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    • EverAutumn13

      It's Official!

      2 weeks ago

      Well it's official, I am going to RTX! I can't wait! This will be the first time I'm going to Texas and Austin seems great from what I hear. Anyone else going that would want to meet up before hand?

    • EverAutumn13

      Hello Again

      3 weeks ago

      So I haven’t posted a journal entry in a long time. To be honest I don’t really use the site that much, but I want to rectify that problem. I would like to get more involved in the community but I have been so busy and even on the internet it’s hard to be the newcomer…even though I have been watching rooster teeth for about ten years now.

      Let’s get this started shall we.

      My name is Rebekah. Whenever there was someone else in class or a new person that I was meeting, I was always Rebekah. Only nickname I have had was R2D2 or shortened even further, R2. I will respond to any out of the three so feel free to call me what you want. I am a third year in college who still lives at home because I can’t save money if my life depended on it. I am a history major at CSUF so if anyone from here wants to say high you’ll see me running around campus trying to get to class on time or in the basement of the library before class.

      Personality wise I’m really not that interesting. I’m shy until you get to know me, I don’t really talk much when you do know me, and I like my personal space more than most 20-somthings. I like to read, mostly fanfic (I promise I’m not insane about it), watch crappy movies, and listen to rock. I’m into more mainstream anime because that’s what I had access to as a kid; however, I stopped watching after I graduated high school because I lost all free time. I am starting to watch again, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to share them.

      Last little bit of info now. (If anyone is still reading this I applaud you.) I work three jobs and will probably be getting a fourth for summer. So essentially I have no time for anything fun. This is the reason that I have no life. I wish I had time to hang out with people or play videogames but until summer starts, I’m pretty much a loner.

      Thanks for listening and I hope to post more soon!


    • EverAutumn13

      3 years ago

      It's been a while since I posted a journal and a few things have changed. First I ended my Junior year with a B average, bringing my GPA to a 3.4. I need at least a 3.7 to get in to my dream college. Secondly my dreams of becoming a leader for color guard have been taken, thrown on the ground, crushed under the feet of my coaches, and the picked up by two sophomores only to have them bitch slap me in the face. Its all about favoritism not really skill which kind of sucks. Thirdly I am taking political science during summer school from the worst/best teacher in the school. He is the worst because if he teaches anything other than government he sucks. Best because this is a class about government so he is awesome at it. Finally I bought my own saber so I don't have to worry about breaking the schools and having to pay $200 to replace it. Also if I decide to continue guard after high school then I have one of my own that i am use to spinning. Speaking of guard after high school, one of my instructors for a one week guard camp is from the world class guard Diamante. Manny is amazing and i have already learned more from him in one day than I have from my coaches in four years. Alright that's it for now. P.s. if anyone is waiting for the second chapter of my story... i'm still working on it.

    • EverAutumn13


      4 years ago

      Hey in RvB the blood gulch gang are called what soldiers by the freelancers? For some reason simulation troopers keeps popping into my head. I'm pretty sure that is from star wars though. Anyone know what they are called??

    • EverAutumn13

      Just another day... again

      4 years ago

      so i am currently typing with one hand because I saved my friends life. Okay not really save but if she got hit with that saber it would have hurt a lot. How do i know that? Because I swatted the saber out of the air and away from her. Now my hand is all bruised up. Now i am stuck watching a Video walk-through of Dante's Inferno, and the color guard version of it as well.

    • EverAutumn13


      4 years ago

      I finally finished the final first chapter of my fanfic inspired by the awesome Geoff and Millie Ramsey. I have to say I am really happy with this chapter. I really want people to read and review it, so if you don't mind . . .
      SO here it is

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