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    • I am a bad person

      2 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1


      I need to post in this more, lol. Sorry about that. Post with photos coming soon, I promise. ^_~

    • Today was an AMAZING day for Sailor Moon~!!! XDD!

      3 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1

      I'm super stoked for the Sailor Moon Crystal anime to come back...if at all that they hired a whole new animation director/character designer/etc and there's NO MORE RANDOM CG and the design is more solid and not so "these clips are clean/these are shit we rushed". Plus it looks like a nice cross btw the old school 90's anime and the newer manga-look they tried for in the prev. two seasons.

      We got SMC3's OP and ED, the Moon Spiral Heart Attack animation, and a LONGER PREVIEW!! SMC returns in two weeks on Monday April 4th! :D


      OP (voice is a little meek, but the music and THE ANIMATIOOOONNNNN soooo good!!):




      3 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1

      It's here with an ALL NEW ANIMATION DIRECTOR!! There's just enough subtle changes where it's still elegant but CLEANER...if you know what I mean lol!

    • 3 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1
    • 3 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1
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      DLGR TheTallLoud1
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      DLGR TheTallLoud1
    • Streaming~!!

      3 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1

      So in case you don't follow me on Twitter, I post there when I'm going to stream. I'm DLGR02 on twitter, btw!!

      But YEAH! I'm going to play some SKY PLANETS with one of my best friends from NJ. Don't know what that is? WELL COME FIND OUT! lol!!



      3 years ago

      DLGR TheTallLoud1

      Oh man! Last night (Jan 27th, I forgot to finish this journal on time sorry LOL) was SO MUCH FUN! And I LOVED the movie! It was pretty damn good! Gotta agree being in a room full of RT fans really kept the mood up and just made the viewing experience sooo so much better than if I were to have caved and watched the Digital version at home the night before. BUT NO! I kept my promise that I was gonna see it in theatres and it was sooo awesome!

      My mom and I both funded the movie, actually...and she went ABOOOVE and beyond to make sure we got there in time to see it with as little hassle as possible. I went to the Alexandria, VA showing and, well, dunno if you knew this, but last week we got hit w/ 2.5 feet of snow! While the roads are "pretty much" plowed (lots of 1.5 lanes lol), the traffic was still so bad. So my mom was like "FUCK IT! We're getting a hotel room!" LOL! We left at 3 and got there at 4pm...should of only taken us 20 minutes. UGH! TRAFFIC! But it was nice to pull up and drop stuff off and hang around for a bit lol.

      We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn right next to the parking garage for the AMC theatre there that was showing Lazer Team, and I shit you not the room we got was the EXACT same room I had in Austin at the Marriott Residence Inn there....SAME LAYOUT and everything. I got SUPER deja vu! lol! I told my mom to close the curtains so I could pretend I was still in Austin T____T lol.

      Anyways we didn't chill for too long because we needed food before the show and we ended up going to this Pizza/Mediterranean place right across the road from the theatre. IT WAS DELICIOUS. If you're ever in Alexandria, VA...GO TO DELIA'S! Oh man! We split a small pizza and salad and it was so good. WELL, it was good going down...I had a hard time digesting when I tried to sleep later from lack of eating any dairy since last August (cheese/salad dressing) and it was probably a lot more bread than my body was used to as well. BUT WHATEVER THAT'S FROM MY STUPID LIMITED DIET you should still go, LOL!

      But yeah I TOTALLY FORGOT like 4 times that day that I was meeting up with one of my best best beeeeeeeeeeest friends from High school, Emily, there! She and I met in middle school, really...but in HS, freshman year, we had a psycho gym teacher that made us run the mile every day, and we protested by sitting in the bleachers and drank a Fruitopia from the vending machines instead, lol!! She also got me a job when I lost the first gov't job back in 2010. So I am in super debt of that woman!! XDD

      ANYWAYS so yeah after posting I went to RTX '13 she FLOODED my FB stating she too was a fan, and ever since I've been trying to get her to go to RTX. I'm really hoping she'll go this year!! But yeah, after dinner I saw her by the doors and man, you know you got a great friend when literally NOTHING has changed after not physically seeing them in 5 years! I adore that woman. AAAH so great to hang out with a friend again. (Been getting really sad recently that my local friends just keep bailing on me and I'm lonely but this was really nice to re-connect again :) )


      So yeah, then about 30 minutes later I got the whole theatre's attention to get a group photo for @burnie and the rest of the RT gang for HYYYYYYYPE purposes.


      I also got an AHWU intro, where the sound was MUCH better than the video. I begged the employee's of that AMC to turn the house lights up for me, but they just blank stared at me and just pretended I didn't exist. AKA-nope. LOL! So hopefully if Jack wants to use it, I mean, is there a feature in Premiere to brighten the video up like you can a photo in Photoshop? Look, it's been awhile since I've done any video editing in anything other than Windows Movie Maker, (where this gem of mine came from LOL) so I dunno. I'm learning though! XDD;;! I just hope he uses it anyways, the raw energy from the cheers in that video are AWESOME! XDD

      We did have some projection problems, and after it being 30 minutes late, the theatre gave us all free passes to another movie of choice at a later date. That was decent of them!! I don't think I'll personally make it out to Alexandria for another movie anytime soon, but it was a nice gesture! Honestly I think the majority of us were just hanging out, LOL!! The wait wasn't that big of a deal lol.

      I did meet a new fan there named Michelle, and she goes to George Mason which isn't far from my house. I'm hoping we can AC:NL it up sometime and trade-off games to play. I really want to stream Mass Effect (never played, but want to!) and she hasn't played the Batman games yet (SO GOOD AAH!) but yeah we'll see!!

      All in all a VERY awesome night! I'm so proud of Burnie and the rest of the cast/crew that worked on the movie. I was there when the infamous 535 won the "perk" and I remember the sharpied goal we had to beat on my wrist. Good times, RTX'14...good times. LOL! XD!

      Still waiting for my DVD but I feel the mail is VERY backed up from the snow so hopefully soon so I can show the movie off to my friends. XDD!!

      Thanks again for this, Burnie! This was a great addition to RT content and I enjoyed every bit of it!! XD

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