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    • Death Battle Analysis, Gul'dan.

      1 year ago


      I've got writers block for my RWBY fanfic and thought it'd be a good time to make an attempt at one of these. I thought it'd be more fun to start with Gul'dan instead of Thrall or Arthas, who I've wanted to see in DB since I started watching. But first I'd like to do shout outs to @ultraguy for answering my question about writing these a while ago, @Electrocole because the way he writes his made me think it'd be fun to try one out and @TheAncientOne because the charts he made helped me consider similarities when thinking about who I'd like to see a character fight. If I do anymore of these, I'll try to put pictures in, but I'm not 100% sure how to do that at the moment. Sorry if this is running a bit long, I'll get to Gul'dan. *Edit, made changes based on suggestions from @DudebladeX


      The world of Azeroth, and by extension the Warcraft universe in general, is host to some truly intimidating villains. These include god-like beings capable of cutting planets in half, near infinite demonic hordes seeking to destroy the universe, Lovecraftian horrors who's sole purpose is to drive said god-like beings insane, and armies of the living dead seeking to destroy all life. You'd think that with forces like that in the universe a single man who's only motivation is a selfish drive for power would be of little consequence. And yet the orc warlock Gul'dan has proven himself time and again to be a deadly foe.

      "I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied!" Gul'dan in the Tomb of Sargeras.


      Gul'dan was born in a small village on the world of Draenor. Born with physical handicaps that prevented him from walking far without the support of a walking stick, he wasn't able to assist his tribe on hunts or much else for that matter. And while the tribes shaman attempted to help Gul'dan find his place in the world, his physical handicaps and arrogant belief that he was destined for greatness eventually drove his people to exile him. Against all odds, Gul'dan survived the unforgiving wilderness of Draenor, managed to avoid devolving into a pale orc like many lost orcs before him, was gifted the power to wield the elements by the elemental spirits of Draenor, and became the apprentice of the elder shaman of the Shadowmoon clan, Ner'zhul, the closest thing the orcs had to a spiritual leader. So he was evidently right all along about that destiny thing. Unfortunately, Gul'dan didn't escape ridicule for his small stature or his physical limitations. They simply said it behind his back rather then to his face. 

      "No one living has heard of the village of my birth...and no one ever will." Gul'dan, after destroying his village.

      Gul'dan wanted the power to make the world grovel before him in the same way he'd been made to his entire life, but the path of the shaman is one of humble and controlled use of a power that is never truly the shaman's. As luck would have it for Gul'dan, the demonic Eredar lord Kil'jaeden turned his attention to the backwater planet in his quest to wipe out the cosmic nomads known as the Draenei. Kil'jaeden first approached Ner'zhul and the other major shamans disguised as the spirits of the orc ancestors in hopes that he could drive them into a genocidal war with said space goats. And it worked for a little while, but Ner'zhul had doubts about the whole thing from the get go and Gul'dan knew it. So when Ner'zhul secretly went to the sacred mountain/crashed spaceship that the souls of all dead orcs traveled to after death, yes this is real, Gul'dan followed and eavesdropped on Ner'zhul's conversation with the real ancestral spirits. Where Ner'zhul was horrified by what he'd done, Gul'dan saw a way to get rid of his master and get the power he'd always desired. So he rushed back to the Shadowmoon camp, warned Kil'jaeden about what Ner'zhul learned and was promptly promoted.

      "Behold those who have power, and those who are not afraid to wield it. Behold...the warlocks." Gul'dan after the creation of the first warlocks.

      Kil'jaeden taught Gul'dan how to wield the powers of both shadow and fel flame, allowing him to become one of the first mortal warlocks since the War of the Ancients nearly 10,000 years prier. Gul'dan took this knowledge and taught it to shamans from the other clans, and subsequently began the process of destroying every part of orcish culture that didn't contribute to his new masters war. Gul'dan's used the warlock's magic to artificially age orcs between the ages of 6 and 12 into adults to increase the number of soldiers, elevated the Blackrock chief Blackhand as a puppet Warchief, and performed genertic experiments on captive Draenei in hopes of creating a hybrid that had the strengths of both their people and an orc. This is on top of fanning the flames of hate for the blue skinned aliens that the orcs had begun to develop since the war started. One long war later, the Draenei were down to their last city Shattrath and Gul'dan was told by Kil'jaeden to have the orcs drink the blood of the Pit Lord Mannoroth, binding the orcs to supernatural slavery to the Burning Legion forever, or until Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth about 20 years later, but you get the point. And as a reward for his faithful service doing something Kil'jaeden had failed to do for nearly 25,000 year, the demon lord abandoned Gul'dan as the city fell to the rampaging orcs.

      "We will never be without power! I will secure our future! Bask in my glory!" Gul'dan after creating the volcano named the Hand of Gul'dan.

      Gul'dan found himself with nothing to show for his efforts but a planet overcrowded with blood crazed warriors and that because of a combination of the pollution created by the war and over use of the life consuming fel magic was rendered incapable of supporting the orcs increased population. And Gul'dan knew that sooner or later, the orcs would turn on him without something to sate their blood lust on. Again luckily for Gul'dan, he caught the attention of someone that had a mission for him. This time it was Sargeras, or rather it was the human mage Medivh, who was possessed by Sargeras at the time. Sargeras offered Gul'dan both god-like power and new worlds for the orcs to conquer. While Gul'dan didn't trust Sargeras, he also didn't have any options, so he said yes and began building the Dark Portal. Once complete Gul'dan unleashed the Orcish Horde against the human nation of Stormwind. Gul'dan also sent his Orc/Draenei hybrid Garona, now magically altered to appear as an orc/human hybrid, to spy on Medivh, hoping to find out more about the power he was promised.

      "Beautiful." Gul'dan's reaction to the Dark Portal.

      As the war dragged on, Gul'dan got impatient and decided to take matters into his own hands. He established a physic link with Medivh. He learned the location of a tomb under the sea that housed the power Gul'dan wanted. But...Gul'dan's luck began to run out. For starters while his mind was linked to Medivh, the human mage was killed by Khadgar and Lothar, throwing Gul'dan into a coma for an extended period of time. And either before or during said coma, the Frostwolf chieftain Durotan, who had been exiled from the Horde along with his clan by Gul'dan because he was a persistent thorn in his side, decided to take evidence of Gul'dan's actions to Blackhand's second in command Orgrim Doomhammer with the intent of overthrowing Gul'dan and his puppet Horde. And while Gul'dan's agents in Dommhammer's camp killed Durotan and his wife Draka, they didn't kill Orgrim, who went on to stage a coup against Blackhand, killing the Warchief and tortured Garona for information on Gul'dan's allies the Shadow Council.

      "Myself! No. I have no desire to march through the streets with an ax or a hammer, meeting my foes in the flesh." Gul'dan to his apprentice Cho'gall after the death of Blackhand.

      Gul'dan woke from his coma with only his apprentice, the ogre mage Cho'gall and a few of his acolytes left alive. So things weren't looking good for him when Orgrim arrived to kill him. But then Gul'dan showed his cunning by manipulating Orgrim into letting him live by using the souls of his Shadow Council members and the bodies of dead human knights to make the first generation Death Knights. Realizing that the orcs needed magic to counter the human mages, Orgrim made probably the worst decision of his life by allowing Gul'dan to live. Gul'dan, Cho'gall, and their followers the Stormreaver and Twilight's Hammer clans begrudgingly served that Horde for a while during the war with the Alliance. But when the Horde was on the verge of victory, Gul'dan took his followers to claim the tomb of Sargeras, and Orgrim sent an army to kill him in retaliation. But he didn't even need to, since the tomb was full of crazed demons that were trapped for the last 10,000 years and they just straight up killed him.

      "That laughter...Is that you Sargeras? You seek to mock me? We'll see who laughs last, demon, when I claim your burning eye for my own!" Gul'dan, shortly before he's ripped apart by demons.

      Gul'dan's skull was later claimed by Ner'zhul who hoped to use the memories that were magically bound to it so he could make Dark Portals to other worlds. Gul'dan's skull would trade hands several times over the next 2 decades, eventually passing into the hands of Illidan Stormrage and then the adventurers that killed him. But Gul'dan was indeed dead...until Garrosh Hellscream and a random Bronze Dragon did their best Biff impression and tried to use time travel to create an infinite number of orcish hordes to defeat the Burning Legion. It was a plan that was so logical that it couldn't possibly have any issues. Except that it also allowed Gul'dan to return. In the newly created timeline Gul'dan failed to take control of the orcs and was destined to spend the rest of his life as a living fel battery to power the Iron Horde's Dark Portal. But then a group of adventurers freed him and because they are evidently idiots, they let Gul'dan escape without a fight.

      "Do not delay, mortal. I feel the life-essence of your armies fading. There will be time for regret later." Gul'dan after being freed.

      Gul'dan would spend the rest of the Draenor campaign attempting to bring the Iron Horde under the Legions control. After a series of misadventures and humiliating defeats, he actually did it and began the process of reviving Mannoroth and summoning the Eredar lord Archimonde. When Archimonde is defeated, he uses the last of his power to send Gul'dan through the portal to Azeroth. Now guided by Kil'jaeden again, Gul'dan travels to the Tomb of Sargeras to open a massive portal that was built into the tomb during the War of the Ancients, hunted by Khadgar the entire way. Eventually Gul'dan gained the power contained in the tomb and faced a choice, betray the Legion and fight all of Azeroth's champions alone, or open the portal. Gul'dan took the surprisingly more rational path and opens the portal, starting the largest Legion invasion in Azeroth's history. Gul'dan commanded the Legion forces at the Broken Shore, personally executing Varian Wrynn, the king of Stormwind and one of the greatest warriors in the world. Gul'dan would subsequently act as both a field commander and diplomat for the Legion, bringing new and old allies into their forces, commanding the armies as a major leader, and claiming the corpse of Illidan for use as a body for Sargeras. Gul'dan would eventually face off with the same champions that foiled so many of his plans on Draenor. Though they defeated him, it was the newly revived Illidan that would kill him and smash his skull for good measure.

      "This...cannot...be..." Gul'dan's final words, for real this time.


      -Manipulated Blackhand into being his puppet and ruled the Horde with his Shadow Council for several years.

      -Conceived of the idea for the original Death Knights and created them in a short time, while his life was in danger.

      -Raised an island from the bottom of the ocean.

      -Survived the wilds of Draenor alone and with a limp for an unknown period of time.

      -Defeated Grom Hellscream with a single spell.

      -Summoned a Fel Reaver like it was child's play.

      -Was a match for Khadgar in a one on one duel.

      -Held his own against the same champions that have defeated beings powerful enough to be called gods for a short time.

      "But you need warlocks. You need our magic, for the humans have magic of their own and without us you will fall to their power." Gul'dan bargaining for his life to Orgrim.

      Abilities, Equipment, and Skills.

      As a warlock, Gul'dan has the potential wield a wide verity of spells using both the elements of shadow and fel fire, though the fel fire acts more or less like regular fire. I'll list a few of the current and classic ones since he trained the original orcs and necrolytes of the Horde.

      -Shadow Bolt is one of the most basic warlock spell. It deals direct shadow damage and requires a short time to cast.

      -Corruption is a damage over time spell that deals continues shadow damage over a short time.

      -Immolate works similarly to corruption, but deals fire damage rather then shadow.

      -Doom is a curse that deals a massive amount of shadow damage a few seconds after it's placed on a victim.

      -Hand of Gul'dan is a spell named for, well Gul'dan himself. It calls a shadowy meteor down on the target that deals both shadow and fire damage and summons several imps to serve the caster for a short time.

      -Chaos Bolt works similarly to shadow bolt, but will always deal critical damage.

      -Rain of Fire causes fire balls to fall on an area that's several feet in diameter.

      -Fear fills the target with supernatural terror. The afflicted is so terrified that they run away from the caster or cower in fear. And unlike similar spells, attacking the target won't break the effect. It can be resisted by magic effects or a strong enough force of will.

      -Life Drain allows the warlock to drain the life force from the target. In the short term it will heal the warlock and on the long term can artificially age the victim. In addition to this Gul'dan has been observed draining the life from a person by simply touching them.

      -Warlocks can create a pair of objects known as demonic gateways. This creates two structures at different locations. The warlock can instantly warp from one to the other if they're close enough to one to touch it, though this can only be done once before the warlock has to let the effects on their body to ware off.

      -Life tap allows a warlock to sacrifice some of their own life energy to regain some of their magical energy. Though it can only be used so often without rest.

      -Warlocks can summon several types of demons, though they can only control one at a time. Imps throw fire balls at the enemies of their master and even heal them by cauterizing wounds. Voidwalkers are beings a pure darkness that can induce physical pain on a target. This won't actually harm them, but it is generally capable of stealing attention. The succubus is capable of magically "distracting" nearly any sentient being and can turn invisible. Felhounds are wolf-like monster that can eat magical energy, making them ideal minions when fighting other magic users. Felguards are large warriors that carry massive swords. As you might expect, they are skilled in direct combat. An infernal is an artificially created demon made of solid stone bound together by fel fire that can be called down from the sky in a meteor that will temporarily stun anything caught in the crash site. Their fire constantly burns any enemy near them, though they only last for a short time. When a warlock needs to got somewhere fast, they can summon a demonic horse to carry them. And finally, a skilled warlock can temporarily summon a doomguard. These creatures have a more powerful version of shadow bolt, and a few curses that deal damage over time. 

      -Has shown some skill at necromancy in the past.

      -Warlocks can create a single soulstone that can magically heal them.

      -When the need calls for it, a warlock can magically kill a demonic minion to heal themselves. Because these demons souls return to the Twisting Nether, they can be re-summoned with no negative effects.

      -Gul'dan has demonstrated the ability to restrain an enemy using fel fire. This doesn't deal damage, but it allows him to incapacitate someone.

      -Gul'dan has the ability to create a shield around himself that appears to be completely impervious to both physical and magical damage, anyone who gets to close is thrown back, and Gul'dan can still use his magic while it's active.

      -At the Broken Shore, Gul'dan executes Varian using an unnamed spell. This spell allows Gul'dan to create a ball of fel fire in his hand and makes it enter his enemies body, burning him to ashes instantly. Though the spell requires him to be close enough to touch his target, making it impractical for anything other then finishing off a beaten enemy.

      -While he's weak by the standards of his people and can't walk far without a cane, Gul'dan is still strong enough to lift a full grown orc male off his feet after getting a small boost from his life drain spell. Obviously Gul'dan's not going to win a physical fight against a trained fighter, but he can deal more damage then the average magic user.

      -At the Broken Shore, Gul'dan demonstrated arguably his most powerful spell when he summoned a Fel Reaver, a several story tall robot powered by fel fire. What's more, Gul'dan summoned it with minimal effort and didn't spend any time casting the spell.

      -When he first arrived on the Broken Isles he used a spell that made him invisible for a short time.

      "Even the might of the Horde will pale before me, and I shall stretch out my hand and wipe this world clean." Gul'dan, musing on the power he'll wield with the Eye of Sargeras.


      -Gul'dan can't walk very well without a cane or walking stick.

      -Like all magic users from the Warcraft universe, Gul'dan's magic requires magical energy to cast, most spells can be interrupted by things ranging from a counter spell to a kick in the shin, and any effect that prevents spell casting will render him more or less powerless.

      -All of Gul'dan's spells are either fire or shadow based, so an enemy that has resistance or immunity to one or both will be able to survive most or all of them with minimal damage.

      -Gul'dan's life tap spell drains his life and can't be used if he drains to much to quickly.

      -He doesn't carry any weapons other then his staff, and that's not made for direct combat.

      -Doesn't wear any armor, only robes.

      -The damage over time spells don't last very long and need to be reapplied to get the full value.

      -Summoning a new minion takes a few seconds and dismisses the currant one.

      -Each minion is specialized for fighting a certain type of enemy, meaning that most of them will be useless or at least far less against enemies that aren't of that type.

      -Gul'dan's arrogance can lead him to overestimate himself, such as when he tried to fight a demon he mistook for Sargeras.

      "Gul'dan's weakness was his ego, not his area of study." A warlock talking about him nearly 20 years after his death.

      Possible opponents

      Zoltun Kulle (Diablo series)

      There's not an awful lot of information to go with as far as this guy goes, and his status as a boss that's only fought once might make it difficult to figure out what he's capable of, but I think this franchise is about due to have someone show up in DB or at least DBX. As to what they've got in common. They both are magic users that served a higher power, they both worked in the shadows, they wanted to attain god-like power, and they ultimately betrayed the ones they served in some way. Also they're both from Blizzard properties.

      Mannimarco, the King of Worms (Elder Scrolls)

      One of the more persistent antagonists in the Elder Scrolls series that's not a Daedra, he's managed to appear in 2 of the main numbered games and Online. They're both magic users that practice what is considered evil magic in their respective franchises, they both served a powerful evil entity at some point in their lives, they both use their magic to conjure minions, and they both played a role in sparking a global invasion by said masters.

      Corypheus (Dragon Age)

      This is probably the weakest in terms of possibility do to his unpopularity, but I think it's worth considering either way. Both of them were major religions leaders of their people, both were power hungry to a delusional extreme, both of them created a new age of destruction by introducing or creating a new and very warlike race of people into a world, and both caused demonic invasions that nearly destroyed a planet.

      "Bear witness to the undeniable power of our dark master!" Gul'dan boasting about his power to the Horde.

      Anyone think of a better potential one? I'm all ears since it took me nearly three days of serious thinking to come up with these guys.

    • Death Battle Analysis, Sylvanas Windrunner

      1 year ago



      Typically, death is the end for someone. But sometimes a person is stubborn enough that they come back to fulfill their goals, or simply because their pissed off. Such as the case with Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen of the Forsaken.

      "I have walked the realms of the dead. I have seen the infinite dark. Nothing you say. Or do. Could possibly frighten me." Sylvanas to Garrosh, shortly after the Cataclysm.


      Sylvanas was the third child of the Windrunner family. Her mother was Ranger General of Quel'thalas, basically the kingdoms highest ranking military leader. When her older sister Alleria declined to inherit the rank, Sylvanas was next in line. When the Horde began the second war, Sylvanas protected the kingdom from the orcs, as well as their new allies, the trolls of the Amani empire. With the aid of the Alliance army and the kingdoms magical defenses, Sylvanas was able to push the Horde back, though at a heavy cost to her people. After the war, the humans made an ultimately futile effort to improve relations with the isolationist high elves. Part of this effort was sending several humans to train under the elves rangers. Sylvanas ended up training at least one of them, a man named Nathanos, though some rumors claim their relationship was more then professional.

      "They are arrows in the quiver. They must be spent if we are to win this." Sylvanas during the second war.

      Some twenty of so years later, Sylvanas was still the Ranger General when the Undead Scourge invaded. The Death Knight Arthas had invaded to use the Sunwell, a magical place of power, to revive the necromancer Kel'tuzad as a lich. Sylvanas personally led her rangers to keep the Scourge at bay. The effort was doomed from the start since a high ranking mage named Dar'Khan had already defected to the Scourge and warned Arthas about the magical defenses, and because she was trying to fight a literal zombie apocalypse. Sylvanas made Arthas fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground, but is steadily pushed back. Eventually Sylvanas realizes there's a traitor and sends runners to the capital city of Silvermoon while she and her remaining rangers set up a defensive position in her families home of Windrunner Spire. Sylvanas would be personally killed by Arthas in single combat. Arthas, wanting to punish her for causing him so much trouble, raises her and her fellow rangers as banshees. Sylvanas would be forced to participate in the destruction of Silvermoon and the mage city of Dalaran. In addition, as an insult, Arthas gave her command of most of the banshees that were created in Quel'thalas, she was powerless to move or even speak if Arthas didn't will it, and her corpse was magically preserved and placed in a coffin that was always kept a short distance from Sylvanas, because Arthas is spiteful like that.

      "Finish it! I deserve...a clean death."

      "After all you've put me through, woman, the thing I'll give you is the peace of death." Sylvanas and Arthas, shortly before her death and resurrection.

      Sylvanas would remain part of the Scourge for the next 6 to 8 months, until the Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage attempted to destroy the Lich King. While he failed, he did damage the frozen throne, which diminished his power and drained the power from his minions like Arthas. Arthas eventually lost control of most of the Scourge, including Sylvanas. Sylvanas made an alliance with three Dreadlords that wanted to retake control of the Scourge. But before she did that, she retook her body using her possession ability. Sylvanas' ambush failed, but the Scourge's control of Lordaeron was broken. With Arthas out of the way for the moment, the Dreadlords offered Sylvanas a place among their servants. Not wanting to give up her new found freedom, Sylvanas flatly refused and began preparing for the attack she knew would come. She also found the now undead population of Lordaeron, who had also regained their free will and were without any will to go on. Sylvanas rallied them together and gave them something to focus their energies on, the death of Arthas and destruction of the Scourge. Using her new followers, she defeated the dreadlord Varimathras and forced him to serve her. Taking the offensive, Sylvanas not only defeated the other two dreadlords, she also wiped out the remaining human forces in Lordaeron. With most of the kingdom now under her control, she declared the birth of a new nation under her command.

      "We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way." Sylvanas after claiming the capital of Lordaeron.

      Knowing that the Alliance would likely attempt to retake the kingdom, Sylvanas joined her former enemies the Horde with the aid of the tauren, specifically the Grimtotem tribe. Sylvanas' sole goal was the destruction of the Scourge and had her followers begin creating the Forsaken Blight, a plague that would not only wipe out the Scourge, but also could be used against the living if necessary. In spite of her emotionless persona, Sylvanas still maintained some sense of loyalty to her homeland, sending Forsaken forces to help the people of Quel'thalas, now calling themselves blood elves, to retake the southern half of the kingdom from the Scourge and working to convince the Horde to allow them entry. But that didn't stop her from blackmailing them into sending troops to Northrend later.

      "I haven't lost any love for my homeland or it's people, as you know. I've fought tooth and nail for Silvermoon to be allowed a place besides Undercity and Orgrimmar at the negotiating table." Sylvanas to Blood Elf adventurers shortly before the reopening of the Dark Portal. 

      After the campaign in Outland and the failed Legion invasion, Sylvanas attempted to convince Thrall, the Horde's Warchief, to invade Northrend. While Thrall didn't wish to rush to war, the Lich King forced his hand by invading the Horde's capital. While she didn't actively participate in the majority of the fighting in Northrend, she didn't send the Forsaken's full military force, including the recently completed Forsaken Blight. The war went, as well as you'd expect a war against an army that can raise the dead to fight for them. Eventually the combined Alliance and Horde forces pushed their way right to the Wrath Gate, the only land entrance to Icecrown Glacier, the de facto capital of the Scourge. But then things go badly for Sylvanas, and everyone else for that matter. See, Varimathras was never loyal to Sylvanas and had been working to gain control of the Forsaken. Launching a coup and sending his followers to wipe out the combined, Sylvanas escaped back to Orgrimmar, though she was nearly killed. Sylvanas aided Thrall in retaking her city and personally killed dozens of demons during the battle. With the traitors dealt with and the final push into Icecrown beginning, Sylvanas personally led a Horde strike force into the depths of Icecrown Citadel in hopes of finding a weakness of the Lich King. The effort failed and she was nearly killed by Arthas, again. When Arthas was finally killed, the wielder of a magical weapon called Shadowmourne discovered that Arthas still possessed a vial of Sylvanas' blood and returned it to her as proof of his death.

      "Finally, he has been made to pay for the atrocities he imposed upon my people." Sylvanas after the death of Arthas.

      At some point after the return of Deathwing, Sylvanas traveled to Icecrown to both confirm that Arthas was dead and use the Saronite, the metallic blood of an old god, to destroy the magic that kept her soul bound to the world, or in other words she wanted to die. She did just that, and then discovered that hell, or something like it, was waiting for her. While she initially accepted this, she is approached by a group of nine Val'kyr, a type of undead with the ability to raise the dead and channel the holy light naturally. These Val'kyr were bound to the new Lich King that intended to keep the still massive Scourge from rampaging across Azeroth, and they weren't happy about this. The Valy'kyr offered to release Sylvanas in exchange for her making a pact with them. The exact details aren't given, but they basically keep her alive and work for her in exchange for freedom. Sylvanas initially refused, but she was then shown visions of Garrosh Hellscream, now Warchief of the Horde, using her people as cannon fodder until they were so diminished that the Alliance was able to conquer them with no effort. Both outraged by this future, and realizing that hell would be, let's say unpleasant, Sylvanas agrees and set's to work using the Val'kyr's powers to create new Forsaken, an important ability since they couldn't procreate naturally due to being, you know, dead. This came at a very good time for her, since the new Warchief ordered her to conquer the human kingdom of Gilneas. Sylvanas, knowing that any semblance of trust she'd earned with the Horde died at the Wrath Gate, did as she was ordered, but secretly continued to act as she'd always done. Against the orders of Garrosh, Sylvanas unleashed the Forsaken Blight on the enemy nation. While the campaign was a draw out series of pyric victories, Sylvanas eventually managed to claim a major victory over the newly arrived Alliance forces by raising the noble Lord Godfrey, who then shot her in the back of the head, killing her. Fortunately for Sylvanas, her Val'kyr were on hand to restore her to life, though at the cost of theirs. With the fighting in the west going no where, Sylvanas turned her attention on the Western Plaguelands, and as an undercover agent eventually managed to drive the Alliance out of most of the region. Other then sending bounty hunters after Godfrey, she was mostly inactive after that, but sent her agents to raise more new Forsaken during the period of war that followed the Cataclysm.

      "Have you given any thought to what this means Sylvanas? What difference is there between you and the Lich King now?"

      "Isn't it obvious, Warchief? I serve the Horde" Sylvanas and Garrosh during the Silverpine campaign.

      Sylvanas as asked to participate in the destruction of Theramore, but sent one of her generals in her place. After that and the discovery of Pandaria, she kept her head down and avoided drawing to much attention from the increasingly tyrannical and insane Garrosh. This allowed her to have a degree of freedom to move when Vol'jin launched a rebellion, killing the garrison that had been stationed in her capital since the Wrath Gate. They were supposedly loyal to Garrosh and their commanding officer was left alive. While Sylvanas was displeased to have a troll as her new Warchief, and the idea that Garrosh was going to stand trial and possibly even be pardoned upset her even more. So she and her sister Vereesa decided to try to have Garrosh assassinated. During this time Sylvanas found that contact with her sister was having an effect on her emotional state, driving her to offer to share leadership of the Forsaken with her. But this emotional imbalance caused her to go into a berserk rage for a short time when Vereesa backed out of the plan. About two years later, Sylvanas personally took part in the battle for the Broken Shore. Fighting alongside king Varian Wrynn and Vol'jin, Sylvanas took personal command of the Horde forces. And when Vol'jin was critically wounded, she was ordered to call a retreat, which caused the death of Varian. Much to everyone's surprise, and I mean literally everyone, the dying Warchief named her his successor.

      "I never trusted you. Nor would I have ever imagined...in our darkest hour...dat you...would be da one to save us" Vol'jin on his deathbed, shortly before naming Sylvanas the new Warchief.

      Sylvanas was given a trial by fire, as Demon Hunters belonging to the Illidari revealed demons posing as soldiers in Orgrimmar. After nearly being assassinated at Vol'jin's funeral, Sylvanas took it upon herself to launch an incursion into the Broken Islands region of Stormheim, hoping to capture Eyir, a powerful Val'kyr with the ability to create more. This effort was undercut every step of the way by Genn Greymane, the king of Gilneas, who understandably had a few grudges to settle with her. Sylvanas somehow ended up in Helheim, the realm of Helya, the first Val'kyr. The two made some kind of deal, and while the details aren't known yet, Sylvanas ended up with a lantern that allowed her to bend Eyir to her will. While attempting to use said lantern, Genn showed up and destroyed it after a brief battle. Sylvanas returned to Undercity, but intended to continue chasing her target.

      "Treacherous banshee! You know not what you are meddling with!"

      "Submit. The Val'kyr...are mine." Sylvanas and Eyir, during her attempts to control the Val'kyr.


      -Held the Horde forces at bay until reinforcements arrived during the second war.

      -Was able to stale the Scourge forces for an extended period of time.

      -Defeated several armies many times larger then hers during the attempt to take Lordaeron.

      -Played a major part in defending Orgrimmar from the Scourge and retaking Undercity from the Legion.

      -Eventually managed to drive the Alliance out of Silverpine and nearly conquered Gilneas twice.

      -Helped capture Bladefist Bay during the Darkspear Rebellion.

      -Alongside Varian, managed to take down an Abyssal, basically a more powerful version of an Infernal.

      -Personally led the Horde forces during the battle for the Broken Shore, helping drive all the way to the Tomb of Sargeras.

      -Survived an assassination attempt shortly after becoming Warchief.

      "Let's see. I've made one of your brothers my servant, and tore the other to bloody shreds. I wonder what your fate holds, Balnazzar." Said to the Dreadlord Balnazzar during the siege of Lordaeron's former capital.

      Abilities, Skills, and Equipment

      -Carries a bow composite bow called Sunstrider's Longbow, which can turn any arrow it fires into a flaming arrow that can damage incorporeal spirits. 

      -Also owns the bow Deathwhisper, which can imbue arrows it fires with dark energy that slowly drains the life from it's victims.

      -Wears light leather armor overlaid with some metal, allowing for maximum mobility in battle.

      -Can grant both herself and her allies a strength boost by singing the song Lament of the Highborn, somehow.

      -Widely regarded as one of the greatest archers on Azeroth.

      -Often coats her arrows in a diluted form of Forsaken Blight.

      -Carries a pair of swords, but prefers her bow.

      -Her elven senses haven't diminished in her undead state.

      -Her undead form is far more durable then it was in life, and most of her organs are basically only for show now.

      -Doesn't have a heartbeat and doesn't breath.

      -Highly trained in stealth, can even disappear from sight while engaged in melee combat.

      -Her screams can weaken enemies and silence spell casters.

      -Has some skill in necromancy and demon magic, allowing her to drain life from her enemies and raise skeletons.

      -Can turn incorporeal at will.

      -Can fire up to 10 arrows simultaneously and hit with all of them, even when targeting fast moving targets.

      -Can summon other banshees that can assist her in combat, as well as being able to teleport to their positions.

      "I can hit a bird in the eye, flying" Sylvanas boosting about her archery skills.


      -Is specifically vulnerable to holy and light magic, including any form of magic that targets undead.

      -Can be killed by destroying her brain like most traditional undead.

      -Sometimes can't control her emotions, something a cunning enemy can figure out how to exploit.

      -Doesn't wear heavy armor.

      -Prefers attacking at range using stealth.

      -Her Forsaken Blight can be turned against her.

      -Her pride can be a detriment to her at times.

      -While an experienced general and ranger, her record is spotty.

      "Make for the Sunwell Plateau. Tell them what we have seen here. Tell them to be prepared. Tell them...we have been betrayed." Sylvanas during the siege of Quel'thalas.

      Possible Opponents

      Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)

      When I first was thinking of possible opponents for Sylvanas, I though of the main from Kill Bill and kind of laughed. Then I looked it up and realized it wouldn't be as ridiculously one-sided as I initially thought. Both their stories are heavily based on vengeance. Not much I know, but that's basically the main focus of Sylvanas' story after all. And other battles have had one common theme, so why not?

      Sarah Kerrigan (StarCraft)

      Will this fight be pretty heavily slanted in Kerrigan's favor, probably. But it's to perfect to not do. Both of them fought against an enemy the their people had very little experience fighting and so underestimated, both were betrayed, both were eventually transformed into the very thing they fought, both eventually regained their freewill and betrayed the people they would've once considered allies, and both became the leaders of the largest surviving factions of their former enemies. Plus the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken vs the Queen of Blades sounds really cool.

      "I am Sylvanas Windrunner, queen of the Forsaken. If you will not serve me in life, then you will do so in death" Sylvanas introduction during Heroes of the Storm.

    • RWBY Chap 7

      2 years ago


      I was very happy when looking for a good name for a new character and found that Albus is a Roman word for white, as well as the origin of Albino. Also wow that focused on the mercenaries more then I wanted it to.

      Several months after the fall of Beacon, somewhere near the border of Mistral, a small airship belonging to Sonny has crashed within a large swampland. Carol is attempting to get a radio to work, eventually kicking it in frustration. Both appear very irritated.

      Sonny: Please don't do that.

      Carol sits on the ground near the engine sized radio and glares at Sonny.

      Carol: Why's fixing this my job?

      Sonny: Because I don't know anything about fixing one of those.

      Carol: Neither do I. Why didn't you take someone who knows how to maintain the equipment?

      Sonny: Because I didn't expect the CCT tower to be disabled! There should be backups though for communicating within the kingdom.

      Carol: Well we're in the middle of a swamp, it probably doesn't reach this far. Maybe there's a town nearby we could go to or something.

      Carol slams a fist into the radio and mutters curses. Sonny looks around nervously.

      Sonny: Where's Noire? I'd rather she not alert Grimm to our location.

      Carol: She's inside the ship counting her ammo. And you don't need to worry about the Grimm in this area. But last I checked, this area was lousy with Bandits. I'm shocked we haven't been attacked yet.

      Sonny: Lovely.

      They both snap to alertness and grab their weapon at the sound of movement. A man wearing gray pans and shoes, a  white shirt and baseball cap, and carrying a large clockwork shotgun walks out of the brush, shaking mud off his sleeves and muttering. Both lower their weapons and Noire emerges from the ship.

      Noire: Hey it's the captain. Hi captain!

      Carol: Albus, what are you doing here?

      Albus: I was in the area and I received a transmission. And what did you do to my baby?

      Albus goes over to the radio and looks over the wiring and examining the dents Carol caused.

      Sonny: Tell me you didn't walk here.

      Albus: I did not. We grabbed and old military truck. It's is on it's way, but we needed to take a longer route to avoid bandits and I figured you'd want to know help was coming. She should be here in the morning. Don't worry love, daddy's here now. The mean lady can't hurt you anymore. What's the matter with you? Do you have any idea how much time it took me to get this thing to bypass the CCT towers while still staying part of the network? Noire, can you hand me the soldering gun so I can fix these wires?

      Noire: Aye aye captain.

      Albus: Please stop that.

      Sonny: What are you doing?

      Albus: You do not want to try leaving on foot right now. It's safer to remain here and leave in the truck. The bandits won't notice in time to catch us and they'll stay to loot the crash. Where's Wulf?

      Noire looks away guiltily and Carol puts herself between her and Albus.

      Carol: Killed in action.

      Albus: Good. Pliers please.

      Carol: There a town we could go to for supplies? It wasn't safe to go looking.

      Albus: Yeah, a few miles that to the south.

      Sonny: And they didn't send anyone?

      Albus: Bandit activity. Not worth it since they probably thought there weren't survivors.

      Carol: Noire, we're going to scout the area.

      Noire: Okay!

      Sonny: What happened to holding up here?

      Carol: I won't be gone long and I won't go far. Let's go Noire.

      Carol stops for a second and pulls Albus aside.

      Carol: Did you ever get around to doing that thing I asked you?

      Albus: That what? Oh right. Yeah that's been done for months. Why?

      Carol: Because we're probably going to either die or spend the rest of our lives in prison and I have responsibilities to account for before that happens.

      Albus: What now? Does this have to do with what happened in Vale?

      Carol: I'll explain later.


      A few hours later near the border of a small town, Carol stops and turns to Noire, taking a few seconds to collect her thoughts. She begins talking, her voice heavy with emotion.

      Carol: Noire, I need you to do something for me.

      Noire: What ever you say.

      Carol: I need to take care of something important, but I don't want you anywhere near the others.

      Noire: Okay? What am I doing?

      Carol: Waiting here. It's not safe to be around us anymore and I need to make sure there's no trail leading to me. No one knows who you are, and I'd rather they stay that way. Wait in this town and I'll be back.

      Noire: But I don't want too.

      Carol: Listen to me very carefully. We're all in danger. I've made sure you'll be safe, I just need to make sure I won't endanger you. Now, stay here. That's an order.

      Noire's voice becomes harder.

      Noire: Fine. Just leave me after getting us mixed up in this mess. It's not like I would rather stay with you or anything.

      Carol: I would rather we both left, but once the CCT towers are back up people are going to want blood. Just stay here and tell everyone you're a Huntress waiting for someone. I promise I won't be long.

      Noire appears dejected and nods. Carol hugs her and they part ways. The next afternoon, Morrigan and team COBA approach a small town when several guards watch them closely.

      Guard: Afternoon.

      Brunswick: Is it my imagination, or are they looking at us rather suspiciously?

      Morrigan: This area is close enough to the border that they have to worry about bandits. Just relax and let me do the talking. I'm familiar with this town.

      And old man with a cane approaches the group and Morrigan bows her head in respect.

      Mayor Blue: Morrigan. It's a pleasure to see you again.

      Morrigan: Mister Mayor. Are you having anymore trouble with Grimm in the south?

      Mayor Blue: Not until a few weeks ago. Honestly, we've had more trouble with bandits from over the border.

      Morrigan: My team and I are on a mission, but we'd be more then happy to stop and assist if you'd like.

      Mayor Blue: A Huntress that stopped in town last night left to deal with them, but there's more then we've seen in nearly 60 years.

      Apricot: How long ago did she set out?

      Mayor Blue: A half hour ago.

      Apricot: I'm going to see if I can lend a hand.

      Olivia looks at Apricot inquisitively.

      Olivia: I'll go too. Three people are better then 1.

      Citrine: Maybe we should all go?

      Morrigan: Citrine, I need you to see if we're in range to contact Haven.

      Citrine frowns and nods.

      Morrigan: Brunswick, could you ask around about these bandits?

      Brunswick nods and goes off. Morrigan takes out a map and examines it carefully. A few seconds later she takes a picture of Carol.

      Morrigan: I hate to ask, but have you seen this woman?

      Mayor Blue: I'm afraid not. But some of the guards said they saw what they think was an ship crash a few miles north of here. We weren't able to send anyone to check because of the risk of attack.

      Morrigan looks at the map again and appears deep in thought.

      Morrigan: How have the rains been? Has there been much flooding?

      Mayor Blue: It's been drier then usual actually.

      Morrigan: When they get back we'll check there. Can you show me roughly where it landed?

      On a trail outside the town, Olivia looks at Apricot, her curiosity obvious on her face.

      Apricot: Olivia, you're making me kind of uncomfortable.

      Olivia: What? Oh! Sorry Apricot. I've just noticed you've been acting different lately.

      Apricot: What do you mean?

      Olivia: You've been acting more confident. It suits you.

      Apricot: I've what? I mean...well. I've been...I just want to help.

      Olivia: Don't worry about it Apricot. I just couldn't help but notice.

      Apricot looks at Olivia, slightly irritated. They both hear gunfire and draw their weapons and take cover, noticing a large group of Beowolves charging towards a large tree. Olivia nods to Apricot and both charge at the Grimm. Several turn and attack, but the majority appear to ignore them. Olivia ducks under a claw swipe and drives her spear into it's chest. Maintaining her momentum, she lunges forward to avoid a charge, swinging her sword into it's legs. Three Beowolves converge on Apricot. Apricot kicks a log into two of them and swings her weapon, cleaving the third in half. She quickly charges between the still recovering Grimm and spins her weapon around a full 360 degrees, slaying both. Apricot runs towards the Beowolves moving towards the tree and they all collapse, shot through the heads from several angles. Apricot and Olivia both look around confused and a Beowolf appears from the brush behind them. Before either can react, a shot rings out and the Grimm hits the ground. From a branch above them, they hear Noire calling.

      Noire: Hey Apricot!

      Apricot: Noire?

      Noire falls out of the tree and lands on Apricot with a crash.

      Noire and Apricot: Ow.

      Olivia: Are you two okay?

      Apricot: I think so.

      Noire: It's great to see you again!

      Noire hugs Apricot happily, who appears slightly unnerved.

      Apricot: Uh Noire...

      Noire: Yes?

      Apricot: Can we please get up? That kind of hurt.

      Noire: Oh sorry.

      Noire jumps to her feet and Olivia helps Apricot up. Both dust themselves off and Noire hugs Apricot again.

      Apricot: What are you doing here Noire?

      Noire: I'm not supposed to tell anyone.

      Apricot: But um...I'm not anyone right?

      Noire: Very true. But I can't tell her okay, she might be anyone.

      Apricot: I...guess that makes sense.

      Olivia: What are you two talking about?

      Apricot: Don't worry about that Olivia.

      Noire and Apricot move a short distance away.

      Apricot: So what are you doing...

      Noire appears on the verge of crying and Apricot looks confused.

      Apricot: Is everything okay?

      Noire hugs Apricot and sobs.

      Noire: I Carol's in trouble. She told me that it's not safe to be around her.

      Apricot: I uh...are you sure that that means she's in trouble? She's tough after all. I'm sue she'll be fine. Um...do you know whe... Actually never mind. So...you're a Huntress now?

      Noire wipes her eyes and is back to her old self.

      Noire: That's what Carol told me to tell everyone. Come on, let's go back and tell the town they're safe.

      Apricot: That's probably a good idea. Noire...my team and I are traveling with a Huntress. And she's looking for the people you work with. So...

      Noire: Oh sure I'll tell her where base is! Oh! Can we go by the crash site first? I left my favorite pillow there and I can't sleep without it.

      Apricot and Olivia look at each other.

      Apricot: Sure? I get the feeling we're going that way no matter what.

      A few minutes later at the crash site, a military truck arrives and Albus puts the radio Carol was attempting to fix into the back while Carol jumps in. She glances at Sonny and gestures to the front.

      Carol: You can ride shotgun. There's no room for three while Albus' child is here.

      Sonny: Who did you leave with?

      Albus: Ghost.

      Carol: Try not to irritate her to much. The job markets awful right now and I don't have anything to wear to a funeral. 

      A female Faunus with fox ears, eyes with mostly white iris', white hair braded into nine braids, and a dress made to look like a kimono exits the truck.

      Ghost: Afternoon.

      Albus: Hey Ghost. Help me with this.

      Ghost glances at Albus indifferently for several seconds and looks around.

      Ghost: Didn't you leave with a short woman with a rifle and a psychopath.

      Sonny: Wulf is dead and Noire apparently ran off.

      Ghost shrugs and returns to the truck.

    • RWBY Chap 6

      2 years ago


      The morning of the match between Pyrrha and Penny, Citrine, Apricot, and Morrigan are tracking Grimm outside the city of Vale. Apricot is visibly concerned and conflicted. While Morrigan is examining tracks from a large Ursa, Citrine walks to Apricot and casually leans against a tree.

      Citrine: Are you okay Apricot? You've been like this since we left and it's worrying me.

      Apricot: I'm...I learned something about Noire.

      Citrine: And?

      Apricot: Do you remember when we were in the forest before the festival?

      Citrine: Yup. Why?

      Apricot: Noire was the sniper that was firing on us.

      Citrine: What? How do you know that?

      Apricot breaths deeply, attempting to compose herself.

      Apricot: She told me.

      Citrine: She told you? Why would she tell you?

      Apricot: I don't know. I think she doesn't realize it was us.

      Citrine: When did this happen?

      Apricot: When we left. That's why I wanted to leave.

      Citrine looks at Apricot skeptically, who appears irritated.

      Apricot: What?

      Citrine: You could've told me sooner. Or Morrigan for that matter.

      Apricot: I know. I just...I don't know.

      Citrine shrugs and places his hand on Apricot's shoulder reassuringly.

      Citrine: Don't worry so much. We'll tell Morrigan and she can decide if it's important. Morrigan. Hey!

      Morrigan, unable to hear Citrine continues inspecting the tracks. After a few seconds of attempting to call her, Citrine carefully walks to Morrigan and taps her shoulder.

      Morrigan: Yes?

      Citrine: Apricot has something she needs to tell you.

      Morrigan: Of course. What is it?

      Apricot takes a deep breath.

      Apricot: Do you remember the mission we went on with you not long ago?

      Morrigan: The one with that wolf Faunus? I remember. Why?

      Apricot: You recall that Citrine and I were attacked by a second mercenary on that day? Well I think she's...Behind you!

      Morrigan jumps to the side, avoiding a strike from a large Beowolf. She quickly draws her sword, duck under a follow up strike, and swings upwards, nearly cutting the Grimm in half. She takes a step back as she looks into the forest and sees a large pack of Grimm of various shapes advancing, with several flying overhead. Morrigan braces the tip of her sword in the ground and a small explosive round fires from the pummel, blasting several advancing Grimm and casing the rest to hesitate. She turns to the two students, her expression telling them to run. She fires several more shots before joining them. Morrigan takes out her Scroll.

      Morrigan: To any other this is Morrigan Clover, to any other Huntsmen on the north end of Vale, I need...

      A voice comes over the scrolls.

      Atlas Soldier: We're being overrun! We need reinforcements on the northern perimeter!

      Citrine: This is bad isn't it?

      Morrigan: We need to figure out what's going on.

      At roughly the same time in the Beacon library with Brunswick and Olivia.

      Olivia: So you're brothers went home already?

      Brunswick: Yes. They had to leave because of an issue at home.

      Olivia: Did Apricot say she was going with Citr...

      A loud siren goes off. Olivia and Brunswick both look around, clearly confused.

      Olivia: What's that?

      Ironwood: Attention, any Huntsmen in Beacon or Vale. Grimm are attacking.

      Olivia: Let's go.

      Both head to an airship port and board a Bullhead.

      Brunswick: What's the plan Olivia?

      Olivia looks at Vale for several seconds, deep in thought.

      Olivia: Beacon's better protected then Vale. Pilot, get us to Vale as quickly as you can.

      Brunswick: Are you going to be okay flying that distance?

      Olivia: I should.

      The Bullhead flies towards Vale. Near the city perimeter, a Nevermore attacks, imminently destroying one of the engines. Brunswick catches Olivia by the arm, preventing her from falling out. Both brace themselves and the ship crash lands. They emerge from the wreckage, more shaken then injured. Olivia takes a second to compose herself and they two head into the city. An hour later, Apricot, Citrine, and Morrigan enter the city. Moments later Mount Glen bursts open, releasing a massive Grimm dragon.

      Citrine: What is that thing?

      Morrigan: A very large Grimm. I've never seen one that size.

      A building collapses between Morrigan and the others, cutting them off from each other.

      Morrigan: Are you two okay?

      Citrine coughs.

      Citrine: We're okay! But I think I inhaled half an apartment!

      Morrigan: I can't see a path to you! Try to find your way to...

      Morrigan is cut off as several Grimm charge at her.

      Citrine: Morrigan?

      Apricot: What are we going to do?

      Citrine: I just heard from Olivia and Brunswick, they're helping fight on the other end of the city. Let's find out way to them and we can get orders from there.

      Apricot: Lead the way.

      Citrine and Apricot begin making their way through the city. A fair distance away, Noire fires her rifle, hitting three Atlesian Knights and chuckling. Carol contacts her over a scroll.

      Carol: Are you okay Noire?

      Noire: I'm having a great time Carol. Those robots are such fun targets.

      Carol: Well we're leaving. Are you still where I left you?

      Noire: Yup!

      The sound of an explosion comes in over the scroll.

      Carol: Good. Stay there and I'll come get you. Be safe Noire.

      Noire: Okay!

      Noire looks through her scope and sees Apricot and Citrine.

      Noire: Oh hey it's Apricot.

      Noire's finger moves away from the trigger and she freezes, appearing to be conflicted. Apricot and Citrine enter a large market area and see several broken Atlesian Knights, Wulf standing over them.

      Wulf: Well this is a surprise. Is that you're friend with the claymore here?

      Both cautiously grip their weapons and Wulf grins.

      Wulf: Well, if she's in the city you two might make good bait. I've been looking for some payback from the forest.

      Wulf draws his knives and lunges at them. Citrine extends his shield and Wulf slams into it, nearly knocking Citrine off his feet. Citrine fires a Semblance charged shot at Wulf's feet, blasting him back slightly, following up with a shield bash. Wulf swings his knives, which release several small explosions as they hit. Apricot transforms her weapon into rifle mode and shoots at Wulf, the shots blocked by his Aura. He turns to her and charges, narrowly missing her as she ducks and swings her weapon's melee mode into his midsection and jumping away. Citrine fires several non-charged rounds at Wulf. Wulf charges at Citrine, who braces behind his shield. Wulf jumps to the side as he nears Citrine and kicks him in the head, causing him to drop his weapon and fall back. Apricot fires her weapon several times, the last shot causing Wulf's Aura to fail. Wulf glares at her as she fumbles to reload. A Nevermore crashes into the ground, collapsing the round into the sewer. Both Citrine and Apricot stumble around for a moment before the dust clears.

      Apricot: Do you see him anywhere?

      Citrine: No. The Nevermore must've fallen on him. Let's go.

      Wulf emerges from the shadows and knocks both of them to the ground and lose their weapons. Wulf picks up his weapons from a pile of debris and looks back at them. He stumbles for a moment and falls into the sewer. Citrine helps Apricot up and they look around cautiously.

      Citrine: What just happened?

      Apricot: I'm not sure. We should leave, in case he comes back.

      In her sniper perch, Noire sighs and puts her rifle to the side. Her voice more calm and level then usual.

      Noire: I hope you appreciate that Apricot.

      Carol enters the room.

      Carol: Are you okay Noire?

      Noire looks over at her and she returns to normal.

      Noire: Of course. Why wouldn't I be?

      Carol: The White Fang lured Grimm to the city and the Atlas mechs have gone crazy. And if that wasn't bad enough that giant Grimm appears to be spawning more of them where ever it goes.


      Carol takes her scroll out and attempts to contact Wulf

      Carol: Wulf, drop whatever your doing and get to the rondevu point. If you're not there in an hour we're leaving you behind.

      Noire: Wulf's gone.

      Carol: Pardon?

      Noire appears nervious and confused, he voice uneven.

      Noire: He was playing with some of those lion bird Grimm and they looked like they were winning.

      Carol examines Noire's face carefully.

      Carol: Noire? Is there something you're not telling me?

      With Olivia and Brunswick at in a residential area, they are both fighting Grimm along with several Atlas troops. A large Deathstalker approach them and they ready their weapons, panting heavily. The scorpion-shaped Grimm swings a claw at them. Olivia dodges back and Brunswick slams his Guan-Dao into it's limb, nearly severing it. The Grimm cries out in anger and raises it's tail. A mortar round it's a joint in the creatures tail, blasting it off. As the Grimm reels back in surprise, Morrigan jumps on it's back and drives her sword into it's head. She jumps down and regards the two students for a second, before smiling and nodding.

      Morrigan: Are you two okay?

      Olivia: Fine. Thanks for that.

      Morrigan: Have you heard from the rest of your team?

      Brunswick: Not yet. Weren't they with you?

      Morrigan: We were separated. Hopefully they found help and are...

      The Grimm dragon slams into the Beacon tower. Several days later, the still recovering members of team COBA are discussing the events when Morrigan arrives.

      Citrine: Morrigan. What can we do for you?

      Morrigan: I wanted to go over what we discussed the other day. 

      Apricot sighs and nods.

      Apricot: Of course. But like I said, I don't really know anything.

      Morrigan: I won't take up anymore of your time then I have too. So, you think there were two other mercenaries other then Wulf in the city?

      Apricot: I think so.

      Morrigan: And you think one of them was this woman?

      Morrigan shows Apricot a picture of Carol and Citrine appears upset. Apricot looks at him and appears ready to say something before turning back to Morrigan.

      Apricot: That's her. Can I ask what this is about?

      Morrigan: We think we've identified the mercenary company. And since we don't have many more leads, I've been tasked with finding out what their involvement in the White Fang attack was. I hate to ask you this, but I'd like your team to accompany me on this mission Citrine.

      Citrine: Why us?

      Morrigan: I hope that you can help identify them. Considering I couldn't find anything on the third member, I might need help tracking them.

      Citrine: Are you guys okay with this?

      Olivia: It sounds like we're needed, so I think we should.

      Brunswick: If everyone else is willing, I won't say no.

      Apricot: Yes.

      Morrigan: Then pack your gear, we're leaving before noon.

      On a large airship, Sonny is pacing while Noire and Carol are sitting in large chairs. Sonny stops next to a large desk and pours himself a glass of scotch.

      Sonny: What a mess. My father is going to kill me for getting involved in this.

      Carol: Maybe you should've thought twice before working with the White Fang.

      Sonny: If you had objections, you should've voiced them before we accepted.

      Carol smugly leans back in her chair.

      Carol: You brought us into the middle of their camp. Do you think I'm stupid?

      Sonny: We need to get back and figure out what to do next. Explain again what happened to Wulf?

      Carol glances at Noire, who has a guilty look on her face.

      Carol: Killed by Grimm. I saw him blindsided by several Griffins. He wasn't exactly a great fighter either way.

    • RWBY Chap 5

      2 years ago


      Nearing the end of what I'd planned out. If I continue this, it'll be after Volume 4 starts. Also didn't show Brunswick meeting his brothers because writing emotional scenes with him ended up feeling just to odd.

      On final day of the 2v2 matches of the tournament, the members of team COBA are sitting on benches discussing tournament.

      Olivia: I didn't think team RWBY would take it, but that was an impressive ending.

      Citrine: So who do you think will be fighting in the finals?

      Brunswick: I'd be surprised if Yang and Pyrrha weren't picked by their teams.

      Citrine: Probably. So are you going to hang out with your brothers again today?

      Brunswick: Yes. They're going home tomorrow. And I'm going to go there next time we have time off. So what were you doing yesterday? I don't think I saw you at all.

      Citrine: I was volunteering to take part in patrols around the city. Any of you interested in coming along by the way?

      Olivia: Maybe next time. I wanted to finish that book I started on the trip here.

      Apricot: I was going to check out the sights with Noire.

      Outside the city, Carol is sitting on a high tree branch overlooking the city when a man named Bark Pine, who is wearing a dark brown leather armor, has a shaved head, and a pair of katanas at his side approaches the tree, looks up at her for a few seconds, and calls up to her.

      Bark: Carol? Is that you?

      Carol sighs in irritation and glances down at the man. She shakes her head and jumps down. When she speaks, her voice carries only a mild interest and she locks eyes with the man.

      Carol: What are you doing here?

      Bark: Me? What are you doing here? We thought you were dead. What happened to you?

      Carol relaxes slightly, but rests on hand on the pummel of her sword, which is resting next to the tree, attempting to appear as casual as possible.

      Carol: I imagine you were all very broken up about it. Or maybe you were pleased to be rid of me. Wasn't the last thing you said to me "you being made leader was a huge mistake"?

      Bark: That's not what we meant. And that doesn't mean we weren't worried about you. You were still our leader. And you still haven't answered my question.

      Carol: Are the others here?

      Bark: No. Haven't seen the others in nearly 5 months. Carol, is there something wrong? Are you in some kind of trouble.

      Carol, visibly irritated, picks up her sword and begins walking away.

      Carol: You should leave the city.

      Bark: Pardon?

      Carol: Take my work for it, you do not want to be here much longer. And forget you saw me, otherwise you may come to regret being so curious.

      Bark Wait, what's going on?

      Bark runs in front of Carol, who swings her sword, nearly hitting him. Carol glares at Bark, who quickly draws his weapons.

      Bark: What are you doing?

      Carol: I did warn you. No hard feelings, but I can't risk you telling anyone about me.

      Carol swings wide and Bark vanishes, appearing behind her.

      Bark: Calm down, I don't want to fight you.

      Carol laughs and turns, quickly swing her sword and activating it's ability to launch fire, nearly hitting him with both only for him to vanish and reappear again nearby. Carol charges at him, launching fire at random areas around him. Bark vanishes and Carol closes her eyes. Her Semblance, which allows her to sense hostile people, animals, and Grimm, detects him appearing behind her, allowing her to block the strikes.

      Carol: Did you forget my Semblance? You can't sneak up on me if I know I'm in danger no matter how you attack. But I remember how yours works.

      Carol swings her sword again and Bark vanishes and reappears near her, only to be hit by a follow up attack.

      Carol: You can effectively teleport to anything you can see, but you're Aura is down for a short time when it happens.

      Bark: Why'd you do it?

      Carol: I made a mistake and couldn't stay. As for why I killed you...

      Carol appears uneasy and avoids eye contact.

      Carol: I can't allow the distraction. I am sorry I wasn't a better leader.

      Carol places her former teammate on the ground and takes out her Scroll.

      Carol: Sonny, I need one of your fathers cleanup crews. And...make sure they're respectful. I own him that much.

      Several hours later, Sonny, Carol, and Wulf are in a large office building. Sonny, highly angary, is pacing the room.

      Sonny: Explain to me again, what were you thinking?

      Carol, completely unmoved, sits down and rests her feet on a nearby desk.

      Sonny: I expect this kind of behavior from Wulf and that nut job you drag everywhere, but you I expect a measure of self-control!

      Carol snickers and leans back in her seat.

      Sonny: Is this amusing to you?

      Carol: In fact it is. You actually think that yapping at me like a chained dog is going to intimidate me? You should really calm down. Because if you don't, I might lose my cool. And you've already seen what happens when that happens today.

      Sonny takes a step back and takes a deep breath.

      Sonny: Do you have any idea how much I'm being paid for this? How much you stand to make?

      Carol: Of course I do. That's why I called you. Now, why not behave like a big boy and move on. I've had a rough day and am in no mood for this.

      Wulf cackles and begins speaking sarcastically.

      Wulf: Wonderful. That'll put her in her place boss.

      Sonny: Do not start or the Atlas military will receive an anonymous donation of a dead criminal.

      Wulf snarls and Carol grips her sword. Wulf grunts and leaves the room.

      Carol: Is he going to be a problem?

      Sonny: Let me worry about personnel. Speaking of which, is Noire maintaining her cover?

      Carol: As well as she can be expected too.

      Sonny: Well that's disappointing. We still haven't heard from the White Fang.

      Carol: Maybe they gave up on the job. I imagine giving us the heads up isn't high on their priority list. Do we even know what they're doing?

      Sonny: No. My best guess is it's on of three things. They either want to raid an armory for weapons, rob a bank to get new funding, or they've found whatever hole Torchwick's being kept in and plan to rescue him.

      Carol laughs dismissively.

      Carol: No way they'd go through all this for him. Probably the money or the Dust.

      The next morning, Noire and Apricot are walking down the street, Noire laughing at a story Apricot is telling.

      Apricot: That's not the best part. So there Citrine and Brunswick were, covered in sap and the nearest river they could use to wash it off was 5 miles away, and it turned everything we'd done was completely pointless because it turns out the people we'd been sent to rescue weren't lost, they'd taken the long way home and were just out of range of the CCT since a hub was down for maintenance.

      Noire and Apricot both laugh and stop walking.

      Noire: That's a crazy story.

      Apricot: Believe it or not, that's not even the only time that happened to those two. It's happened 2 more times.

      Noire: If there's time after todays match you've got to tell me about them.

      Noire appears deep in thought for a short while.

      Apricot: Forget something at your place?

      Noire: No it's not that. I need to think of a nickname for you.

      Apricot: Why a nickname?

      Noire: I give everyone one. How about...Orangey. Because...I actually don't know. Orange just seems like the perfect color for you.

      Apricot: Please no.

      Noire: Oh okay. I'll just think of a better one.

      Apricot: So Noire. I've been wondering something. Where'd you get your rifle?

      Noire: A sergeant in the Atlas military gave Chipactonal to me when I worked for them.

      Apricot: You were with the military?

      Noire: I was. Then I had to leave with Carol. I can't remember why though. But who cares right?

      Apricot: So what do you do now?

      Noire: I'm not supposed to tell anybody.

      Apricot: Oh...okay. That's unders...

      Noire: But you're not anybody. You're Apricot.

      Apricot: I am? Wait, what does that even mean?

      Noire: Well no one said I'm not allowed to tell you. But you've got to promise you won't tell anybody.

      Apricot looks confused.

      Apricot: Sure.

      Noire: Great!

      Apricot and Noire move to a secluded area.

      Noire: Anyway. Carol and I are mercenaries.

      Apricot nerviously looks at Noire.

      Apricot: You...you are?

      Noire: Yup. And I've got an awesome Semblance that let's me control the bullets Chipactonal fires. I've got to show you sometime.

      Apricot: You can? Um...have you...have you ever taken a mission...job in the Forever Fall Forest?

      Noire: Yup. Just before the tournament started in fact.

      Apricot becomes visibly nervous, barely able to keep herself from trembling.

      Apricot: I um...I totally forgot. I was...I mean I promised I'd help my team leader on a patrol mission. I should go before he leaves.

      Noire: Okay!

      Near the exit of Vale, Citrine and Morrigan are preparing to leave when Apricot runs to them.

      Citrine: Here to see us off? That's nice of you.

      Apricot: No I...listen can I just come with you?

      Citrine: Is that okay with you Morrigan?

      Morrigan: We can always use another person. Let's go, we've wasted enough time.

      Citrine: You heard that lady. You okay? You look nervous. Or more so then usual.

      Apricot: I...I'm not sure.

      The next day, a few hours after the match between Yang and Mercury, Sonny is meeting with his subordenants when his Scroll activates. Sonny reads the message and glances at the others.

      Sonny: Looks like we're moving tomorrow. Looks like Adam still isn't sharing. We'll stick to our plan. Assume they're after money, Dust, or Torchwick. Draw attention away from the places we've discussed.

      Wulf: About time.

      Wulf grabs his weapons and prepares to leave when Sonny stops him.

      Sonny: Everyone remember, I stand to make a lot of money on this job. So if you three can get through the next 24 hours without anymore incidents, I'll pay you triple what you normally get.

      Wulf: Tempting. I'll consider it.

      Wulf leaves, laughing to himself. Carol and Noire leave and Carol pulls her aside.

      Carol: Listen Noire. I don't care what Sonny tells you, do not fire on civilians.

      Noire: You got it!

      Carol: And don't fire at fuel tanks. I'd rather not have a repeat of what happened in that swamp.

      Noire: Wulf only caught fire twice.

      Carol: Just do as I say. And stay in contact with me at all times.

      Carol looks at Noire sternly.

      Carol: Understood?

      Noire rolls her eyes and sighs.

      Noire: Fine! I didn't have anything to do tomorrow anyway since Apricot wanted to go on patrol with her leader.

      Carol: Citrine's not in the city?

      Noire cheerfully begins walking away.

      Noire: Yup! You'll have to say hello to your boyfriend when he get's back.

    • RWBY Chap 4

      2 years ago


      Early in the morning the day of the match between team CFVY and team COBA, Apricot is out for a walk with Olivia. Passing by several other students jogging, Apricot looks at the stadium floating in the distance and appears nervous.

      Olivia: Are you okay?

      Apricot: I'm fine. Just a little nervous. Our match's today.

      Apricot looks at Olivia.

      Apricot: How are you so calm all the time? I'm a nervous wreck right now and you look like you just woke up from a nap.

      Olivia: Because I know I have you, Citrine, and Brun to back me up.

      Apricot: I don't think I'll be much help.

      Olivia: You're a great fighter Apricot.

      Apricot looks downtrodden.

      Apricot: Don't patronize me Olivia.

      Olivia: Did you know the headmaster offered to make me leader of our team?

      Apricot: What?

      Olivia: I asked that Citrine be given the position because I didn't think I was ready. I'm only able to be calm because I remember I have people I can trust with me.

      Apricot appears shocked.

      Apricot: Tha...Thank you for telling me that.

      Noire walks up to them.

      Noire: Apricot!

      Apricot: Morning Noire. You remember her right Olivia?

      Olivia: Nice to see you again.

      Noire: So when's your match?

      Oliva: About noon.

      Noire: Cool! Oh hey! I wanted to show you something cool.

      Apricot: Okay. What is it?

      Noire: A surprise.

      Apricot: Okay. See you during the match Olivia.

      Olivia: Do you have your scroll?

      Apricot: Uh...yes.

      Apricot takes her scroll out of her pocket.

      Olivia: Then I'll see you there.

      Noire: Great!

      Noire leads Apricot to a small apartment building. In a large room, Noire brings out her sniper rifle Chipactonal, a compact rifle made of a black, lightweight material decorated with paintings of the moon on random parts of it.

      Noire: I'd like to introduce you to my oldest friend Chipactonal.

      Apricot looks at Noire in a confused manor.

      Apricot: The rifle? It's really cool looking. Can I see?

      Noire: Sure. But don't mess with his sight. Someone's always messing with it and I need to fix it.

      Apricot looks over the rifle curiously.

      Apricot: Where did you get this by the way?

      Noire: I don't remember.

      Apricot: So...can I ask you a personal question?

      Noire: Of course!

      Apricot: Is...are you related to Carol? She knows my teams leader and I was just curious if you knew him too?

      Noire: Well we don't have the same parents or anything. Or we might, I don't know.

      Apricot: You don't know if Carol is your sister?

      Noire: Nope! I was told that both my parents died when I was young.

      Apricot: I'm so sorry Noire.

      Noire: About what?

      Apricot looks at Noire, highly confused.

      Apricot: What you just said about...Actually I'm sorry I brought it up.

      Noire looks cheery and picks up a pair of goggles.

      Noire: No problem. I did say you could ask after all. Check this out Apricot.

      Apricot looks at the goggles and looks through the lenses. Noire pushes a button and a computerized display appears. Apricot attempts to keep track of the information, but very quickly pulls her head away and rubs her eyes.

      Apricot: What was that?

      Noire: They help me keep track of things when I'm firing Chipactonal.

      Noire cheerily pats her rifle. Apricot appears even more confused, but nods.

      Apricot: So...what size rounds do you use? I've got a rifle kind of like this, but it looks like it wouldn't use the same caliber.

      Noire: Oh well...I ma...

      Noire stops speaking when Carol enters the room. Noire happily hugs Carol, who appears both happy and annoyed. Carol glances at Apricot, who attempts to avoid eye contact with her.

      Carol: Nice to see you again.

      Apricot jumps in surprise.

      Apricot: Hey! Good to see you again Carol!

      Carol: Why are you yelling?

      Apricot attempts to compose herself.

      Apricot: Was I yelling? Um...I was...I...

      Carol shrugs and looks at Noire with a serious expression.

      Carol: Can you give me and Noire a minute?

      Apricot: Sure. I'll see you at the stadium Noire.

      Noire: Okay!

      Apricot leaves the room and Carol picks up Noire's rifle.

      Carol: Didn't you fire on her in the forest?

      Noire: Yes!

      Carol: So you decided to show her your rifle and goggle...because why?

      Noire: They're really cool and I thought she'd like them.

      Carol looks at Noire, who deflates slightly at her severe expression.

      Carol: You've done undercover work before Noire. And you said you encountered her in the forest. What if she puts 2 and 2 together and tells the military who you are?

      Noire: Um...

      Carol: And you do understand who the people that hired us are right? Whatever they're planning, it's going to end very badly. You shouldn't be making friends here.

      Noire signs, and her voice becomes much more aggressive.

      Noire: Because we're probably going to kill them, right? That's what we always do. Just like my old team?

      Carol looks on in surprise for several seconds, unable to gather her thoughts. When she speaks, her voice is slightly shaky.

      Carol: How did you know that?

      Noire: Know what? That you killed them? I was there.

      Carol: You were? They attacked me. I was only trying to convince them to let you le...

      Noire: And yet when you were done, you brought me into the exact same life.

      Carol: It wasn't like that.

      As Carol continues be come more and more unnerved, Noire suddenly appears surprised and her voice softens.

      Noire: What's wrong? Why do you look so upset?

      Carol: What? I mean... don't you remember what we were just talking about?

      Noire: Of course. I was showing my new friend Apricot Chipactonal, and I was going to explain that I make my own ammo when you walked in. Why do you ask?

      Carol looks hard at Noire, attempting to figure out what had just happened. She calmly stands up, attempting to hide her hands shaking from fear.

      Carol: No reason. Just, remember to behave yourself and don't draw to much suspicion.

      Noire: Of course I won't. I'm the model of an undercover agent. What time is it?

      Carol: About 11:30. Why?

      Noire: What? I've got to get going! Apricot's team will be up soon!

      A few minutes later in a waiting area in Amity coliseum, the Brunswick and Citrine are waiting for their team to be called when Apricot runs up to them.

      Apricot: Sorry I'm la...Oh I'm actually not late. I'll go get changes and make sure I've got my gear in order.

      Citrine: Afternoon. Didn't see you this morning.

      Apricot: What? Oh right. Sorry.

      Citrine: No need to apologize. Go get ready.

      Apricot: Right. Be back in a minute.

      Brunswick: When did she become social?

      Citrine: Don't know. I think I'd remember if a flock of pigs add suddenly appeared.

      Both laugh and Citrine leans back slightly in his seat.

      Citrine: So we're going up against team CFVY today. Right?

      Brunswick: Yes. Why?

      Citrine: Just brainstorming strategies while we wait. Their leader, Coco. She uses a minigun right?

      Brunswick: From what I've heard.

      Citrine: Then I'll draw her attention while you guys deal with the others. My shield perfect for attackers like her after all.

      Brunswick: Maybe you should wait until Olivia and Apricot get here to talk about that.

      Citrine: Good point.

      Citrine notices Brunswick looking distracted.

      Citrine: You okay? You look like you've seen a ghost.

      Brunswick: I...I think I'm feeling a little under the weather.

      Citrine: Really? I don't think I've ever seen you with so much as a cold.

      Brunswick: It's just...

      A young man wearing a orange gi with black stripes, a black headband, and a peach bandana n his right arm runs up to them.

      Tyger: Hold on. It is you.

      Brunswick signs heavily and sits on the same bench as Citrine.

      Brunswick: Hello little brother.

      Tyger: What happened to you?

      Citrine: Uh Brunswick, care to introduce me?

      Brunswick: Citrine, this is my younger brother Tyger. What are you doing here?

      Tyger: Constantine and I are here for to watch the tournament. But why are you here? And where have you been?

      Brunswick: I left. I though it was better for everyone after what happened since I was to blame for everything.

      Tyger: No on blamed you though. Anyway Constantine is going to be happy to see you. He's been trying to find you for a while.

      Brunswick: He...he has?

      Tyger: Of course he has. Come on, he should already be in his seat.

      Brunswick: I'm going to be in the next match. I'll go see him after the match.

      Tyger: I'm going to hold you to that Hunter. Since I'm going to tell him it's you. Nice meeting you Citrine.

      Citrine: Same.

      Tyger leaves and Brunswick shakes his head.

      Citrine: You okay?

      Brunswick: I'm fine. Or I will be. I guess I didn't think this through very well. I'll explain everything to you later. But for now we have a match to focus on.

      Citrine takes a moment to watch Brunswick before nodding. Apricot and Olivia arrive and Olivia notices Brunswick's serious expression.

      Olivia: Everything alright?

      Brunswick: Fine. I'd like to focus on the match.

      Citrine: He'll explain later. Right Brun?

      Brunswick: Yes. I promise.

      The loudspeakers cut on.

      Professor Port: The match between team CFVY and team COBA will begin in 5 minutes. Will the teams please report to the combat area.

      Citrine: I guess that's out queue. Good luck everybody.

      In the arena, team COBA and team CFVY stand on opposite ends as the terrain is selected. The north end becomes a desert, the east a ruined cityscape, the south icy, and the west rocky.

      Professor Port: Match beginning in three, two, one. Begin!

      Brunswick lunges at Yatsuhashi, their blades clashing as he blocks the attack. Fox moves to assist, but is cut off by Olivia, brandishing her sword and spear. Apricot quickly attack Velvet, who nimbly dodges he sword strikes. Coco takes a moment to observe her teammates before transforming her weapon to ranged mode.

      Coco: Trying to split us up are you?

      Citrine extends his wrist-mounted tower shield and connects his two short swords, converting them to ranged mode.

      Citrine: Ready whenever you are.

      Coco fires at stream of shots at Citrine, who's shield protects him for the enemy fire. Coco takes aim at Brunswick and is hit by a shot from Citrine's weapon. The two fire at each other. Fox and Olivia trade blows, neither able to land solid hits on the other. After several seconds, Apricot appears next to her and they both nod. Apricot suddenly attacks Fox and Olivia attacks Velvet. The change of adversaries briefly causes both to lose ground and move further away from each other.

      Professor Port: It appears that team COBA is attempting to fight team CFVY one on one rather then as a group. We'll see how this tactic works against their opponents.

      Doctor Oobleck: Yes and it would appear that two of their members have swapped targets. And with Coco occupied she's unable to provide support to her teammates.

      In the arena, Olivia takes a moment to observe the combat area. She dodges an attack from Velvet and counters. Velvet avoids the spear strike and prepares a follow up attack, not noticing the sword swing Olivia launching. Both combatants notice the others attack to late and are hit. Velvet is sent flying back by Olivia's attack, which sets off a small shockwave, causing her to land outside of the ring.

      Doctor Oobleck: And we have an elimination by ring out. Ms. Greene used her semblance to add extra force to her strike.

      Professor Port: That's right doctor. It may not be as effective against people as it is Grimm, but it can still do quite a bit of damage if you're not ready.

      Olivia quickly moves to assist Apricot.

      Olivia: Go help Citrine.

      Apricot: You sure?

      Olivia: I can handle him. You two take out their leader and then you can help me and Brunswick.

      Apricot: Got it.

      Apricot runs to Citrine and takes cover behind his shield, narrowly avoiding being hit by Coco.

      Citrine: Olivia send you?

      Apricot: She took out her opponent.

      Citrine: Our turn then. She's favoring my left side. Ready when you are.

      Apricot peeks out from behind the shield at Coco, who has stopped firing. Apricot leans out on the right side of Citrine's shield and fires several shots from her weapons rifle mode, hitting Coco several times. Before she can recover, Coco is hit by several rounds from Citrine's weapon, which have been charged by his semblance to explode with the force of small grenades. The dust clears and Coco, clearly annoyed, wipes the dust from her sunglasses.

      Coco: Okay, playtimes over.

      Apricot: Citrine. I think Olivia needs help.

      Citrine glances at Olivia, who is clearly struggling with Fox. He then glances at the board and sees Olivia's Aura nearly depleted.

      Citrine: Cover me.

      Apricot: Oh...great.

      Citrine moves towards Olivia and Fox. Coco takes aim and quickly leans back to avoid a shot from Apricot. Coco sighs and attempts to aim at Apricot, who quickly closes the distance between them, her weapon back in it melee form. Coco raises he minigun to deflect the attack and returns it to it's more compact form. As Olivia's Aura continues to drop, she is forced more and more on the defensive by Fox's speed. After several seconds of Fox's unrelenting attacks, Olivia drops to one knee.

      Professor Port: And we have another elimination. Olivia's Aura has drop below the red.

      Doctor Oobleck: Indeed. it appears that Ms. Scarlatina's last attack took more of a toll on her then it appeared to at first glance.

      Fox turns his attention to Brunswick and attacks. Brunswick jumps back to avoid a downward strike be Yatsuhasi and raises his guandao to block an attack by Fox. He activates the Dust cylinder in his weapon and strikes the ground, creating an ice slick between himself and Yatsuhasi, who nearly slips on the newly created ice patch, Cirtine raises his shield and fires a semblance charged round into the ground behind him as his lunges, adding extra momentum. His shield hit's Yatsuhasi,

      knocking the already unsteady fighter off his feet.

      Brunswick: Good shot.

      Citrine: You okay?

      Brunswick: I've had to use my semblance longer then I'd like to. But I'm can still fight.

      Citrine splits his weapon back into it's twin swords form and charges at Fox. Citrine launches a flurry of quick attacks, eventually overwhelming Fox's defenses and depleting his Aura. As Fox goes down, Brunswick is similarly defeated by a heavy strike from Yatsuhasi.

      Professor Port: And we have two simultaneous knockouts. Fox and Brunswick are both down. That leave just two people from each team. Looks like we're almost at the thrilling conclusion.

      Apricot noticing Brunswick's defeat, glances at the board,and sees her Aura nearly depleted. She breaks away form melee combat with Coco and quickly fires two of the last three rounds in her rifle before taking cover behind a large chunk of ice. She breaks a piece of crystalized Dust from the ground, throws it towards Coco, and shoots it, causing a small explosion half a foot from her. Apricot activates her semblance, causing Citrine's to Aura to be partially strengthened and draining hers.

      Professor Port: What have we here? It appears as if Apricot's Aura has been depleted, Ms. Adel has taken a major hit, and Citrine's Aura has actually raised. It seems to be down to the final two. Wait...

      The smoke clears and Coco, though clearly drained from the fight, is still standing and her Aura is still active.

      Professor Port: Coco Adel is still in the match.

      Citrine presses the attack against Yatsuhasi. Yatsuhasi dodges an attack from Citrine and Coco sweeps Citrine's legs with her weapon. While he's still in the air, Yatsuhasi should charges him, knocking him out of the ring.

      Professor Port: And that's the match! Team CFVY wins!

      Doctor Oobleck: Indeed. They'll be moving on to the doubles round.

      Olivia crouches next to Citrine.

      Olivia: You okay

      Citrine: Look at all the puppies. Aren't they cute.

      Olivia: Help me out Brun?

      Brunswick and Olivia help Citrine to his feet.

      Citrine: Ouch. Thanks guys.

      Brunswick: I guess we lost.

      Citrine: Yes we did. Still good job everyone. Come on, it's my turn to buy lunch.

    • RWBY chap 3

      2 years ago


      Several days after the Grimm attack on Vale, Morrigan Clover is in the Headmaster's office with Professor Ozbin and General Ironwood. Ozbin, sits at his desk, his mug in one hand and a scroll in the other, while the General stands nearby reading his own. After a minute, Ironwood places his scroll on Ozbin's desk and addresses Morrigan.

      Ironwood: From your report I'm more then a little impressed you were able to avoid casualties.

      Morrigan: I'm not sure if that's a complement to the team I was with or an insult. With all due respect, why did you both ask to see me?

      Ironwood, clearly irritated, looks to Ozbin, who clearly is lost in his thoughts.

      Ironwood: I would like to know about the White Fang transport you found, as well as the man you fought.

      Morrigan glances at Ozbin, catching a few words on his scroll, and realization dawns.

      Morrigan: Is this about the Grimm attack?

      Ironwood: Yes. WHat I'm about to tell you needs to stay confidential, understand.

      Morrigan nods and Ironwood appears to relax slightly.

      Ironwood: The attack was an attack by the White Fang.

      Morrigan: That's very daring of them. What did they hope to achieve?

      Ozbin: That's a question that we've yet to answer.

      Morrigan flinches for a moment, at Ozbin breaking his silence for the first time nearly a half hour.

      Ironwood: We don't know, and while we've dealt a severe blow to them, we don't know enough to call this a real victory.

      Morrigan: Right. It was a troop transport. Clearly meant for the base in Mount Glen that Doctor Oobleck's patrol discovered.

      Ironwood: Anything else?

      Morrigan: About the transport, they were taking a land route rather then flying, so they wanted to avoid detection and clearly had the time.

      Ironwood: And the man that attacked you?

      Morrigan: He claimed to be a mercenary. He believed he was about to kill us, so I think he was telling the truth.

      Ironwood: Was this him?

      Ironwood uses his scroll to show Morrigan a wanted poster of Wulf Gray.

      Morrigan: Yes. Why the interest?

      Ironwood: He's one of the most wanted criminals on Remnant. Besides that though, he has ties to the White Fang. Still, this doesn't appear related to the attack, other then the White Fang involvement.

      Morrigan: I can't see how it would.

      Ozbin: Well, I think we've taken up enough of your time. Thank you for coming Ms. Clover.

      Morrigan: Of course.

      Ozbin: Before you leave, one more question. What do you plan to do now that your mission is over?

      Morrigan: I planned to take on another mission. Why do you ask?

      Ozbin: Even though the breach the Grimm entered through was sealed, there is still concern of Grimm activity on the border. We could use any aid we can get.

      Morrigan: I'll stay in the city then.

      Ozbin: Thank you.

      In an office building with Sonny and his mercenaries, Sonny is looking over a map of Vale with military posts drawn on it.

      Sonny: I want you in the city Noire.

      Noire: You've got it Sun Man.

      Carol: Are you sure she should be doing this alone?

      Sonny: She's the only person we have on hand that can safely be seen in public right now. Wulf went and attacked a Huntress and is a wanted criminal anyway. I'd also use you, but with all the Atlas troops we'd run the risk of you being recognized. And I don't want to wait to call someone else in. You can enter the city to keep an eye on her, but stay away from the military as much as possible.

      Noire: You don't have to worry about me Carol.

      Sonny: You'll be undercover as a tourist from Atlas.

      Noire: Understood. So what are we doing?

      Sonny: Right now, waiting until we're told to move. Just keep your head down and don't cause trouble. Wulf, don't leave this building until we get orders to move.

      Wulf: Fine.

      Wulf angrily leaves the room and Sonny dismisses Noire and Carol. Outside Beacon, Citrine and Brunswick are walking with Sun when Ruby and Yang walk by.

      Sun: Hey Ruby, Yang. How's things with the team?

      Ruby Fine. Who're your friends?

      Citrine: My names Citrine. My team and I are here to compete in the tournament.

      Ruby: Well I look forward to seeing you fight.

      Yang: But don't expect us to go easy on you.

      Citrine: We wouldn't want you too. Right Brun?

      Ruby: Have we met?

      Brunswick: I can't say we have. Why do you ask?

      Ruby: I feel like I've seen you somewhere before. Did you go to Patch?

      Brunswick: No.

      Ruby: Do you happen to know someone named Yide?

      Brunswick appears uncomfortable.

      Brunswick: I...excuse me. I forgot something in our dorm.

      Brunswick leaves, leaving the others confused.

      Yang: He okay?

      Citrine: He's not a people person.

      Yang: Hey he sounds like Blake.

      Citrine: Well, it was nice meeting you. See you around Sun.

      Sun: Alright. You should watch team RWBY's match tomorrow.

      Citrine leaves and sees Olivia.

      Citrine: Hey Olive.

      Olivia: Citrine. Is Brun okay? He looked upset.

      Ctirine: I don't know. Someone asked him if he knew a person named Yide and he left.

      Olivia: I don't get it.

      Citrine: Maybe we should check on him?

      Olivia: Lead the way.

      The two go to the dorm assigned to their team and see Brunswick sitting on his bed, appearing distraught.

      Brunswick: Olivia, Citrine.

      Citrine: You okay? You kind of freaked out when Ruby ask you about that person.

      Brunswick sighs and appears sad.

      Brunswick: Not really. Let me guess, you want to know what's wrong.

      Olivia: You're our teammate and friend, if somethings wrong you can tell us.

      Brunswick: I've never told you about how I ended up in Mistral right?

      Citrine: No. Why?

      Brunswick: I made a mistake several years ago had had to leave home. I left behind two brothers, one older then me by about 4 years and one 2 years younger then me. I haven't seen either in nearly 5 years.

      Citrine: Why's that?

      Brunswick: Because they probably blame me for what happened

      Olivia: I'm sorry Brun.

      Brunswick: It's fine. But thank you for being concerned. So, when is our match?

      Citrine: Tomorrow, we're the first team up.

      Brunswick: Right. Make sure Apricot knows she needs to be ready before it then.

      Citrine: I think she does. But I'll remind her when the match is.

      Citrine sends Apricot a message using his scroll and the three hear an Achieve Men song play from a night stand. Citrine sighs and shakes his head in an amused manner.

      Citrine: She left her scroll here.

      Olivia: I'll go remind her.

      In the fairgrounds, Apricot is walking away from a Kiosk with a large pretzel in her hand. She walks past Noire, who stops near her.

      Noire: Excuse me, where did you buy that?

      Apricot: Over there. I think this was the last one though.

      Noire: That's disappointing.

      Apricot: My names Apricot. What's yours?

      Noire: Noire. Are you here for the festival too?

      Apricot: I'm here to compete in the tournament.

      Noire: Really? My sister said she competed a few years ago.

      Apricot: Oh really?

      Noire: Yup. Is it exiting being a Huntress?

      Apricot: Kind of. I'm usually kind of nervous going into battle, but I've got a team that can watch my back.

      Noire: What're they like?

      Apricot: They're...

      Apricot stops mid-sentance as Carol walks up to them.

      Noire: Hey! This is my sister Carol. Carol, this is my new friend Apricot.

      Carol: Hello.

      Apricot: Uh...I...what are you...

      Noire: Are you okay?

      Carol: I'm sure she's fine.

      Apricot: What are you...what are you doing here?

      Carol: I don't know what you're talking about. We haven't met before, have we?

      Carol, subtlety, glares at Apricot in an unvoiced threat.

      Apricot: Uh..I guess I'm mistaken.

      Carol becomes more cheerful and looks at Noire.

      Carol: Stay out of trouble Noire. And keep this with you.

      Carol hands Noire a scroll and she happily nods.

      Noire: So when's your team competing?

      Olivia arrives.

      Olivia: Apricot, you left your scroll in our dorm.

      Apricot: I did?

      Apricot checks her pockets and Olivia looks at Noire and Carol.

      Olivia: Hello. I'm Apricot's teammate Olivia.

      Noire: Hi.

      Carol: Good to meet you. Well Noire, try not to stay out to late.

      Noire: Okay sis.

      Carol: And it was lovely to meet you Apricot and Olivia.

      Apricot: Right...because we've never met before. Right?

      Carol: Very true.

      Olivia: Are you okay Apricot?

      Apricot: I...I'm upset I forgot my scroll for the 7th time this week.

      Olivia: Well here. Try to keep your eye on it this time.

    • RWBY Chapter 2

      2 years ago


      In the Forever Fall Forest, Citrine and Apricot have just finished their battle with a pack of Beowolves. In the distance, Noire readies her rifle, using her goggles targeting systems to calculate her shots. She grins happily like a child playing a game of hide and seek, and quickly pulls the trigger twice. Citrine, reacting as quickly as he can, extends his wrist mounted shield Bulwark and blocks a shot aimed at Apricot, simultaneously avoiding the one aimed at him. Apricot switches her sword into a rifle and stands back to back with him, glancing around quickly.

      Apricot: What was that?

      Citrine: Sniper shots. About 3 o'clock.

      Apricot: Right. I'll see if I can get a shot.

      With Noire.

      Noire: He's quick. Maybe I should hit him in the back next.

      As Apricot attempts to locate Noire, she sees a flash in the distance, followed by a dust round striking Citrine in the back, causing pain but stopped by his Aura. Both inspect their surroundings for signs of enemies.

      Citrine: More then one. Watch out.

      Apricot: Are they White Fang?

      Citrine: Maybe. They might think we killed their friends.

      Apricot: Are you okay?

      Citrine: I'll be fine. I'm going to call the others, keep a lookout for more shots.

      Citrine, using his shield as effectively as he can for cover, takes out his scroll, only for a sniper to hit it out of his hand. Apricot attempts to track the angle with a very confused look on her face.

      Apricot: That's not right.

      Citrine: They're very good shots.

      Apricot: No, there's no way someone could hit the scroll in the center like that from that angle.

      Citrine: You notice something?

      Apricot: Maybe. I think it's one sniper, and they're somehow making the shots move in mid-air.

      Citrine: So my shield's useless?

      Apricot: Maybe, maybe not.

      Apricot aims for the location she saw a muzzle flash and sees another, followed shortly by Citrine taking a second hit to his side. Without a word, Apricot fires. Noire is barely able to avoid the shot and nearly falls out of the tree she was using as a perch. She giggles happily and takes aim again. Before she can calculate her next shot, a hand covers her scope, causing her to look down, smiling. Citrine and Apricot both hold their breaths for several seconds, expecting more enemy fire, before they attempt to find an escape route.

      Apricot: Did I get him?

      Citrine: Maybe? Let's get back to the others. If there's more I'd rather the team be together.

      Apricot: Lead the way.

      Citrine and Apricot move, slowly, towards the escape route they picked out. Citrine slips on a patch of wet ground and falls, tumbling down a small ledge.

      Apricot: Are you hurt?

      Citrine: I think I'm fine.

      Citrine stands up, though it causes him some visible pain.

      Citrine: Nothing broken.

      Apricot: Sit down and let me check your leg. You'll be okay, but I don't like the idea of you fighting like this.

      Citrine: Lovely. Glad my shields long enough to balance myself with, right? Contact the others and tell them we're going to be delayed.

      Apricot: Right.

      Apricot takes her scroll out and tries to contact Olivia and Brunswick, picking up only static.

      Apricot: The relay must be down.

      Citrine: We need to find them.

      At about the same time Citrine and Apricot are being attacked by Noire, Morrigan, Olivia, and Brunswick reach a clearing. Morrigan carefully investigates the area and shakes her head.

      Morrigan: This is an obvious trap. Stay in cover, I'll see if the coast is clear.

      Morrigan moves towards the ceneter and Wulf, clocked by his Semblance, charges from behind her. Morrigan, reacting in the blink of an eye, draws her sword and blocks his strikes before countering. Wulf staggers back and Olivia and Brunswick emerge from the brush.

      Morrigan: Are you the one that attacked the White Fang?

      Wulf: Just doing my job. This is because I know it'll be fun. Say your prayers you three, you're about to die.

      Morrigan: You're a mercenary then? Did Atlas hire you?

      Wulf cackles.

      Wulf: Don't know. My company get's the contracts and I kill. Speaking of which.

      Wulf lunges at Morrigan, slashing wildly at Olivia and Brunswick when she's forced past them. Brunswick deflects the blows, but his weapon is nearly knocked out of his hand. Wulf, continuously becoming more frenzied, swings more and more randomly, while Morrigan calmly blocks or avoids the blows. Morrigan jumps back, sticks the tip of her sword into the ground, and pulls a trigger hidden in the cross-guard, causing a mortar round to fiire and hit Wulf. Wulf collapses to the ground and Morrigan carefully moves towards him.

      Morrigan: One of you contact the city and tell them we'll have a prisoner.

      Wulf cackles and rises slightly into a crouched position.

      Wulf: I've disabled the relay. You won't be able to contact the city from here. I had to make sure the White Fang couldn't send word out, orders and all.

      Morrigan stops a few feet from Wulf, and Wulf swiftly throws a handful of dirt in her face. Before she can recover, Wulf kicks her in the sternum, knocking her off her feet and brandishing her knives.

      Wulf: Predictable.

      Wulf moves in for the kill, only to be struck by Brunswick, who's weapon causes ice to encase part of Wulf's left arm. Wulf lashes out and hits Brunswick several times, who's Aura is being boosted by his Semblance. Olivia swiftly attacks Wulf from behind, striking his back several times and ducking under a counter attack. Wulf shouts angrily, fixes his eyes on the still recovering Morrigan, and charges. Morrigan, seeing Wulf coming, rolls to the side. Wulf activates his Semblance while in the brush, becoming nearly impossible to see. Wulf checks a scroll and sees his Aura nearly depleted and grumbles.

      Wulf: Can't stay to finish them. This'll be trouble.

      Wulf squints and sees Apricot and a limping Citrine in the distance.

      Wulf: Maybe I can use them as bait. Maybe breaking the relay was a bad idea though, I can't get in touch with Noire.

      With Apricot and Citrine after sundown, both are exhausted and concerned while they investigate the White Fang vehicle.

      Apricot: They should be back by now.

      Citrine: Yes they should. Maybe we should set off a flair. Do you have any?

      Apricot: I didn't think we'd need one. In there?

      Citrine: I'll check.

      Citrine walks over to the vehicle and a bull sized Nevermore dive-bombs towards him. Before either he or Apricot can react, the Nevermore burst into flames. Both look towards the forest and see a woman with red hair and wearing light red metal armor and a fireball shaped hairpin.

      Citrine: Carol? Is that you?

      Carol: Hey.

      Citrine: What are...why are you here?

      Carol: Nice way to thank someone.

      Citrine: What? Oh sorry. Thanks for saving me.

      Apricot: You know her?

      Citrine: Yes. Apricot, this is Carol. I'd rather not get into who she is right now.

      Carol: Are you okay? You don't look so good.

      Citrine: It's embarrassing.

      Carol: Then you're going to tell me when you're safe. What're you doing out here?

      Citrine: My team and I are here shadowing a Huntress on her mission.

      Carol: And she and the rest f your team are?

      Citrine: We split up to track multiple targets.

      Carol: Do you know where they are?

      Citrine: I...uh...they went that way.

      Carol looks down the path Morrigan and the others went and jumps back, avoiding an attack by Wulf.

      Citrine: What the!

      Carol: Looks like someones mangy dog got loose.

      Wulf laughs and grins.

      Wulf: I'll be taking those two. Walk away and I'll let you live. Deal?

      Carol draws her great-sword and gestures for Wulf to attack her. Wulf glances at her nervously and snarls. Citrine and Apricot draw their weapons and glance at each other.

      Wulf: I'm going to take them. I've got a score to settle with their friends. If I need to kill you to get them, then fine.

      Carol: Looks like you're trembling. Take some bad hits earlier?

      Wulf shouts and charges at Carol. Carol moves to the side and kicks Wulf in the shin. Wulf swings at her wildly and Carol avoids each attack. During the fight, Wulf hit's Carol, drawing blood from one of her cheeks and the flash from his weapon firing momentarily blinding her. Wulf smirks and Carol slams a fist into a nearby tree.

      Carol: Now I'm angry.

      Carol yell and charges, striking nearby trees and the nearby vehicle more then Wulf in her berserk state. Wulf takes a heavy blow, his Aura dropping competently. Wulf dodges an attack, moving behind Citrine and Apricot, both of whom attempt to attack him. Carol, unable to differentiate friend from foe, wildly swings her sword at both while Wulf escapes, nursing a wound on his shoulder.

      Citrine: Carol!

      Carol stops mid-swing and shakes her head. Looking guilty, she sheaths her weapon and looks at Citrine.

      Carol: Sorry. I, never mind. Are you both okay?

      Apricot: I'm...um...I...

      Citrine: Easy Apricot. We're both safe now. Right?

      Citrine looks at Carol and she avoids eye contact.

      Carol: Again, I'm sorry. Sometimes to loss myself in a fight and...

      Citrine: It's fine. Just apologize to Apricot:

      Carol: I'm sorry I scared you.

      Apricot: Um...apology accepted?

      Citrine: We need to find my team. That lunatic is still out there and he's clearly crossed paths with them already.

      Carol: I'm disappointed in you.

      Citrine stammers and looks at her.

      Carol: You didn't notice his Aura go down?

      Citrine: I was distracted.

      Carol: Right.

      Apricot: I think I see the others.

      Carol: You can?

      Citrine: Faunus have excellent night vision.

      Carol: Then my works done here.

      Citrine: But...

      Carol kisses Citrine on the cheek and starts walking away.

      Carol: I came to save you because I was in the area. But...let's just say I'd rather no be reported. Mums the word about this dear?

      Citrine blushes and mumbles while Apricot looks at him, barely containing her amusement.

      Citrine: Not a word Apricot.

      Apricot: But that was SO cute.

      Carol stops near the treeline.

      Carol: When you get back to the city and have a minute, come find me at one of the shipyards at Beacon. Then we can talk and I can explain where I've been. It's been good seeing you again.

      Citrine: Yes it has. Carol...

      Carol: Later.

      Carol quickly moves into the trees only a minute before Morrigan and the rest of team COBA arrive.

      Olivia: Citrine! Apricot! Are you two okay?

      Citrine: A few scrapes and bruises, but I'll live.

      Olivia: Will you?

      Olivia shoves Citrine and he nearly falls down. Olivia appears visible mortified at seeing the pain putting pressure on his leg causes Citrine.

      Olivia: Sorry! Here, I've got you.

      Brunswick: Are you okay Apricot?

      Apricot: A little shaken from a Grimm attack, but I'll be fine.

      Morrigan: We should get back to the city. If we start walking we'll be in communication range before it get's to dark.

      Citrine: What about our mission?

      Morrigan: I approve of your devotion, but the situation's changed. Follow me.

      2 days later, team COBA returns to Beacon in the wake of the Grimm attack and assists with the cleanup. Later that night in a shipyard., Carol emerges from an area shrouded in shadows dressed in a more casual outfit of shorts and a tee-shirt with a jacket wrapped around her waist.

      Carol: Glad you could make it.

      Citrine: So am I. So...what happened to you?

      Carol: I...I found out about something I couldn't let go. I had to leave, and since my team knew about you, I couldn't risk putting you in danger.

      Citrine: You could've found some way to tell me.

      Carol: I know. It's a long story, but please trust that I know what I'm doing.

      Citrine: Of course.

      Carol walks over to the railing and looks at the ships.

      Carol: The General is here, of course he is.

      Citrine: Carol? You okay?

      Carol: Fine. Listen, why don't you come with me?

      Citrine: What?

      Carol: I've got a really good thing going for me, but I want you with me.

      Citrine: I can't do that. I want to, but I can't. I've got a team that depends on me. Sorry.

      Carol smiles, though she clearly is beginning to cry.

      Carol: I understand. I wish you could, but I guess I shouldn't have expected you'd pack up your life for me after a year. Take care.

      Citrine: You too. I missed you.

      Carol: So did I. Don't get defeated, because I'll be watching you in the tournament. Just not from the stands.

      Carol and Citrine part ways. At about that time in a small office building near the outskirts of Vale, Wulf is bandaging his wounds and Noire is cleaning her rifle while a man wearing a well made but messy gray suit with a yellow tie and a fedora reads a scroll. He sighs heavily and looks up at the two.

      Sonny: Care to explain what you two were doing?

      Wulf: I did my job.

      Noire: I thought those people were bad guys. Sorry Sun Man.

      Sonny: At least you completed your mission. The employers tried to avoid paying, but my father made sure everything was taken care of.

      Sonny raises an eyebrow when a message appears on his scroll.

      Sonny: It appears we've got a new job.

      The door opens and Carol enters.

      Noire: You're back.

      Noire happily hugs Carol. She looks at her face and appears confused.

      Noire: Why are your eyes so red?

      Carol: No need to worry about me.

      Wulf: You!

      Wulf grabs his knives and a laser point appears on his chest as Noire aims at him.

      Noire: Bad dog.

      Carol: Put it down Noire. I'm not scared of him.

      Sonny: Care to explain what you were doing?

      Carol glares at Sonny.

      Carol: None of your business. I didn't interfere with the job after all.

      Sonny: True. The three of you, come with me.

      Several hours later in the White Fang's new base, Sonny and his mercenaries are brought before Adam Taurus. Adam grips the hilt of his sword upon seeing Wulf.

      Adam: Keep the dog on his leash.

      Wulf snickers.

      Wulf: You must be desperate to hire the likes of us. Let me guess, Torchwick not low enough for you?

      Adam, his face hidden by his mask, silently watches Wulf.

      Adam: One move and I'll finish what I started.

      Sonny clears his throat and puts himself in between the two.

      Sonny: Let's focus on the business. You wanted to hire my company?

      Adam: I didn't want to work with scum like you. My new ally however, she wants people who can pass for huntsmen. I know you hire renegades...

      Adam gestures to one of his guards and he hands a briefcase. Sonny opens it and grins.

      Adam: That will be half. You're to wait in or near Vale. You'll be told when and how to move when it's time.

      Sonny: You have a deal.

    • RWBY Fanfic Chapter 1

      2 years ago


      I can't figure out how to link the forum thread, so I'll give a brief rundown of everyone. Citrine brown hair, teal eyes, and wears armor akin to a Roman legionary, Apricot has short black hair, dark amber eyes, and wears clothing-like armor that looks like snake scales, Olivia has long black hair, light olive eyes, and wears armor akin to ancient Greek infantry armor, Brunswick has black hair, brown eyes, and wears a dark green robe with a hood, Wulf has naturally gray hair, drak brown eyes, and wears various animal pelts and has a ribbon around his neck that looks like a collar and leash, and Noire has black hair with purple highlights, yellow eyes, and wears sweat pants, a simple gray shirt, a camo patterned trench coat, and leather gloves. Sorry I forgot to put them in the first one if you read it and were confused.

      One afternoon in the courtyard of Beacon, the members of team COBA are sitting on benches. Apricot looks at the cafeteria as Yang carries a speaker nearly her size in.

      Apricot: So the dance seems like it will be...fun.

      Brunswick: What's wrong?

      Apricot: You know I hate crowds.

      Brunswick: Neither do I, but I think you'll have fun. Right Olivia?

      Olivia, clearly distracted, takes a sip from her glass and spills it on the ground.

      Olivia: What? Oh yes.

      Citrine: You okay?

      Olivia: Yes! Sorry. I'm just not used to these things. Citrine, you've been to one right?

      Citrine nods and appears visibly upset.

      Olivia: Are you okay?

      Citrine: Fine.

      Citrine stands up.

      Citrine: I'm going to checkout the airships.

      Apricot: Did he seem a little upset to anyone else?

      Brunswick: Yes. What caused that?

      Olivia: I have no idea.

      Later that night in a small outcropping overlooking the docking area, Citrine is looking at the ships from Atlas brought in by General Ironwood. Olivia walks up to him and sits on the bench near him.

      Olivia: Seeing those reminds me of my childhood.

      Citrine: Hey Olive.

      Olivia: Are you okay?

      Citrine: Not really.

      Olivia: Care to tell me what's wrong? The mention of the dance upset you.

      Citrine: I went to one of these a year ago with someone, this kind of reminds me of her.

      Olivia: Carol?

      Citrine: Yup.

      Olivia: I forgot about that, sorry. Why don't we just go for a walk down in the city? It'll take your mind off the dance.

      Citrine laughs and leaves with Olivia. At about that time in the Forever Fall Forest, Noire and Wulf are looking over the surrounding area.

      Wulf: Take up position south of here and take out anyone that escapes.

      Noire yawns and shoulders her weapon.

      Noire: Yeah sure. Who are we playing with?

      Wulf: Someone's hired us to hit a White Fang convoy that's going to their new base. Now, get into position!

      Noire shrugs and begins running south. The next day, after Professor Ozbin delivers a speech to the assembled students from the four schools, team COBA is discussing the upcoming mission when a tall woman who has red hair with an orange streak walks up to them.

      Morrigan: Team COBA correct?

      Citrine: Yes. Are you Morrigan Clover?

      Morrigan: I am. You four are going to be shadowing me on my mission. I'll explain the details on the way.

      Olivia: Are we taking an airship?

      Morrigan: Yes. Is that a problem?

      Olivia: No I should be fine.

      The five board a Bullhead and Morrigan begins her explanation.

      Morrigan: We're going to be one of a few teams scouting the forest for Grimm activity.

      Apricot: Isn't that dangerous for 1st year students?

      Morrigan: This area doesn't have a very high concentration of Grimm. This mission is just to keep the population down, but there's nothing larger then an Ursa Major here.

      Brunswick: Those things can still be fairly dangerous.

      Morrigan: If you let your guard down they can, but so can a Beowolf or a small Nevermore. Just stick together, watch your backs, and you'll come out of this alive.

      Citrine looks out of the side of the ship and sees a sea of trees below.

      Citrine: So what are our orders when we land?

      Morrigan: Follow my lead, but otherwise you can act on your own. This is as much a test of your skills as anything else.

      Olivia: Are we...are we looking for any other threats besides Grimm?

      Morrigan: None that we're aware of, but these are dangerous times. Eyes and ears open.

      They land and Morrigan inspects the ground.

      Brunswick: Find something already?

      Morrigan: Beowolves. Maybe an hour ago. 5 at most. We'll follow and eliminate them.

      Citrine: Got it. Let's go everyone.

      They travel for several hours and find a large land vehicle with several dead White Fang members near it.

      Morrigan: White Fang? What are they doing here?

      Olivia: Looks like the Grimm got to them.

      Apricot: Good.

      Apricot makes an embarrassed expression.

      Apricot: I shouldn't have said that. But, they're the enemy right?

      Morrigan continues inspecting the ground.

      Morrigan: No one deserves to be left to the mercy of the Grimm. That's odd.

      Morrigan begins inspecting the weapons laying on the ground. Citrine and Olivia look at her skeptically.

      Citrine: What's odd?

      Morrigan: They have wounds that weren't made by a Grimm. And most of these weapons weren't fired. Grimm can lay ambushes, but not the size we're tracking. And there are more tracks. The Grimm are going south.

      Morrigan moves northwards.

      Morrigan: But these tracks were made by a person. Strange.

      Olivia: So what are we going to do? The Grimm are the mission right?

      Morrigan follows the tracks with her eyes for several seconds and nods.

      Morrigan: I want to know who attacked them. We'll split up. You 4 go after the Grimm, I'll follow when I find out what happened.

      Citrine looks at the tracks going north uneasily.

      Citrine: Is it safe for you to go alone?

      Morrigan shrugs and looks at the Grimm tracks again.

      Morrigan: Two of you should be able to handle them. Fine. Citrine, who do you think is best suited to this mission?

      Citrine: Olivia and Brunswic, go with her. Apricot, we'll handle the Grimm.

      Brunswick nods and Olivia glances around.

      Olivia: Something about this feels wrong. Be careful you two.

      Citrine: We'll be fine.

      The two groups set off. After an hour Citrine and Apricot encounter a pack of Beowolves. The pack charges at the two and Apricot ducks under a sweeping attack from one and cuts it in half with her sword. The second tries to knock her off her feet, only for her to move out of the way, causing the Beowolf to collide with a large tree. Apricot quickly decapitates the creature before it can recover. Two Beowolves attempt to surround Citrine, and as they charge him, he moves back, swinging both his swords downwards, taking off the heads of both. He quickly combines his swords into gun mode and fires a dust round, which is infused with his Aura, that explodes like a grenade. The last Beowolf drops down, already dissolving. Citrine and Apricot look around cautiously for several minutes before relaxing their guard.

      Citrine: Good job Apricot.

      Apricot: Thanks. So what now?

      Citrine: We'll try to catch up with Morrigan and the others.

      Several meters away, Noire, in her sniper perch, takes aim. In the north with the other group, Morrigan stops near a tree.

      Morrigan: There's hair on this branch. It looks like a wolf. A Faunus then.

      Morrigan stands up and sees an arrow carved into the tree near the path.

      Morrigan: That's unsettling. We should double back and regroup with the others.

      Olivia takes a step backwards and a large tree nearly falls on her. Brunswick quickly pulls her out of the way before she's hit. Morrigan draws her claymore sword and prepares for battle. In the brush, Wulf laughs to himself.

      Wulf: A bit further. This'll be fun.

    • RWBY Fanfic part 0, or Prologue, whichever you want to call it.

      2 years ago


      So I'm not sure if I'll continue to post these here or if I'll put them elsewhere. But I figured if I didn't post one I'd keep forgetting and that's no fun. If you happened to stumble across this randomly and like it, you should checkout the Could be Canon thread for stuff that's probably better then this. If your from the thread, feel free to leave your opinions, advice, or questions in the comments. I'd love constructive feedback.

      One afternoon on a large airship, Team COBA and several other teams from Haven Academy are waiting for the ship to pull into port in Beacon Academy. Brunswick Forest, called Brun by his teammates, sat quietly in his seat reading a large novel while Apricot and and team leader Citrine Janus look out the starboard side window at Beacon. They have, along with the other students on the ship and the many others that have begun to arrive and continue to arrive for the next few days, had come to represent their kingdom in the Vytal Festival Tournament. Apricot looked at the massive building with a mixture of excitement and concern.

      Citrin: You okay? You look uneasy.

      Apricot: Fine. A little premature stage fright.

      Apricot laughs nervously and looks back at the school.

      Brunswick: Try to relax Apricot. The worse that could happen is we oversleep and miss our match.

      Apricot: Wait, could that happen?

      Citrine: Stop trying to mess with her Brun. And no, we'll be fine. It's a friendly tournament. I'll bet Sun's already made some friends that I'm sure you'd love.

      Apricot: Sure, sure.

      Brunswick closes his book and stands up.

      Brunswick: I think we'll be landing soon.

      Citrine: You seen Olivia?

      Olivia: Over here.

      Olivia Greene stumbles into the room and sits down next to an orange backpack with Apricot's name sown into it.

      Citrine: You okay?

      Olivia: I'm fine, just don't talk to me. Do you have anymore of that airsickness medicine?

      Citrine: I gave you the last one this morning. Sorry Olive.

      Brunswick: Since when do you get airsick?

      Olivia: Even since that Bullhead we were on...uh...ever since it crashed.

      The PA activates and announces the ship has docked and the 4 leave.

      Citrine: So where are we going to stay again?

      Brunswick: I believe all visiting teams are being housed and the spare dorms. Did you forget?

      Citrine: No! So what's our number?

      Olivia: I think Apricot has it.

      Apricot: What? Oh right! Let's see. Um...

      Olivia: You lost your scroll again, didn't you?

      Apricot: What? No. I've got it right...um...it's right.

      Apricot checks her pockets and nervously checks her backpack.

      Citrine: Oh. I almost forgot. Sorry. I saw you leave it on you seat and grabbed it

      Citrine hands Apricot a scroll.

      Apricot: Thank you!

      Olivia: That's the 5th time this month. How do you do that?

      Citrine: Let's just focus and finding our dorm and get lunch. Your turn to buy Brun?

      Brunswick: Yes.

      Olivia: I'll sit this one out. I'm still not feeling well.

      Apricot: Suit yourself.

      A few hours later in a small camp site on the edge of the Forever Fall Forest, mercenaries Wulf Gray and Noire Knight receive a message through a scroll.

      Wulf: Noire, we've got a job. Hey!

      Noire, unable to hear because of loud music playing in her headphones and distracted by cleaning her rifle, ignores Wulf.

      Wulf: Noire!

      Wulf angrily snarls and reaches for one of his weapons. The moment his hand touches the hilt, a dust round fires and hits the blade, knocking the large knife several feet away.

      Noire: Bad doggy.

      Wulf: Your gear! Get it ready! One hour!

      Noire: Fine. You big jerk.

      Wulf: Why does the boss keep that runt around?

      A dust round hits a tree inches from Wulf's head.

      Noire: You're a very bad dog today, you know that? So what are we doing?

      Wulf: I'll explain on the way.

      Noire: Wait. Is it only the two of us on this one?

      Wulf: If she isn't here for the job she can't participate.

      Noire: Lame. I don't want to go on a mission with just you. You're no fun. You go.

      Wulf: You're coming. Those are the orders.

      Noire: Boring, but fine.

      Noire attaches a scope to her rifle and checks the ammo casually.

      Noire: Have you been firing Cipactonal? Who said you can play with it?

      Wulf: You shot at me twice you brat.

      Noire: No I didn't! You big liar!

      Wulf snarls and picks his weapon up.

      Wulf: Just be quiet and follow me. I'll explain the job on the way, but we need to be there before the targets arrive.

      Wulf and Noire begin walking deeper into the forest

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