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      How a 3DS got me a career in PR

      3 years ago

      I have a Nintendo 3DS, it's an awesome game console, it lets me play games in 3D, and the line of games for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS is really solid. However, unlike other consoles, the 3DS has a feature called Streetpass. This allows you to use your 3DS Mii to enter into other character's "Streetpass Plaza" when the console is in sleep mode, and give you a mini-greeting. I discovered that I could use it for promotion, so at E3, I went and networked myself to a couple hundred people. I started to even go out to Streetpass-specific meets and met with more contacts. It was through one of these contacts that hooked me up with a PR internship.

      I went into it and found that I really enjoyed what I was doing. It was the start of a brand new career. After the internship ended, I went out to look for PR jobs aggressively, and only recently did one come across. I am now fully-employed and working in the field I want to be in, so this is a major change, and I have to thank the Nintendo 3DS in bringing me to this fantastic new career.

      So yeah, that's how a 3DS got me a career in Public Relations.

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      The Streetpass Network

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      So here's a very FUN group I've had the pleasure of befriending for the last couple of months.

      The Streetpass Network is a independent group unaffiliated with Nintendo. Essentially, it's a collection of groups across the US and the world who routinely meet up to collect Streetpass Tags, hang out and have fun. In regards to my own experience with Streetpass Los Angeles and Inland Empire, I've met some really cool people ranging from students, teachers, gaming and non-gaming fans and also had some fantastic experiences with the group. Not only that, but it's really cool to communicate with similar fans, similar to how cool it is to meet with other fans at conventions. It's also neat to collect tags, get puzzles pieces and form a party in Find Mii.

      I would say that if you want to get some Streetpass tags, and also want to meet cool people, this would be a good place to start in my opinion.

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      4 years ago

      I'm simply waiting for a new job to come up before I post a new journal. This one has to do with a career I'm trying to get into and how it related to the Nintendo 3DS. xD I'm waiting to get the job first before I write about it because I think it's kinda unique...but I want the right ending to the story, haha.

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      WTF? D:

      4 years ago

      SO check this out. I was curious to see who else covered the new SIRI Holiday Horror video Rooster Teeth did (Which made me LOL btw), and I typed it up on google. This is something I found. D:

      <-- Unless the video was given to Perez Hilton freely, I wonder if this would be considered theft? Especially since the quality of the video is kinda poor on this site. What do you guys think...if anyone reads this post at all? I'll probably post this on the forums too later tomorrow. D:

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      Super Iam8BitShow + Sheldon Book Party

      4 years ago

      Okay, so I'm not 100% sure if I can do this. I thought about transcribing the entire blog onto here, but I am a bit lazy today, and I would want photographs of the event to be held at a different location, just so I'm not potentially cluttering up the small RT gallery I have. If this isn't allowed, linking to my own blog, then feel free and let me know, and I'll edit this entry real quick. Otherwise, feel free to take a look, and enjoy the pictures.

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      Quick thanks to RT cast

      4 years ago

      So those sketches I showed on the RT members drawing thread? Well, it helped me. I was one of the first in line for the sketch-a-thon event, so it was slow. However, for my time, I managed to raise $20 bucks for charity, and I wouldn't have been able to get the drawings out quickly if I didn't practice first. So just, well, thanks. :)

      All right, back to work doing other stuff. :)

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      Any zombie stories I can check out?

      4 years ago

      So a friend of mine made a good point when I was talking about horror and comics and games recently. I should try to go out of my way to do some more research on different zombie movies, books, comics, anything related to zombies so I can study the subject matter. It was a good idea since while I definitely like zombies, I think that there is still a lot of things I could see that could not only give me more insight into how to tell a zombie story, but also how to tell a zombie story differently and uniquely.

      So I’m putting it out there. Right now, I’ve seen the Romero’s Dead films (Up until Land of the Dead), 28 days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead remake, and I’ve read The Walking Dead, World War Z, and the Zombie Survival Guide. I can’t think of anything else that I’ve seen off the top of my head, so does anyone know any entertaining zombie stories of any sort they could recommend me? It doesn’t matter if the movie is good or bad, I’d like to see them all. :)

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      Sketches - Done!

      4 years ago

      So I finished all of the sketches for this round. I drew two of Geoff, Gus, and Jack, as well as one of Griffon and Joel. Out of these 5-10 minute sketches, Gus was the funniest to draw, Jack was the easiest to draw, and Griffon + Joel were the hardest to draw. All in all, I definitely like them, but I am definitely going to be trying to draw Joel and Griffon again so I can get them down better. Also, one sketch of Geoff looks too much like Dr. House. Not sure if that's a fail or a win to be honest....

      Either way, all done. I'm posting the link to my gallery so people can take a look at the sketches at the bottom of the page. I'm not sure if I should upload the pictures onto the images section of my profile here, plus, when I tried to do so, the server kept resetting, so I'm not sure if I'll post drawings there.

      With that said, should I try to upload the sketches and more artwork onto the gallery here?

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      4 years ago

      So one thing that I've been doing as of late is drawing portraits in markers as fast as I can. Why? I might have been accepted into an event where I do convention sketches for chairty, and I want to bust them out as much as possible. I thought of doing cartoon portraits, and also zombie portraits as well. Right now, I'm trying to nail basic portraits done in marker before I get started on zombie portraits, and right now, I'm trying to draw the RT cast/crew from photos on the net. I'll post sketches later Friday, maybe in the art thread as well. We shall see because I want to get at least a couple of good people before I post the sketches.

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      Another test blog

      4 years ago

      So I'm not sure what to write in here, as I've been lurking in the forums lately. I've been thinking of trying to do crossposting my website updates (Art, comic, facebook updates) all on here, and I'm wondering if it might be too redundant or annoying.

      Should I be doing a personal blog? A art blog? Should I be pimping my stuff on here? So many questions.

      I think once I start to post more on here, I'll find my groove. Just a matter of time, you know? :)

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