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    • Digikid

      and the award for slowest site ever goes to...

      3 years ago

      THIS SITE.

      Seriously I am on a 50MB connection and it is as slow as a 56k connection regardless of the computer I am using. Hell I am typing this and waiting a few seconds for the text to show up.

      This site has really gone downhill. Fix it Gus.

      Thank you.

      EDIT: To the moron that did the neg mod....keep it up as I know who you are and I have the will and the time to go and neg mod every single post you ever made.

    • Digikid

      Hmm....Maybe just maybe....

      4 years ago

      While I said that I would not be sponsering again....RT dropped a BOMB on the community. Yes a VERY LARGE bomb indeed.

      That bomb is the Trailers for Season 9.

      If they can keep the usual schedule of one a week.....then MAYBE.....JUST MAYBE I will reconsider a re-sponsoring.

    • Digikid

      Fuck you Microsoft.....

      4 years ago

      Why the title....let me tell you a story. It is a story of a company that is so fucking stupid that it defines all matters of human stupidity.

      It all started when Microsoft started advertising a month of Gold for a dollar. I went ahead, checked my Credit card balance online first to make sure the money was there ( I use Visa Prepaid cards only ) and went ahead and ordered the single month. It was "approved" and went through since my membership was due to expire and I had no cash for a year card. This was a couple months ago.

      During that time I went and bought a 12 month Membership card and activated that as well. Was set for a year and I was happy about it.

      A couple days later I noticed that I was a "Free" account. I called up Microsoft and demanded to know what happened. They notified me that my yearly account was canceled. I demanded to know why and they said that it was because they did not get their measily $1.13CDN from my previous Visa Card ( Which expired a couple weeks after I MADE the purchase ) So I went and picked up a $25.00CDN Visa Card and told them to use that instead of the other one which I explained was expired. They refused and told me that I must use the older card...the OLDER card...the one that was dead and cut up and in the landfill by now. I told them that I only use Prepaid Credit cards and that they will HAVE to use the new card instead. They hung up on me.

      I called them back and told them I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I got a nice ENGLISH talking man ( thank god ) and explained the situation with them. He told me that they never accepted prepaid cards and that unless I get another "REAL" Credit card that my account will be deleted permanently.

      I hung up...I was so angry at being taken by this craphole of a company. So they deleted ALL of my games and EVERYTHING. I had no choice but to start ANOTHER account under a different Information Set.

      So a giant FUCK YOU goes out to Microsoft.

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      A milestone has been achieved!!!!

      4 years ago

      Level 30! Woot ( as the kids say )

      Next up......Level 3000!!!! smiley0.gif

    • Digikid

      Just a little rant.....

      4 years ago

      I am sure that this has happened to everybody who plays Halo online. YOu are killing in Matchmaking and some DOUCHBAG....some arsehole....some moronic IDIOTIC Teammate decides to get in the way of a already flying rocket or decides to go near a enemy that you just stickied and get teamkilled accidently. Ok fine....they are an arsehole for doing that.......but what about the ones that do that and then IMMEDIATELY press the A button to boot you out of the game without a single thought?1?!!?!?!

      This happened to me a couple days ago......

      I was testing out the new maps and decided on a game of Team Slayer on that ice cave map....I forget what it is called. ANyways I get into the Wraith and start blasting away and killing LOADS of the red bastards that get in my way. I was doing GREAT!!!! I then see that one of my teammates has a banshee.....Now near the section of the map that you get the banshee in the first place a group of reds were firing at my precious Wraith. I see that the banshee dude is hovering just to the right and behind me....There was no one in the way.....so I fired....and that fucking idiot then does a boost and a barrel roll........RIGHT INTO THE PLASMA BALL. Not two seconds later I get kicked for Teamkilling.........

      WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!!??

      Okay....I can deal that he got me kicked for TK'ing him but I know that it was no fault of mine......but I had a gut instinct later on that night and logged back onto live. There was a message from the dude BRAGGING that he and 5 others left me negative feedback for being unsporting and teamkilling him. I looked at my rep....which dropped from 95% to 87%......Fucker.

      I sent him a "nice" little response to him as well.

      Seriously guys.....do not be a arsehole like this guy.....if you get Tk'ed actually THINK about the situation BEFORE you press that A button. Even if it gets you mad it is probably your fault and not his to begin with.

      Use your heads.


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      Has NASA made first contact?

      in Forums > Has NASA made first contact? | Follow this topic

      Good read.....the comments are hilarious as well.


      If it is Klingons or the Covenant we are screwed. LOL!!!

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      Well....science says....oh shut up.....

      4 years ago

      In todays world it appears that people are getting more and more closed minded. These poor souls have lost the ability to think "outside the box" as some would say.

      Had a discussion with a younger person today. This discussion was brought to me for some odd reason. I guess the young man knew that I do believe in life on other planets. He asked me if I believed in it and I told him this:

      " Let me put it this way. There are thousands of galaxies out there with thousands of solar systems just like ours and millions of planets. There is most definitely life out there that we have not encountered as of yet."

      Those exact words. The younger man then proceeds to lecture ME saying that Science has proven that that was not possible and it was not possible for us to get to those other planets and so on. I corrected him and said: YET....we cannot get there YET but we will in due time.

      He then says that I know nothing and stands there. I told him this:

      "If you truly believe that then we will get nowhere. You need to open your mind to new possibilities and the first step for you to do is to realize that Science is almost always wrong. Almost EVERY science theory has been proven wrong in one step or another.....when you realize that then and ONLY THEN will you be smart enough to bring us to the stars."

      I hate how people are getting more and more like this every day. These closed minded idiots are going to be the doom of our world I swear. BE MORE OPEN MINDED is the lesson for today.

      Honestly though.....I should have slapped that kid silly.

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      Stop Auto-Play on main page.

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      The absolutely MOST annoying thing about this site is the auto play on whatever video that you have on the main page. You can please change the settings so that you must CLICK on play before it plays? This has to be done on the servers end....not ours AFAIK.

      Thank You.

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      To all Kinect haters....fuck off.

      4 years ago

      Reason for my title? Yes there is....and here is my little rant that goes to ALL Kinect haters....you closed minded assholes.

      Why did I call all Kinect haters that? Simple. At the time of me writing this journal Kinect is not even OUT yet.....yet people are calling it a failure. That kind of closed-mindedness just angers me to no end. Even worse are the morons that say that they hate it simply because it has no buttons to press. That may be true but the point of Kinect is that you do not have ANYTHING to hold onto or to throw through your TV.

      So.....Try it out and if you do not like it then that is fine.....but judging something that is not even out yet is the surefire sign of a closed minded moron.


    • Digikid

      DVD's Received but....

      4 years ago

      Well I got the DVDs today. Kinda disappointed. I was hoping for a box set.....not a 3 DVD Carrier Package but ah well.

      Had to pay $10.00CDN is customs though.

      Customs you are a bunch of fucking crooks.

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    • lukemckay


      4 years ago

      You spelled the name wrong...it is ISHI. Did you even PLAY the game????

      I did and I thought I even looked up the proper spelling on the Epic homepage.. shit, I must be dyslexic or something.

    • ZZoMBiE13


      4 years ago

      In reply to Digikid, #4:

      How do you earn that Helmet anyways?

      I think it became available at Lt Col but I could be mistaken. I've had access to it for a while but I didn't buy it at first. I was really enjoying my EVA and was reluctant to trade up even though I've always loved the Mk V.

    • ZZoMBiE13


      4 years ago

      In reply to Digikid, #2:

      Is that a render? Looks like it.

      Nope, just a screenshot from the game that I doodled on.

    • Fizz


      6 years ago

      We had a good team then. I was put in with 3 random players and we owned the first game, so we teamed up and then continued to own the rest of the day. Even some teams with generals in them.

      unfortunately I never played with those guys again, though i did send them FR which they accepted.

    • bunig


      6 years ago

      What are you animating it for?

      Just for fun and practice.
      I want to become a 3D character animator when i grow up.

    • bunig


      6 years ago

      Iv already seen them, that's kinda what got me thinking about this whole game character fight stuff.
      The only bad part about this is, even if i made a short that rocked, i bet a lot of people would just say i'm coping that dude.

      But that's just how the internet works i guess.

    • bunig


      6 years ago

      I didn't make it, and to be honest, I don't approve either.
      I just thought the picture was funny. smiley0.gif

    • TheGreekMind


      6 years ago

      A scalper is someone who buys tickets to concerts or other events and sells them to people at higher prices.

    • woodman


      6 years ago

      megaman9 is great.
      360 needs a classic controller,that dpad is a pain at times.

    • gus

      gus Elite Staff

      7 years ago

      Oh, you mean the rack that isn't a computer at all, but is actually more like a closet than a computer?