Hi everybody!

First let me say that I'm very late to the party - I've only stumbled upon RT about 2 months ago.

2 weeks ago I've decided that since I haven't yet seen the majority of the RT content it would be a nice opportunity to document those wonderful Barbara moments as I go along.

So I've created this spreadsheet:


I believe it will take me about a year to finish, I'll update here once it's done.

I hope people will find it useful and entertaining :)

Here are some of the puns I've collected:

“Hey babe, you want me to scramble your eggs”

“Are you trying to say eating eagle is not l-eagle”

“Thoracic Park”

“I hear it's going to be a Hit, Man"/"Bowl Appetit"

“Slow Mode Guys”

“Something went En-Wrong”

”Are you bready to order?"

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