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    • The Cat Chapter Pt. 1

      1 week ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So this is the story of my cat's life at college. Let's begin.

      Today is his first full day living in my apartment, and things are going well for him. Where he was previously living, he couldn't watch birds from the windows, and couldn't really relax without other cats bullying him. Hopefully he will adjust well, but we will see. 

      Here are some pictures! They aren't great quality, but I promise to get better about that.

    • My cat.

      1 week ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So I'm thinking of making journal articles about my cat. Due to some family problems, he's had to come live with me at the college. But he's super photogenic for a cat. Still considering it. 

    • Work day Pt. 1

      2 weeks ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Just found 14 year old batteries in my desk at work. Not sure why they're still here, but they haven't lost any charge.

    • Becoming a Guardian

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So RTX 2017 is officially over for the year. With it being fresh on the minds of those who attended, I figured I would ask some questions for next year. 

      Why should someone apply to be a Guardian at RTX? Rather, what sorts of people should not be Guardians? 

      And is it better to be a Guardian compared to being a regular attendee? 

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    • How To's: How to officially get a custom Xbox gamerpic

      2 weeks ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So I've had to explain this to a lot of my friends online, since my current gamerpic is the Hydra logo, so I thought I'd make a journal out of it. There's no hacking or photoshop involved, and it's incredibly easy once you know how! 

      What you'll need: 

      -A computer with windows 10-

      -The Xbox Beta app- 

      Totally free, and can be found in the windows/Microsoft app store on the computer. The app is only be available to Windows 10 users as of now. 

      -An image that's at least 1080 x 1080- 

      A good way to find these is doing a google search for

      "(whatever you want) hd" or "(whatever you want) wallpaper" The picture can be about 1080 x 1080, but you wont be able to use it if it's below that resolution. 

      Sign in to the app like you'd sign in to the normal Xbox app. Go to edit your profile, and then to change your gamerpic. Above the standard list of options, you'll find an option to set your own custom image. There's no limit to how many times you can change your image, but you can still be reported for an obscene image. So please be smart! 


    • Most reliable car?

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So I'm in the market for a new vehicle. I'm currently looking at a relatively nice 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid, though I know nothing about hybrids. I also know nothing about cars, besides how to change a tire or oil filter. 

      My question for you wonderful people is, what is the most reliable car in your opinion? 

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    • The future

      3 weeks ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Haven't posted in a while, and I haven't posted anything positive in even longer. 

      I've decided to continue at my college after I get a bachelor's degree next year. 

      I want to be a school counselor, which means getting at least a master's degree. I feel that I could help kids that are going through difficult times, since I went through a lot growing up. Originally, the idea of helping veterans through a company like the Wounded Warriors, which I might still do, but I feel that I would do more good with kids. That might change again, but we'll see.

      Also, I finally got a 4k television! Not too sure what to do with it, since Xbox doesn't have a lot of 4k features, but hopefully more games will start supporting it. 

      I hope everyone has an amazing time at RTX this year! I'll see you all there in 2018. 

    • All About Gorlin (Pt. 2 - Why I'm "Gorlin Goltz")

      3 weeks ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Welcome, reader(s)! Today, as promised, I'll be discussing the medical issues that make me more or less unique.  

      I covered my thoughts on high school in general in the last post. But, I realized that I failed to mention that I was an alcoholic for my last two years before graduation. Before I get put into a stereotype, no, I didn't drink because it was fun, and I certainly wasn't pressured into it, as most of my drinking was done alone. I drank to forget, and here's why:

      It was junior year of high school. I hadn't been to the dentist in roughly 4 years, and my parent decided that I was way past due for a cleaning. So I went during the afternoon, to a college dental program- because it was free, apparently. The cleaning itself went well, but they found a lump in my jaw that could be felt through my cheek. I had noticed it before then, but hadn't thought anything of it. They decided to do some X-rays, and that's where my story begins. 

      As it turns out, the lump was actually a cyst in my jaw. The X-rays also found two more: one in the center of my lower jaw, and one up in my right sinus. My dad knew an excellent oral surgeon, so I met with him and we all decided that I should have surgery to essentially see what we were really dealing with. The surgery went well, but the surgeon found that the cysts, while too large to operate on at the time, were both benign and special. The types of cysts that were in my head only really materialized for certain people. My dad brought me to a geneticist for some tests, and after a while, they found exactly what was wrong with me.  

      Nevoid basal-cell carcinoma syndrome, more commonly known as "Gorlin-Goltz" Syndrome,

      was evidently my issue. It is an uncommon syndrome, and not many people have even heard of it. There are lots of possible symptoms for it, and I was lucky enough to not have all of them. For now, my symptoms include:

      - Far greater chance of developing cysts in my body compared to other people. 

      - Far greater physical reaction to sunlight (I get a certain type of skin cancer very easily)

      - Abnormal height compared to others (I've been over 6 feet tall for 7 years)

      - Children I have will have 80% chance of dying within a year, or may be severely disabled. 

      The majority of people who have the syndrome are mentally or physically impaired, if they live past infancy. My only symptom until the cysts were discovered was my abnormal height, so I consider myself relatively lucky. Anyways, the cysts were shrunken, and I was okay. I won't go into detail of it, but it was traumatic, and was part of the reason I drank a lot in high school. The second surgery, where the cysts were removed, went well too. Since I was super vulnerable to the sun, I started visiting a dermatologist to check for skin cancer while all this was going on. 

      So that's my story! I'll have to think of what to talk about for my third entree. 

    • All About Gorlin (Pt. 1 - Teenage Angst)

      2 months ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      I decided to keep most of my personal stuff out of the forums. 

      But, I still want to tell my story, and this seems like a good time to start. 

      High school wasn't a fun time for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of it. Shipping your hormone-fueled, emotionally-charged adolescent off to learn 'useful' information in small classrooms packed with dozens of other small adults for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 4 years sounds super, right? Just letting the system take care of everyone seems like a great idea, especially when teachers are criminally underpaid to put up with it all. At the end of it, unless said small adult is deemed "gifted," they will have learned next-to-no practical skills, and certainly nothing that can be used at a college. But sure, the Pythagorean theorem can be used in plenty of practical ways, so let's teach that instead of how taxes work.  

      Anyways, sarcasm is getting me nowhere, so let's move on. I wasn't bullied in high school. Quite the contrary, I was pretty popular in some circles. My father, who I lived with at the time, was (and is) a doctor, which meant I could essentially miss school whenever I want and it would be excused. I graduated high school on time, despite a bunch of actual medical problems. And that will be the next entry! 

    • Defining Moments - What made you?

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Everyone, at some point or another, has had a moment that made or broke them. 

      If you still have most of our life ahead of you, this may not apply to you yet, but it will.

      If you feel that yours can benefit others, please feel free to share. 

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