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    • DottyDots

      2 years ago

      Anyone going to Blizz Con this year?

    • DottyDots

      2 years ago

      Wow, I kind of disappeared and forgot how awesome the rooster teeth community is. Shame on me.

    • DottyDots

      Dungeon Defenders

      4 years ago

      So I have been an addict for the past couple of weeks to Dungeon Defenders. I rushed through the whole campaign on medium and have been working on it in hard mode. As far as tower defense games go this one is completely addicting. I love the fact that they have four different classes you can play with special towers behind them. Granted the Mage and Warrior towers seem a bit OP at points but oh gosh it is so much fun to run around and be able to help attack and ward off whats coming in at your crystals. Best part is that its multi-player. Hats off to you Valve for yet again another awesome game.

      I spent hours wiping to the first Eternia Shards Map. I was paired with a friend of mine and it took my mage and his monk in order to complete it. We kept trying different combos...I shudder to think what it is like on nightmare mode because all I can think of is complete utter and scary chaos. For anyone that has completed any map on nightmare mode seriously tell me how you went about it and what your group make up was. I am interested in your specs ;)

      For those of you still pondering what in the world I am raving about just watch the youtube video:

    • DottyDots


      4 years ago

      Okay so I keep watching more and more videos and honestly am getting the itch to play but I have been kinda hesitant about it and here is why.

      I loved WoW when it initially came out. It was amazing for what it was. I also loved Guild Wars and can't wait for the new one to come out. I have been in Final Fantasy mmo's as well as some others on the side like Rift and so forth. My concern is how much of a community there is, that and well end game.

      When I read forums for SWOTR I feel like I am reading some of the usual same old same old of people complaining about such and such being broken that it is really hard to tell if it is worth spending the money to play. I know that it isn't uncommon for the whiners and frankly I should just balls up and get the game but money's a tinge tight so tell me what do you think ... should I get it?

      *P.S. I know I put SWORT instead of SWOTR...I can't seem to edit the poll >.<; *

    • DottyDots

      The Gamer Girl

      4 years ago

      Hi everyone,

      I figured I would take the time to introduce myself a bit more to those that may care. Yes that is 100% me in that picture and I have on a green wig that I got for a Halloween Costume.

      I have been gaming since I was a well pretty much a toddler. I had a father that was a gamer and in fact there is a picture I have somewhere of me in diapers crawling towards a screen that has some Atari based game on it. My first game was Pacman. As I grew up I stayed strictly the console gamer. Problem was my father and I would fight over who got play time with the machine for certain games and as I got older the worse it got.

      Once I hit college I had friends instantly bring me into the vanilla World of Warcraft. I loved it spent a good proportion of my time raid 40+ hours a week on my silly human mage. After vanilla I kinda hoped around and ended up trying the horde side. I don't play anymore but love the group of friends that I have picked up along the way from it. I even had some that helped tutor me through some of my business classes.

      My list of PC games goes from Ages of Empire to Portal/Portal2 to Rift/WoW type games to CounterStrike to Terraria and so many more.

      On the sidelines I am occasionally in 3D chat clients like IMVU or Second Life. These clients are actually what awoke a huge passion within me. Since then I have become a 3D developer and keep working on refining the tools. I am 100% self taught to programs like Blender, Zbrush, 3dsMax and Photoshop. As I have works that I am willing to flaunt I will make sure to post them here. I absolutely love texturizing, animation, and model building. These are things I can seriously not get enough of.

      I am a huge RvB fan and seriously love watching as Rooster Teeth learns more and more and implements it. The company itself 100% fascinates me and I love watching how they have grown over the years.

      Anyway a big giant Hiya from this Gamer Girl ^_^ (And yes, we do exist)

    • DottyDots

      2016 years ago

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    • Failfox

      4 years ago

      I couldn't reply directly to your comment on the Water Balloon Bashing video, but I totally agree that dodgeball with water balloons would be one hell of a game!

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