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    • IdriveSHEILA


      6 years ago

      I've been listening to Pandora Radio and RadioU for hours and hours at a time. I'm singing these songs in my sleep for sure. =P

      Update? I took a 2 week ballet course. Granted I am no ballerina, I am shocked at how much I learned in such a small amount of time. I still practice the things I learned and I must say it is quite fun. I'm currently working on my frappe.

      Other than that, I've just been working at the ODU Computer Helpdesk all summer. And I've gained 10 pounds. And I've not ran as much as I should. Oppsie. smiley6.gif

      I'm loving the new RvB stuff coming out. I was gone from the site for a while and I'm so happy to come back to all this storyline to catch up on.

      Peace. smiley12.gif

    • IdriveSHEILA

      Tell Me One Thing I Don't Know About You

      6 years ago

      Something interesting, funny, or surprising. Keep it clean though, please. I don't want TMI.

      Here are some examples:

      One thing you don't know about me is that I have enough credits to graduate in the Fall of 2009 but I cannot graduate for another two years because I need specific courses.

      Another thing you might not know about me is that I've heavily considered becoming a Sister or nun, and while it is very improbable, the jury is still out.

      Your turn! smiley12.gif

    • IdriveSHEILA

      Stay with Me

      6 years ago

      Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a journal to let you know that I've release a few new songs since we last hung out. Newest song is Stay with Me. I'd love your comments (even the not as nice ones)!!!! smiley12.gif

    • IdriveSHEILA


      6 years ago

      I was behind.

      I caught up.

      It blew my mind.

      It is good to be back.

      smiley12.gif <- Thanks for my smiley12.gif , sir!

    • IdriveSHEILA

      I Love Minimates

      6 years ago

      Soooo, hey everyone. How are you all? I miss you! I've been reading your journals and chuckling at the crazy pictures you upload even if I don't comment, just so you know.

      I just watched all of RvB Relocation and am still catching up on Reconstruction. I'm so glad I have RvB to be uber-drooly-dorkolicious about again. It was hard times without my favorite characters. :P

      Whats new for me? Well, some of the same old same old as far as struggling to pay for college, working a lot, and somehow surviving (most) of my classes. I have an F in Intro to Bio, which I didn't think possible because I've never finished a college course with lower than a B or absolutely at the worst a C+. But this F is real and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it.

      What else? My parents are getting divorced and, other than financially, its probably the best thing that's happened to our family in a long time. I'm so happy for my mom to finally have self-confidence in feeling smart and beautiful. Dad was the one to instigate the divorce and he's of course lonely and sad mom hasn't asked him to come back, but thats sorta his problem. I have a lot of trouble having sympathy for him as someone who pushes away the only person/people in the whole world that care whether he lives or dies only to end up having a case of the "poor me's." I love him but I wish he wouldn't take the few things in his life he didn't have to buy for granted.

      In good news, I visited Donny B and Kyle this past weekend. Donny B is an absolute prince <3 (don't tell him I said that) and Kyle is fun. Being around them makes me lose all sense of time/place/worry and lets me just enjoy being myself and whatever is going on. I wish I didn't have to drive 9 hours (one-way) to be able to hang out with these amazing guys. Also, I don't know if you all remember the Minimate/DonnyB article in my IDS Press (look through my images if you want to see), but I included a frame from his comic that is Silver Surfer Minimate holding a cute little gingerman cookie. Well, Donny gave me that minimate and cookie because I adore them so much. *melts* I'm as big of a fan for his comic as I am for RvB and my other few things that I'm a fan of, so this is kind of a big deal. I have my minimate here at the ODU Computer Helpdesk hanging out with me. I love him!

      That said, I should probably get back to work. I love you all.

      (<3) = the heart that I used to put when I was a sponsor

    • IdriveSHEILA

      Where have you been all my life?

      6 years ago

      I've been waiting on you for a long time, baby. smiley6.gif

      Lame pun, I know. smiley12.gif

    • IdriveSHEILA

      Bryce Joins the Mob

      6 years ago

      I think I've watched too many movies, like Boondock Saints, Tropic Thunder, and that Fear Itself show Mom had me watch. Its all creeping into my subconscious. I had this dream and figured I'd share it with you. Its crazy. I hate dreams because there are some plot things that never get solved because its a dream instead of a story that you develop. I want to know about the guy in the bank teller window... >_< Anyway, try to enjoy. Sorry if its too strange.

      ...begin dream...

      Bryce, who is young and aspiring to become a Marine, and is also impressionable, becomes affiliated with the mob. I, a police officer, am very good friends with Bryce and have a hunch something is awry.

      One day, Bryce comes in to the police station and sits at the cubical we've given him for working on his Marine training. We've been tipped that the mob is going to be sweeping our station to try to weaken our defenses, so I'm sent in to restrain Bryce. We evacuate the room he's in and I sneak in, crawling and hiding in and around cubicals. Finally I spring at him. He draws out a hand gun but I taser him making him drop it. The taser I had looked like a gun so I start screaming and run over thinking I've shot and killed Bryce but when I go to his side he starts laughing because of my over-reaction. Then he asked why I did all of that and I say, "Sorry, Bryce. We know about the mission, and we're taking you out of it." He realizes what I'm talking about and tries to turn the taser on me. I manage to taser him enough to leave him powerless for a moment. I drag him towards the exit screaming "Help, help!" knowing if he wakes he can overpower me.

      He comes to as they cuff him and start to take him to the lower levels for interrogation. He looks me in the eye, angrily, as he is lead away.

      Our police station is under construction or joined to a museum/archaeological dig site or something because I follow the officers and Bryce part way and end in a room with a dirt floor that is cut into several layers to make theatre-like seating. The walls are very fancy and all the dirt floor seating is facing a projection screen on the nicest wall.

      I'm with a guy who is apparently my significant other (in real life, most resembling Donny B but I don't think thats exactly right). He is on his phone pacing up and down the steps of the dirt seating. He works his way to the bottom of the bowl/seating and we hear a gunshot. My guy/Don? frightened accidentally throws his phone (which is the pink phone I have in real life) and it shatters. I tell him, "Oh, look babe, you're going to have to get a new one." "No, I can save this one, I love this phone" he replies.

      I start examining the room to find the gunshot. I notice in the bottom of the bowl seating there's a bank teller window with tinted glass. I glance in the window and I somehow see Donny B standing still, like a mannequin, holding a hand gun posed quite dramatically. I blink and it is a mannequin. I blink again and it's Donny B. I'm very confused by all this.

      I can't get in to the bank teller room to restrain him, but I know he must be part of Bryce's mob. I pretend I didn't see him through the glass and leave the area, taking the guy I'm with with me. I assume the shot we had heard was a misfire aimed at him or me.

      I go to Bryce's holding cell, which is also a dirt room. He is tethered to a board and propped upright against a wall. There is a teenage boy wearing a baseball cap and yellow poofy yarn for hair interrogating him.

      "Why did you turn me in?!" Bryce asks.

      "Its not my fault, I'm just doing my job! Its your fault for joining the Mafia!" I reply.

      "Its not the Mafia, its the mob!" he yells back.

      "Whatever it is its wrong!" I say.

      "I can't get any information out of him," the interrogator complains.

      I get very close to Bryce's face, close enough to kiss him if I lean any further forward. I place my hands on his chest. He looks in my eyes. Yes, I'm using that tacky temptress woman's touch to get what I want. I say "Why would you join the mob if you want to be a Marine? Don't you see its the polar opposite? Who has turned you into this?"

      He whispers, "I'm sorry, its Victor and the three other guys. I'm friends with one of the others and I got pulled in."

      "And you're going to shoot people because you got pulled in?" I ask.

      "Oh, no, only Victor does the shooting. The rest of us have to watch," he explains.

      I turn to the interrogator and say, "Victor and three other guys, Victor does the shooting. I got your information, lets find Victor."

      Bryce realizes he's powerless and to protect the mob would only make things worse for him and his dream of being a Marine. "This is going all wrong. I'll tell you where he lives. They've screwed me over. They live on Johnstown Street in the abandoned house."

      "I hope you're right," I say as I leave him.

      /end of dream.

      I got no rest because I was sincerely stressed out in this dream. I need a nap. Bryce, stay out of the mob and out of my head.


    • IdriveSHEILA

      "Jesus Has A Girl For Me"

      6 years ago


      I promised I'd post a cool journal since my last ones were all girly and squishy and/or lacking sunshine.

      Fort Hill, if you're ever in Ohio, is awesome. I tried to run it today and it kicked my butt. smiley0.gif All in all a great hiking trail.

      My Momma is the coolest mom on Earth and made me a Flounder magnet for my Ocean. That is she made me the yellow cartoon fish from The Little Mermaid for me to put on the side of my blue car. She has talent with vinyl and magnets. :)

      Lastly, if you haven't watched The Smoking Guns World Dumbest _______ countdowns, you're missing out. They are very educational about cultures around the world and make me fear travelling to other countries.

      Lastly, just fyi, I brought the new year in with a bang by shooting a Lenmark Scanner with a crazy awesome WW2-era Russian Mosin Nagant whilst wearing high heels. I am friggin Lara Croft. So there.

      Over and out. smiley12.gif

    • IdriveSHEILA

      The Complex Infrastructure Known as

      6 years ago

      the Female Mind

      Girls are crazy. And analyzing crazy is fun. So I am devoting a journal to this.

      To start off: Girls are crazy about weight. Someone I've known all my life, who I think is in good enough shape, especially in comparison with most americans, is trying to lose weight thinking it will make her more acceptable as a person. What she doesn't see is that she has a spunky, charming personality. And by changing her outside, which is already pretty stinkin' cute, she's not necessarily adding to her worth like she think she is. Losing weight does not solve these problems of not feeling worth much.

      There's a girl I've known for almost two years now. She is one of probably the top five most beautiful girls I've ever met. I'd give almost anything to be gorgeous like her. But I've talked to her recently and, because she doesn't get the feedback she wants to hear from the man she wants to hear it from, she dioesn't even think she's pretty. What a silly girl. Especially since she too has a beautiful personality, like the first chick I mentioned.

      And then there's me. No one I hang out with has EVER treated me this way, but walking to lunch with a couple girls the other day, I thought, "These girls only have me around so they can feel prettier than someone." Where does that thought come from? I love my ladyfriends and they love me... Not to mention I think I'm cute... hehe

      Another girl, by my observation, is the girl thats popular without trying, and yet feels like no one likes her. She doesn't see her natural spark that not only makes people want her, but makes people want to be her.

      But the sad story is that we can't get past these things sometimes. Sometimes they're so big we can't see anything but the bad. But, ladies, forgive me for saying it, we're wrong.

      And with that, I can't help but be amused at us ladies for not making sense. smiley12.gif

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      Hey you need to update this! lol Echolocation Ginger!!!! :D

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      Not sure if you still have me on watch (don't blame you if you don't) but, left a little something for you in my latest journal. Merry of the Christmas, my friend.

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      What the hezbollah have you been up to?

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      I'm great. Just moved into my dorm and finished my orientation (yeah, I'm young). What's your major?

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      Hey there! How's stuff going? Its been... way too long since we last said anything to one another... seriously. Whats up? How's life?

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