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    • How much do you know about Australia?

      11 years ago


      Inspired by a spontaneous competition in the video forums, I began thinking "how much does the world know about Australia?".
      So, please leave a comment naming something/s you know about australia...I'll be able to verify them as well...it's a good opportunity to learn a little more geography...

    • Australia Day

      11 years ago


      G'day everyone, it's now Australia Day (26th in Australia), the greatest day (for Australian's....apart from the Melbourne Cup, but close to...) in the history of days.

      It's forecasted to be 38 degrees (100 degrees farenheit I think), which is MUCH better than the original forecast of 41 degrees (106 F). I've planned a bbq for a couple of friends, so we'll just be sitting in the blistering heat, having a VB and a laugh....

      which kind of links to my next point....any aussies seen those Australia Day lamb ads? How good are they? I remember last years one caused so much controversy, and when I saw this one for the first time, I pissed myself laughing because I knew it was just as distastefully funny....

      Anyway, happy Australia Day to everyone, including people who have been to, want to go to or even just think about the Land Down Under (even those people who just think of all the freaky animals we have.....like the platypus.....)

    • University of Melbourne enrolment

      11 years ago


      As of yesterday, I am officially a student of the University of Melbourne studying for a Bachelor of Architectural Studies. The enrolment process was a bit of an adventure....rocking up at 10am for an hour long information session, only to be led off to enrol. Absolutely fluking my way to the front of the line, I was done within 15 minutes... Hounded by many unions, and people wanting me to sign petitions, I got very good at saying no. In the end I walked out with 3 cards and a diary that I didn't previously have, which was pretty cool.

      Oh well, that's all about my experience with (supposedly) the 19th best university in the world...

    • Australian TV shows

      11 years ago


      I was just updating my profile, and started thinking "What Australian TV show is my favourite?". Not only did I have the difficult task of thinking of australian produced shows, I could not for the life of me come to a conclusion... It seems that australian television has gone down hill, or maybe I'm just oblivious to shows being produced...

    • 2018 years ago

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