ones who had to. At least after training they gave me the weapon they thought I was best with so I got Plasma Pistol. But they didn’t give me any Grenades for some reason.

      Day-X Month-X
      We got a vacation day today since my team’s ship landed at a beach. They told me to go cut down a tree with my Plasma Pistol to help start a fire for the night. When I got back everyone was gone. Last thing I saw were two creatures throwing something into the water leaving what looked like a blood trail in the sand. I can’t swim so I can’t see what they threw out there.

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