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    • Looking for RT friends!

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      I'm looking to expand my social circle a bit, and I really want to start integrating with the RT community. Roosterteeth has had a huge impact on my life, and I know the same can be said for other members of the community. So whoever, wherever you are, come on in! Say hi! Feel free to add me as a friend on the site, or shoot me personal messages. I'd also be open to getting a few new Xbox/Steam/PSN friends.

      TLDR: How are you today?

      Oh, and for some reason I couldn't access the General forums, so I figured 18 and up is the next best thing.

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    • Orcs Must Die 2...

      4 years ago


      Fun as dicks.

    • Game Dev Tycoon Review

      5 years ago


      My first stab at something like this, so bear with me.

      So a few weeks ago, I picked up an indie game called Game Dev Tycoon, (Found here: www.greenheartgames.com/) . It's a not-so simple game with a simple premise. Make games and hope they succeed.

      How to know when they will or will not succeed is the problem. You can pour thousands and thousands of dollars into a game, and come out with an average score of 1 from reviewers. And, sales are directly correlated with reviews. Bad reviews, bad sales. And that makes it hurt badly. That being said, when you some how get a 10 out of 10, your sales SKYROCKET.
      The first stage of the game is fun, easy, and enjoyable. But once you get that one big hit (that I have a sinking feeling is programmed to happen after a certain time just to advance the game) you're sent into the second stage of the game. And so far, that's the farthest I've gotten. And here's why:
      You get caught in a terrible spending loop.

      In the second stage you're able to hire workers to pump out more content. These workers are the key to success, as there comes a time when you need to organize your developers into sections, (Dev 1 works on Graphics, Dev 2 sound, etc.). The more you give them to do, the worse job they do at it. They become "overworked." You're technology and design points drop to barely nothing, (which by the way is how your game is rated, more points, better rating, more sales). So, imagine this. You have a string of bad games for whatever reason, even though you just spent half a million on a brand new game engine. Soon, you're nearing the red zone. You're only option is to let go of your workers to lower your costs. But then, you can't make big name titles, since your one worker can't handle a full game, tech and design points drop, reviewers rip into you and you can't make huge amounts of profit. You're crap out of luck. It's almost impossible to come back from that.

      Now I know this sounds like a lot of negatives, but actually, I've described the key to this game. As much as this game is a Development tycoon, it's a business simulator. You need to be careful with your money. You can't overspend, you can't waste it. You have to be very careful.

      Being a student of business, I'm excited to go back and play it from this new perspective I have. I think it will add a new level of strategy to the game.

      Aside from the gameplay, this game has a lot of pluses. I'll list 'em off easily as I can:
      -Great music
      -Fun graphics and design
      -Quirky and humorous game dialogues and text
      -Adds a level of immersion that I don't think most sim/tycoon games give the player. I've never been more happy when my Sci-Fi Adventure game "Pokemon" for the Gameling got a 9.75 rating. And never have I been more disappointed when the sequel "Pokemon II: Reloaded" flopped miserably.

      Downsides, I can really only think of one. After your first play-through, the game asks you to turn off the tutorial messages. In my experience, it doesn't recognize my response. Which is incredibly annoying. But, it's bearable.

      For the eight or so dollar price tag, this game is definitely worth a look at. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface with it, and look forward to pouring more and more hours into it hoping that my gaming company can become the next Bungie or Valve. I don't believe in ratings (After playing this game for an hour, you'll understand why), but this game deserves the buy.

      Also, I'm so sorry Richard. I had to fire you. Please forgive me. smiley12.gif

    • 5 years ago


      So I'm about to start playing Metro 2033 and DOTA 2. I think I'll start writing game reviews exclusively for the RT site. In fact, I'm going to start working on one right now, so I can get it up tonight possibly!

    • Oh hi...

      5 years ago


      It's been ages since I've posted a journal on this site. Really gotta get back in to using it!

      I can do better, I will do better. I promise.

    • First World Problems

      5 years ago


      I was so excited for the RT podcast stream tonight.
      Then I got called into work....


    • It happened...

      5 years ago


      I was leaving my University classroom today, when a student entering the classrom said "Hey man, nice shirt!" I was wearing my Rage Quit T-Shirt. Someone finally understood the shirt.


    • Making a Change, need some help

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      I'd barely consider myself a community member here. I love the videos, the merch, and the forum. But I only ever post a random image here or the in the Greatest Image thread. But I still feel as though the RT community is very approving. We love RT, RT loves us, we love each other. That being said, this is the internet, so when people talk about personal subjects, things get iffy. Cyber police are called to the scene, etc. So RT community, I'm asking for your help.

      I'm eighteen years old. I just started my first year of University. I'm six feet tall. And I'm two-hundred and thirty four pounds. Now, surprisingly enough, my weight has never been THAT much of an issue for me. I was lucky enough in school to be friends with pretty much everyone, and I was only occasionally picked on for my weight. To be honest, I get more grief from my family than I do anyone else. But, all in all, I'm pretty well okay with my weight. I don't consider myself ugly. Let's face it, no man does. And I've lost weight before, thirty pounds actually, back when I was sixteen going on seventeen. Nobody really noticed. And since then, I've put most of it back on.

      I don't have an issue being overweight, I really don't. There are a lot worse things to be. However, I know that once I'm out of my teenage years, it's going to become MUCH more difficult to lose the weight that I should lose. Also, I want to be ready for any contingency, like a zombie apocalypse.

      That being said, I know from experience that losing weight isn't easy. You lose motivation really fast. That's where you guys come in. I need some tricks and tips, advice on eating healthy and exercising. Perhaps some of you have already lost the weight, and would like to share your stories, that would be awesome. Maybe some of you want to get healthier also. That would be perfect. It's a lot easier to face a tough road ahead with some friends than while you are alone.

      So guys, I hope that I can come back in a week, or a month, or even a year, being a more healthy man, and be able to say thank you.

      Bring on the love.


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