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    • Preserves

      6 years ago


      There are enough Preservatives in a bag of chips (crisps for us UK folk) to mummify a small dog...




      THE F***?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!????!!!????!?!??!

    • Ehhh...

      6 years ago


      grinding for Achievements sucks! least it means 100% completion on Saints Row: The Third...

      UPoaoFU=.jpg You're My Hero!

      Grind-tacular! least its only the survival missions (about 20 to go) everything else is mastered! nice work Geoff & Michael for the 'Lets Play' videos they have on YouTube as well as Ray for the advice on the DLC Cheevos,,, now to grind for the next hour or so then -BOOM!

      Next up is Halo Anniversary only need to do a legendary run through on 3 levels then that's done!

    • Im a Mac...

      6 years ago


      So its finally happened,,,, again

      Im a proud Mac owner smiley0.gif managed to spy a decent looking 2010 MacBook Pro (13.3" or whatever it is) on eBay for about £600, 2 days later its arrived smiley12.gif , minor scratches like expected (and described in add) with some harsh looking ones on the bottom,, needless to say a Spec Shell case thing in black is on its way to me now!

      So my new thoughts are 'what to do'

      I've installed iLife (im a sucker for iMovie), Cyberduck, uTorrent *hush now*, Firefox, dropbox, logmein. I signed up for AIM so thats iChat working for the first time ever, everything mail/cal/contact/etc wise sync's with Google, so that saves a headache with the HTC Sensation, but now im stuck as for what else to install or any sweet tricks and tips to make it run better

      Im not exactly a complete noob when it comes to Macs and OSX Distros but im sure there are things that im missing somewhere that need to be there even if its just for peace of mind

      - Also

      I need to sort out how the Mac sees my NAS Drive, seems to see it but accessing it says comms error smiley2.gif FTP'ing with Cyberduck is ok so I cant think why its not allowing me to browse through the OS like normal

      - Also, Also

      How the Heck Can I configure my NAS in a way that the Mac can send backups of itself to it a-la Time Machine but cheaper and lazier?? I dont quite fancy going out and buying a TimeMachine Box but that said I dont mind if thats the only option

    • Supernatural is Awesome!!

      6 years ago



      Dean : 'I’m gonna need a bigger mouth. Hey there, Sam. What’s happening?'

      Sam : "Oh, nothing. Just the end of the world. You’re gonna need a bigger mouth."

      Ahh bliss!

    • Guh FINALLY!!

      6 years ago


      after 2 days I finished Assassins Creed 2,, while bed riddled at home with epic manflu.

      - Epic Manflu (latin epicass manfluenzas)
      newly discovered strain
      renders victems useless, worksy, bed riddeld and hav ethe overwhelming urge to play videogames

      Luckily I had read up on it and set about rubbishing 'Sassins Creed 2 and finally I was able to throw sand in 4 guards faces,, at last! 2 days 1000 gamerscore its not all bad (about 20 hours total playtime)

      I would very much like to say Thank Your to Jack (who made the kickass maps) and Geoff for being special (and most likely masterminding the whole AH coverage of this old skool game)

      That said Im feeling much better now and could do with a drink,, "oh barkeep?"

    • Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator!

      6 years ago


      If you havent already seen.... Holy Frack!!!!


    • well it would appear

      6 years ago


      I got my baby, calling her Sookie for now :) and god damn she be fast and all torque!


    • Well there we have it

      6 years ago


      Just waiting on the Paperwork to run though now, but Looks like im the owner of a shiney new bike smiley0.gifsmiley13.gif

      the good thing about buying new? - Manufacturers 2 year unlimited milage warrenty
      the bad thing about buying new? - being bent over that desk and taken for all my pennys

      ah well I saved them up for the soul reason of a purchase so dance pennty dance! no dont look me in the eye just dance!!!!

      Photos to come soon should be about a week till its delivered to dealer, now to sort insurance,, turns out in the UK its cheaper to insure a 600+cc motorcycle Fully Comprahensive then it is to insure a 125cc Fully Comp. what a twisted world we live in

    • Thank your fathers mother of Awesome!

      6 years ago


      If you havent already make sure to glue your eyeballs to the screen for the newest RVB,, go look now! now damn it now!!!

    • The new Dan-mobile?

      6 years ago



      Maybe?? Depends how next few days go due to old bike being a flaming pile off failure and ass!

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