from Eugene, Oregon

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    "Through the darkness of futures past, the magician longs to see. One chance out between two, walk with me."

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    • jokingclown

      10 years ago

      Thats a link to basically google maps, except its a map just for rvb members. Just click the "Add Yourself" link. Sorry, Im not trying to spam you, its just that you live in Oregon. I live in Salem... Anyways, Im just trying to get some Oregonians to add where they live so people can see if they are close to others on the site. Feel free to delete this comment. smiley0.gif

    • Baraka

      10 years ago

      Sup dude. Fellow Eugene-ite here. Just lookin for some buddies. Is boffing that thing with the styrafoam swords? I personally prefer paintball. Awesome tune selection dude.

    • griffon

      11 years ago

      gfunk made we watch all of twin peaks a couple of months ago.. gus was jealous because we never invited him.

    • seawolf282

      11 years ago

      i hope you have a happy holiday.

    • Church4eva

      11 years ago

      hey there! what's up? It is cool that you like Final Fantasy! I do too! wow...and you like lord of the are reallly cool!

    • MasterThief

      11 years ago

      It seems I need to say hi as well,

    • CapnSpazz

      11 years ago

      HI NEW FRIEND!!!! *waves*

    • MasterThief

      11 years ago

      Good choice of Music dude.
      "Getting Away with Murder" is GREAT!

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