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    • Death Prediction Hikaru Shidou vs Sayaka Miki

      9 months ago


      Hikaru vs Sayaka

      Sorry no picture btw, imgur is not working

    • Death Analysis: Kratos

      10 months ago



      Finished the project I was in the middle of doing. Now I'll get to doing my backlogged stuff.


    • Imp's top 100 DB Fight ideas

      10 months ago


      In case you haven't seen yet these are the 100 fights I want most. Any of these I could do a death prediction on, especially if a lot of people seem to want to see it.

      Tier 4: Very solid premises, fight could work really well, possibility of being a high tier of the season

      100: Kuriboh vs. Magikarp

      99: Maron Kusakabe vs Meimi Haneoka

      98: Pharaoh 90 vs. Janemba

      97: Inazuma 11 vs. Team Shaolin

      96: Undyne vs. Kyouko Sakura

      95: Queen Nehelenia vs. Hypnos (Saint Seiya)

      94: Johnny Cage vs. Duke Nukem

      93: Eren Jaegar vs. Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)

      92: Curious George vs. Boots

      91: Maka Albarns vs. Ninja Master Gara

      90: Ryou Shirogane vs. Alphys

      89: Zim vs Peridot

      88: Satan (Paradise Lost) vs. Satan (The Divine Comedy)

      87: Dwarves vs. Elves

      86: Dream of the Endless vs. Yog-Sogoth

      85: Majokko Club Battle Royale

      84: Hatsune Miku vs. Barbie

      83: Amu Hinamori vs. Himeno Awayuki

      82: Trinity (Matrix) vs. Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

      81: Death of the Endless vs. Shub-Niggurath

      80: Max Payne vs. Judge Dredd

      79: Mahnmut vs. GIR

      78: Arbiter vs. Predator

      77: Yu-gi-oh! Villain Battle Royale

      76: Storm vs. Weather Report

      Tier 3: Great premise, fight has many ways they could work really well, high possibility of being a high tier of the season

      75: Trigon vs. Mephisto

      74: Cyborg vs. Genos

      73: Dio Brando vs. Alucard

      72: Wedding Peach vs. Princess Peach

      71: Black Canary vs. Sindel

      70: Moon Knight vs. Azrael

      69: Frankenstein vs. Indominus Rex

      68: Griffith vs. Zagato

      67: Eagle Marin vs Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

      66: Crybaby (Melanie Martinez) vs. Dorothy (Oz Books)

      65: Madoka vs. Haruhi

      64: Dark Schneider vs. Virgo Shaka

      63: Jafar vs. Maleficent

      62: Tekkaman vs. Guyver

      61: Sailor Galaxia vs. Beerus

      60: Mimi (Flip Flappers) vs. Yord (Shamanic Princess)

      59: Toilenator vs. Box Ghost

      58: DC Crisis Villain Battle Royale

      57: Disturbed Guy vs. Five Fingers Death Punch Guy

      56: Merlin vs Prospero

      55: Yusuke Urameshi vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

      54: Noel vs. Aigis

      53: Ryuko Matoi vs. Masane Amaha

      52: Therakiel vs. Exdeath

      51: Zatanna vs. Scarlet Witch

      Tier 2: Excellent premise, fight has many ways they could work really well, possibility of being a high tier of the series

      50: Sally the Witch vs Majokko Meg

      49: Cutey Honey vs. Papillion Rose

      48: Samurai Jack vs. Gintoki Sakata

      47: A.R.G.U.S. vs. S.H.I.E.L.D

      46: Dexter vs. Jimmy

      45: Kirito vs. Tron

      44: Emmet (Lego Movie) vs. Steve (Minecraft)

      43: Black Lady vs. Mistress 9

      42: Circe vs. Loki

      41: Seven Soldiers of Victory vs Guardians of the Galaxy

      40: Lavos vs. Anthrax

      39: Steven Universe vs. Star Butterfly

      38: Father (KND) vs. Father (FMA)

      37: Bronze Saint Battle Royale

      36: Emperor Mateus vs. Darth Sidious

      35: Dracula vs. Sauron

      34: TTGL vs. Getter Emperor

      33: GLADOS vs. SHODAN

      32: Leo Regulus vs. Hal Jordan

      31: Inuyasha vs. Ranma

      30: Brainiac vs. Ultron

      29: Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny

      28: Mew Pudding vs. Mako Mankanshoku

      27: Togo (Yuki Yuna) vs. Hayate Yagami (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

      26: Jedah Dohma vs. Lucemon Fallen Mode

      Tier 1: Outstanding premise, fight practically demands to be excellent, high possibility of being a high tier of the series

      25: Pegasus Seiya vs. SHAZAM

      24: Chell vs. Antichamber Guy

      23: Vilgax vs Ridley

      22: Robin Battle Royale

      21: Rorschach vs. V

      20: Oswald vs. Sackboy

      19: Crash Bandicoot vs. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

      18: Wonder Woman vs She-Thor

      17: Grimnir vs. Abigail

      16: Hikaru Shidou vs. Sayaka Miki

      15: Xena vs. Buffy

      14: Aquaman vs. Namor

      13: Vergil vs. Sesshoumaru

      12: Flowey vs the Narrator

      11: Po (Kung Fu Panda) vs. Sing (Kung Fu Hustle)

      10: Justice League vs. Justice Society

      9: El Tigre vs. Blue Beetle

      8: Isaac Clark vs. Gordan Freeman

      7: Mami Tomoe vs. Panty Anarchy

      6: Guardian Senshi Battle Royale

      5: Darkseid vs. Thanos

      4: Dante Alighieri vs. War

      3: Castle Crashers vs Magicka Wizards

      2: Doctor Fate vs. Doctor Strange

      1: Sailor Moon vs. Cardcaptor Sakura

    • For the next year of my blogs

      11 months ago


      So today's my birthday. I have said before that I plan on making a death analysis or death prediction for each of my favorite 100 characters.  I have asked people which of them they want to see sooner or later but I uhhhhh kinda forgot what people wanted. So to make sure I can't forget I decided to make it in poll forums. The following is a list of every single unaccounted character on my list. If they aren't on here either I have used them before or I have something planned. It's simple, though possibly on the more time consuming side. Just go down the list of characters and any you want to see sooner you can click on the vote for button so I can do the most popular characters first. You can pick as many options as you want. If you are wondering why there are multiple polls, it's because I couldn't fit all of them in one poll. Also if you are one of my skype friends and I am not back, please mention it and my previous birthday blog thank you.





    • Birthday Blog: My Top 10 Magical Girl Series

      11 months ago


      In companion to my recent blog featuring a Death Battle between two of the most famous magical girls of all time, and since it’s my birthday and my favorite genre is Magical Girls, I decided release a list of my top 10 Magical Girl series. It’s also because I don’t have much time because I away from my home for a few weeks, and this is super easy. Seriously if you want just ask and I can do a bottom 10 for this. This list can also serve as a list of MG series to try if you want an access point to the genre. Note this is only including the 40 MG Series I have seen entirely or in large part. (If one of my skype friends sees this and the subsequent blog before I get back, please mention it to the others thanks.) 

      10: Tokyo Mew Mew


      Let’s start with this cute series. Tokyo Mew Mew features a bunch of cute animal-girl hybrids that fend off alien invaders while also working at a café and has absolutely no plot twists whatsoever. The series is absolutely adorable, and has a great fun quirky sense of humor, though the villains for the most part in the anime leave a lot to be desired. They are somewhat more threatening in the manga. It’s also got an environmentalist theme, though it’s really not emphasized that much.

      9: Shamanic Princess


      The Proto-Madoka, this series was the cool darker psychological Magical Girl series before it was cool. It also has absolutely amazing philosophical and symbolic integration, with the main focus being Gnosticism, and the necessity of opposites like good and evil to each other. It’s a bit on the older side, and it can be kinda confusing and hard to penetrate but through it’s arcane-ness it can be rewarding once one grasps it’s central concepts.

      8: Star versus the Forces of Evil


      This western magical girl series serves as their sally the witch, in fact sharing many plot elements in common. I can credit it that, even in the highly diverse MG series, it’s innovative and interestingly different. The main characters are much deeper then their initial simplicity and it has great stand-alone episodes. I will say a lot of the episodes so far don’t connect to the central plot, and it kinda slows down for bits when there isn’t competent villain to fight, but the ending to the latest season really ramped it up and can’t wait for upcoming next season.

      7: Futari wa Pretty Cure


      Pretty Cure is an absolute JUGGERNAUT to try and tackle with 14 series to its name currently. I have seen only 2, both recommended. Futari wa Pretty Cure was the very first Pretty Cure Series and while it feels different to later seasons, I see the definite seeds of what it will become. Honoka and Nagisa are both great main character and greyshippign (Cure Black x Cure White) is incredibly common. The villain group is goofy but threatening enough to still work as villains and it’s worldbuilding while slow, is mysterious to really grasp the adult fan audience.

      6: Puella Magi Madoka Magicka


      Shamanic Princess Mark 2, now new and improved! We come to our first member of the holy trinity of MG Series and while Madoka is divisive, I personally loved it. And while I personally blame Madoka for the fact that all magical girl series coming out these days are either dark or pretty cure, I also thank it profusely for critics finally taking our genre seriously. Madoka has an absolutely amazing visual design, incredible subtlety in its writing, and an ability to be darker without wallowing in pretentiousness like certain series, Madoka is really only held back in my opinion by some of the cosmology being a bit unwieldy and it’s characters being kind of just archetypes propped up by pretty visual imagery and subtler writing.

      5: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


      Speaking of divisive MG Series, the ultimate love it or hate it series, Panty and Stocking is insanely-stylized, taking heavy inspiration from western styles of animation. How much you like this series is almost entirely decided by what you think of it’s humor and I thought it was hilarious since the first time I saw it. Panty and Stocking is something I can put on anytime for a good laugh, though it surprised me near the end by the amount of pathos it could actually put out. Now where’s season 2?!

      4: Heartcatch Pretty Cure


      The other Pretty Cure series I saw, Pretty Cure is the most famous Pretty Cure series and the one ranked number 1 by most fans. It’s just got everything. It’s got absolutely amazing action sequences, even better than normal Pretty Cure Fair, it’s got great comedy, amazing plot, fun likeable characters, teh epic yuri girls…..it also has Cure Moonlight and Dark Pretty Cure, one of the greatest Magical Girl rivalries ever made, I’ve seen it compared to the rivalry of Goku and Vegeta. So yeah….great MG Series and lot of fans think it’s best Pretty Cure

      3: Magic Knight Rayearth


      Have I mentioned I REALLY like Clamp? Their artwork is so gorgeous, emotions displayed so beautifully on the page. And they conjured such strong mood and atmospheres, it’s a cascade of emotions. It has characters that are immediately different in feel to any other MG I had seen before, yet immediately distinctive, and a plot that is both elegant in simplicity and intriguing in complexity. Also it has Mecha which are also ancient spirit gods.

      2: Cardcaptor Sakura


      I can’t believe Clamp topped themselves. But after MKR they went on to release CCS and my god I LOVE this series. It’s another one of the Holy Trinity of MG series with Madoka. Cardcaptor Sakura’s heroine is both crazy heroic and crazy cute at once, and makes you want to read just for her but she is surrounded by one of the greatest side-casts ever, which are archetypical enough to be immediately entertaining and deep enough to feel like real people. CCS is widely praised by people who don’t even watch MG just for being immediately entertaining by it’s Pokemon-esque premise, and it’s loveable cast and heartwarming tone. Cardcaptor Sakura has become my philosophy, my ethos on how to live my life.

      And of course….number 1 is…..

      1: Crossprayers


      Of course, that famous MG Series that spawned the meme “But is it better then Crossprayers?” to ask if any anime can ever be better than this amazing anime. This series is amazing because it features such things as characters, who almost have traits. It has a plot too! And that plot has like…twists which totally are emotionally investing and make sense. It also has art…..yep, it has visual aesthetics in it. Sometimes even auditory sounds too! And the colors are pretty too…..


      Look 1 was obvious so I wanted to do SOMETHING to make it entertaining for you guys.

      1: Sailor Moon


      Yeah raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming. Put those hands down you liars. My favorite series and the third member of the Magical Girl Holy Trinity with Cardcaptor Sakura and Madoka. If Cardcaptor Sakura became my philosophy, Sailor Moon practically became my religion. It encompassed the whole world and expanded it. The character of Sailor Moon forever changed me, and she is surrounded by a cast of characters so great that they each could be the star of their own MG series. In fact, the characters and the plots of SM serve as the inspiration for so much of what came after it, it’s widely acknowledged archetypes in the MG community. Its heroes are all uniquely noble and it’s villains are eldritch abominations done so perfectly it made me want to design my own. The plot is classic and iconic and yet still surprises me 20 years ago with its authenticity. And Naoko’s drawings are so gorgeous, the whole thing drawn like a prophetic dream.

      I read, and re-read this series often because it never fails to again shape my views on things. I would recommend the SM Manga to literally everyone, if only because of the selfish desire of mine for it to come up in conversation to discuss it more. It gives a new perspective on anything it is compared to, and somehow magically enriches it. You can somehow crossover anything with SM and it doesn’t feel unnatural.  

      So yeah if you want to comment feel free to mention if you would want a bottom 5 or 10 if you like.

    • Death Prediction: Sailor Moon vs Cardcaptor Sakura

      11 months ago


      Sailor Moon vs Cardcaptor Sakura

      Over a dozen years ago a little girl first discovered two shows that would become her favorite shows ever made. Today is finally the day the two meet. This is my tribute to two of my favorite characters of all time. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. 

      Special Thanks to Thor for providing the musical score, and the next time trailer. Also thanks to everyone who I helped me through the long painful process of making something this emotionally intensive. 

      Also, sorry if you wanted citations. I may edit this blog to add citations and stuff but I hate doing it for long stuff like this so I wanted to see how many people actually cared. 

    • Inakaro asked Imperator100 a question

      Hello! I happen to have a question regarding Sailor Galaxia. Would she not be around Universal+ in destruction power? If she is supposed to be more destructive than the Silver Crystals power.

      Answered: Jul 6, 2017

      The Silver Crystal is the Crystal of Creation. The Saphir Crystal, Galaxia's is the Crystal of Destruction. The Silver Crystal can create anything up to the universal scale. The Saphir Crystal is the most destructive. You would think that if the Silver Crystal could destroy the universe by creating a universe's worth of energy in an area then the Saphir Crystal could destroy the same or more being the Crystal of Destruction but such is not explicitly said. 

    • Realistic DB Season Challenge

      11 months ago


      So, I have noticed DB doesn’t tend to do matches with characters I know. Of course, the obvious objection is that it might be too hard to make matchups for characters I know that would be good episodes. Maybe I don’t like enough characters, or maybe I only like too obscure characters, or maybe I like too powerful characters. This is my attempt to disprove this notion to myself and to anyone who might in the future consider this. First let me define the parameters. This is my 5-point scale to determine how popular/obscure something is in the context of all fiction.

      5/5: Iconic characters. Almost everyone can recognize. Characters transcend genre and national boundaries and are known as part of global culture. Example might be Superman

      4/5: Well-known characters. Characters are known outside their genre by a large portion of populace. Like average person, uninterested in the genre might have 50/50 chances of recognizing the character. Example might be Wolverine.

      3/5: Characters are rarely known to people who aren’t fans of the genre, but is almost always known by fans of the genre. Example might be Hawkgirl

      2/5: Characters is known by some fans of the genre, and has their own small fandom but are not greatly known. Average fan of the genre might have 50/50 chances of recognizing. Most people who study the genre professional or big-time critics will recognize. Example might be Judas Traveler

      1/5: Character is known only by very small group of fans of the genre and by some of the big critics and people who really study it. Example might be Protty II

      For this challenge I am sticking to a set of rules:

      1: No character below 3/5

      2: Each match must have at least one franchise that would rank a 4/5 or a 5/5

      3: Nothing above planetary

      4: I need 15 episodes, the size of a full sized modern season of DB

      5: I must legit be a big fan of at least one of the two characters for each character

      15 Episode Order:

      1: Dracula vs. Sauron

      2: Crash Bandicoot vs. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

      3: Dante Alighieri vs. War

      4: GLADOS vs. SHODAN

      5: Robin Battle Royale

      6: Steven Universe vs. Star Butterfly

      7: Isaac Clark vs. Gordan Freeman

      8: Mami Tomoe vs. Panty Anarchy

      9: Aquaman vs. Namor

      10: Xena vs. Buffy

      11: Rorschach vs. V

      12: Yusuke Urameshi vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

      13: Noel vs. Aigis

      14: Undyne vs. Kyouko Sakura

      15: Vilgax vs Ridley

    • user-59358fc1937cf asked Imperator100 a question

      Hmmmm i have an other question (Again:) The Galaxy Cauldron is the creator of the galaxy or the universe? (the translation meet the creator of all in the galaxy is true?)

      Answered: Jul 2, 2017

      The Galaxy Cauldron is the creator of the Heavenly River, which is the procession of stars in the sky. Guardian Cosmos explictly describes it as the place where all potential is born in act 60

    • Help finding a 5/5 series

      1 year ago


      So this is both a request and a suggestion for others. I am writing this because of I want to see things that I truly love, that I consider 5/5 and it's not often. The only 5/5 things I see recently are basically parts of 5/5 series that I love that are on-going (DC Comic's DCEU and DC Rebirth). Outside of that I haven't found a new 5/5 series since like 5 years ago with Magicka. I have found only 6 franchises ever that I would give a 5/5 to:

      1: Sailor Moon

      2: Cardcaptor Sakura

      3: Saint Seiya

      4: DC Comics

      5: The Divine Comedy

      6: Magicka

      A 5/5 series to me doesn't mean "flawless". A work that doesn't have anything that actively angers me isn't any sign of quality, a basic boring 2/5 story can do that. A work that doesn't have major flaws just means it's a competently written story which is like a 3/5. A story that lacks minor flaws, that is just a really smooth experience the whole way through might be like a 4/5. A story that is a 5/5 still has "flaws" generally because flaws aren't the point. 

      I want to explain the differences between 1 point differences in my system to better help gauge my thinking

      Difference between 1/5 and 2/5: Does this make me feel bad watching?

      Difference between 2/5 and 3/5: Would I want to continue watching this?

      Difference between 3/5 and 4/5: Would I want to watch a reaction to this or listen to someone's in-depth thoughts about it?

      Difference between 4/5 and 5/5: Am I a different person after viewing this?

      Because that really is the hallmark of a 5/5 series to me. I feel like a different person afterwards, it's something that I know I will think about it often afterwards. Something that has changed irrevocably the way I view the world.

      I am notoriously difficult to recommend stuff for, and maybe it's just cause I have too high expectations of things. I would probably agree I expect too much from most things. But I don't understand how people can view a bunch of entertainment and not want to see the things they will love most. I don't understand why they don't seek them out. I am constantly trying to find new 5/5 experiences for myself. I watch lots of reviewers and critics in the hopes of finding one. And while I have high expectations of things, I do thing on the other hand I am not very selective on mode of expression. This was the same in school. I hated school but their wasn't a nightmare subject for me. Even in Math for instance, where I wasn't very good, I still loved learning about the subject. Despite getting a terrible grade for my mandatory Math class in College, I was good friends with the professor and would often go by his room and enjoyed listening to him talk about what he was passionate in.

      There is no subject matter, no medium, no genre that I would turn my nose up at. I have preferences like all people but I really do think I'm pretty good at giving unlikely things a shot. I do this because I want to find them but looking for them individually is no where near as efficient which is partially what I am doing with this blog.

      I am a Classist Artistically and I want to transcend myself, I want to experience the fullness of life, the human condition, and the universe through art. I want to feel....a sense of something greater, a spiritual satisfaction if you will. And because of that I am driven to find the sensations that can actually accomplish this. And this is where the suggestion part comes in, you probably have at least few series you give your top score to, that you really think are something special, and because of that you probably have some idea of what I'm talking about. Really try and find the things you love, don't just sit back and let them eventually come to you. You know?

      But whatever that's just my opinion.

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      Konnichiwa! Hello it's me, your old gaikokujin pal, Jakers! What's up?

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    The Silver Crystal is the Crystal of Creation. The Saphir Crystal, Galaxia's is the Crystal of Destruction. The Silver Crystal can create anything up to the universal scale. The Saphir Crystal is the most destructive. You would think that if the Silver Crystal could destroy the universe by creating a universe's worth of energy in an area then the Saphir Crystal could destroy the same or more being the Crystal of Destruction but such is not explicitly said. 

    The Galaxy Cauldron is the creator of the Heavenly River, which is the procession of stars in the sky. Guardian Cosmos explictly describes it as the place where all potential is born in act 60

    I should warn you the miss dream translation is not good, but everyone uses it for this because it's super convenient.

    It introduces itself as that which never became a star, the Darkness which calls out to the Light, whose uniting shall be the end of it all. All Evil Beings and "Dark Stars" (clumsily translated) are merely aspects of him, emanating through time and space. He merged with the Galaxy Cauldron, the Universe's strongest star, which in itself is rather abstract being the source of all potentials.

    Sailor Moon is referencing Classical Greek Cosmology, where the two primordial opposites were Kaos, or Chaos, meaning Non-Existence, and Cosmos meaning The Universe, specifically The Universe as a well-structured ordered whole. Chaos is not part of the Cosmos, it is in fact the anti-Cosmos, the non-existence. 

    I should note two more things. Japanese does not have as much of a singular/plural distinction as English does. Most of the time when you see something like "star" or "galaxy" it could just as easily be translated to "the stars" or "the galaxies". What's actually used most of the time in the fifth arc of sailor moon is a term "Ama no Gawa", or "Heavenly River" which is a imprecise term used to indicate the precession of stars in the sky. 

    Another thing is the usage of Stars. In Sailor Moon Stars are used to mean literal stars and symbolically star seeds, an esoteric concept that relates essentially to abstract concept. Basically Star Seeds are the essence of something which develops every trait of the person. All things that bear life have a Star Seed and special star seeds are chosen to reach their full potential and become Sailor Crystals who uses are called sailor Senshi. Beings that have their star seeds stolen can be remade at will by the person who has them such as when Galaxia remade Usagi's friends to be loyal to her. Your star seed controls everything about you.

    Just as all Dark Stars are aspects of Chaos, so too are all Good things aspects of Cosmos, the Universe and it's star seed the Cosmos Crystal which is where Sailor Cosmos comes in