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    • RWBY Blind box figures. Any one want to trade?

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      Hi my little brother and I almost have all the figures, but we are missing Nora, Ruby and Blake. I have 2 Ren figures as extras, if any one is willing to trade for one of our missing ones we would greatly appreciate it. We live in California, so shipping Ren to someone in the USA would be ideal. 

      Thank You all.

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    • What Los Angeles Is doing about its Homeless population

      1 year ago


      I wanted to do a news post like my friends do to keep people informed. While they're really good at Country and World events I thought I would keep it local.

      Today the Los Angeles City Council has approved action towards raising money to help alleviate the city's homelessness epidemic.

      In the past few months volunteers and advocates have reported that as Veterans are removed from the street and placed into homes and given work there has been a 30% migration of homeless people that were not even accounted for.

      These individuals are coming from Orange County and further Inland, but the issue is that they weren't part of the advocate groups census of homeless population.

      So what has the city done leading up to this morning's vote? Many people think that they just try to band aid the issue. With reallocated funds from CalTrans and other areas, LA has moved 2.36 million dollars into job creation, this accompanied with 64.5 million given by The [Federal] Department of Labor Los Angeles has created a 90 day per person job schedule. These jobs are for ex-prisoners and ex-juvenile hall members who need experience getting their lives back to normal and learning to do regular and legal work. (http://tinyurl.com/j78ty8b)

      How does helping ex-cons and criminals help lower Homelessness? Remember that 30% of un-accounted people that are migrating to Skid Row.? With Governor Brown releasing non-violent prisoners in massive amount, these people flood the Greater Los Angeles County. Not all of them can find a job, especially if they have a criminal record. The majority of these former prisoners end up on the street being part of the homeless population and only adding to a problem that feels like it will never be alleviated.

      Now what led to the vote?

      The main issue is the terribly named "Skid Row", which takes up everything inside Main St and Alameda between 3rd and 7th St., people in mobile homes around Venice Beach, and the public parks all round South Central Los Angeles.

      Last week the LA City Council began discussing on banning homeless from living in their vehicles, especially at night. The bill that the council is currently working on would give people living in their vehicles a curfew to ensure safety and keep anyone from staying in one area for to long.

      "At the city’s homelessness and poverty committee Wednesday, Councilman Mike Bonin proposed barring homeless people from “lodging” in vehicles parked by homes and schools, while allowing them to sleep in their cars and campers from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. in commercial areas and in designated city, nonprofit agency and church lots." (http://tinyurl.com/gv278lu)

      Now if you have read all the way to this point we can talk about what is going to happen next. The city voted to approve a November ballot initiative that would authorize $1.2 billion in bonds to be issued over 10 years, as well as a parcel
      tax measure that could raise $90 million per year until 2027.

      This means that one or both measures could pass adding a 5-17 dollar per 100,000 parcel tax every year until 2027.

      Now when you see them you know a bit of whats going on to help out the issue.

    • Tim Burton Rant.

      1 year ago


      I want Disney to stop giving Tim Burton movies to do. Let him fail out in the wild. If he makes his Marry Poppins film it will be the most predictable, Hot Topic Merchandised, oh look at me I'm artsy and dark but not really movie ever.

      It's like Kevin Smith says, there are Directors that have vision and can apply a style to any film and still make it different from their previous works. Then there are Directors like Kevin Smith that just have a few stories in them to tell and they should back off until inspiration strikes them again. Tim Burton had his hay day of films already. I like his early stuff, but it's time for him to step back. Disney needs to cut him loose and let him succeed or fail out in the wild.

      Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies as a kid. Julie Andrews gave me feelings before my body was able to form feelings.

      I don't want him giving that film the Alice in wonderland treatment.

      I really wanted to say something about this after hearing that there will be a sequel to Mary Poppins. I can't post anything on Facebook because all of my friends and Family will just defend him and talk crap. I don't have anything against him just his predictable style.

    • 2 years ago


      Every time anyone in a video says that RTX is a week away, my stomach sinks a little. I am so exited I can't believe I am actually going.

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    • The New Site

      2 years ago


      I have been a fan of Rooster Teeth for a long time just like all the other people on this site. I never really learned how to be a community member and I envy those here that know the ins and outs of the Rooster Teeth site. I hope to be a better community member now that the site is easier to use and is brand new. I hope to make new friends and be part of this great site that is filled with the most talented and funniest people on the internet.

    • The New Immersion

      4 years ago


      So the new Immersion aired today and I could not stop laughing. It got to the point where I had to pause the show because my head started to hurt. When Burnie had mentioned that this episode would be an in between episode of Immersion, my initial thought was Gus and Geoff handing down the Oilers Helmet down to Ray and Michael. Gavin was a much better choice and I cannot wait until season 2 starts.

    • 5 years ago

    • The RT Podcast has spoiled me.

      5 years ago


      I don't know if this happens to other users, but because of the link dump I expect pictures and links to everything. I like listening to the news on AM radio, and whenever the broadcasters are talking about an important story or a funny picture while I am driving I look down hoping to see a picture on my iPod. I know I’m not supposed to look away from the road while I’m driving, but I can’t help it. Gus and the podcast crew have spoiled me.

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