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    • 3 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director
    • So many RTX Panels!!!

      3 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director


      I'm excited to say I am on 3 different panels this year which includes the premiere of my documentary about Let's Play Live! I'm will be hosting the Rooster Teeth Editing Panel again this year with special guest Freddie Wong and joining the Sounds of RT panel as well. All the info is below. Hope you can make it!

      Editing Rooster Teeth - Saturday, 2pm at the Hilton, Room 400

      I'll be joined by Chris Demarais and some Rocket Jump folks including Freddie Wong and Lauren Haroutunian. We're going to talk about how editors shape the story, the anatomy of a joke, and I'm sure lots of technical arguments about software. It's gonna be loads of fun!

      Sounds of Rooster Teeth - Saturday, 4pm at the JW Marriott Room 303.

      Sitting down with Clayton Dewet to talk about all things sound. We discuss a lot about animation and sound design in general.

      Let's Play Live Screening and Q/A - Sunday, 4:30pm at Austin Convention Center Room 12

      Super proud to present a short--but epic--documentary about the trials and tribulations of putting on Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Live performance. You'll see so much behind the scenes footage with Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola, and we ask the question of why people want to watch other people play video games. Stick around for a Q/A with myself, Jack and Gus!

      Here's a link to all the panels at RTX this year: http://roosterteeth.com/post/51132913

      Hope to see you there! And if you want us to talk about anything in specific, leave a question in the comments!

      - Daniel

    • Ideas for RTX Editing Panel

      3 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      To anyone interested,

      I'm putting together another Editing Rooster Teeth panel for this year's RTX. Last year's went pretty well and I was happy to have so many wonderful people in the audience and speakers on stage. But I may be changing up the format a bit. Before I do, I was wondering what people would be interested in:

      What kind of speakers do you want to have up there?
      What should they talk about?
      Do you want to know more tech stuff or creative stuff?
      What information is most interesting and important to you?

      Feel free to let me know in the comments! (if anyone reads this :/)


    • Monty Oum

      3 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      I guess I'll start at the beginning.

      When I was first hired at Rooster Teeth to work on Simple Walk to Mordor, I really didn't know much about the company or it's personalities. So one night, starting a review of Simple Walk with Chris, I had to ask him quietly, "Who is that guy in the corner playing the loud music? Can we ask him to turn it down.' What I didn't realize is that it was one of my future friends and mentors'”Monty Oum.

      I later began my work as an editor on RWBY and would soon have hour long conversations with Monty about our favorite movies and action sequences. I think what made us able to talk for so long, and so easily become creative collaborators, was that we were both editors; we spoke the same language. Many view him as an amazing animator, but I immediately saw how fluid his work could be, and how easily he sewed his shots together. He was a very talented editor.

      I still remember my first suggestion I ever made to Monty. I hesitated because I had no idea what kind of person he was. He eagerly showed me the first rooftop sequence from RWBY Vol 1. I was blown away by everything'”and I'm sure my fellow co-workers will give an audible sigh if they read this'”but I had one note. I asked if he could put a close up of Ruby. That was it. I was so nervous giving the note. Partially because in animation adding shots is not recommended. But, of course, in Monty fashion, it was done within the hour. He loved dissecting a sequence, a scene, or a shot and was always willing to listen and absorb ideas. He might not use all of them, but he was always willing to listen. A true talent.

      Recently I was asked by Burnie to make a tribute video to Monty. I was struck by this horrific news, the loss of a friend, and had to tackle this extremely difficult task. But I was honored he even asked. If not for me for the community who loved him dearly. The goal from the beginning was always to have Monty speak for himself through his words and his work. So, as I started to collect everything I could with Monty in it, I would re-watch much of his work and listen to his interviews. I had to start and stop a lot'”to take a drink, wipe the tears, or just step away.

      But honestly, he was so consistent with his message, and was so eager to share, Monty made it easier for me. He was always motivating every cut I made. And I hope the video is ultimately more inspiring than it is sad. Because Monty wouldn't want us to waste time on tears. Just take the energy he gives us and put it into creating something new.

      I hope he likes the tribute.

      It's the only way I could have possibly said goodbye.


    • RTX: RT Editing Panel

      4 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      RTX! It's here. It's crazy at the office and everyone is excited. There are so many surprises this year and lots of cool stuff to see. And, in case anyone reads this and is interested in editing or what we editors do at Rooster Teeth, check out our panel on Sunday at 1pm! If you aren't at RTX this year, watch it live on twitch: rtxevent.com/rtxlive/


    • RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 4

      4 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      Hey RWBY fans!

      Here it is, the RWBY Post-Production Diary! This week the crew peels away the layers of rendering and compositing (see what I did there?) and also talk about sound and music. Make sure to stay to the end for a special sneak peek at the first episode too!

      Here's the link: roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=9272&carousel...

      And don't forget, RWBY Volume 2 premieres in July at RTX 2014 and there will be lots more behind-the-scenes goodies on the Blu Ray this fall!


    • RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 3

      4 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      Hey RWBY fans!

      We've got another RWBY Production Diary for all of you and this time it's all about performance! The cast & crew dive into voice acting and animation, as well as some improvements from Volume 1 we're excited to share. I hope it gives you a better look at the process and how the show comes together.

      Here's the link: roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=9097

      Remember, RWBY Volume 2 premieres in July at RTX 2014!


    • RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 2

      4 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      Hello RWBY fans!

      It's time for another RWBY Production Diary! This month we wanted to explore the art of RWBY. You'll see how the environments have evolved since Volume 1, Velvet's final battle gear design, and how she is modeled into a 3D character. In fact, there was so much great stuff we couldn't fit everything into this episode! But don't worry, all that and more is going onto the Volume 2 DVD/Blu-Ray.

      Hope you enjoy!


    • RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 1

      4 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director

      Hey RWBY fans!

      I know a lot of you are excited for new RWBY Vol. 2 content, so it is my pleasure to debut the first RWBY Vol. 2 Production Diary, a behind the scenes look at the making of RWBY!

      Here's the link: roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=8850

      Many of you are probably wondering, "Who's this guy?" Welp. My name is Daniel and I've been an editor at Rooster Teeth since @Chris and @Kerry asked me not to start an episode of A Simple Walk with their blistered feet. I proceeded to ignore them. I have worked on several shows including A Simple Walk Into Mordor, The Gauntlet: Season 2, and RWBY Vol. 1. If you're asking "what does an editor do on an animated series," I hope by the end of these videos you will have an answer to that, and perhaps answers to many other questions about the show, too.

      Over the next few months, we'll sit down with the cast & crew to discuss how RWBY is created. One way we'll illustrate the development of the show is by following the supporting character "Velvet Scarlatina' through concept and modeling, how she is animated, and everything else that brings her to life.

      But, first things first, it's time to watch Production Diary 1 and also discover which talented community member has won the Velvet Battle Gear Design Contest! (You can find all the Velvet designs here: roosterteeth.com/members/contests/contest.php?... .

      - Daniel

    • 4 years ago

      Daniel Writer/Director
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