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    • HalOtaku

      Wordpress Squashed to Bits

      5 years ago

      Arrgh! Somehow the Wordpress installation on my blog got corrupted. I had to delete everything, including the database. Hopefully, I can get it back up and running in a week or so.

    • HalOtaku

      Forget plans, dude. Life Happens.

      5 years ago

      I don't know how it happened, but over the holidays I went from Uber Achiever to Happy Slacker. I guess it just got to the point where I was working hard without getting anywhere. Here are my latest updates:

      I finally gave up on pursuing a career in Graphic Design. The SOFAA committee asked me to design a "splash page" for our 27th Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange party. I really enjoyed drawing the elephant-in-a-gift box in Illustrator. That's when I realized that what I really love is creating imagery.

      So I can spend more time on artwork instead of maintaining a website, I updated my blog with this great Portfolio Press theme for Wordpress. The fun part was figuring out a way to redirect the URL for my website to my blog subdomain. I finally solved the problem by adding a .htaccess file in the root directory.

      BTW, Lady Jack's Trade: A Journal of Arts and Writing no longer exists. My blog is now Val Roberts: Graphic Artist & Illustrator.

      And the "family" got a new addition; two, in fact. I got a good deal on a Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster and had it set up with flat-wound strings for playing jazz. Talk about sweet...this is the pure sonic heaven! The other new addition is a Rogue RM100 F-style Mandolin that I got for a bargain price.

      (Yes, I like Bluegrass. smiley0.gif )

    • HalOtaku

      Goin' to Hell on a Rocket-Powered Strat

      5 years ago

      Wow, it's been eight months since my last journal post. Feels like a lifetime. Here's the short version of the mischief I've been up to:

      My graphic design skillz are definitely improving. I had an opportunity to design the graphic for my team's t-shirt for this year's staff outing. Grafted Buzz's head onto a T-1000 Terminator to create...The Aluminator! Cue Arnold Schwartzenegger: You will donate to Roll Call--NOW!

      I'm also working on improving my freehand-drawing skills. It's going pretty slow because I have to learn how to draw left-handed, no thanks to my bum right shoulder. Actually, I think I draw better left-handed. Maybe it's because I'm in my right mind? Seriously, the author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain recommended drawing left-handed because the right hand is controlled by the analytical left side of the brain. Weird, but it seems to work.

      I started a blog called Lady Jack's Trade: A Journal of Arts and Writing to write about being a geek-of-all-trades with a passion for art, writing and music. I also set up a Twitter account, @LadyJacksTrade; sort of a companion piece for my blog. Guess I'm now officially a social media twit, LOL!

      The "family" has grown to include a custom Carvin 4-string bass and a Schechter Hellraiser with a Floyd Rose bridge. That takes a little getting used to; I have to remember to use the tuners on the FR, not the headstock. I listened to a demo on YouTube of Fender's new Blacktop Jazzmaster. Sweet. I think the "family" will have a new addition soon. *sigh* Oh well, I didn't want to die the richest woman in the cemetery, anyway.

      I'm currently working on my Webmaster certificate. I've been wanting to redesign my website so it will look cool, but I'm short on the html, css and javascript. It's great that I found something that lets me use both my technical and creative talents. As an added bonus, I'll be able to get a better-paying job so I can keep myself in art and music supplies. Once I'm done with the course, I plan to tackle perl, php, asp and ruby. Maybe python. Might want to see what all the fuss is about Drupal; heh, sounds like Tingle's cousin.

      It's Homecoming weekend at Tech, so I'm "on deck" helping to staff various activities. Not a fun prospect when you're so introverted you make Einstein look like a party animal. Eh, I needed a job when I relocated to Metro Atlanta so I took what I could get. Now that the economy is picking up, and I'm updating my bona fides, I'm on the hunt for something less stress-inducing.

      Ahhh...I've finally de-stressed enough to get a couple hours' shut-eye before the next round of Extrovert Heaven--aka, Introvert Hell.

    • HalOtaku

      Tumor -- Balls to That!!

      6 years ago

      I spent the entire holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year's totally freaking out about this little squatter in my skull. Along the way I had a bunch more tests and got the (relatively) good news that said squatter is a meningioma that's probably been there since my 'teens. The upshot is, I don't have to worry about finding a good home for my guitars because I'm not going to be dying anytime soon.

      Pardon me for ripping off a line from The Joker but, whatever doesn't kill you gives you more time (and chutzpah) for mischief! smiley0.gif

      So, now I'm back to messing around with Photoshop, house hunting, trying to sweet-talk my way into a marketing coordinator/specialist position, and driving my neighbors crazy wailing away on my guitar--when I'm not reading, watching movies or enjoying a really good frag-fest! smiley8.gif

      Life is good.

    • HalOtaku

      Zombification, or What's Eatin Mah Brain

      6 years ago

      Great. I found out yesterday that I have a benign brain tumor. Bummer. smiley5.gif

      Oh well, at least it's one of those that grows so slowly I'll probably be pushing up daisies before it does any real damage, LOL!

    • HalOtaku

      House Hunter

      6 years ago

      With the real estate market in the dumps, I decided to take the plunge and go house hunting. You know how all the news media has been wringing their hands over the huge inventory of foreclosed homes waiting to be sold? Well, I found out why nobody is buying these foreclosures: The owners trashed 'em and then the banks left 'em to rot. I can't imagine the rage and sorrow these people felt losing their homes, but I get a pretty good sense of it from the damage. I think it would have been better for the economy if the banks had been more willing to work with the owners so they could have stayed in their homes. Eh, but what do I know; I'm not an Economist.

      That being said, I did find a home that's in move-in ready condition. I put an offer in this weekend, so now it's wait and keep my fingers crossed to see if I get it. On the one hand I'm doing my part to help the economy, but on the other I'm profiting from someone else's misery. If I say a prayer for the previous owners to be blessed with prosperity, will that shave a few thousand years from my time in Purgatory? (Oh, wait...I'm already serving time in Purgatory, aka Planet Earth!)

    • HalOtaku

      Practice Makes Music

      6 years ago

      Here it is: my first composition. I started out making a blues track and would up with an anime soundtrack instead. Guess I gotta cut back and watch some other movies! Trivia: The thunder sound effect is an actual peal of thunder that I recorded live (no zombies were permitted in the studio, LOL) during a thunderstorm one weekend. It may be a little rough around the edges, but I think it's pretty cool!

      Vice City Blues

    • HalOtaku

      The Money Pit: Part Duh!

      6 years ago

      My apartment complex is in the process of renovating the empty units. I don't know what rock they found this contractor under, but I wound up with three major leaks (two in the kitchen, one in the guest bath) when the (de)construction crew ripped the plumbing fixtures and dishwasher out of the unit above mine. *sigh* The joys of a basement apartment: cheap to heat 'n' cool, but all the shinola runs downhill. So, I raised holy Spartan fraggadoccio about it to the management, and those jokers had to fix their mess and paint my ceiling. It was a Pyrrhic victory, though; I can't prove it, but I suspect those jerks swiped a couple of UPS packages in retaliation. Which left me no other choice but to transform into beeyotch mode...suffice to say, those pr**ks are now like kids in the 1950s: occasionally heard, never seen. smiley7.gif

      After a couple of weeks or so of mondo stresso, Chapter 4 of Recreation brought blessed relief. Gotta say, though, that was the first time ever I've gotten hot 'n' bothered from reading an episode synopsis. smiley0.gifsmiley13.gif

      Both my guitar and art practice are progressing nicely. In fact, I made this really cool logo for my guitar teacher after he mentioned that he was looking for help with some design work. Yeah, I was a total show-off and did $50 work for what was probably a $10 project. Scared off another prospect. smiley4.gif


    • HalOtaku

      RvB Season 1...WTF?!?!!

      7 years ago

      I was sad that I missed the debut of season one of the new series...that is, until I read in the comments section that instead of a video it was some hokey chat session. Now I'm glad I missed it. I thought I was the only one with a creative block that makes the Hoover Dam look like a skateboard ramp. Looks like the RvB crew has run out of ideas. Seriously, a chat session? That is so lame. Totally lame. Lame as in deserves to be tea-bagged by Donut.

      I mean, c'mon! What about that totally psycho bit with Caboose where he's in Blue Base with the corpses of Church and Tex saying "now we'll all be together...FOREVER!" Caboose as a closet necrophiliac...who knew? Now, I want to know what's going on in that once-vacant space between his ears. Did all those AIs escape the EMP by taking up residence in Caboose's noodle? Talk about a one-man army; Red Team would be royally screwed! Imagine Sarge body-slammed and tea-bagged by an Omega-possessed Caboose. Oh, man...I WANT TO SEE THAT!!!

      After all the drama and plot twists leading up to a deliciously chilling ending that was Red vs Blue: Reconstruction, what do we get? A chat session which, from the commentary, seems to have been attended mostly be people with a bad case of stupid. Roosterteeth, you can do better than that! If you're gonna do a live broadcast of Red vs Blue, then host it on XBox Live so we can all login en masse and crash Micro$oft's servers. That would be righteously cool! smiley0.gif

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      gj on fu i would write you a song but im too lazy

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      My name is Ryan, by the way <extends hand>

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      Why thank you, I really liked them

      Your bridge isnt so bad yourself smiley8.gif

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      I see snow every year,but i is nice to know that i am not the only one who enjoys watching it fall to the grownd.

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      congrat's on seeing snow, i been living in miami and i have never see snow in my life.

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      how come you get fu darn

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      Congrats on F.U.!!

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