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    • I'm I Cool Now!

      4 months ago


       sunglassesI finally became a First Member  star

    • How is everybody?

      4 months ago


      Man it has been awhile since I've logged on here. I hope everybody is having a good day or night. 

    • So many Games

      6 months ago


      I love this time of the year and Perfect timing that I got a job right when all these games are coming out it's awesome.

      Gears of War 4 I love it the Multiplayer is the same but I love the Ranking system on this one way more then the UE Gears of War. Horde is back I think it's better then ever more difficult but a lot more fun and freedom. Campaign is by far the best part of the game. (My Opinion)

      Mafia III The story is very good I loved it but the game is kinda messed up there is a lot of glitches and random mishaps that happens, the game crashed on my 3 times. but overall good games

      Battlefield 1 I had a lot of hope for this game, sadly this game just missed it for me. The Multiplayer is cool but there are time that I just get bored of it very quickly it is mainly just a vehicle war in operation and but some of the other playlist are good the reward system in this game is kinda garbage. The Stories are decent I found them quit interesting but was kinda short in my opinion

      Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 So far I am liking it very similar to the first one. I was afraid of the story being the exact same as the first but they were able to change it up so cool. I am not that far in the game but I have heard that the game has more character from the movies not just Battle of Gods and Resurrection F but like Android 13, Cooler, Broly and the other guys

      Titanfall 2 I love it the Multiplayer is pretty good it was the same as I remember playing when I played it on EA Play LA. I am a little disappointed with some of the option of the Titans and Weapons. I haven't done the Campaign but I have heard nothing but good thing.

      Call Of Duty is Downloading as I am typing this journal aha I just got it for the Modern Warfare Remaster but I might as well play the Campaign on the Infinite Warfare while I have it I mean I paid some much I might as well

      Overall I love the Triple A title that have been coming out recently before I was just playing Halo 5 Guardians, Doom, and Overwatch so kinda nice to have a lot of option now. Plus I got The Division and Destiny Rise of Iron as well

    • Halo 5 Players WANTED!

      8 months ago


      Hey Guys I am looking for some Halo Players who are down to play whenever of course not just Halo 5 but I play other games like overwatch of course but I really enjoy playing Halo more

    • I finally got the Job

      9 months ago


      I'm so happy I got the job at the Paintball Park by my house I really needed this

    • Any meet ups coming soon

      in Forums > Any meet ups coming soon | Follow this topic


      Hey guys I was wondering if there any meet ups or planning that is gonna happen anytime soon? It been quiet lately.

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    • Getting more involved in the RT Community

      10 months ago


      So lately I have been posting more journals here then usual. Well I am gonna make this short. I wanna be more involved in the RT Community I've been a fan RvB since season 3 but I really got into Rooster Teeth when I was watching Achievement Hunter earlier Minecraft episodes and a little bit before the GTA V episodes. I love this community I've seen what this community has done with RTX, Extra Life, and Meet-ups and I really would like to attend and get involved with these events plus I would also love to play some games with some of you guys to if you guys are cool with it. Overall I am really trying to be more involved and hopefully makes some new friends (My current friends aren't RT fans sadly) Anyways hope I get to make new friends here.

    • Pokemon Go is life

      10 months ago


      I don't know if you guys heard about this game call Pokémon Go but it is pretty god damn fantastic I love the game I really love that I've been actually walking to place instead driving (that has nothing to do with the fact that the car isn't working at the moment). Anyways I love it. I know have a reason to go to the beach and park even just to shoot about at the park and go to the beach but it is awesome

    • E3 Hype

      11 months ago


      I am so excited that I get to go to E3 today! I have been wanting to go to E3 for Years so I am definitely gonna do as much as I can!

    • E3 Day 2

      11 months ago


      WOW! Man was day 2 Amazing! With the Press Conference for Xbox, Ubisoft, and PlayStation. There was a PC Gaming Show but I didn't watch it mainly because I was at the gym and I really didn't care much so sorry if I don't say anything about it. But from what I understand most of the stuff they had said at the PC Gaming Show was updates for some of the current games that are already out.

      So we started the day with the Xbox Briefing and they started off with of course the Xbox One S which shows a lot of potential. It is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One and of course it runs a lot more better everything then the current Xbox One. They showed a lot of great games such as Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, and a few more games. They'd also explained some of the future updates and what it will involve which personally I am looking forward to such as Arena, Clubs, Find Group, Cortana, and if you want to play on your Windows 10 you can now too. I am not gonna get to into depth I was pretty sure that Xbox would've won the day but it was just the beginning of the day 2.

      Like I said I was at the Gym so I didn't see the PC Gaming Show.

      Ubisoft had came and they had finally showed what I've been waiting for all year since last E3 they finally showed gameplay of For Honor and finally have a schedule release date of February 21,2017 so I am excited for that now. They also announced a sequel to South Park The Stick of Truth. And they announced Watchdog 2, Ghost Recon Wild land, and Tekken 7. They also announce two new IP Scalebound and Steep. Like I said I am not gonna get more into depth. Also today was Ubisoft 30th Birthday.

      Well in this case PlayStation Conference Stole the show for possibly the whole E3 they started with an amazing gameplay of God Of War 4 in which I got goosebumps and looks amazing after that they had talked about the release and price of the PlayStation VR along with the 50 exclusive titles that will be release with PlayStation VR when released. They also talked about other games such as the Last Guardian, Days Gone, Detroit, Horizon Zero Dawn, Far Point, and Resident Evil 7. They also had an amazing appearance of Hideo Kojima and where he release his first game of his new company Death Stranding which features Norman Reedus do that is awesome. They had also announce something that really got me, that they will Remaster the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games. Crash has been my most favorite game ever. It was the first game that I have ever played and was my childhood hero.

      With that being said it pretty safe to say that PlayStation won E3 again me personally. I had though maybe Ubisoft had it but with PlayStation having all these great games and updates it kinda hard to say anybody else had a chance.

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