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      GOOD NEWS!

      6 months ago

      So these two weeks have been eventful. The day after I posted the journal, the company got back to me and got the footage to me. They gave me an extension to finish it for the next day. I did and they liked the edit I did.

      Flash forward to today, I was informed that I was approved to move forward with the internship! I cannot be any happier.

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      Wow when did I make a journal last?

      6 months ago

      A long time is the answer to that title

      How's it going folks? (For the few that actually follow my journal)

      A lot has happened over the past few months so let's play catch up shall we?

      Starting out back in January, I visited my parents' home country, the Philippines, after 10 years. I couldn't have been happier. I saw family I haven't seen in so long. Also saw the changes in my parents' hometowns. So much economic growth in the past 10 years. The province my parents come from is called Aklan. If you're familiar with that province it's because you've heard of Boracay. It's become a tourist hub. Which is really strange to me as I would never think that it would become so popular.

      One of the biggest reasons why I traveled back was that my cousin was getting married and I was one of the few who could request off work to travel. More on that later. Also I was one of the groomsmen so that was important lol

      All in all, it was an amazing trip.

      Of course reality has to set in. After coming back, I still am in a rut for work. My current job is a photographer for school yearbook photos. You might say "Hey at least you have a job!". At this point I don't feel like it's a job. I get scheduled for jobs and back in the fall when I started, there were a ton. Right now, however, the jobs are scarce because it's only prom/graduation season. This doesn't help my financial situation. I've been applying everywhere to find something much closer to my field (It's Film/Video Production). I haven't had much luck until most recently.

      I've also applied to work unrelated to my field. Only one job has come up where the people appear to like me despite not having experience related to the field. They told me that they could train me as long as I stay with the company for the long run.

      This is where my stress is coming in. You see about a month ago I applied to an video internship position where it could lead me to a full time position. The interviewers liked me and told me that I would receive an email in a week. They didn't. I even emailed them. No response back.

      Fast forward to yesterday. I apply to said unrelated job and company likes me but concerned that I have no experience. Regardless, they told me that they would train me as long as I stay with the company for full time. I agree.

      Well I reach home and minute I set foot in my room I get a email notification. It's from the video internship position

      They didn't email me until then explaining they had more people apply then they had anticipated. They told me they want to move forward with my application and will test me by having me edit a recent shoot and have it done by 10PM May 13. They'd get the footage to me by digital storage and have it would be ready by 6PM tonight. Well it's almost 11PM Central and I haven't got any emails back. Now of course I had emailed them confirming that I am ready AND once again asking if the footage is ready. Once again, no responses.

      I'm stressing because this is the ONLY video related job I have gotten where the company is interested in me, but it took so long for them to get back. But also I now have another possible job where the company likes me, but unrelated to my degree.

      I'm praying that the video job will get back to me soon because I need to work on this footage immediately if I want to have this job.

      So that's happening right now. Hopefully your lives are doing better than mine haha

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      Happy 11th Birthday RT!

      1 year ago

      Now everyone go drink and get wasted.

      I don't care if you're at work. Just do it.

      #YOLO #NoFear #YOGRO #YORO #Hashtag #Hashtaghashtag #ThisIsFuckingStupid.


    • FiLpInOpRiDe


      1 year ago

      When I first joined Rooster Teeth years ago I obviously had no freaking idea what the hell I was doing.

      Hell I'm surprised how Barbara and Gavin managed to figure things out for themselves. I don't remember too much from back then. There are some pieces of the "Forum vs Journal" arguments that happened that I remember but not too much. I'm surprised how much Barbara was caught up in that and Gavin was just middle ground.

      Look what they're doing now. Actual employees of RT. Amazing.

      The support they have done for RT and the community is staggering. Especially Barbara. God I remember seeing her name as Blawndee for the longest time on RT going on about different community events.

      She's only one year older than me and she's done more in her life than what I have done with mine.

      Yeah the jealously is kickin' in but hey that is a part of life.

      I never truly contributed to the Rooster Teeth community after joining. I think I had commented on several RT comics back in the day but nothing much. I left my account alone for the most part and never made a true post until entering college.

      I really want to make an impact in this community like them. It's a bit hard with the position that I'm in right now but despite this handicap I still want to show my support.

      I don't know how but I want to find a way that I can.

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      Hey I'm back!

      1 year ago

      Wow 5 months ago I posted about me graduating in December...its March...


      Well I have graduated folks. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. It's been a long time coming.

      My path originally was me going to be a nurse, but I wasn't sure of it. My parents wanted me to be in a position where they knew I would be well off. Also they kinda wanted me to become a nurse as almost EVERYONE in our family was one.

      When I first started out, everything seemed okay at first. But it everything was falling down when it came to the science courses. I don't know what it was, but when it came to ALL the science courses I just could not do well. I tried studying hard, I honestly did but nothing worked.

      I suddenly found myself on the deadline to apply to the ACTUAL nursing program. My grades were not up along with some other things that factored in. I knew I had to make a decision. Retake courses in a field that I knew I would I not enjoy whatsoever or do something I truly wanted to do.

      Watching Rooster Teeth, FreddieW, Corridor Digital, and every single movie and television show I've ever known, I knew what I wanted to do.

      I chose the latter. Now here I am.

      It's a bit rough right now. Trying to find work is the hardest part of this field. Everyone wants a piece of the action and you got to be the best.

      Cheer me on guys and wish me luck! (For those that actually read my stuff haha)

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      The Final Stretch!

      2 years ago

      Been a while since I did one of these. I'm going to keep it short because I got a project to edit.

      If you're wondering about the title, it's that I am now enter the final quarter of my college. I'm graduating in December! I'm excited but I'm more nervous and scared.

      I have a Senior Project that I'm supposed to be filming in the next quarter and to be honest I'm not that confident that it will be good. Hell I don't think it will even go through because how ambitious it is. The actors I want probably will change and I'm not too sure if anyone would want to do it because the script seems...lame. It's about a young man and how inadequate he feels against his older brother. To represent their tense relationship, there will be fight sequences representing the tension.

      Seems pretty cool but it's a lot for me to accomplish in three months along with editing it.

      I'm scared that it will break down and I might have to do something else. Something that I don't want my teachers to see happen and be disappointed with. One of them truly liked the idea and actually helped forge the idea.

      So wish me luck folks for the coming three months cause it will be hectic.

      Also for RWBY today ...did...Professor Porter have an ax-rifle?


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      Spreading to other users MISSING PERSON

      2 years ago

      Copied from Sailor Tweek:

      Vancouver BC
      Last tweeted to Randy about deleting his accounts 21 hours ago (as of 9.39pm PST)
      He left his wallet, computer, & phone behind.
      His bike was found in Stanley Park
      People have tried contacting him on both his Canada cell # and his US cell #
      Deleted his Twitter and Xbox Live accounts last night.
      Those of us who know David understand what a big deal the deletion of his accounts are.
      Search for him started at noon today.

      HELP US FIND HIM. They are combing Stanley Park for him.
      Pass this around. If you know David and are local, get out there and look for him.


      if you are reposting on other sites (Reddit, Tumblr, and so on) please include a link. Try to use the posts already made on those sites for maximum coverage. Reposting, upvoting, retweeting is IMPORTANT

      * Vancouver PD is searching by boat and chopper. Friends, family, and police are combing the park.
      PD is also looking at Lions Gate Bridge

      /r/Vancouver post

      /r/RoosterTeeth post

      I'm getting information via texts from @LukeMcKay @Count3d and @Aprilfire

      Any information regarding David's whereabouts: Contact The Vancouver Police Department

      Please refrain from asking personal questions about David.
      I have no right to give out that information.
      Please stay on topic and refrain from speculations.
      The goal is to FIND KNUCKLES...not to figure out why he'd willingly disappear. Leave that mystery up to the friends and family up in Vancouver combing the park.
      THE POLICE ARE INVOLVED. Please stop messaging me what you believe to be clues. I'm just passing on the information I have from my home computer.
      Thank you.

    • FiLpInOpRiDe

      Be Back in a Flash he said...

      2 years ago

      ...Yeah a flash apparently is equal to three months for me. So sue me. >__>

      Just kidding.

      Hello everyone. How's life treating ALL of you!?


      Hmmm indeed. WEEELL life has been good to me lately and been a reality shock. I am graduating college this December and a lot of things have given me a wake up call. Right now I am in a class that requires you to go back and look at older projects from previous classes and re-edit them.

      And I must say...


      Yeah my old projects were SHIIIIITE.

      I remembered I didn't Lav (Meaning I didn't mic) my actors for two of my projects and that is NOT good. I am coming to a realization that I need to start filming my own personal projects soon because I will not have good material for my Portfolio when I graduate.

      Also today I was pressed with certain financial situations regarding school and my immediate family. Yeah...I need to step up the game. I had a job recently (October - April) that I had just left. Everything was amazing in it, however, the distance for me to travel was LOOOOONG. Nothing was wrong with anyone, all my co-workers were awesome. But the distance for me to travel started to take its toll on my schooling.

      So right now I am looking for another job once more. And I need it badly because I need a new computer and some lenses for my camera. I can't keep using my Macbook Pro, which is by the way and old version. It's a late 2009 version which doesn't have a lot of space or ram. It was fast back in the day, but now it's slower than all the current models. So I need a new computer BADLY.

      I am actually building it. Looking around for good/decent parts to start up. I know that I can upgrade so I'm trying to have something fast but at least cheap. Video editing is srz bsns guyz.'s life going for you guys? Any advice for a noob PC builder for buying parts?

    • FiLpInOpRiDe

      Ahhh Whoops

      2 years ago

      Lemme get back to you guys. I've been nosing around the site and forums but I haven't made a post in a while. Let me give you the quick rundown and I'll give you the longer version later. Christmas was okay and New Years was okay. I worked New Years Eve and such. I'm 'trying' to save enough money to buy and build my own PC.

      Oooo class is starting, be back in a flash!

    • FiLpInOpRiDe


      3 years ago

      Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all got enough turkey and stuffing in you.

      Also I hope everyone's Black Friday was safe. Hope you found what you wanted and got your Christmas shopping done.

      Unfortunately for me I was sick for most of this week, but right now I'm feeling better. Had to miss two days of work which I hate because I actually love working. By tomorrow I will return to my job. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I work now haha. I work in a place kinda similar to a Chuckie Cheese (but better I think). I work in the restaurant, mostly cashier.

      BTW I was able to get AC3 for Black Friday. I actually asked my parents to buy it for me. I gave them my money to do so. It feels weird to do so haha.

      What have you guys bought for Black Friday or plan to for Cyber Monday?

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      2 years ago

      So what was your pitch idea for class? We didnt get to really talk about it tonight.

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      3 years ago

      Hey, bro! Sweet profile picture.

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        3 years ago

        Thanks man some cool dude made it for me. smiley8.gif

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      3 years ago

      What the fuck. How were we not friends before?

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      Special delivery!

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        3 years ago

        Haha He is ain't he?

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        Glad you like 'im! He's a classy character. XD

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        3 years ago

        THANK YOU SO MUCH! smiley0.gif

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      4 years ago

      send me an invite for your gears of war 3
      GT: Lunar Bears

      • FiLpInOpRiDe

        4 years ago

        I will. That will be tonight most likely at the given time I posted. I'm still trying to find three more people. Also I may cancel if I become busy tonight.