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      So today got out my old scanner. It is a hp scanjet 2400. I have not used it in the last two years or so, but I am going off to college and thought I would give it a try and if it worked I would take it with me. So I plugged it in and as expected the light came on. But then I noticed something odd. There were squiggly lines all over the inside of the scanner. It looked almost like the inside had fogged up and a two year old went to town on it with a crayon, except the lines were hair thin, and not all were the same width. Another thing was that there were wight dots on the inside as well and around these dots there was not any "fog". I would also like to say that the scanner has been in my basement the whole time, and it remains damp and cool year round, but not to the point that mold grows. Also the scanners lid was down so I assume it is completely dark in there but I do not know for sure. If anybody know anything about this let me know, I would be interested in hearing any ideas. I will also post some pictures of my scanner.

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