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    • New Zealand Elections 2014

      4 years ago


      I am sixteen year old male from Point Chevalier, New Zealand, attending Western Springs College.
      And I have no say in who runs this country.
      Right now, me and everyone my age has the following rights and responsibilities...
      - I can be charged for murder or manslaughter
      - if I have to give evidence in Court, I have to take a formal oath
      - I can be charged with very serious criminal offences other than murder or manslaughter
      - I can be left at home alone
      - I can baby-sit children
      - I can be prosecuted for any criminal offence
      - I can sit a driving test and obtain my learner licence
      - I can leave home without consent from my parents
      - I can get married or enter a civil union with my parents' consent
      - I can decide which parent I want to live with if my parents split up
      (This is something I have done)
      - I can agree to, or refuse, medical treatment
      - I can't be made to be treated for mental disorders without my consent, unless I are under a compulsory treatment order
      - I can leave school and work full-time
      - I can be expelled from school
      - I can apply for certain benefits, such as the Youth Payment, Young Parent Payment and the Guaranteed Childcare Assistance Payment Invalid's Benefit
      - I can apply for a firearms licence
      - I can consent to sexual intercourse.
      - my parents can't change my name unless I agree to it
      - I can change your name or make a will if I am married or in a civil union
      - I am entitled to the adult minimum wage, if I'm not a new entrant or trainee
      And I sit the exams that might dictate what happens for the rest of my life.
      And I pay taxes. The taxes that fund the government I cannot chose. And after last nights election I have never wanted that right more. One vote would not change the MAJORITY that "nice guy" John Key got last night but the voices of every 16 and 17 year old might help.
      So in three years when I am eligible I will be going to the booths and I genuinely hope that you guys/gals will too.


    • Robin Williams

      4 years ago


      I heard that Robin Williams died. As a huge fan of comedy and his work I feel that we lost a great inspiration. Depression is hard and it sucks that it is still something many have to deal with.

    • 2019 years ago

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