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    • A recent Facebook post I made due to a Meningitis scare. Thought I would share it here too. Cause why not

      5 months ago


      I was two or three (I am not really sure and you will know why later) the first time. My father sat on the top step of our front porch of our family home on the outskirts of Houston. I, likely without any clothes on, ran around in the front yard as youngin’s do. From what I was told it was just like any other day, clear skies, 100+ degree weather… because Texas. Though, for no apparent reason, my father tells me I just stopped.. with a blank stare on my face for but a few moments. Then i fell over. Collapsed to my back looking up at the sky. Without hesitation my father ran over to me when I did not answer his calls. The conversation went as follows.

      “What is wrong, Wes Man? Get off the ground.”

      “My engine is all out of gas.” I said, then closed my eyes. No matter how hard my father tried, he could not wake me up.

      From what i understand, at the time not a lot was known about meningitis, if anything at all. I remember my mom telling me that when they took me to the hospital, they put an IV in every limb and told my parents something along the lines of “All we can do now is pray.” I do not recall how long I was in the hospital that time, but one of the very few memories i have prior to the age of 10, when I got it a second time.

      At this time we were living in Humble. My brother and I were staying in a room together with bunk beds. One morning during the week my mother came in to wake us up to get ready for school before she left for work. When my brother awoke and noticed no movement on the top bunk, he climbed the ladder only to notice that I was not in bed. He then checked the bathroom… He found me lying with my head resting on the edge of the bathroom tub… with a considerable amount of bloody vomit. As much as he tried, he could not get me to wake up, so he scooped me up in his arms and carried me down the stairs and to the car, alerting my mother to my condition in the process. This time was by far worse than the first.. While I was admitted to the hospital there were talks of amputation of my foot/feet (I believe due to the lack of blood flow through them and it making my heart struggle to push blood all the way through my body. At one point my fever was so high that it essentially fried my brain… I will leave most of the details out of what that caused… but the major one was that i have essentially lost all of my memory prior to the age of 10.

      After 3 months (if I remember correctly) I was allowed to go home and before the next school year started we ended up moving to Lago Vista, TX where I spent the rest of my school life.

      I’m putting this up because… one I just recently did a massive friends list clean up and this is a part of my life I would like any and all of you to know… and two, I want everyone to understand how much it means to me that you reached out to make sure I am okay. These two experiences are not the only near death experiences in my life… but they were ABSOLUTELY the scariest. And when you understand how quickly this sickness can strike like I do, I hope you can understand how scared i was when every one of my symptoms pointed towards meningitis again…

      As I've mentioned to some of you in private conversations, this was not my first, second or third scare of meningitis since the age of 10. And in the past I have been so so so much stronger, mentally, about fighting it. This time though.. This time, before we left for the ER, I caught myself indirectly saying my goodbyes to, my fiance, Brittany. Somewhere inside of me I was accepting that it was my time to go. I was scared… terrified that i would never see so many of you again… I feel like I have so much MORE to live for now, over what i had in previous years. The cards are finally starting to fall in my favor… I’m beginning to feel like I am on the right path… I have found people to not only help me discover myself… but also accept me for who i truly am. (if you are thinking “Is he talking about me?” then yes… i am)

      I could never repay any of you in a way that I determine fit.

      You are all the angels and devils I so closely never had. I appreciate you more than you know.

      Thank you.

    • ​I could not be more sad..

      5 months ago


      For those that do not know me: Hello! My name is Wes.. and I wanna talk about Fan Service.

      While watching the final fan service episode tonight, i am left with an overwhelming sense of emptiness. Overdramatic I know.. But let me explain.
      1) Anime=overdramatic
      2) I have never really had an anime family. I have never had people in my life growing up that have liked the same, extremely wide range, of things that i like. Though, when this show came along, I started to feel a sense of home within it. From the age of about 10 to 27 (today) I have never had friends to talk with about anime.. To get show suggestions from.. To discuss what i am feeling regarding a show that is airing.. Anything. This was that home for me, and seeing it go is going to leave a hole that will undoubtedly be slow closing.

      Starting way back in middle school, a cousin of mine, who is no longer with us, showed me Wolf’s Rain. This was my very first exposure to anime, and I was immediately enthralled. I went on to find shows such as Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Cyborg 009 and one of the thousands of gundam series, and I found these straight away. I loved every moment of watching each of them as it fueled my drive to be a part of something that was such a mystical and emotional moment in my life. They turned the fire that Metal Gear Solid and lit in me a short couple of years before into an inextinguishable blaze. I wanted to do everything I could to be apart of the process of either the creation of video games or anime… I had decided.. This is what I wanted to do with my life right then.. And i did!

      I went on to work for Zenimax Media in Austin (parent company to Bethesda, id studios, Machine Games, Arkane Studios, Battlecry studios, and a few more.) in the IT department, and as it is not exactly what I wanted to do in that glint-in-my-eye moment of childhood, it feels like it is as close as I can get… for now. My passion has progressed to wanting to be in these forms of media now… I have joined the seemingly trillions of others that aspire to be a voice actor… though I feel like I am standing apart i bit in that I am actually practicing, taking improv classes, recording voices in my homemade sound booth (closet) and making an effort instead of occasionally telling my friends “I wish i were a VO artist” as i have seen so many others do.

      Enough rambling.. I want to take just a moment to directly thank some of the cast members in closing.

      Gray: I met him for the first time at RTX in a short little meetup… I do not think I am allowed to go too far into it, but he and a few others went out of there way to do something and it meant a lot to me. I have always viewed him as the “anime dad i never had” and want to thank him for the recommendations of shows I would have never heard of regardless.

      Cole: … the Best Boi. I met Cole about the same time I met Gray and a few other staff members at RTX. He, above all, is the one I see the most of myself in. He embodies my excited nervousness and I could not thank him enough for that. I also, someday, hope to follow in his footsteps of one of the community hires. To come on the RT family to work my butt off for them and make life better any way i can. So Thank you, Cole, for being one of my biggest inspirations at RT.

      Yssa: Another I got a chance to chat with for a bit at RTX. Hey Yssa.. you great. I can not thank you enough for the knowledge and diverse fandom you bring forward. Without your recommendations, similarly to Gray, I would not have seen near as much anime as I would have. I would not have given as many shows a chance as i have. You great.

      and Miles...: Boy how do you type this without it sounding weird… Miles, I did not meet at RTX. I have never had an interaction with him. Therefore i can not hold him in higher regard than others...  Though his level of anime excitement and knowledge is closest to mine. That being excitement high and knowledge low. He is also currently living my dream at the moment as he is both working on an Anime-like project AND doing voice acting work on it. He seems, by long and far the person i would get along with the most in the ENTIRE RT company, and seems like an all around genuine and swell dude. And he is a mother hen when drinking, just like me. If there were people at RT I would desperately want to hang out with and have have some drinks. Literally that is all.. Not beg for a job or ask “what do i need to do to get into voice acting”.... I just want to ‘shoot the shit’ and talk about video games and anime.. It would be Miles far and away at the top, followed by Cole, then very closely after Cole would be Adam Ellis.

      Any who.. I have not made one of these in a while. But I thought that there was a slim chance one of these guys would read this and it it might put even the slightest smile on one of their faces. 

    • Audition

      1 year ago


      So I showed up for the audition on Friday after work. I pulled up around 7:20 after i rushed getting off at 6, going home to feed the cat, shower, change and eat. The line at the time was already about 30-40 people long, so i casually got out of my car and started waiting... for almost 3 and a half hours and still didn't get in..

      I WILL note that a certain black cowboy hat wearing ball of douche showed up about 45 minutes after I did and ended up getting in line about 20 people behind me. And after being there for about 30 minutes he joined his friends that had showed up together about 10 people ahead of me (they being apart of the RTATX Community group, and at first I thought it was just to visit so i thought nothing of it, but as we inched closer to the door over the course of an hour and a half.. he did not go back to his place in line. Luckily for both of us, the doors shut for that day before he got in... otherwise I would have made a scene.. 

      The Broadcast team, being absolute sweethearts gave everyone that was still in line when the doors shut a cut-to-the-front-of-the-line badge for the following day. Though, all that being said, my view of the RTATX Com. group has been a bit soured

      So having learned my lesson from the day before, I woke up WAY before the doors opened the following day showing up at around an hour before I needed to be there. I managed to get into the first 5 people of the line when they set up the line for the aforementioned badge, and got in with the first group. 

      Then it was:


      -interview with a RT representative (I was relieved at who they selected to do the interviews as it made me MUCH less anxious and stressed about the entire process.

      -Then a quick test of gameplay skill. 

      And that was it... from the time that they called my name after the paperwork, I was in and out in about 10-15 minutes. The interview went REALLY well (I think) and I beat my competetor in the 1v1 gameplay test.

      I keep my fingers very crossed that I am selected for whatever this position will be. (probably Gauntlet season 3 if the similarities of the interview process have anything to say) And if it IS gauntlet... I hope Mr. Blackhat gets picked too... That would be some content... >.>

    • My first RTX

      1 year ago


      SO... I got the email that I have been selected to be a Guardian this year at RTX. I could not be more excited. By the time the people that helped me get into the family messaged me to let me know to check my email.. I had already completed the confirmation process and read through all that the forum had to offer. 

      I have already met some AWESOME people that a share a lot with! I am genuinly counting down the days until I get to see these wonderful dudes and dudettes. 

      Ahhh... ok ok.. ANYWAY.. In other news!... 

      Not a lot going on in life..
      -Have a new boss at work and had a one on one meeting with her today... Eh.. She is a typical IT boss.. Not a lot to report there..
      -Went and shot long range and trap with my brother one weekend.. that was fun! It is always relaxing to shoot long range with nice rifles like his.
      -OH! I finally have a washer and dryer! Saving a lot of money not having to go to the laundry mat twice a freaking week. 
      -Started doing more streaming! forcing myself to play games for more than a few minutes at a time. :/

      -SHIT CHRISTMAS! HOW COULD I FORGET CHRISTMAS!... oh yeah.. because it sucked.. that's how.. It is a very long story, but my family makes me loathe the holidays.. and I am very happy it is over... finally...

      Keeping this one kind of short and sweet with the intent that i will update throughout this month hoping to have something a little more interesting to provide...

      LOVE YOU!

    • Just got home

      1 year ago


      So I have some social anxieties... As ya do...
      Though as I have started this monthly update thing I have started to put myself into the mindset to DO more. I wanted to inject myself into the RT community... Ya know.. Trying to get a job there and all. 


      I noticed that the RT ATX group was doing a White Elephant event sooooo... I force myself to go!.. And as hard as it was for me to get out of the house on my own and meet up with complete strangers, knowing we were of the same community and the same interests helped IMMENSELY. We had a 5 dollar limit that we had to keep to with our gifts.. which about 50% of the people broke... including myself. I ended up opening a gift that included a few box DVDs. I will not say what they are here, because I intend on watching them and creating some comprehensive reviews here on my account page! :D While there I was made aware of a movie afterwards.. and to prevent myself from chickening out.. I bought the tickets right then with my phone... 

      So then we went to an indie film showing of a film that our loved Burnie had a small roll in called Slash. It is about an underage high schooler that writes slash fanfic and is battling with his own sexuality and social acceptance. Burnie's part was quite hilarious... and I do not want to ruin the movie, though I WILL suggest picking up the movie on itunes or heading to the South Lamar and paying the box office price to see it there. It is a great movie and you should support the director as much as you can!

      I headed home mentally exhausted after spending so much time with strangers and being a nervous wreck. I kicked my shoes off and sat at my computer so I could write this... 

      Happy as hell. 

      I love this community so much. <3

    • Damn Interns

      1 year ago


      I sure hope Rooster Teeth fills that Fall Information Technology intern position.... 


      C'mon guys... I would be an amazing employee. <3

    • This is a big one...

      1 year ago


      Time for the second of the monthly installations. 
      I am already beginning to like this form of creative outlet. It is not letting time rush as quickly past me. I am taking in a lot more of the time that is coming by me that would have otherwise would have been lost to the smile and not mentality that blue collar work has sculpted me to have. 

      Back surgery:
      Getting things started though, shortly after my last post I had to have back surgery and am almost done recovering from the procedure. I have been counting down the days, and I just might be able to amount time not flying by as much to the inability for me to work out at all... Which blows when you are actively trying to loose weight. 

      Quakecon XMas:
      I attended our second annual QuakeCon XMas! That was a very fun couple of days. We started it off with a VIP room session of karaoke on Friday night that lasted a few hours, then headed to the Hideout bar in north Austin for a late night of drinking and catching up from the last time we saw each other at Quakecon this year. You see, this group consists of a small percentage of the Director level staff of Quakecon. Any-who.. the next morning.. around noon.. we met up at Tatsu-Ya Ramen in north Austin for an expected wait to be seated in the small ramen house and then an over sized serving of some of the best ramen on the planet. The group got split up while there because the 11 person party was impossible to seat together in their building. Was not much of a deal breaker as as soon as we finished we headed across the street to Emerald Tavern, a SUPER cool cafe and board game hall where we played SEVERAL rounds of a board based game like pictionary where there is no time limit, but you can not use physical motion or speak to give away what your word is.. you just have this large board with a bunch of images tiled on it and you have to place pieces on the board that hint toward what your word is. Crazy fun... but that was not all. When we had enough of getting frustrated at that game.. we decided to pull out the laptop and get frustrated at keep talking and nobody explodes. Oh boy... after many smoke breaks we closed up the laptop and headed next door to Sherlock's Pub where i found some of the best fish and chips i have ever had in America. We horsed around in a closed off back room and had some dinner/prep for the impending liver failure... As when we finished up there we were headed to sixth. 

      Look.. I LIVE in Austin... and I barely go to sixth.. This is for a reason. The girly and I met up with one of the directors and carpooled to fourth where we booked a hotel room. If you are an RTX attendee you may know the hotel, the Courtyard Austin. Yeah. It was one of those nights. We met a few of the other directors outside Champions and walked up to 6th.. The rest is kind of a fuzz.. I remember ending up in RAIN... which is a gay bar in 4th.. then a little bit of being in Fado Irish pub, walking back to the hotel alone and drunk.. then waking up the next morning in the hotel room. The next morning we recovered and a wonderful place called Elizabeth Street Cafe that had AMAZING pastries. 

      All and all.. a successful weekend. :D

      Back Surgery:
      I then had my stitches removed from my surgery where i found out that.. SOMEHOW I PULLED TWO OF THE STITCHES CLEAN OUT AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED... >.> ... Doctor lady said it should not be too big of an issue and pulled out the rest of the stitches and told me to take it easy. I will report that i did take it easy and am now fully healed. I should be able to return to the gym next weekend.

      Arrival(Spoilers ahead):
      In other news, last weekend I watched Arrival.. and i have a few things to say about it... 
      So... I had a long debate with my hard-headed roommate about this movie on the way home from it. I feel like it was a good story, with good character development (for the most part.. ill get to it) and a good cast! My biggest issue was, as it typically is, the method of delivery of information. 
      -I feel like the existence of the main characters daughter was totally unnecessary.. It felt as though the only reason her daughter was in that movie was to aid in explaining that she started to gain the ability to see throughout her conscious life.. Sure something could be said about 'the poit of life is living it even if you know the outcome' or something like that... but i found the plot of the gift from the aliens to be MUCH more interesting than that. 

      -The fact that they just sort of gloss over the devastation that is sweeping the globe in favor of continued flash forwards to her having and loosing her daughter. 

      -They also gloss over this side character that is the whole cause for the entire world going into further chaos with his attempts to 'strike first' against the aliens with the bomb that was placed. I wish they had dug a little more into that character for development and plot so we could feel a little more attached and have a little more understanding as to why he did it other than he listen to right wing extremist vlogs and misses his histarical wife that he spoke to on the phone. I little more polish there would have been much better.

      -My other issue is that when she flashes forward to her teaching a class about the written language of the aliens.. she then can suddenly read the wall of signs that they had such an issue deciphering. Which to me means that when she jumps to a point in the future she has an understanding of her own future knowledge.. but when she jumps to talking to the Chinese president or whatever.. she is completely clueless as to what he is going to say.. and even though this is in a future that is after things take place in a way that she needed to have already had that conversation.. she has no idea what it is. Those two scenes really took me out of the movie. :/

      Though.. throughout all those critiques.. it is still a really good movie and i think everyone should go see it.. The only reason i get so hot about it is because I think it could have been SOOOOO much better.

      Being employed by Rooster Teeth:
      Still not here yet... Not much progress has been made.. nor has the full game plan been layed out.. though the "Internship: Fall 2016 Information Technology" position that is open feels like a slap in the face because IT is undoubtedly my way in considering previous experience and... FALL ENDS IN A DAMN MONTH...

      Anyway.. I have not forgotten my goal and am currently going to continue to try to just expand my knowledge so that given the opportunity I will be a clear choice. :D

      That is it for me this month. I am trying bit by bit to try to be more active on the RT site. So bear with me. <3

      (If i forgot anything ill make little PS posts between this one and the next)

    • I have a plan...

      1 year ago


      So.. It has been over a year since my last update. Not like anyone reads these things anyway. And I promise I want to get a little more consistent about posting these.. maybe once a month.. hmm.. once a month is a good idea Dimst.. -pulls out phone and sets a reminder for once a month-

      All in all things have been pretty good in live. Still have a house, still have a job, still have a super rad awesome girlfriend and in a super rad awesome poly relationship, still have a car.. Things are good when i step that far back and take a look at everything. 

      But... I have a plan

      I want to work for Rooster Teeth. Not because i am a fan. Not because i think it would be 'cool'.I mean those are incentives that make RT stand out above other companies to work for here in Austin, but they are not the definitive reasons. My reasons are more:

      1)They have bomb ass benefits, from what i can tell as an applicant, especially compared to my current companies benefits. I can not elaborate much on this one.. It is pretty straightforward... being an adult is always number 1. (totally just found out that straightforward is smooshed together to make one word in this context.. learn something new every day)

      2)I do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life, and Rooster Teeth is the accumulation of everything I find interesting and could see myself perusing as a career. A/V, Production, Acting, Information Technology.. it really is the perfect place. I already have a professional background in Information Technology, which is how i hope to get on board. Once there and in a comfortable place, I will push hard to stretch my wings and work to show that i can be useful and valuble to other teams.. It will be hard work.. but I think Rooster Teeth is the BEST possible place to put that hard work in because...

      3)I love what RT does. I enjoy the personalities, I care about the charities that they support, I love how much they respect their fans, their content is always enjoyable... I have a belief that no matter what you do as a profession.. if you do not understand or if you can not relate to the end product that your employer creates or provides, there creates a disconnect from the job to the employee of "What is all this hard work for...". I work for an internet security company in north Austin and I see it EVERY DAY with employees in other departments... And sometimes I feel it too. 

      It could take months.. It could take years! Who knows?! Maybe they don’t find someone for the currently open IT intern position and open it up to full time applicants! –raises eyebrows-

      I doubt all that, though in the meantime I am going to work hard to learn skills that raise me above other applicants, and I am going to keep my eyes on the careers board for my chance to apply. I just hope I can convince them that I have what it takes.. I have what they want.. I have something to offer.

      I love anyone who happens to read this.


    • 2 years ago

    • A what-has-been-goin'-on-lately entry

      3 years ago


      So... Obviously new to the forum. I figured i could make this for anyone who cared to take a peek at it. Just to get a rough idea of where i'm at in my life currently. So feel free to use this if you fine me interesting in either an intellectual way or a creepy way... both can be fun.. (note: there will be big gaps between important stuffs)

      So.. ill start it off pretty basic.. Born in Houston, TX. Got meningitis when i was 2 years old and beat it (obviously). Did the elementary school thing and what do ya know... meningitis again at 10... but... this time it was bad. I held emergency grade temperatures for nearly 72 hours before they managed to get my fever under control. That did not stop the fever from damaging my insides considerably. Got out of the hospital at 11 years of age and then started a rigorous process of relearning how to walk, talk, write, read, and all other motor skill related activities that my body had just burned up. This marked the start of my physical therapy to get me back to normal. At this point my parents found that the cheapest and best therapy they could get for me was in Austin, TX. Where I now live.

      Middle school was a nightmare. By the time i started i was placed in... 'special education' classes to catch me back up to where I was supposed to be and help me remember the things my temperature purged out of my being. 6th and 7th grades passed by in a very sketchy way, and was also the point in my live that RvB made its earth shattering appearance into my life. Turning me on to games, giving me my solitude and my place that i felt accepted. The issue is that's sort of where they faded into memory for now. 8th grade was when the side effects of my meningitis started to set in. Heart problems. I started waking up to blood clots in my feet every morning that are sometimes so painful i have to flop off the bed and crawl to the bathroom to soak them in alternating cycles of hot and cold water to break up the blockage. (i still live with these issues today) The doctors put me on a form of metabolic steroids that helped thin my blood to see if it helped prevent the blockage. And it did help, but only for about 2-3 years. In that time though Athletics happened. and i got pretty big. Alas, that is where I end this part of my story... to keep it relatively short for this, Steroids stopped working, and i lived on.

      Skip forward STRAIGHT through high school... no one wants to hear THOSE stories. All the way to work history. In order it goes something like this. Texas Paintball (during and just after high school), ACE Hardware for a short time after, Walgreens, My fathers company for a year, Domino's as a delivery driver for almost 2 years, and lost my car and started flipping burgers. Then I applied for the company my mother works for, Holt CAT, as a lowly warehouse boy. I'm still sort of working for them... well until 4/17/15. The final day of my two week notice. The job sucked. Exposed to the elements for 9 hours straight and heavily under payed. But its nearly all behind me now. The 20th marks my first day with a company called Websence... My first IT job... Sure its a help desk position... but its the only field that i feel i'm going to be happy in. Unless Geoff Ramsey calls me tomorrow and says he needs me... that is where i'm going, and im going to work my fucking ass off so that i can be somebody.

      And that just about catches you up to the date that this piece was typed. Only thing to add is that in the past four months i rediscovered RT, RVB, have been watching AH videos nearly nonstop, found out that i live less than an hour away from Studio 5 (witch is less than my daily commute to work currently), and have to convince myself daily not to drive down there and make a fool of myself by just trying to meet the crew.

      If you've ACTUALLY taken the time to read this... thank you. At the very least leave a thumbs up or some sort of comment so that i don't feel like i stayed up till 4:30 am putting this together for no reason.

      -Wesley 'Dimst' Barlow

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