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      So ever since Star Wars the old republic came out I have been drooling over everything from the story, the graphics, literally everything. Unfortunately, since my computer sucks and I'm to poor to buy a new one (Or pay a monthly subscription), I haven't played it yet. So I did the next best thing. I dug up my copy of Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic. I am going to creat a new character and see just how long it will take me to complete the story (and explore around a little bit). But my goal is to do it in under a month. I will occasionally be updating to let people know how I am coming along (I case anyone cares) as well as leave some tips for anyone else who wants to play along. So fellow gamers and nerds, without further ado, I begin my quest...

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      6 years ago


      I was in a meeting of a group my sister is involved in tonight when I heard about the death of a guy the night before who I had meet briefly. I did not know him well, I didn't even know his name untill tonight, but I knew he was my age and a member of the same group as me. He seemed like a nice guy and looked happy. They do not know the deatialss of hiss death, but they know there was a gun involved and he and his girlfriend had recently had a falling out. The Girl who had told us was a friend of his and was compleatly devistated. Her brother, who I have gotten to know was a good friend of his as well, was in complete denial.
      A short while afterwords, I approcched the guys friend who was down stairs. I had some thought of what I would say at first, "I am sorry for your loss, I can't Imagine what you are going through,". But ass I was about to speak, I froze. I couldn't say anything to him that could possibly help the situation, only bring up more pain. I Could only say that I was ssorry about what happend and walked away.
      I have delt with death before, my grandffather passed away last year, but this was something different. This was some one who had was young, who had a full life ahead of him, only to have it snatched away in an instant.
      I cannot claim to be a religious scholar of any kind, but I will say that I hope you are resting in peace up there man, because god knows that you will be missed by the ones who loved you down here.

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      while the title says it all, thought I should just get the formalities over with. Hello internet, my name is Milo, I am a 16 year old who became unhealthily obsesed witha little show called Red vs Blue about 4 years back. I enjoy playing video games when I am not playing guitar or Piano (I suck at both so I wide up playing a lot of video games...). Almost two years ago I got Involved with a group Called DeMolay, which is a group for young men between the ages of 12 and 21 (Inbox me to find out more). I have recently been appointed a state officer for Missouri and will hopefuly be going in as Master counciler this up coming term. I was not the most Physicaly fit of kids for a while so I joined the wrestling team at my school (because there weren't enough things I sucked at). I am currently single (ladies,) and hope to God that that will change soon. So that pretty much sums up my life as it is right now, and with that, I bid you goodbye till next time (assuming my acount doesn't get hacked...)

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