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    • Help with school coaxial TV system

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      Hoping someone on this forum is able to help with this or at least make good suggestions.

      I'm the tech at an elementary school. You give me a network or computer issue here and I can fix it, but I'm not sure if what I want to do with our coaxial TV system is possible.

      Right now we have the TV cable in, which gets split to 1 cable box (for channels over 100) and to 4 different VCR/DVD combos. Each of the 4 VCR/DVD decks is set to show a different cable channel. The audio and video out from the cable box and the VCR/DVDs are then sent to their own headers which combines and encodes them to broadcast each on a certain channel. With this setup, we can only broadcast 5 TV channels to all the TVs in the school at a time, plus our school news which feeds directly from the studio into a header.

      Having to go back and change channels on the VCR/DVD decks can be a pain and it limits what channels teachers can use, more so if any of the VCR/DVD decks is being used to show a video school-wide, and we've already had 2 VCR/DVD decks die and can't replace them right now.

      What I would like to do, if it's possible, is to filter out 6 cable channels (low number ones, except 3 since that's PBS and we want to show that one) coming in and replace them (using the headers) with our own, while still retaining all the other basic cable channels.

      Preferred Setup:
      Cable in --- filter ----- Deck1 ---------------|
      |_ Deck2 ---------------|
      |_ Deck3 ---------------| ------ out to school TVs
      |_ Deck4 ---------------|
      |_ Cable Box ----------|
      |_ School News ------|
      |_ all other channels |

      Hopefully I've explained our current setup and preferred setup and someone understands what I'm talking about and can make suggestions on what I need.


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    • '89 Accord LXi lock cylinder removal

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      I had to get a new exterior handle assembly for my 89 honda accord since the original one broke but now I've run into a problem: I don't know how to remove the lock cylinder from the old handle assembly and put it into the new one. I've been searching for hours and can't find a how-to on how to do this. Can anyone here explain the steps I need to take? I'd rather not have to get another one as it would take atleast a week to get here.

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    • Dell dimension 4600 restore CD

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      A co-worker gave me a used dimension 4600 that they no longer needed. The drive was formatted before they gave it to me and so I need to re-install the OS (XP Home). Only problem is that they don't have the Restore CDs that came with it. Does anyone by any chance have a Restore CD for a dimension 4600 that they can make into an ISO and upload somewhere for me? I'd much rather not find one somewhere else... never know what you'll get.

      (I know, older computer. I plan on giving it to my mother who currently uses a ~900MHz HP desktop)

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    • Dual display issues

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      I bought a Vizio 22" LCD HDTV for my desk to use with my xbox 360 and computer as an extended desktop. Everything works fine except for a couple annoyances.

      1) Sometimes, when my laptop is restarted or turned on from a complete shutdown, the login screen appears on the external display.
      2) When I open some programs, like Firefox or VLC, they open in full screen on the external screen.


      Acer Aspire 5720 running Vista Premium 32bit
      Core Duo 1.5Ghz
      2GB RAM
      NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS 256MB dedicated memory
      Connected Via VGA

      I've set the laptop display as the primary display and the Vizio as an extended desktop using the NVIDIA control panel.

      If I'm using the Vizio as an extended desktop it's not a problem, but if say I'm using the Vizio with my 360 or am watching TV, it's inconvenient to have to switch the Vizio to RGB to move the window and then back.

      Any suggestions? Is there some setting that I've overlooked? I haven't had this issue with a dual display before.

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    • Computer Dust Removal

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      At work I deal with alot of computers (school IT Admin) that haven't seen physical maintenance since they were built (years ago). So, I'm looking for options to get all the dust out of them, and trust me, there is a lot of it. Air dusters are an option, although an expensive one in the long run and I have to take the units outside to use them (it's a lot of dust). I have a few cans for when it's absolutely needed.

      I've seen the mini vacuum/ blowers marketed for computer/electronics care and we have a small one at work which sucks, no pun intended, but that could be because it was a cheap one bought by my predecessor. Has anyone used one of the vacuum/blowers for computers/ electronics and found one that is actually worth it? I don't care if it has a power cord, since all the work would be done at my workbench.

      Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

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    • DCOM issue with IIS

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      We have an Intranet site we are working on that's used to track data. One of the features of the site is the ability to export all the data to an Excel sheet with charts at the click of a button. When debugging, it works fine but when it's run from IIS we would get errors when the export button was clicked. We've identified the problem and have followed the procedures listed in this tutorial and we no longer get the error message, but Excel does not open either- instead it looks like the page simply reloads.

      Any suggestions?

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    • Site Security with IIS

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      We've got an IIS server that's going to be running sites for expenditure tracking and student certifications. As it is now, anyone on the Intranet can access it, view data, create new entries, and edit and delete existing ones. I haven't worked with IIS much so I do not know there is a built in way to restrict what users can do what, based on their Windows Domain account. If we absolutely have to, we could edit our sites (ASP.NET 2.0) to add code to check name and set permissions but I would like to know if there is anything in IIS that could do it for us. I tried custom NTFS permissions with no anonymous connections but that didn't seem to work.

      Server 2003
      ASP.NET 2008 (Running on .NET 2.0)

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    • Server 2003, partition adjust

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      At work I have a 2003 server which at the moment is our file and print server, as well the host of several network programs that the students use. I don't know why they did it, but whoever set up the server in the first place took the 160GB RAID 5 array and partitioned it into 2 drives- a 10GB C drive with everything else in a D drive. The C drive now has less than 33MB of space left thanks to updates, printer installs, and all the student programs that save student data to the C drive.

      At the moment, formatting and starting over is not an option. It would take far too long to reinstall and reconfigure all the printers and student software.

      I was thinking of using GParted and take some of the unused space in D and give it to C but before I attempt it I wanted to ask if anyone has attempted something similar and what kind of results you experienced.

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    • Send IP address 2 variable in batch file

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      I need to use the current IP address of a system in a batch file (for an IF statement) but I can't get it to work. I have tried:

      Set ipaddress = ipconfig.exe | find "IP Address" | find /v ""

      set ipaddress =

      ipconfig.exe | find "IP Address" | find /v " > %ipaddress%


      set ipaddress =

      ipconfig.exe | find "IP Address" | find /v " >> %ipaddress%

      Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I need this for a domain login script. And of course, I tried Google.

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    • Laptops failing to map drives

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      I'm the Technology Technician at a school, where we have 2 mobile laptop labs that go from classroom to classroom for students to use. Right now the students use a generic student account which, among other things, has a startup script to map certain drives. For some reason, some of the laptops are not mapping the drive where student's save work (Z:\). The script works fine, what I suspect is the problem is that for some reason the laptops are not connecting to the network prior to the login so when the script runs, it cannot connect to the drive so it does not get mapped.

      The laptops have 2 ways of connecting wirelessly to the school's network: via a 3Com wireless AP that goes with the labs (1 for each) or via the school-wide WiFi. I know they should be able to connect prior to login, all the others do it as does my PC at home to my WiFi. What I can't figure out is why these particular ones wont.

      I should also note that they also wont let me change the order of preferred networks or even delete connections from the list. It's not a permission issue, my account is a domain admin at the school I'm at, plus it wouldn't work for the guys the county sent out who have admin rights for all the schools in the domain. When we try to change the setting we get a message that says:

      "At least one of your settings could not be saved:"

      Any ideas? It's becoming a problem with students being unable to save their work to the file server, plus the laptops are supposed to be connecting to the 3Com only, not the school-wide WiFi.

      They are all running XP Pro with all the latest updates. Most are Dell Latitude D520's.

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