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    • E3 2017 Discussion Thread

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      Figured we could use a dedicated E3 discussion thread here. If there is one, feel free to move/delete this.

      So what is everyone excited for so far? 

      I'm looking forward to seeing more from A Way Out, that looks like an amazing co-op game. Need For Speed: Payback looks like Fast and Furious the game, and I'm into that. Assassin's Creed: Origins looks amazing. So glad that they took a year off to work on this. The new Metro game and Anthem look like instant buys to me. And I'm curious about other games like A Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and a bunch of other games that I can't remember off the top of my head.

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    • Rest in Peace, Monty Oum

      4 years ago


      I've been a member of the site for almost a decade now, and yet, have never made a journal post. I never felt like there was anything for me to say here worth a journal post that I couldn't say on the forums or on social media. Until today...

      I'm so sad to hear that Monty Oum has passed away. Like everyone else in the community, I hoped that he would pull through and continue doing what he loved: creating. My condolences go out to his family and his friends who have lost someone very special.

      I started watching RvB around the second year of the show and watched all the way until episode 100. Then, with college classes getting more intense, I sort of lost contact with the site for a couple of years. In late 2010-early 2011, I happened across a lengthy trailer for the latest season of RvB, Season 9. It showed two new characters (to me) infiltrating a base and all of it was fully animated. For someone who was used to seeing RvB through the much-loved machinima style of show-making, this made me excited and curious. I hunted down more footage and found the Tex vs everyone fight in episode 10 of Season 8. I did a bit more digging and found out that Rooster Teeth had hired an animator: Monty Oum.

      At first, I thought that he was just a new animator they brought on board. But after showing the clips around, people started to inform me of who Monty was and directed me to his Haloid and Dead Fantasy videos. All I can say is that I was absolutely floored by his work. As someone who loves martial arts movies and video games, Monty's work pretty much spoke to me as far as my likes go.

      Over the years, I've caught up on RvB, got enveloped in the RT podcast and pretty much got back into the swing of following everything Rooster Teeth related. And that was all thanks to Monty Oum. And of course, when news and trailers started to surface for his own show, RWBY, I was ecstatic to see what Monty could do with his own original characters. And he did what he always tended to do, he blew everyone away with his creativity and work ethic.

      Monty Oum was a mysterious enigma of a person that was slowly unraveled to the world the more we got to know him, both through his work and his appearances on the podcast and convention panels. Monty Oum is one of a kind and I will miss him and his amazing work.

      Rest in Peace, Monty.

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