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    • Saints + other misc updates.

      4 months ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      Started working on the Cow Cow triptych! Posting progress on twitter as I go. Not speeding through it. Ordered the stuff ages ago, but with the hurricane and such, supplies didn't get here until a bit after the storm. 

      Brett is the center panel, on a 24"x36" canvas, Aleksandr will be the left panel, James the right, those two are 12"x36"...which is a kinda tricky to find canvas size without making it yourself. I figured it would be cheaper/quicker to get them pre-made, then buy new bars, tools, and gesso.

      In other news...

      + I had a week off from the office due to the storm. No power/phone/internet at the building, apparently. 

      +Been reading a bunch of random stuff.

      +Was told I got a ticket to the Harry Potter symphony for my birthday in November.
      +Still trying to figure out what to make/throw together for Halloween. Cosplayer problems. I have a bunch of stuff, but I hate just pulling out a preexisting cosplay for Halloween. Budget is tight this year for it, which is fine, that still leaves a billion options...I'm just indecisive. Probably wearing my Edgar Wright-approved Shaun of the Deadpool to the zombie walk downtown, and don't know with our new boss if we're doing an office party or not this year. Hmm....

    • The only RTX pics that matter.

      6 months ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      Before RTX I kind of jokingly, but not really jokingly asked Brett if I could paint him like his nickname, "The Saint of Harsh Gains"...in a literal fashion, Halo and all. He said he was flattered, so I got a bunch of great reference photos with him at RTX, and I'll start working on the art soon enough! Also, James didn't know why we were doing a weird photoshoot so he jumped in, too. Here's just a couple of the pics. tumblr_ot733qCAZN1uaqugto1_540.jpg






    • RTX/SuperCon/misc.

      7 months ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      Back on the PA team again, I'm both honored and flattered! 
      Even though I have NO IDEA when I'll wear it, I'm working on an animatronic-aided Dirik cosplay from Twits and Crits.
      I'm also working on building a muppet inspired Benson puppet for Elyse.

      I just finished an 8 week beginner running program, have lost about 7 pounds so far, and am excited to be in better shape this year for PA'ing. I had never been so exhausted last year. I ended up spending two days in my hotel bed after the event ended. I'm "old" but I'm not old enough to be that out of shape. Holy shite. lol

      I will be attending (not working in any capacity this time) SuperCon right after I get back from RTX. A nice little quite weekend or cosplaying and hitting up panels and such. I only have a Sat/Sun pass this time, with RTX and time restraints with the office and such. Chances are I'll also bring Dirik there, get a good long wear in!

      The office is a sinking ship on fire lately, so I've been exhausted and stressed. Con crunch is really helping me push through. :)

    • RTX 2017

      1 year ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      Guardian acceptance received.
      Hotel booked. 
      Flights booked. 

      I'll be in Austin from Wednesday, July 5th to Friday, July 14th.
       If anyone wants to hang out, or meet up, drop me a line! :)

    • Featured User?

      1 year ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      WHOOOO ME? Erm, well. *cough* hi there. Thanks, whoever is in control of such things, or the algorithim..or...whatnot. Hi there, any new folks who stumble across this! 

    • RTX 2017

      1 year ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      The planning begins! Application sent. 

    • RTX 2016 + Summer

      1 year ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      RTX 2016 was super awesome, as usual! Was happy to be back as a Guardian again, though in a different capacity this time. Was lovely meeting everyone, even if we didn't really get to hang out much. There is always more time for those antics in the future. It's been nice seeing all the good feedback from staff, cast, crew, other Guardians, attendees, and press trickling in since last weekend. Good job to all involved!

      I got back to the hellhole that is Florida late Wednesday, and went back to the office Thursday, boo hiss. Spread Joel Heyman's cooties to my coworkers and brought some more physical items for some friends as well. (Though honestly, my friend was happy touching a hand that touched Joel, as weird as that is.)

      The only other stuff that has happened this week? Getting a VIP pass to see GHOST in November right before my birthday. Popestar tour is coming to Miami, and while I fucking LOATHE Miami, I'll make the trip down there to see Ghost. (Also to new friends on here, the name is purely coincidence, I've been Ghost much longer than I've known about the band, lol) I'm super hyped, I've never done a VIP ticket for ANY event or concert...so this will be fucking sweet, methinks. My friends who know I'm working on a Ghost cosplay for Dragon*Con, and assuming all goes well, I'll also be taking it to the gig. Cause fuck yeah, Gamma is love, Gamma is life.

      Dragon*Con prep continues now that I'm back from Texas, slowly at first, since I have to get other things going first after my absence. But I'll be taking photos of progress and posting them to twitter, of course.

    • What...

      1 year ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      I just posted an entry and I'm not seeing it...where did it go? I'm not retyping all that. Damn it. I tried.

    • South Florida Scottish festival/games

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      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      Probably a long shot, but is anyone else attending this on Saturday? If so, I'd love to meet you and say "hi"! May not be the typical type of "games" when people think RT, but ya never know!

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    • Buff Buddies update for end of January, 2016!

      1 year ago

      HoldThatGhost '15-'17 Guardian

      I haven't been posted much lately, things have been hectic with my day job and other such life-things.

      But here's an update!

      • I bought running shoes finally! Yay after-holidays sales! Got two pairs for the price of one!
      • Used the saved money from my shoe purchase to sign up for my first run. It's a Saint Patrick's Day themed event in mid-March. You get a shirt, medal, and a green beer at the finish line, but I don't drink, so that will probably go to my coworker who is also going. lol I'm nervous but excited. It's four miles, but you obviously don't have to hardcore run the entire thing, so there's hope for me yet. I don't have a time goal since it's my first run/walk event...so let's just say I'm aiming to not be LAST.
      • I've been doing the mechanical body-weight powered stair stepper almost everyday, have been resuming lifting a little bit, and tried an online Zumba class to 80's music. That was INTENSE. Like almost-puke intense. I've done some spinning on nights where my legs don't hurt as well. I do squats while I wait for things like the tea kettle at home and such.
      • I got a Razer Nabu close to the start of the month, and it's been helping, even though it doesn't take my non-movement based exercise into account (IE: spinning, stair stepper, etc.) Either way it's nice to have a better way to track my apps and my walking/running without carrying my phone in my hand.

      That being said, my last weigh in was at 147.6, and today I weighed in at 144.3 ! So there's a little progress! My main problem has been a mixture of being super busy with working overtime at work, being sick for a while, and binge eating is still kicking my arse, but I'm working on it.

      While Buff Buddies will be over in the not-so-distant future, I'm going to continue my workout/weightloss stuff until I hit my goals, which my deadline is September for Dragon*Con, but I'd love to have lost a chunk of weight before returning as a Guardian for RTX 2016 in July!

      I'm going to probably do monthly check-ins, as opposed to weekly, just due to my schedule and such. :)

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      Sweet Abbott and Costello reference.

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        1 year ago

        Cheers, most people don't catch it. Even Jack was like "That's a funny thing for your parents to name you" lol

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      2 years ago

      Hey, thanks for the add! smiley13.gif

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