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      4 years ago


      Now what better way to talk about this then Roosterteeth?
      Recently, the joint account my brother and I have on Xbox live has come to the realization.. we have nearly 20k achievement points. But 0 completed games. SO. What we're doing is going through all our games and taking what we're individually good at and going for every goddamn achievement.
      Now, I am hoping the guys from Achievement Hunter (convinced really) has all the guides I need to take out everything I need.
      So here's the next year and a half of my life wasted on games when I should be going out with a cute girl.
      Currently playing: Fable III.

    • A let's play. (kinda)

      5 years ago


      So recently (Some time ago actually.) My friend and I (under our Tumblr names) created a Let's play. While not the BEEST of quality. It is something. My friend's the one filming, and I'm the guy making all the references.

    • 5 years ago


      So (like anyone will read this) I've decided to listen to every single RT podcast I can. New, old, especially old... I have a couple things going for me.
      Cup of Joe, Being home schooled, various/tedious games I can play next to mindlessly. Hardcore games I can play mindlessly and without sound.
      What I have against me? Surprisingly.. listening to all these feels like effort. So my lazy ass doesn't want to sit for hours on end. Ironic...

    • 5 years ago


      It's been.... half a decade I believe. (more when you add the months/days, only slight though.) But I finally created a Roosterteeth account.
      For no real reason other then the fact that I love this site. :P

    • 2018 years ago

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