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    • 2 years ago

    • ​RT Animation Announcements at RTX2015

      2 years ago


      Rooster Teeth Animation had its first ever panel tonight, just shy of its first birthday! Here are a couple of the announcements coming out of the session:

      - "Minimations: Straight Outta RT," made by Rooster Teeth community machinimation team TheLoneFew, will debut this coming Monday for sponsors, public Tuesday!

      - "Strangerhood" Season 2 will premiere during "X-Ray & Vav's" midseason break at the end of the summer!

      - Rooster Teeth is excited to announce it is moving ahead with a collaborative partnership with Frederator Studios -- the gang behind such shows as Cartoon Hangover's "Bravest Warriors" and "Bee & Puppycat!" More details will be announced soon. Meanwhile, Rooster Teeth fans will soon be able to enjoy Catbug merchandise appearing in the Rooster Teeth store! A brand new "Orf Meets Catbug" poster goes on sale in the RTX Rooster Teeth store Sunday August 9th, to be followed by appearing in the online store! And there are plans being worked on for an official CatBurnie as well!

      For those unable to join us here at RTX, to celebrate the announcement, RT Animation proudly offers this collection of desktop wallpapers by Patrick Rodriguez, showcasing the adventures of Orf and Catbug! Thanks for watching Rooster Teeth's animated shows, and stay tooned for more news.





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    • RWBY at RTX2015

      2 years ago


      Thanks to everyone who joined us for the RWBY panel today at RTX2015! It meant so much to the cast and crew, to be with everyone together like that for this first time this year. In case you weren't able to join us or watch the livestream, here are a few announcements we wanted to share!

      The RWBY Volume 3 teaser poster, as well as McFarlane Toys' Ren figure are becoming available here at RTX, to be followed by the online RT store. The latest build of the RWBY video game is playable at RTX and includes all four members of Team RWBY as characters in coop -- and you can expect more special announcements from the RT Game Development team on Saturday!

      We're also proud to make some Volume 3 casting announcements:

      - Winter Schnee will be voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell (Major Kusanagi from "Ghost in the Shell: Arise")

      - Uncle Qrow will be voiced by Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric from "Fullmetal Alchemist")

      - Ren will be voiced by Monty's brother, Neath Oum

      All for the moment! Stay tuned for more RT Animation announcements throughout the RTX2015 weekend!


    • 2 years ago

    • Achieve an X-Ray & Vav sneak peek!

      2 years ago


      Thanks for all the love everyone's showing the new season of "X-Ray and Vav!" And damn, but isn't Achievement Hunter rocking it over on their YouTube channel? Let's dip some animated chocolate in their peanut buttery gameplay goodness and see what happens, shall we...

      So, X&V will soon finish airing the first half of the current run of 10 episodes. Then there will be a break of about 4 weeks before the second half of the season returns. But you, yes you, can make this hiatus suck less!

      Go subscribe to AH's YouTube channel!! If you get them across the 750K subscribers mark BEFORE THE END OF RTX THIS WEEKEND, Rooster Teeth Animation will give you a scene from episode 6 during the hiatus, weeks ahead of schedule. Scratch that toon itch, get you your animated fix, and tide you over a little longer til we start broadcasting the new eps. YOU HAVE THE CLICKY POWER

      Goo Goo Gah Gah, Bitches,

    • More Grayness at RTX

      2 years ago


      So, beyond that RT Animation schedule, additional personal schedule includes (will update this post with more as it happens):

      2:30pm - SIGNING with Sam Ireland! - JW Marriott, Griffin Hall, Booth #3

      4pm - Voice Acting in Video Games - ACC Room 16

      9:30am - Anime: Blast from the Past - JW Marriott, Room 301 (will try to crash it as well as hit part of the Poser Panel)

      3:30pm - SIGNING with Arryn Zech! - JW Marriott, Griffin Hall, Booth #3

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