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      6 years ago


      ive had very big increases in upheavals. more faster deteriorating body and more pain. like seizures theyve been like. these seizure things have been getting more frequent and lasting longer. the meddies made another guesstimation and it unfortunately goes hand in hand with what i feel from myself. its going to be tonight or tomorrow morning sometime in that time range when i go to blissful eternity.

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      6 years ago


      I'm dying. I'm not going to dress it up.

      The last few days I've been in the hospital and I'm dying. A van had a disagreement with me. It hit me and and I thought everyone that's my friends here should know because i haven't told any of you yet.
      Everyone here doesn't know. But I want you to know now because I have a guesstimated week left. I've been responding to hundreds of emails and letters from friends and teachers and I've gotten visits but that still left out people here like Buck and Nirial and Runfaster so here this is.

      How do you talk to a girl who's dying right? smiley7.gif

      I just want to keep everyone else positive and happy and that's why I've been trying my darnedest to do! It should be impossible for me to say that I've lived a full life, but I have. I've helped so many people and brightened so many lives and that's more than most people will ever achieve on this Earth, or so i was told. If I'd have gotten married or had kids or something, I'd still have kept on helping people and keeping things positive and happy.
      It would have been my life purpose still, just a different setting and a few changes! smiley1.gif

      Am I sad and upset and angry and scared as heck? Yes! Am I going to let it take over and ruin who i am right at the end? No!

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      6 years ago


      I'm testing if the Journal works! -smiles-

    • 2018 years ago

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