I have a very busy schedule, and so I cannot log in to the website every day and watch every video. On the old website, I could easily tab over to the "newest" tab and find all the videos that came out in the past few days, in order.

The new site does not have this feature (or I am unable to find it). There is a "featured content" feed on the side of the front page showing the latest videos, but these are almost all exclusively sponsor-early screenings. When these videos do become public, they will have been bumped off the front-page featured content feed by the next day's sponsor content.

Now, one can click on a certain show such as "RvB" or "Vs," but this requires either an excellent memory for what episodes would have come out in the past few days, or constantly consulting a show schedule to remind oneself. This is the same problem as the multiple RT/AH channels on Youtube (I am subscribed to them all, we're not restarting *that* argument). I no longer have a single place to see a complete compendium of all the recent videos. It is unintuitive and frustrating for me.

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